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Jaymz had a sinking feeling in his stomach. He woke up that morning and for the second day in a row he was dead tired. Did he have anything to do with that fire at the used car lot lat night??? No, he couldn’t have. He slept all night, the pills that Tabon had given him worked great, he had no problem sleeping now...except, he did have a few cuts and bruises on his arms and torso. ...And when he got up he had on clothes that he wasn’t wearing the night before when he went to bed. Something wasn’t right, if he had been up and around, he would have known..wouldnt he? He looked over at this phone, noticed that he had seven missed calls that morning, and six of them were from Crazy J, ..the first one was at five-fifty two a.m. Why was he calling so early? Oh well, he didn’t have any messages from J, so it couldnt have been that important. He went out side and sat down on the porch. It was a cold morning, there was front on the ground but wouldnt last long because of the shining sun. He looked over into the right side of his yard and noticed something..His eyes narrowed and a pissed off look came over his face. There is was, a big pile of dog shit. Jaymz didnt own a dog, but his neighbor did. His neighbor was a stuck up old man, he saw Jaymz as a "young punk", even though Jaymz was anything but "young."

They really never spoke to each other, other than the time that Jaymz caught the man letting his huge brown dog come over and unload in his yard. Jaymz asked him to keep his dog on his side of the yard when he did his business, ...He didnt mind the dog being in the yard, he just didnt like the dog using his yard as a toilet. So that day he had asked Kyle Frasier to make sure that he kept his dog in the yard. Kyle exploded on him, jumping up in Jaymz' face telling him that he'll let his dog shit wherever he feels like it. Jaymz hated the old man, he wished he would just die that way he could kill that dog. But no, Kyle was still alive and that dog was still taking care of his business in Jaymz yard. Kyle had two cars, one was an old Mustang that he had restored and the other was a new Chevy Truck. The truck was gone this morning, as it was every Thursday morning. He went bowling with his old war friends, talking about the "good ol' days." He knew that Kyle was working on that old Mustang, and he also knew that the passenger door didnt lock. Jaymz sat on the porch for a while wondering what he could do, then he had an idea. He went back into the house and got his shoes on, came back outside and walked across the yard. Jaymz went over to the Mustang and opened the passenger door, but before he got in, he unbuttoned his pants. He got in and closed the door. kyle had just got the seats redone and looking good, so Jaymz decided that if Kyle was going to let his dog shit in his yard, he would just shit in Kyles car.

So there he was, he didnt even really have to go but damnit, there was no better time for this...So he sat in that car, making strange faces for a few minutes. He looked around the car and found Kyle kept a box of kleenex's in the glove box. He did his business, got out and closed the door. Still, nobody came by. He went back to the porch, pleased with what he had done and finally went back into the house. He decided that he should call Crazy J back. It had been a while since he had talked to him...So he dialed up J's number and pushed the speakerphone button, the person who answered the phone was Crazy J, but he was pretending to the secretary, Sandy..the wax dummy (who else was going to answer the phone?)..and he didnt do a good job of it either. Now, any person who knew J would have known that it was him...but Jaymz, like Crazy J, believed that the wax dummies were real..and not only that, but Jaymz kinda had the hots for Sandy.

Sandy/ Crazy J: Thank you for calling Disturbed Dreams, how may I help you this morning?

Oh....Sandy. Hey, Um...This is Jaymz. So uh, you still want to go to dinner sometime this week?

Sandy/ Crazy J: Im sorry Jaymz, J is keeping be very busy this week.

Well, Im sorry to hear that. Is he around there?

Sandy/Crazy J: Oh yeah! Hes right here

Hit me up sometime Sandy

Crazy J: Hey. Whats going on? Have you seen whats goin on downtown!?

You mean with the fire?

Crazy J: Yeah!!! What got into you!?

What are you talking about?

Crazy J: What got into ya? ..Why the urge to set those cars on fire?


Crazy J: You mean, ...you dont know?

Uh..yeah. Man, I was sleeping last night, ..I didnt do that.

Crazy J: you dont remember last night??? Thats why I had Sandy keep calling you this morning. You came by last night, remember? You beat on my door forever, but by the time I got up you were halfway down the street...I hollered at ya but you never turned around...So I just let ya go.

Are you serious? Oh well, shit happens I guess. You see the match we got?

Crazy J: Shaw and Austin, ..Mason and Dozer…I saw that, Did Shaw and Austin just not get the picture the first time?

I guess they didn't. Dozer doesn’t know what’s about to hit him, ..his world is going to come crashing down.

Crazy J: They have no idea what we will do to win those Belts, I'm not even worried about Shaw and Austin

Who would be? I mean, what have they done besides lose? I'm more interested facing Dozer and Mason.

Crazy J: ..Dozer…Who does he think he is? Hes a sunshine pumper, you see this guy talking like “nobody can beat him!?”

..And that coming from a guy who didn't even really win his match last week, ..what room does he have to talk? He’ll get put into his place.

