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Our faculty and staff review the curriculum on an ongoing basis to provide what we believe to be the most recent and relevant information in the natural health care field. The textbooks are selected with the student in mind. We want the textbooks we select for our students to serve as a core reference library. After graduation the student can use this library to build a working library for their continued study and practice of alternative healthcare. Therefore, Chatworth College will provide all texts required. Also, depending on the courses in which you enroll, we may also provide audio or video tapes. The student will also be provided with course outlines and tests. Chatworth College will pay all shipping charges of all materials to be delivered to the student.

Since this is a distance learning program, you may enroll anytime during the calendar year. You may work at your own pace and take as long as you need to complete each course.

If you withdraw within 14 days of your enrollment, have not completed any of your course work, and return all books and materials unmarked, you will receive a complete refund of tuition paid. You will be charged retail price for any book that is marked in or not returned.