(Arch de Triumph now in France) “Great Eagle Goddess” Over Her “Eagle Son Warriors” BACKGROUND OF “THE GREAT EAGLE GOD/ GODDESS” IN HEBREW SCRIPTURE.

By Daniel Salmon

Shalom in Yahovah and Yahshua Messiah that sends you this Scripture understanding and warning! Upfront, you probably have a simple question: how can this study of ancient history of Supreme pagan Gods & Goddesses (worshipped by billions of world Gentiles) be a terrible warning for you today?

Answer: Gentile (heathen nations) worshipped these supreme deities (using male and female images) for thousands of years; using specific names, titles, and descriptions to describe and invoke them. But what does that have to do with you and your “God” today? Incredible as it may first seem, these names and titles are still being used abundantly today by over a billion and half Christian/Catholics, and by the majority of Messianic Jews who are now called “Jews for Jesus”. They are unknowingly (having been deceived for generations) worshipping the wrong one and wrong name of salvation! The deceived say they know “who they worship”, and this does not apply to them: or does it?

- It is written in Hebrew Scripture (Torah) and warned of by Yahovah’s prophets, not to let the names of these Gentile (deities) Gods even come out of your mouth. It is written that to worship them, the penalty is death. It is written in Revelation: the penalty is still death to worship the wrong one!

- It is written in Hebrew Scripture that the Number One Commandment is to worship only Yahovah and serve only Him and to love Him with all of your heart, mind, and spirit. Yahshua confirmed this commandment in His (Yahovah’s) teachings; declared it Number One to keep (obey). Yahshua also declared it directly to Satan (Yahovah’s adversary). We declare it again to all Jews and Gentiles.

“Look unto Me, and be you saved, all the ends of the earth: for I Am Yahovah (YHVH), and there is none else.” (Isayah 45:22). (Why our Yahshua was given Yahovah’s Name and came only in His Name. Why Yahshua then declared Yahovah’s Name in the midst of the congregation and to the world. Why Yahshua did the work of Yahovah in Yahovah’s Name and declared that Yahovah is Salvation.)


For reasons that you are about to learn, the World’s Eagle God/Goddess is not explained in NIV (New International Bible Versions) or the New World Order PCV (Politically Correct Bible Versions), or taught by ministers in Christian Churches of God, or “Isis” (Catholic) churches: especially programs and ministries of today’s TBN/CBN TV and affiliated networks. Why? The incredible differences between Salvation in the Name of Yahovah and Beth Yahshua Messiah, verses what is behind their German word God (Gott), word LORD, word/name Iesus (Jesus), and their ancient Lady Madonna.

History of Yah’s Name vs. “God” is put out by small concerned groups around the world, and for the most part, are ignored by the Christians. They stop short of declaring what is behind the word God, Lord, Jesus , and Madonna! They do not connect Iesus with today’s German World Order, Bavarian Masons, the Nisroch Eagle God, or prove that Iesus means “the son of Zeus ”, that describes the false Messiah already revealed and worshipped! After reading this incredible prophecy, you will know for certain that it is not from us, but from Yahovah through His Ruach ha Kodesh. The deception of the world is complete, as written. The bottom line : Christians are now worshipping the wrong one! (World’s Eagle God and Eagle Goddess are directly connected to the words God, Lord [Baal], Iesus, and “Isis”. The “God of this World” the “U.S. Trusts” today is none other than Zeus [Satan]!)

Yahovah declared: “Therefore My people shall know My Name: therefore they shall know in that day that I Am He (Yahovah) that does speak: Behold, it is I.” (Isayah 52:6) (Are you one of His people? Yah is specific in what He declares and teaches to those that are His: Jews or Gentiles! This is a basic commandment to all of those called out of this world by His Name to be in His family!) Suggested readings: Genesis 22:14, Exodus 15:26, Jonah 2:9, Ezekiel 39:25, John 12:49, 14:20.

The deceived cannot see what is wrong with using these other words, names and titles today. It is not just a matter of being smart enough to study history, research, and firmly document that over one and half billion Christians and Catholics are actually using the wrong name! Nor is it enough for a person to finally admit/accept that our Father (Abba) in Heaven has a specific Name and His Son was given that Name of Salvation, as written. (Israelites from Egypt also had His Name, and obeyed Him not!)

The vast majority of Christians and Roman Catholics will never accept or admit the documented truth that NO SALVATION EXISTS in their GOD, LORD, JESUS, or “ISIS” MADONNA! They will not repent of these ancient Gods and Goddesses! (They do not change in their hearts) If you are one of Yahovah’s and Yahshua Messiah’s lost sheep today, you will be instantly quickened by these truths:

- “God” and “Lord” are directly connected to Satan (Lucifer) and Baal (Iesus Son of Satan).- Iesus, Iesous , Esus , is the name “Jesus ”, and directly connected to the 666 false Messiah! - Unraveling of history clearly shows the evil behind worship of those with the name “Jesus”. - Identity of this mystery man worshipped today as “Jesus ” is revealed, as written in II Thess.- What is now imminent to happen under him, before the coming of our Yahshua, as written.

