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Black Mesa Rifle Co.
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The origination of Black Mesa Rifle Co.

Ronald Brian McDaniels founded Black Mesa Rifle Company in Kenton, Oklahoma around 1992. He fell in love with the land while flying over on his way home from Alaska. Pictured above is Black Mesa the highest point in Oklahoma. Black Mesa being a symbol of beauty and rugged resilience is the inspiration in the naming of Black Mesa Rifle Co. and the quality that is expected of Black Mesa Express Rifles. Brian insisted on precision early in life, as he became a machinist instructor in the military not to mention a pilot. He also went on to become a Professional Engineer doing various jobs around the country. In his spare time he flew as an Alaskan bush pilot and fired many rounds of ammo at both targets and numerous hunting trips and earning master marksman awards in almost every category. With the lush background he decided to move to Kenton and establish Black Mesa Rifle Company.

Right away Brian went to work designing and building firearms and ammunition of various designs and calibers. In 1993 he put one of his designs into action introducing the .375 Black Mesa Express, which at the time a cartridge of this size and power was almost unheard of. These cartridges can propel a 300-grain bullet at about 3000 ft/sec and has energy of about 6200 ft/lbs making it great for large and dangerous safari game. Shortly after that came the .338 Black Mesa Express that also has incredible ballistics and knock down power when compared to what was out there. These cartridges were in a class of there own until 1999 when Remington released their line of Ultra Magnum cartridges about the time Brian started making the 6.5mm and the 7mm Black Mesa Express cartridges. With no evidence to back it, it has been said that a representative of Remington bought a Black Mesa Express Rifle from Brian some time before the Ultra Mags came out and considering the slightly modified dimensions there might be something to it. Brian continued to build and customize firearms until 2004. Brian has now passed away and the shooting industry has lost yet another great asset.

The reclamation Black Mesa Rifle Co.

In 2004 Brian sold Black Mesa Rifle Company to Craig Smith. Brian instructed Craig by manner of apprenticeship to ensure the quality and secrets would remain an absolute standard at Black Mesa Rifle Co.

The relocation and Reopening of Black Mesa Rifle Co.

Hello my name is Craig Smith and I am the owner of Black Mesa Rifle Company. I will strive with all efforts to serve your firearm needs. Growing up within close sight of the Black Mesa I know the feeling that Brian felt for the terrain with the strength and beauty it so proudly shows. Black Mesa Rifle Co. is currently building a new facility in Boise City, OK 35 miles from where Brian started his dream and I hope to follow through with Brian's dream to the utmost extent.