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It was almost like a dream, the way that the colors moved, the way the world seemed to shift and turn…Jaymz wasn't sure where he was or if this was real, ..or a dream. With every turn of his head the world was like a moving liquid, shifting from side to side, up and down. The colors left tracers and seemed to fade on fro minutes, a rainbow of colors moving in every which direction…His head felt like it was ten times bigger than his body, like he could barely hold it up…and it was snowing…No, wait..it wasn't snowing. What the hell was the thinking?? The sun was out, or at least he thought it was…Jaymz was on his fifth day of non sleep, he caught a few hours in the Wal-Mart parking lot but it wasn't enough to rest his body….He knew this was going to happen, everything was distorted and he was seeing things that weren’t really there. If only his mind would slow down and rest, then maybe, ..just maybe he could get some sleep. Jaymz walked down the candy isle of the gas station he had stopped at. He looked like a zombie, the Chinese man who owned the store had seen worse so he wasn't too concerned with this large man. The man looked away from Jaymz and went back to rolling the joint he was working on under the conter. Jaymz stared on at the cooler with the bright assortment of colors. …Energy drink, that's what he wanted…he needed one.

Everything was like a blur, he knew the Monster drink came in a black can, but my God the tracers were horrible and he couldn't tell a can of Coke from a Bug Juice. He saw blurs of black, he knew it was the energy drink.. He reached out to get it out of the cooler but something had stopped his hand.. There was something in front of it, something he couldn't see. What the hell?? Why couldn't he get the damn drinks!? ..It was like some kind of invisible shield was in his way. He turned around fast, almost falling down in the bright world of swirling colors.. He couldn't ever remember the world being this bright, had it always been this way? He regained his balance and looked to his left and realized that the stand on the end of the isle was full of chips, he pulled on the stand knocking it over spilling the chips to the floor. He heard the man at the front screaming something but he was unconcerned with what it was.. He then took the stand and flung it at the cooler but the invisible shield in front of the cooler stopped it, the stand falling to the floor. He again heard screaming from the front, but it was unclear, it was right behind him now. Jaymz picked up the stand again, pulled it back behind his head to swing it again, but this time it connected with something behind him, he heard a scream that was cut off by something falling back into the isle knocking everything over.

He stopped and turned around, his world was spinning and he fell to the ground.. He got back up and saw he hit the Chinese man, who was now out cold. He took the chip stand again for a third time and threw it as hard as the could at the invisible thing blocking him from getting something to drink.. He heard glass shatter when it connected this time, cans fell all over the floor in a clattering noise.. Then he thought “oh yeah, …it was just the glass door.” But it didn't matter to Jaymz, he had all the drinks he wanted now. He turned around, already forgotten about the Chinese man and went up to the front counter. He waited….and waited…and waited…How come nobody was working in this place??? How can you run a business like this?? Jaymz fished around in his pocket for something, got a hold of some wadded up money and threw it on the counter. He didn't care how much it was, surely it was enough to cover the two drinks he had gotten. Stumbling out of the store he went over to the Tahoe and got inside.. He popped open one of the cans and drank the whole thing, or, well, ..drank what actually made it in his mouth and not on his clothes.. A loud burp came out as he started up the Tahoe…His mind was still a haze in a world full of colors, he needed sleep. Jaymz drove like a drunk man down the street, his cell phone started ringing, he looked away from the road and over to the passenger seat but he couldn't find the damn phone.

Next thing he knew he felt a jolt from the Tahoe as it jumped a curb into a grocery store parking lot..He slammed the brakes on, ..luckily there was nobody parked over here. He knew this had to stop, it was getting out of control…His phone started ringing again, he crawled over to the passenger seat looking for it but couldn't find it because it was between the seat and the door..It stopped ringing just as he got to it, he let his vision focus for a moment, he saw that Erik had called him..He would call him back later, it probably wasn't that important anyway…But maybe it was, he did call twice. Maybe he should call Dr. Tabon, maybe he could help…No, no bad idea. Tabon would only want to keep him for a few days and Jaymz had a match so that wasn't an option. Just then the phone started ringing again, it was Erik, it had to be!

Uhh, ..hello?

Jaymz’ voice was slow and slurred.

Voice: Jaymz?

Who is this?...

Zaslaw: Who is this!? After all these years you still don't know my voice over the phone!?

Crazy J?

Zaslaw: Damn it Jaymz, are you alright? ..This is Zaslaw


Zaslaw: Jaymz, what’s wrong?