Latin/ Greek Bibles contained Yahshua’s teachings and letters by Apostle Shaul (Paul) and others, but the Greeks/ Romans did not use the Name Yahovah from Hebrew Torah, or Yahshua’s Name. They replaced YHVH with their familiar God’s names, words, and their titles. Why? Most actually worshipped these other deities, not YHVH! They also did not use the Name Yahshua Messiah in their ‘approved’ for citizens (Roman and Greek politically correct) New Covenant versions. Instead, they consistently used “Iesus” (Iesous/ Esus) that was used to describe their ancient Gods and their Savior, or name of Salvation: Apollo, Dionysus, Baachus, Tammuz, Osiris-Iesus, and others!

These Name errors are in today’s Bibles (as 1611 King James), which in effect, gives the credit to all written Scripture and prophecy to these ancient pagan and demonic “Gods” instead of our Yahovah! They are corrected throughout this teaching and prophecy. These ‘approved for citizens’ (New Roman-German Empire politically correct Churches) Bible versions continue the deception. *

* (In truth, elimination of Yahovah and Yahshua’s Name was very intentional, and not just a mistake! Why? If you worship and call on the wrong name of Salvation, you have clearly broken Yah’s First Commandment and many of His other commandments, statutes, ordinances, and doctrine! Satan is extremely smart: therefore, to pull off the deception with the maximum penalty from Yahovah, Satan went straight for the First Commandment, which even our Yahshua Messiah said was “first”. Do not think for a second that Yahovah will ever change His Name for a billion and a half deceived people!) It is one thing to come to the truth that Jesus is not the Only Name of Salvation and never was, but it is entirely another matter to repent of that name, and all the great wickedness that goes along with it! (Individuals cannot accept Yahovah and Yahshua, and still keep their “Jesus”and worship him! They cannot selectively keep parts of the Torah, Sabbath, feasts, and Yahovah’s doctrine, and yet live their lives as usual with the rest of the Fourth German-Roman World Empire and its wickedness! Yahshua will say to all of them: “Get away from Me, you workers of iniquity! I never knew you!”)

Yahovah is a fair and righteous Abba! He does give people opportunities to repent and to accept the truth that they might be saved: but Yah is not going to ever change His Name for their endless excuses, arguments, arrogance, defiance, and refusal to accept every word of His truth. (Satan knows this well)

Ancient name “Iesus ” became “Jesus ” with the addition of the “J” (1400-1500 A.D.) Scholars know Iesus is not the Name of the Hebrew Messiah. “Iesus ” is the false Savior for the Gentile nations! (Only a few outside of Masonic circles know Jesus Christ is the name of today’s 666 false Messiah)

If you invoke a name, and worship what is behind ‘that’ name, and believe on and have faith in only that name, then you had better examine and know the true history of that name and what it means. The same can be said for the popular word “God” used all over the world (especially in Bibles today, and heavily used by Christians and Catholics). “God” is not even found in Hebrew Scripture!

GOD, IESUS, and ISIS are all connected to the (Eagle God) ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION

Esdras II prophecy was utilized by early followers of Yahshua to explain what Roman-Caesar Eagle (God) represented in Scripture, and its connection to “Iesus” (Apollo), Roman Caesars, and all ancient ruling Little Horn Eagle sons. The mystery (hidden truths) of the Eagle throughout Scripture and Yahovah’s prophecy for today is shocking. Early believers of Yahshua learned for certain in EsdrasII why the (Greek-Roman) Eagle was called the “Abomination of Desolation” (that cursed thing that causes ruin) in (Matthew 24:15) and referred to as the “Abomination that makes Desolate” (Daniel 11:31, 12:11). Why? The Eagle God was the sacred symbol and “golden image” used exclusively by all ancient Babylon-Assyrian and Hittite “Little Horn” Kings over their large and small dynasties.

When they carried it in front of their warriors and set up their Eagle God (also called their ‘Mark’ or Standard), which was also their Royal Seal, (their Iesus ‘image’ and also representing their Supreme worshipped God and Goddess), massive death, and utter destruction usually resulted around them! (Against all that were in their conquering paths that ever resisted them, or not! You will now find that today’s Eagle is still behind the word “God”, and also directly connected to that ancient name Jesus! Great destruction and massive death shall now happen under it before Yahshua’s return, as written.)

Asshur “Little Horn” Ruler and others * Exalting Themselves as the Eagle God (Obadyah) (Assyrian rulers that followed Asshur were also named “Asshur Nazir” = “The Eagle God”)

You are about to learn who is the last Little Horn King of Daniel, and No. ‘8’ King (Rev. 17:10-11). Beast of Revelation is the Eagle God in prophecy, and the image of the Beast is the Eagle’s Son, or a “Little Horn King” that causes great devastation and death. Major Eagle son rulers had their images made into statues, bas-reliefs, and detailed stone carvings. Their “graven images” were also on gold, silver marks and seals, cylinders, and coins. (Their Eagle God/Goddess on the reverse, by their side, or flying over their heads) These ancient Royal Eagle Son Seal coins are actual documents of history spanning thousands of years, and give incredible validity to the ESDRAS II “Great Eagle God and Eagle Goddess” prophecy. There is no argument: the last Eagle son of Zeus (Jupiter) ruler is here !

