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Black Mesa Rifle Co.
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Black Mesa firearms are in the class of a "Custom Shop" grade firearm being precision tuned for accuracy and dependability. These firearms are sold primarily on special order basis to fit each customer personally. If you already have a firearm and would like to have it customized by Black Mesa Rifle Co. I can do it to your liking. These firearms have been tried and tested at distances over 1000 yards with one of them winning a 1000 match competition. Black Mesa porting is standard on all Black Mesa Express Rifles and optional on all other calibers to make your shooting experience pleasurable not punishing. Black Mesa firearms will soon be designated into six categories for easier price sorting with the starting price of $600.00 for complete rifle and $350.00 to rebarrel an existing rifle. Black Mesa Rifle Co. will build to suit any firearm in most calibers with the same precision and care as the Black Mesa Express Rifles.

Refit/refurbished. S/A $600.00 Rebarrel true and refinished used firearm

Modified factory S/A $900.00 Rebarrel and fit new factory firearm (minor tuning)

Low custom grade S/A $1300.00 Custom firearm opening grade average cosmetics and medium tuning

Medium custom grade S/A $1800.00 Better cosmetics and a high grade tuning process

High custom grade S/A $2500.00 Best cosmetically with all fitting and precision tuning /blueprinting

Complete FULL custom S/A $3000.00 This grade is completely made in our shop (except rifling in barrel stock) hand fitted, can be all custom designed from scratch.