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E and I Games

Who is E and I Games?

!!!This website is still underconstruction!!! We give honorary memberships to Firemen, Police officers, ROTC and jr. ROTC members, as well as anyone in the military. The regular memberships are $25 for 6 months! If you sign up for a 6 month membership, you get 3 free hours and two of our specialty high-energy drinks BAWLS for free. For members: $5\hr For nonmembers: $6\hr For our Grand Opening Month, we are giving away 50 one month free memberships. Bring in a Buddy. If you bring in a Buddy, and your a member, he will get a free hour, and so will you! So bring in your buddy today! Remember to tell him that if get buys a 6 month membership, he gets 3 free hours and two BAWLS!