Despite millions of (Baal) “Eagle Son” Little Horn coins; history books explicitly describing the Eagle as the Supreme Gentile “God”, Jews/ Christians refuse to believe it is God today! In the time of early Messianic Jews and other worshippers of Beth Yahovah and Yahshua, the obvious ruling Eagle sons over them every day were Caesar’s of Rome , and “Baal” (Lord) ruling Eagle sons appointed to rule over the cities: as Philadelphia, Eph’esus, Tyre, Antioch, Tarsus, Sidon, and yes Jerusalem. These appointed Eagle Son rulers worshipped a Supreme God. * It was not ever Yahovah or Yahshua!

They worshipped Zeus (as ‘Baal’ Iesus Eagle Son Lion King Saviors). These were not of Yahshua! You will also find out, to your amazement, that nothing has changed in 5,000 years! What? They still worship this same Eagle God, especially in Faith Based Religions in U. S., South and North America, Europe, Arab Nations and Greece! Iesus Eagle son Faith Based Churches are not of Yah or Yahshua! (Eagle God Symbol represents Zeus-Jupiter and Iesus: therefore these represent the abomination of desolation)

* “Zeus”, the Supreme God of the Greeks (known as Jupiter to Romans), was also known as “the father of all Gods and Goddesses” of the Hellenistic world. As such, this worshipped “God” was the adversary of Yahovah (YHVH) of the Hebrew Israelites. (Ref. to above statement from The 1611 Authorized King James Bible Version Illust. Dictionary, printed in 1930s, “Philadelphia Edition”, T-28 National Bible Press, U.S.A., Philadelphia, Pa.) “Zeus” is the same as “Horus” of the Egyptians, “Wodan” (Odin) of the Germans, “Mazda” of Persians and “Nisroch” and “Asshur” of the Assyrians and Babylonians (Chaldeans). All were known Eagle Gods,and they had their female Goddesses (companions) of worship, such as Isis, Ashtaroth, Diana, and Juno.

Greeks considered “all other worshipped deities” in the world “inferior” to Zeus, or “under” Zeus, and therefore any other major worshipped deity in the world was considered to actually be Zeus, only called upon and worshipped by a “different name” (or under him). This extremely strong belief by most Greeks, especially by elite “Philosophers” (Masons of their day), applied also to the Hebrew’s Yahovah (YHVH).


(This is not something that is mis-interpreted, but the actual meaning of Apollyon: meaning Jesus!)

New Covenant (Book of Revelation) actual description of the 666 False Messiah we are to avoid; never worship, and repent of his 666 number and mark placed upon the world, was given to us by the real Yahshua Messiah! Apostle John then wrote it down for us to always remember. It is amazing Christians cannot figure out “who” it is describing. Be thankful to Yahovah that He sends you this revelation and truth! (Until Yahovah’s Ruach ha Kodesh quickens those that are His to this obvious ancient truth, they remain deceived. How is this possible? Yahovah has already sent strong delusion on all in the world that loves unrighteousness, and rejects the truth that they might be saved! Yahovah has already caused the whole world to believe Satan’s lies! Read II Thess. 2:1-15)

“And they had a King (Ruler) over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is ‘A-bad-don’ (Abaddon), but in the Greek tongue, has his name ‘Apol-lyon’ (Apollyon). (Revelation 9:11) (What Minister talks about these name definitions? We prove who this evil world King is today, and reveal to you that one of his names is Jesus! Yet, Christians repent not!)

Hebrew * name “A-bad-don” is phonetically talking to you! (Ruach ha Kodesh revealed this truth) Remember, Yahshua Messiah said that you shall be judged (condemned or saved) by every word (and name) that comes out of your mouth and you shall be held accountable for every word. (He did not say in what language, or precisely how a word or name is spelled: but only from your mouth!) This evil King over the world’s deceived shall actually be known as a “bad don”! (A bad God, an evil Man-Gott King: A deified man who has the “fallen angel” in him, known as Satan or Lucifer).

To directly associate this ancient description with some people well known and described as such for centuries, (even today) is the Roman Italian Mafia’s Head Man: a title used by other Mafia rulers.What? “The Don” and “A Bad Don” (Abaddon). “An Evil Don” is a syn. for “The God Father” or also expressed as Father God. Successful Movies of this God Father and a TV Series has been made a 2000-1 hit. (It is connected to the Catholic Church: as a majority of Mafia families are Catholic! Bishop’s sprinkle babies into this abominable Iesus King church, and a man God Father is actually over them. Catholics call him the Pope, or “Father”, or ‘Father God’, and even Bishops ‘Father’).

* A Hebrew connection to this name “A-bad-don” is the intentional Jewish/Israel scribe replacement or substitution use of a Semitic word/name (Adoni) “Adonai”, instead of writing/using the Name Yahovah (YHVH) in Scripture. Even today, this expression “Adonai” is commonly and openly used across Israel. “A-don-ai” = A Don (A Lord)! (Adonai was also used to describe the Eagle-Serpent God son of Syria! Jews with active molecules know Yah or Yahshua are not“A-bad-don or A-donai” Lord-God of Syria! (Rev. 9:11.)

Note: Adonai is ‘Adonis’ = Handsome attendant (young Greek God) beside of Venus: in The Century Book of Facts, p. 234. ‘Adonis’ was used as a title of the ancient God of Syria. Here is a history of Adonis and Adoni. Quote: “Adonis was an ‘Agricultural Divinity’ (came from Genesis 4, who was Cain the great farmer) and a vegetation spirit who was manifest in the seed of corn. His name, Adonis, is only known in Greek texts. It is a Hellenised form of the (ancient) Semitic word ADONI (adoni and adonai meaning), my Lord, my Master”.(We see why scribes saw nothing wrong with using Semitic “A-don-ai” to replace Yahovah’s Name, as it means My Lord, and My Master. The great sin was removing Yah’s Name, and who Adonai referred to in worship.)