Just a little tired, that's all.

Zaslaw: When was the last time that you slept

…in the Wal-mart parking lot….

Zaslaw: WHAT??? That was like four days ago!! What in the hell have you been doing?

…not sleeping.

Zaslaw: That's it Jaymz, I cant have you running around like this anymore..Im going to call Dr. Tabon. You need to go see him

NO!! NO!! ..Zaslaw, if you call him I swear I’ll kill you myself.

Zaslaw: Then you’ll just have to kill me wont you Jaymz?

I'm fine Zaslaw, I don't need this shit from you. All I need is a little sleep.

Zaslaw: ..Have you hurt anyone?....Please tell me you haven’t.

Not that I know of. I was at a gas station a little while ago, ..there was nobody working there..Maybe I hurt him, im dunno…I'm not sure of anything anymore.

Zaslaw: How are you going to fight this match if you don't get any sleep? …Are those pills Tabon gave you keeping you awake, we should get them switched.

No, no..Thats not it. ..Ever since the wreck, ..nothing has been right. Theres times when I don't remember things, …times, like now…where it almost feels like a dream.

Zaslaw: go home Jaymz. Go home and rest. I’ll have you committed and put away again

….What did you just say?...

Zaslaw: Uh, …”They’ll” have you committed and put away again..yeah, them.

Jaymz hung up the cell phone. So Zaslaw had him committed, huh? Zaslaw was the one that had him put away in the funny farm.. This was the man that he trusted, this was the man he could depend on. Well, now, he saw that he was wrong. Zaslaw had only wanted to help him, he knew that. ..But he could have don't it in a different way. He had to get to sleep, it was taking a toll on his body now, it seemed like it took soo much energy just to raise his arm. What had he become?? He hated himself, but still…his mind just wouldn’t rest. If he could only sleep everything would be ok. He could go back and work for Zaslaw, go back to intimidating people, taking what he wanted with force and pain. He couldn't do that now, he couldn't fight in this condition...He had to go home…No, he had to go see Crazy J. He didn't want to be around Zaslaw, and Erik would just agree with everything he said right now. Erik was wise, he knew how to talk to people who were out of their skillet. ..Crazy J, he needed to talk to J..If anyone could understand him it would be J…J knew that he wasn't crazy, he knew that Jaymz was semi-normal with a few problems. He picked up the cell phone and dialed J’s number…It rang and rang, and finally he hung up. Jaymz sat there in the Tahoe, and drifted off to sleep…

When he woke up he didn't know where he was, he was in an empty room laying on the floor. The sun was coming up over the horizon, had he really slept the rest of the day and all night?? He had to, it was noon when he talked to Zaslaw, ..but the sun was coming up…He was confused, but he was refreshed. He had slept. His eyes darted all over the room, he became concerned and jumped up..He looked over at the door, there was something pined to it..a note. It read


I talked to Underground, he told me you might need a little help so I went to get ya and I found you sleeping. I brought you here, Disturbed Dreams Inc. Damn man, your heavy, you need to lose a little weight..I drug your big ass in here and let ya sleep it off. I have some things to take care of, if you need anything Sandy at the front desk can help ya, ..remember to sign the book before you leave..Oh, and there is no talking and no cell phones inside Disturbed Dreams Inc. Call me later when you get around if I'm not here..

-Crazy J

So this was J’s new place huh? Jaymz walked out of the room and made his way to the front…He saw the Sign-In Book and scribbled his name inside. He came around the corner and saw the lady, Sandy, that J had described in his note. She has a hatchet in her head and blood all over the place. Now, J and Jaymz were almost on the same page… in terms of mental condition, so like J, ..Jaymz saw Sandy as a real person. He walked over to her with a grin on his face, he thought she was beautiful. He went over to the desk, placed his arms on it and gave her a wink. She never moved, his grin faded to a frown

So uh, hows it goin? ……..Ya know, you really shouldn’t be sleeping on the job. ………….you don't talk a lot do ya? ……Hhmm, I was thinking, you know…if your not doing anything later that maybe your hot self and me could go get a bite to eat. ….Am I not your type or something???? ……Well fine then, if your going to be an asshole I can get you fired from this place, ya know??? J is my boy, and when I tell him that your ignoring me like this he’s going to be pretty pissed off

He looked at her for a moment then turned around and went out the door. The sun was bright, it was a cold day where the first deep breath you take is almost like a shock. He sat down on the front step and gazed on for a moment before..

