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1. Tremble for My Beloved - 3:52 (Roland)
2. Heavy - 2:56 (Roland)
3. No More, No Less - 5:18 (Roland)
4. Needs - 5:21 (Roland)
5. Slow - 3:32 (E. Roland)(D. Roland)
6. Dandy Life - 4:03 (Childress)
7. Run - 4:35 (Roland)
8. Generate - 3:33 (Roland)
9. Compliment - 3:01 (E. Roland)(D. Roland)
10. Not The One - 3:49 (Roland)
11. Crown - 10:18 (Includes She Said)(Roland)
Hidden Track Combined with Crown: She Said
Internet Only song Almost You avaible on all Dosage cds in which you put in your computer to listen to it.
Japanese version contains extra song called: Persuasion.
Australian import contains 4 bonus tracks and is on 2 cds.
The Song Breakdown:
Tremble For My Beloved - Rating: * * * *
Heavy - Rating: * * * * *
No More, No Less - Rating: * * * * *
Needs - Rating: * * * *
Slow - Rating: * * * * *
Dandy Life - Rating: * * * * *
Run - Rating: * * * * *
Gererate - Rating: * * * *
Compliment - Rating: * * *
Not The One - Rating: * * * * *
Crown - Rating: * * * * *
She Said - Rating: * * * * *
Billboard Chart Positions & GRAMMY Awards
YearAlbum/SingleChartHighest Position
1999DosageThe Billboard 20021
1999DosageTop Canadian Albums5
1998She SaidModern Rock Tracks39
1998She SaidMainstream Rock Tracks16
1999HeavyThe Billboard Hot 10073
1999HeavyMainstream Rock Tracks1
1999HeavyModern Rock Tracks5
1999RunThe Billboard Hot 10076
1999RunModern Rock Tracks36
1999RunTop 40 Adult Recurrents12
1999RunAdult Top 4012
1999No More, No LessMainstream Rock Tracks10
1999No More, No LessModern Rock Tracks32
1999Tremble For My BelovedMainstream Rock Tracks35

My Short Review:
After the slightly low sells of Breakdown, Dosage hits the stores, fueled by the success of "She Said" off of the Scream 2 Soundtrack., which also appears on this album. With the major radio hit "Heavy" Dosage was on it's way. The song grew so much requests that it was the most requested song on the radio for that year. "No More, No Less" and "Tremble For My Beloved" keep the album in high gear on the radio, becoming large hits. Overall it's a solidly packed album. Still keeping a near classic sound, but getting heavier as you might see. It's the stepping stone for Blender's new sound. - Anthony Moore
My Rating: * * * * *
AMG Expert Review:
After the disappointing sales of Disciplined Breakdown, Collective Soul made a move back to the sound that was so successful on their self-titled sophomore effort. Dosage is a step backwards into familiar territory, and it invites mixed results. While the singles "Run" and "Heavy" are two of the band's biggest hits in years, much of this album seems to sound slightly more tired than Collective Soul's recent efforts. Collective Soul has always been best when performing a mix of ballads and harder material, and Dosage holds true to that formula, although the ballads (which are not quite as strong as the ballads on previous albums) rule this album. Kicking off with the upbeat "Tremble for My Beloved" and "Heavy," the album quickly slows down and fails to reignite. Only a few of the ballads (among them the hit "Run" from the film, Varsity Blues, and the mid-tempo "No More, No Less") manage to leave any lasting impression, and the majority of the uptempo rockers seem like filler. This doesn't mean that Dosage is a weak effort, though, as there is still more than enough here to please fans. Ed Roland continues to grow as a songwriter, and Dosage is another successful set of radio-friendly pop/rock that, while far from radical, is a worthwhile listen.
AMG Rating: * * *
Album Credits:
Tom Lord-Alge - Mixing
Ted Jensen - Mastering
Ed Roland - Guitar, Songwriter, Vocals (L), Producer
Mauricio Iragorri - Mixing Assistant
Benjamin Niles - Art Direction, Design
Femio Hernandez - Mixing Assistant
Anthony J. Resta - Programming
Scott Kieklak - Assistant Engineer, Mixing Assistant
Will Turpin - Bass, Percussion
Dean Roland - Guitar (R)
Ross Childress - Guitar (L), Guitar (R), Vocals (L: on Dandy Life)
Eddie Horst - Arranger
Shane Evans - Drums
Paul Murphy - Viola
Other Information: released: 2.9.99 on Atlantic Records and went Platinum on 7.19.00.