“Adoni was ceaselessly repeated by Phoenician women in their lamentations during this God’s festivals. In Bible (Scripture) Ezekiel calls him Tammuz, the name of the Mesopotamian vegetation-agricultural corn God. Lucian mentions rites added to these ancient lamentations to celebrate the resurrection and ascension of Adonis”. New Larousse Encyclopedia, Hamlyn, pp. 81-82. ISBN 0-600-02351-6 (Tammuz = Osiris-Iesus!)

Adon’i-Be’zek [Lord of Bezek]: King of Bezek, a city of the Canaanites. This chieftain was vanquished by the tribe of Yudah (Judges 1:3-7) who cut off his thumbs and great toes. He confessed he had inflicted the same cruelty upon 70 petty Kings he had conquered (B.C. 1425). Adoni-kam. Sons of Adoni-kam total 666 in number and were among those who returned from Babylon with Zeurbbabel. Ref. p. 20 Smith’s Bible Dict.

* Another “A-don-ai” botched replacement for Yahovah (YHVH] is in Encyclopedias and Dictionaries: the ‘incorrect’ ‘Jehovah’ rendering of Yahovah’s true Name: vowel points of ‘Adonai’ were placed in the Tet. YHVH (4 Hebrew letters of Ha Shem, the Name). English ‘vowels’ are obvious. English YHVH of the Tet. (not considered vowels) were not changed in the ‘Jehovah’ rendering, except for “J” replacing “Y” at the beginning of Yah’s Name. (There is no “J” in Hebrew: Yahovah’s Name is not pronounced in Hebrew with a “J” or “Je” [with a long /e/ sound]. “Je” was also intentionally done to avoid [not to use openly] the correct short form actual Name pronounciation of “Yah” taken f rom the full Name Yahovah. “Ye” = You in English!)

Changers also did not use the ‘A’ vowel (Yah) in the YHVH full Name for the same reason. “Je” is like using “Ye”: both are incorrect! By inserting three obvious English ‘vowels’ for phonetic pronounciation from Hebrew to English Tet. translation, this then is His Name : ‘Y’ a ‘H’ o ‘V’ a ‘H’. Numerous Hebrew names in Torah; prophecy contain ‘Yaho/Yahu’ and short form ‘Yah’ taken from Yahovah’s full Name. (Another mis-use and mis-translation of Yah’s Name is using Ye-shua, instead of the correct Yah-shua.)

Another descriptive name of the False Messiah is Apollyon: which literally means ‘Apollo, the son of Zeus the Lion King Savior.’ Apollo is in U.S. NASA Program, and the Apollo theatre. (Greek Adversary Apollo/ Dionysus and the Apollo/ Pythagoreans also used the Hebrew Scripture number seven; considered it sacred to Apollo.’ See Apollo Dict. Refs., and The Century Book of Facts, p. 665) ‘Apollo’ is described as The Son of Zeus. Today, this false Messiah with Satan in him as one shall definitely be called “A Son of Zeus” (which is Iesus) and be worshipped as such! (No debates on this truth as written in Revelation: Apollyon is easily defined. This prophecy exposes who worships Zeus-Jupiter and his deified Apollo son today! More definitions and facts on Zeus and Apollo later.)

Because Apollo and Apol-lyon is a definite descriptive name of the False Messiah, we shall closely examine it’s historical definition and understand how and why this name is used all around us today.

Apollo: “The Greek ‘God of light’, and worshipped under the same name by the Romans. He was identified with the Sun itself, and was also the God of Music and Archery. His father was Zeus (Satan). The greatest Temple of Apollo was at Delphi, and another at Delos.” pp. 20-21. Ref. ‘A Companion to World Mythology’,Barber. Kestrel Books. 1979. ISBN 0-7226-6251-3. (Note: Apollo = another name for Nimrod-Osiris-Iesus)

Apollo: The Sun, the God of Music. Apollo Belvidere, marble statue of Apollo holding a bow in his left hand. Discovered in 1503 A.D. and purchased by Pope Julius II, and put in the Belvidere Gallery of the Vatican. Apollyon: “King of the Bottomless Pit”, in the Greek, also called and known as “The Destroyer”. P. 54. Ref. Brewer Dictionary, 1993, ISBN 1-85326-3001. (Pope Julius II of German-Roman Catholic Church definitely had a strong attraction to this particular God Apollo, and certainly ignored Scripture and prophecy warnings of having these abominations [Idols and Statues] inside of houses or places of worship, or admiring/desiring these Gentile Gods [even purchasing them], and cursed [Deut. 7:25-26]. Why did this Pope want the Apollo statue? We know that Apollo is Iesus [Jesus of today] the Son of Zeus, and that the Roman Church and even Christians [unknowingly] worship this ancient abomination! This is their God and Lord! This is only one glaring example in thousands you will come to understand: what is behind the deception of Jesus today, but who will accept it?)

