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Miscelaneous Patterns

Large Martini w/pistol grip & cheek piece
Pebody Martini
Miller DeHass Sporting w/pistol grip & cheek piece
Miller DeHass Schuetzen right or left hand patterns
Fix Action Schuetzen Hi-wall
Feken Highwall straight grip
Garrett Rolling Block
93-95 Mauser (English style)
98 Mauser Sporting (English style
Siamese Mauser Sporting
95 Marlin
D.S. Cole
D.S. Cole w/cheek piece
Redfield w/cheek piece
Whitney 2nd model
1885 Browning w/ S curve pistol grip & cheek piece
1885 Browning Hunter straight grip, crescent butt
1100 Remington w/wo cheek piece
700 Remington
Winchester Model 12
Winchester Model 37
Winchester Model 37 Custom
Winchester Model 69
Winchester Model 70
Winchester Model 1200
99 Savage
Stevens Favorite
Stevens 44
Stevens 44 1/2
Ruger w/ right or left hand cheek piece and pistol grip
Ruger Schuetzen w/ pistol grip and cheek piece
Ruger No. 3 Carbine
No. 4 Rolling Block & Stevens Favorite Wooden Rifles
47 Stevens Pistolgrip
#1 Wesson Long Range
4 1/2" Clydesdale Horse
.22 LR ammo boxes

These patterns are only a partial listing, we have more.

PICTURES of Miscelaneous Patterns:

Some are finished, some are working patterns only.

Pictures from left to right:
1. Several stock patterns on wall
2. Several long stocks
3. Browning patterns
4. The making of a gun stock (unfinished stock and working pattern beside each other
5. 2 Horses
6. Clydesdale Horse
7. Small Horse unfinished
8. same small Horse finished

To see a picture in a larger size, click on it and a new window will open. Just close that window to return to this page).


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