Crazy J: Well, we were Tag team champs for a reason! ..Those belts are coming to us, these four guys don't have a chance. But Hey, Sandy is sitting around here not doing shit! ..So I gotta find her something to do, keep her busy ya know? Shes dead weight!

Jaymz hung up the phone and peered out the window as Kyle Frasier pulled into his driveway..

This is going to be good, ..He may not even notice it at first, it may even take him a few days..I wouldn’t want to be there for that. I was watching Dozers promo earlier, and like J was saying…This guy thinks that he’s unbeatable. That's a pretty high statement for a guy such as himself. Yeah, I'm sorta full of myself and confident. You already know that I come into a match focused on the win, ..but sometimes it don't always go that way. I’ve beaten the best, and I’ve lost to the best. But the point is, is that it wont be you winning the match…It will be J and myself snapping you back into reality, of not only did you get beat, but that you got manhandled. You got Dominated, and we got the three count. …That is the reality that you will face in a short time. Tell us how great you are, tell everyone that you can’t be beat…you’ve got a mouth that wont quit, such as myself. …But my confident-cocky-arrogant ass can back it up in the ring, I look forward to being tagged in and getting my chance at you…To make you eat your words, to show you what real power is all about. ..to show you what its like to get dominated. So you claim to be the most dangerous man alive? And what makes you so dangerous? Why should I be so scared of you?

…To me, you look like every other wrestler that was looking up at the lights after a match with J and myself. Am I going to fear you because you’re a little bigger than most average people? Is your size going to intimidate me? I sure don't think so, I’ve got about a hundred pounds on ya, and almost a foot taller…So again, what makes you so dangerous? ..What is it about you that's going to make me run and hide? …Wow. Gee. I'm so scared. Dozer you don't have to “dare” me to get into the ring, I'm going to be smiling the whole way down that ramp, that's not the way we work…We look forward to it, we love to fight…We’ll wrestle anybody, that's why were here…We have the passion for it, you don't have to beg us, or dare us to get in the ring. You know that we will be there and that we will show up, …We wouldn’t miss it for anything. Dozer you’re a spaz, you remind me of a small child running around in circles, screaming trying to get attention…the annoying little kid that you always wanted to kick in the ass and send back home down the street. Your right Dozer, I will be in the hospital after our match. …But it wont be because of you, in fact, I might even come visit you there when I go check up on my friend after our match. Don't get it confused, you wont be the one sending me there, nobody will.

The only person that will be sent to the hospital, if someone has to go, would be you. Because you would deserve it. Talking like you do only gets me fired up and more focused on my match. You give me more reasons to succeed, you feed this monster which isn’t wise when you have to face it. Haha, “butt buddies”, wow.. that was original. So J and I are butt buddies huh? So wouldn’t that make you and Mason “butt buddies” as well? I mean, you are his tag partner….Oh wait, I'm sure you didn't think of that and its really a double-standard when it comes to you isn’t it? …Please, say something that makes sense. Then you say “having such good times that you cant leave each other” …Uuumm, again, this is coming back to you saying things that don't make sense. See, if you knew anything about us, you know…like watching our promos? You would know that we decided to leave the ring for a while, you know..almost three years…So you see? Do a little research before you come out here looking like an idiot. When did I say “we could settle this in the heavyweight fight?”. See, again, you didn't pay attention. I told you that we would fight each other to get that title one day, but I told you after we had to fight for the tag team titles first….Do you not remember that, or were you just not paying attention?

I do think that I have wasted enough time on you…Now your partner Mason, seems to have a little more common sense than you do Dozer. But Mason Do you think that style is going win this match for you? Do we get style points in the ring? I didn't know that if you came out wearing ring attire that was a little brighter than mine, it was going to some how magicly win the match for you. Do you think that because you might be able to jump all over the ropes and do little flips and things is going to win the match for you? Style means nothing, so you need to get that out of your head. I don't know what you were hearing backstage and who was telling you those kind of things but our intentions were not to come here as a tag team, now when word got out that we were going to be in this match for the belts, then maybe you did hear those things. …and those things about us taking hold of the Tag Team division are true. You can try Mason, I hope that you do…I hope you give us everything that you have. ..I mean, theres nothing better than seeing our opponents completely worn down at the end of the match…The look of defeat on your face will be great, the look of disappointment as you set your standards high, only to have them fall.

No, Mason…nothing has gone Black for us. The vision of what we want is still clear ahead of us, and as hard as you try there will be nothing that you can do about it. You see us now, you’ve seen what we can do in the ring…you’ve seen us win, but to actually get into the ring and say ‘well, at least I tried’ is a whole different thing…This week you get your shot, don't expect to capitalize off of it, we don't have the intention of letting you do that. We want these belts, we want to bring the gold back to Zero Tolerance, ..and that is what we plan to do. There will be nothing that the four of you will be able to do about it…Because once it hits Zero, its too late.