Apollo: “Was first of all a ‘God of Light’, a sun-god, without being the sun itself, which was represented by a special divinity, ‘Helios’. Apollo was also Chrysocomes (Chrysler), of the golden locks. Apollo was known as ‘The Healer’, and the God of divination and prophecy. He resembled Shamash, the Assyro-Babylonian Sun God. Apollo was also a shepherd God. His head was crowned with ‘sacred laurel’ (of which all [Iesus] sons of Zeus-Jupiter rulers usually wore). Ref. Excerpts from pp. 109-118. The LaRousse Encyclopedia, Hamlyn.

Apostle Shaul (Paul) had difficulty with men of “Zeus”, “Apollo”, “Kurios” and “Theos” (Acts 14:13-15). (Ref. from Dictionary of Comparative Religion, p. 622: Greeks considered Yahovah their Zeus). Paul confronted the many worshippers of Apollo “Iesus” (Jesus) in Eph’-esus , actually named after this “son of Zeus ”. Greek descriptive/name of a son of Zeus was used many centuries before Yahshua Messiah came to Jerusalem!,

Zeus over “Four Corners” of World Roman Caesar “Eagle Son” Warrior (Golden “Eagle God” Scepter) (Swine and “Pine Cone” Standard) 700-600 B.C. Zeus (Jupiter) Eagle God-Man Greek Statue on his “World Square” ISBN 0-600-02351-6. He holds the Eagle God World Scepter: used today by Bavarian Masonic Congress-Senate in the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. built on lot 666. Capitol definition: “Temple of Zeus”. Zeus 666 “Cornerstone ” was consecrated by Masons of all 50 States on 9/18/1993, and intentionally ‘rejected’ in 2000. (Understand?) “In God We Trust” is the Motto of the U.S., and that God is definitely Zeus, not our Yahovah or Yahshua!

Messianic Jews witnessed DESOLATION of Jerusalem Temple 70 A.D. under Roman soldiers and Zeus Eagle abomination. "IT" was and still is the Supreme GOD of the Gentiles. Roman Eagle (God) was placed on Yahovah’s Temple Gate and caused a major uproar with Jews. They knew the Eagle (God) meant Zeus/Jupiter and was the sacred symbol of “Apollo” to all Romans and Greeks who worshipped him! Eagle (Zeus, as other God’s names, is described as an Abomination in Torah).

When ABOMINATION is used by itself, or with a person, place, or thing, or describing something specific, or an offensive or deplorable act against Yah (as a sodomite or having sex with an animal) it is Yahovah’s very strong warning to absolutely avoid, reject (taboo), and is “totally unacceptable”.Abomination is also considered “cursed”: as was used in these explicit (Hebrew) Torah verses:

“The ‘graven images’ of their Gods ‘shall you burn with fire’: you shall not desire the silver or gold that is on them, nor take it unto you, lest you be snared therein: for it is an Abomination to Yahovah (YHVH) your Elohim. Neither shall you bring an Abomination (an Idol, a God image, as the Eagle God in Gold or Silver) into your house, lest you become a ‘cursed’ thing like it: but you shall utterly abhor it; for ‘it’ is a cursed thing (rejected by our Yahovah).” (Deut. 7:25-26)

(Christians refuse to accept this truth, especially about their “Zeus Eagle”and Iesus Apollo [a son of Zeus]! Most Christian churches across U.S. have an ancient Egyptian Isis-Osiris-Iesus flag with an Eagle God image in gold or bronze in their assembly. Many Osiris-Iesus churches of “God”[Gott] pledge allegiance to this Isis-Osiris-Iesus flag and its ancient 3,800 B.C. Eagle God. Ie. “One Nation under God” = “In God We Trust” = Zeus/Jupiter of New Rome = The Fourth Empire in Daniel.)

We see: A. We are to “burn with fire” graven images of their Gods, such as Zeus, the Eagle God (Nisroch - Isayah 37:38) of Chaldeans, Egyptians, Canaanites, and Assyria. B. We are never to bring abominations (idols and images) of their Gods (as Iesus-Apollo) into our houses! If we do, we shall be snared by them, and become cursed (rejected) as they are cursed by Yahovah! C. We are commanded to utterly abhor the “graven images” of their Gods, nor desire the silver or gold on them. (German Crusaders, Catholic Popes; Spaniard Eagle warriors in N./ S. America ignored all of this)

World conquerors, all in the name of Iesus (under their Eagle God and Eagle Goddess), slaughtered entire Indian villages and massive S.A. tribes, sacked and looted Eagle-Serpent God treasures worth billions in gold, and also raped their women. Golden objects were taken to Europe and Rome, melted down, put in German banks and some made into Catholic “images”! In European history, millions of Jews and millions of others were slaughtered by their blood related “world conquerors” under the same Eagle God and Goddess! Hitler was an Apollo-Iesus Caesar Eagle Son under his Eagle God and Goddess, and a Bavarian Mason of the German World Order! He was a German Catholic.