This last week has been, ..interesting. I slept, and it feels great…but will I be able to sleep tonight? Hhmm, I hope so..Anyway, ..you know what’s still on my mind? ..Zaslaw, …why would he do that? He had me committed, he went behind my back and did that ..and he is suppost to be my friend? Cant he see that everything I did in there was all for nothing? Zaslaw thinks that its something to be changed? I am suppost to change who I am and the way I think? No, it doesn’t happen that way. You can never truly change a person no matter how hard you try, for any problem really….Its just how every individual’s mind works, and their self will. He could have handled this is a different way, but he waited until everything had just gone to shit for me, he caught me when I had just gotten out of the wreck, ..I didn't even know where I was. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had something to do with it, just to get me sent to that place…I should go find him and finish him off, so he can see what its like for one of his friends to do some shady things to him…I dunno, I don't even need to see that guy for a while. I’ll give it a few days and cool down..

..I feel like I could run for a mile, I haven’t felt this good in a long time and I'm just itching to get into the ring…Its been a while since I’ve had a singles match and Dragon Soldier gets to be the first victim of that…Back when we were all together a few years ago it was all tag matches for us…Erik and I won the Tag Titles, then J and I won the Tag Titles. We had those places locked down, there wasn’t a team that could knock us off, week after week they tried, ..and failed. ..But before then, before I was in Zero Tolerance I was in singles competition for most of my career. I loved it, singles is for me…So I am thrilled that were here in the PWF, were here for all the world to see Dragon Soldier fall. He was in a car crash of his own? ..Well, its seems that we haven’t seen him since then…I do hope that he is ok, I want him to be on top of things when he steps into the ring with me. I want him to see the pain that I can bring…He can jump all over the ring, run and slide around and all that bullshit. I’ll stand in there and take my time, I use patience in the ring…Its something that you learn to do as a big man…Most people are going to be faster than me in the ring, simpily because of my size...

But its not about coming into the ring and physically being better than your opponent, its about knowing how to use the ring and wear your opponent down. Dragon, go down and walk along a train track…Wait, just wait for that train to come, and when it does…Most people jump out of the way and get a good laugh, but no…Not you. It seems that you want to stay on that track, ..and well, ..We all know what happens then don't we? Dragon solder, I'm glad that you are willing to give your whole body in this match, do you not see that it is going to take everything that you have to stop me? To me it looks like your taking this match real casually like its no big deal…like you can just come into the ring and this is going to be no big shake. What do you think that you can teach me in the ring? Is there something special that I haven’t learned it? …Something that I really need to know? Do you think there is anything that I haven’t seen, any style that I haven’t gone up against? I’ve been around a lot longer that you, so I don't see what you’re going to teach this “fool” in the ring. You’re a dime a dozen talent Dragon Solider, you see..I sit on a higher level than you do..why? Well for one, because I said so.

I’ve been on top in the wrestling world and I’ve staked my claim. I’ve faced the best, I’ve won the World Titles and I’ve beat my share of great wrestlers, ..wrestlers who have ten times the skills that you do. You can teach me nothing Dragon Soldier, in fact, you will be the one who is learning. …I can teach you lots of things Soldier…I can show you what happens when you come into a match knowing nothing about your opponent. Watching your promos shows me that your not concerned with what I can do in the ring. Have you even watch how I compose myself in the ring? ..No, I don't think you have. …Looks to me like your coming into this blind almost. Do you think that I'm annoying? That's great! I'm glad that you think I'm annoying…It annoys you because it gets to you, because you don't like it and you don't like to see the truth. You don't like to see that I'm telling it like it is, you don't want to have to admit that after the match I'm a better man in the ring, you don't want to lose to me because I pointed out why I'm going to defeat you and now, ..you want to prove me wrong. ..You want to prove to yourself and you THINK you can do it. You think, but I KNOW you cant do it.

Most people don't like to hear the truth, ..and you happen to be one of those people.. So again, I'm glad that I annoy you. ..Now all you have to do is come down to the ring and back up those words of: “your gonna kick my ass”, ..and I insult you and other people? No, its not really an insult, ..again, it comes down to telling it like it is. I’ve never come out here and called you fat or made fun of your looks…Its not that way. So by me calling you an “average wrestler” isn’t really an insult, its just a fact. I'm sorry that you don't see it that way, I guess I’ll just have to show you that in the ring here in a few short days.…I cant wait for this match Soldier, you just get to be the first person in singles competition to fall at my hands.

Jaymz gets up off the step and walks down the street as the scene fades to black