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Black Mesa Firearms, LLC
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Thankyou for visiting Black Mesa Firearms, LLC ! Black Mesa Firearms, LLC sales and services most all makes and models as well as complete design and fabrication of parts or complete firearms including new chamberings. Your support for the firearms industry and to the Second Amendment.

The backbone of Black Mesa Firearms, LLC is the service center. With the capabilities of tool and die shop I am proud to say we are a true full custom firearms service center. The specialty of Black Mesa Firearms, LLC is manufacturing custom made firearms whether it is from scratch or customizing existing firearms. Black Mesa Firearms, LLC will build anything you desire with the utmost care as every Black Mesa firearm is individually fabricated in our facilities.

Vast options on firearms!

Black Mesa Firearms, LLC wants to serve you soon no matter what type or caliber of firearm you desire. Black Mesa Rifle Co. will custom build on most any action and can chamber the firearm in anything from .17 to .50 caliber including wildcat cartridges in which we have four of our own. I will strive in every way to guarantee your satisfaction.

Thank you for your interest in Black Mesa firearms!

I hope to hear from you soon. Please send any comments or suggestions to the email below. Feel free to check our score sheet to the left - right click the image and view for larger image.

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