‘ABOMINATION’ is a more powerful Hebrew word of warning than saying something is unclean. (Leviticus 11:13) The Eagle is 1st on the list of (Egyptian) birds identified by Moshe (Moses) as an abomination to all Israelites after being brought out of Egypt from being under their “Eagle God”. These were more than ‘unclean birds’ not to be eaten. If that were the case, the word ‘unclean’ would be used. This specific list of birds (especially the Eagle and Falcon) were worshipped throughout all of Egypt for thousands of years. In hieroglyphics (pictorial symbol writings), and papyrus papers of deified Pharaohs, the Eagle is described as their Supreme God. (Eagle image also represents Osiris)

“THEY HAD THE TEETH AS THE TEETH OF LIONS” (Rev. 9:8) * (See lions and One Arrow underneath Eagle Son Pharaoh chairs = One World Ruler) The Eagle, as Egypt’s ‘number one idol’ (Deity or God), was perched over a ‘Square’ *, or inside of the Square, and its “golden image” was usually worn by the deified Pharaohs on their sides. This Square signified them as Soverign rulers over the ‘Four Corners’ of the world, and thus their ancient Great Eagle God represented the Supreme Deity ** over all the world. Deified Pharaohs were known and described as Eagle-Serpent Sons-of-the-Sun World Rulers (and as one) with their Eagle God. * Use of the two lion’s heads at the front of the Pharaohs’s chair, having lion’s paws at the end of the legs, and showing arms as two “Crowned Golden Eagle -Serpents” (which represent an image of Pharaoh), were also used by ancient Ur-Mesopotamian Royal rulers. (These same Eagle God images are also used by Kings and Queens of Europe and all of the world’s Masons, as in U.S., and represents the same thing: Osiris-Iesus).

WHO is this OSIRIS-IESUS in the WORLD THRONE SEAT and RULES over the NATIONS? (What you are reading includes world documentation that confirms the Ruach ha Kodesh teachings) ** The question for all Jewish Messianic worshippers of Beth Yahovah and Yahshua is a simple one: who is this last deified (made into God) Pharaoh Eagle-Serpent Son-of-the-Sun and as one with his Eagle God, and rules the world? Who holds the Assyrian-Babylonian-Hittite-Egyptian One Arrow as the last “Little Horn” Eagle Son World Ruler? (Last AbaddonKing, or God Tsar, or last Osiris-Iesus Apollyon Pharaoh)? (Rev. 17:10-11). This 666 man of mystery already has full power over the world for 42 months: 2001-2004. (Christians say no one knows, but this man-god must be revealed!)

* Square (cornerstone) is a major symbol that represents Greek’s Zeus, and still used by the world’s Masons. (In simple terms, their “Cornerstone” represents Zeus over the “four corners” of the world: Satan, their Master Architect, and his deified Apollo “Osiris-Iesus”son today-- an Eagle son of Zeus)

Moshe and all Hebrew Israelites coming out from under the deified ruling Pharaoh is the same thing today as coming out from under the Gentile’s world’s abominable Eagle God. Why? Pharaoh, to the ancient Greeks, was identified as a ruling son of Zeus (Osiris-Iesus). Therefore, all Pharaohs deified as Eagle-Serpent Son-of-the-Sun man images of Osiris, were also “Jesus” (Apollo-Iesus). (What Christian or Catholic today will admit and then repent of this incredible shocking revelation?) Pharaohs, as Rhameses II and their Eagle-Falcon God, were shown together as “one identical” deity in Egyptian paintings/writings thousands of years. This is no different today, as U.S. Great (Phoenix) Eagle Seal is the same image of the “God” of Egypt, and the same image and Seal of “Iesus Osiris” (a Caesar-Pharaoh). To those not knowing this truth and mystery, they either reject it, or want to see documentation-proof. (This is the major deception today Messianics and Christians must overcome.)

(Exodus 8:26) Egypt Eagle God is described by Moshe as the “ABOMINATION OF EGYPT” (the abomination that causes desolation). Israel lived under this abomination for 400 years. If you have not studied history (of Egyptians, Babylonians, Assyrians, and Canaanites) it is disturbing to describe the U.S. Eagle (first) as an abomination, (second) as the abomination that makes desolate, (third),as world’s number one worshipped God (fourth) as the Beast (fifth) as the Image of the Beast and (sixth) as his 666 Mark (of Rev. 14:11). Nothing can change these truths! It is futile to debate/argue with defenders of their Great Eagle God and their Pharaoh-Zeus-Osiris-“Iesus”-God Tsar today! Why? Rev. 9:21, they repent not. All shall worship Apollyon, except Yahovah’s chosen sheep.

Saith Yahovah: “Come out of her, My people, that you not be partakers of her sins ; and that you not receive her plagues!” (suffer in her punishment)!”(Rev. 18:4). Jews must now leave the U.S.! Yes, the Eagle is “God”. “Iesus” (Osiris-Iesus-Apollyon) is the deified Eagle’s Son! As Israelites and Moshe came out of Egypt, today Yah’s chosen must again come out of U.S. Daughter of Egypt. Why? This is the time of Jacob’s Troubles as written. It is imminent for a sudden attack on Jews and World Order unwanteds! By imminent, we mean within the time frame of right now and 2002-3-4!) As Moshe, Aaron, and Israelites came out from under the Eagle God (and Pharaoh), so too must Beth Yahovah and Yahshua worshippers do today. Messianic Jews must also quickly repent of that ancient name Osiris “Iesus” (Jesus-Apollyon), who is today’s living and ruling one world order Pharaoh!

Why? To worship this “Eagle God” is compared with the Egyptians. Read of Yah’s punishments in Torah He sent upon the Egyptians, while sparing those that were His. Thus, anyone worshipping this same Pharaoh “Eagle God” and Pharaoh “Iesus ” today (and not repenting) is condemned! (Rev. 13:4-8, 14:9-11) The extreme seriousness of this cannot be emphasized enough! This is not our opinion: it is from Yahovah, it is in Torah, it is from His prophets, and it is confirmed again and again in Scripture. If you are written in Yahovah’s Book of Life (Rev. 13:8), you will now accept this truth.

