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Love Poems

Words fill me, yet I can't express
The love with which thou bless'd my heart;
All warmth and goodness with thou start,
And all of heaven's tenderness.

Thine eys are stars in endless night;
Thy smile—a beacon in the dark;
And in a world both cold and stark
Thou art my love, and guiding light.

I only wish that thou couldst see
How many happy days thou brought
To one who light and beauty sought—
And found them both—and more—in thee.


Never say good-bye—
Always walk by my side,
Never leave,
Never need to hide,
Never grieve.
Never say good-bye.

Never say adieu—
Always love me as now,
Never fly,
Never wonder how
Not to cry.
Never say adieu.

Never say farewell—
Always tell me your fears,
I will hear.
I will dry your tears,
Always near.
Never say farewell.

Never say good-bye—
I am yours for all time,
Soul and heart;
Earth or havens sublime,
We shan’t part.
Never say good-bye.

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