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Black Mesa Rifle Co.
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Other services to be offered!

With a growing demand for places to hunt Black Mesa Rifle Co. will soon negotiate a limited supply of guided rural Oklahoma hunts. Hunts will include prairie dog, turkey, deer, or pheasant. These hunts will be on private land and strictly controlled to protect what little hunting rights we have left.

Please speak up and DEFEND your rights!

With society growing more and more impatient and quick-tempered also comes oversight and wrongful judgment. We are losing the battle in politics over our guaranteed right to own firearms because enough of us are just ok with the way things are and don't take the time to stand up for ourselves. If we lose the right to firearms how will we stand up for ourselves then and after that right is gone any or all other rights will easily be taken away from us. Please speak up and protect all of your rights. Check out to see where we stand and the bull politicians are throwing at us.