“Eagle God” and “Diana-Nike” Roman Standards Deified Roman Caesar “Eagle Son” (Spot in the Sun meant Eagle Son-of-the-Sun) (Wore Double and Single Eagles)
All Pharaohs were deified under their Great Eagle God. Eagle Baal Sons of Tyre , “Eph’-esus”, Greece, Baals of Sidon, and Persia were also considered “Iesus” (Sons of the Greek Eagle God Zeus) or consecrated as Baals (Lords) under the Roman Eagle God (Jupiter). Eagle worship refers to “Nimrod-Osiris-Iesus ”. Moshe and Aaron went out into the wilderness and ‘sacrificed’ (burned) ‘by fire’ (as later written in Torah) this number one Egyptian God * and abominable “graven image” that had been over them for hundreds of years. (The Eagle God was worshipped and feared by Egyptians and others over all other Gods and Goddesses). * Note: (Ezekiel 17:3-7) describes Pharaoh of Egypt and King Nebochadnazir as Great Eagle Son images. They worshipped the Eagle, and were in the images of their God. (The Eagle, and what it represented in Egypt and the far-east was common knowledge for thousands of years, but not today.)

Why did they burn an Eagle? (It was not the idea of Moshe or Aaron) They were commanded by Yahovah to kill the Egyptian Eagle and to burn it by fire until it was completely consumed! Why did Yah have them do this act? To show Moshe and Aaron, and all the Israelites in bondage under this Eagle God (that all Egyptians worshipped) was nothing to fear. The Eagle was the ‘ABOMINATION OF EGYPT’. There are no debates about this well documented truth. Some Israelites even knew that the Eagle was also the Supreme God over ancient Ur and the “goats” where Abraham was first called out from under “it” and separated himself from the “goats”. Moshe, as Abraham, also was called out by Yahovah to leave behind this Eagle God. As Abraham, Moshe turned to follow only Yah’s Voice.

Yah showed Moshe that “He would bare all of His People on this Eagle’s wings * ” without harm. The Eagle had no power over them. Yah also wanted to show Moshe that Pharaoh also had no power over them. Thus, the many plagues upon Pharaoh and the hardening of his heart: for Yahovah to build up His Name above all names and above all of their ‘746’ deities: especially above their Eagle God! (Ur, Egyptian and Canaanite-Hittite Double Headed Eagle is shown again and again over men and women portrayed as wild “goats”, and traced as far back as 3,800 B.C. on Ur and Egypt artifacts, on Royal King’s Seals and Covenant Marks. Masons still use it today as their number one God and Seal).

* Note: Christians think this Torah verse (Exodus 19:4) is positive about the same Egyptian Eagle (God) now over them, but the truth is the exact opposite! Again, they refuse to believe their God refers to the Eagle. To Masons, this Eagle God’s Mark or Seal, (Rev. 14:11) is the symbol of their ruling Pharaoh “Osiris-Iesus” (Christian’s Jesus Christ) and also represents Lucifer, their “Supreme Master Architect” of the Universe! Those who study the Masonic ancient history of the Eagle and also in Scripture should come to the truth.


Illust. In Mason’s Book: “God” Mason’s E-W Eagle “God” Today (‘Out of these Ashes’) (“Their Eagle God has Risen”) Why did Moshe and Aaron go far out (3 days journey) into the wilderness to do this? Moshe, even in first starting to follow the Voice of Yahovah, was concerned that the Egyptians might ‘stone them to death’ for boldly killing their ancient God before their eyes and in the city where the Pharaoh lived. The Greek scholars and the ancient historians recorded (even in Roman times), the penalty was instant death (done usually by rioting, uncontrollable-excited large Egypt mobs) for killing (intentional, or by accident) one of their Gods, especially their Eagle God that was worshipped and sacred over Egypt and represented Pharaoh or “Osiris-Iesus” (Greeks called him Dionysous-Osiris). Moses was not stupid. He knew all about Pharaoh’s Egyptian Eagle God, and could see this happening to himself and Aaron.

Israelite’s were forced to serve this Egyptian abomination and the Pharaoh (as one deity). Parallels to U. S. Great Eagle God and Masonic Presidents and Vice Presidents sworn in under it is astounding. Today, citizens of the U.S., and Messianic Jews and other Jews, do not have to be forced to serve their contemporary Pharaoh, they willingly and happily do it, and are totally deceived and spoiled in food, wine, opportunity and luxury, and refuse to leave! How do we know the truth about the Egypt Eagle, and what Moshe and Aaron did? Read the Hebrew Torah (translated into English from the KJ version) leading up to the “Eagle God Abomination” actual burning-sacrifice by fire: “And Yahovah (YHVH) said unto Moshe: Rise up early in the morning, and stand before Pharaoh; and lo, when he comes forth to the water (to take his customary morning bath), say to him”:

