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In existence since 1953, Chatworth College has been an international leader in both its residency and distance learning programs. In fact, it is the only naturopathic college which is actively involved in botanical research for the purpose of discovering new substances which can serve as natural remedies. Chatworth College plans to delevop a residency program in Costa Rica near the rain forest where research is currently being conducted. Our programs are designed to educate the student with the knowledge necessary to practice naturopathic medicine. Course work includes relevant topics such as: Women's health, Homeopathy, Detoxification, Nutritional Supplementation, Anti-Aging, and Enzyme Therapy.

Chatworth College represents convenient, quality education at a fraction of the cost. We offer payment plans that meet the needs of most student's budgets. Our combination degree programs are offered at reduced prices to encourage our students to achieve the highest level of education possible.