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Black Mesa Rifle Co.
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The services of Black Mesa Rifle Co.

Labor Rates:

Man hour $35
Man/machine hour $60
Min. Fee $25
Appraisal $25

Complete Cleaning $40

Refinishing Metal:

Hot Bluing:
General $95
Deluxe $150

Engine Turning:

Bolt or small parts Hourly machine rate.

Draw Filing Hourly man rate.

Sight Work:

Sight in $40 plus materials
Bore sight $20
Pattern Shotgun $50
Drill and Tap for Sights $25 per hole
Cut dovetail $50
Install Front Sight Ramp:
Sweat on $50
Screw on $40
Install insert in pistol sight $30
Install front or mid bead on shotgun $20
Plug hole and redrill for bead $30
Install receiver sights already tapped $20
Scope mounting already tapped $35

General Barrel and Action work:

Check headspace $35
Chamber cast $50
Remove stuck case Hourly Rate
Remove Live round Hourly Rate
Remove bore obstruction Hourly Rate
Remove barrel fouling Hourly Rate plus materials
Lap Barrel $50
Install Barrel liner $85 doesn’t include liner or refinishing

If it is not listed ask, as the list is not yet complete!