“Thus Saith Yahovah: * LET MY PEOPLE GO, THAT THEY MAY SERVE ME.” (Exodus 8:20) * Yahovah (YHVH) His Blessed Name of Salvation that He gave to all of His people Israel. * Note: Yahovah Seals all of His people (Jacob-Israel and adopted Gentiles) with His Name and His Son in Revelation. It is written why Yah raised up Pharaoh over a mighty nation and then punished the Pharaoh and saved His people. Why? He did it for His Name’s sake. You will now see why Yahovah has raised up U.S.! “Else, if you will not let My people go, behold, I will send swarms of flies upon you, and upon your servants, and upon your people, and into your houses: and the houses of the Egyptians shall be full of swarms of flies… I will ‘separate out’ (sever) in that day the land of Goshen, in which My people dwell, that no swarms of flies shall be there; to that end you may know that I Am Yahovah. And I will put a ‘division’ * between My people and your people.” (Exodus 8:21-23)

* Note: Division between the Egyptian-Arabs (Moslems) and Jacob/Israelites (Jews) still exists to this day! Arafat, the leader of the “PLO”, married a German Catholic. The German Masonic United States Government (Daughter of Egypt) has never attacked its “Mother Nation” (Egypt). Why? The ancient Egyptian (Osiris-Iesus) Rhameses II and (Aryan Hittite) “German Queen (Isis) Nefatari” Covenant is still in force to this day.

After Yahovah sent the great plague of the flies upon all of Egypt and even filled the Pharaoh’s house, “Pharaoh called for Moshe and Aaron, and said, you go, (do your) sacrifice to your ‘Mighty One’ Yahovah [YHVH] in the ‘land’. * And Moshe said, it is not meant for us to do so (in this way)”: * Note: There, in the large Egyptian city (land) where Pharaoh lived as the deified ruler over all Egyptians.

“For shall we sacrifice THE ABOMINATION OF THE EGYPTIANS* before ‘their’ eyes, and WILL THEY NOT STONE US (to death)? We will go (3) ‘THREE DAYS JOURNEY’ (60 Miles) into the wilderness, and ‘SACRIFICE’ (burn) to Yahovah our Most High (El), as He shall command us. ” (Exodus 8:25-27) * See? Moshe knew precisely what they were to burn with fire.

* Note: In simple terms, Moshe and Aaron privately ‘killed and burned’ an Eagle far from the Egyptians. Can you imagine what would happen to kill and burn an Eagle in Washington, D.C., and out in public? United States is the Daughter of Egypt in Scripture , and excited mobs might react the same! Question: Why then in Scripture and Bibles of today is the “Eagle” not specifically identified as the “God Of This World” and why are its ‘names’ not written down to verify this edification? Answer: names of it are in Scripture. When Torah was written and copied again and again, the Hebrew scribes to do Torah writings were to fear Yahovah and His Word. Some Hebrew scribes did not fear changing Yah’s Word! (Matthew 23) Yahshua thus strongly rebuked and then condemned/cursed all scribes that work for the enemy and hide truth from His sheep.

It is written not to let ‘names of these deities’ come out of your mouth. Most obeyed (Yahoshua 23:7), even in writing Scripture. Scribes left subtle references and ‘names’ that mean the abominable Eagle God and deified Eagle sons. They are explained in this teaching/prophecy. The Torah is full of curses and death upon any Israelite that turns from Yah and worships this Eagle God or speaks in its name. What? Yahovah’s death penalty is still right there in Revelation for all that worship it! (This means that all ministers currently speaking in the name of Iesus are cursed and are condemned!)

As an example, one word in Hebrew Scripture and in the early English translations (that has since been removed out of contemporary NIV Bibles) is the word ‘that’. The word ‘that’ was used in instances of certain Scripture passages to avoid using the Eagle God’s name, and the other abominable God’s names: “YOU KNOW ‘THAT’ OF WHICH I SPEAK”, (meaning something well known, without using or mentioning it by name) “THAT WICKED”, and “THAT ACCURSED THING” (Eagle).

Even today, most College Dictionaries and Encyclopedias will have the major meaning of the word “that”, as things so common, or understood by so many, they are referred to only as “that” in normal conversation. Satan has removed many of these “keys” from Scripture that reveal his identity symbol as the Eagle (God). He seized the Eagle (Yah left it open to him) as his “image” in (Genesis 3:14).

Hebrew word abomination was eliminated in newer Bibles, and “Eagle” was changed to “Vulture”. These are a few remaining names and words that refer to the Eagle God; a deified Baal Eagle Son: “PHARAOH”, “NESHER”, “ROC”, “ZIPPOR”, “NISROCH”, “NAZIR”, “BAAL”, “CAIN”, “NIMROD”, “ASSHUR”, “KING NEBOCHADNAZIR”, “JUPITER”, “IESUS”, “TAMMUZ”, “CAESAR”, and “BEEL’ZE-BUB”. (Matthew 12:24-27) meaning: “The God that Flies”.

(All ‘Baal’ rulers [Lords] of Persia, Assyria, Greece, Rome, Tyre, Sidon, Syria, Antioch, Tarsus and Philadelphia were Eagle sons. We find it amazing the extremely negative reaction and rejection from Christians and even most Jews, to open up this gigantic deception, and objectively present these truths. What causes them to react in such a negative way? They would have to give up everything they have been taught to accept the real history of the U.S. since its foundation up to today! Also, to accept this truth straight from Yahovah and Yahshua, all Christians would also have to change and repent of who they worship! At this stage in Yahovah’s Judgment upon the world, it is too much to ask of them!)


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