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Black Mesa Rifle Co.
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Black Mesa Express cartridges equal superior long-range hunting!

Imagine hunting this gigantic beast on an African Dangerous Game Safari and dropping it with one shot -- now imagine you did it from a safe distance with a 300 grain bullet instead of a shoulder breaking 500 up to 900 grain bullet used by the other guy! Live the dream with a Black Mesa Express rifle. These rifles are precision made individually to the customerís desire. They are possibly the most accurate long-range rifles you'll ever shoot. Don't forget about the knock down power of these large game rifles; at about 6200 ft/lbs there is no comparison to say the popular .30-06 at around 3200 ft./lbs the game drops in its tracks. To make this even better the Black Mesa porting design reduces the recoil of the .375 Black Mesa Express to that of the again popular .30-06. It reduces muzzle jump helping with accuracy and faster target relocation. Black Mesa Cartridges are in the ultra magnum class and are very potent flat shooting cartridges in 6.5mm, 7mm, .338 and .375 calibers.

Black Mesa Express Rifles are in the class of a "Custom Shop" grade firearm being precision tuned for accuracy and dependability. Originally Black Mesa Express Rifles were made on Remington 700 or Winchester 70 actions but since then many actions have been refitted and made into Black Mesa Express rifles. These rifles are sold primarily on special order basis made to fit each customer personally. The Black Mesa Express rifles come in four calibers- 6.5mm, 7mm, .338, and .375 which all of them are very good long range hunting rifles and the .375 being quite adequate for dangerous game on African Safari's. These rifles have been tried and tested at distances over 1000 yards with one of them winning a 1000 match competition. Black Mesa porting is standard on all Black Mesa Express Rifles to make your shooting experience pleasurable not punishing. The starting price is $1800.00 for complete rifle and $800.00 to refit an existing rifle. Black Mesa Rifle Co. will build to suit any firearm in most calibers with the same precision and care as the Black Mesa Express Rifles.

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