Red History pt.2

James walked back to his house that evening in the cool October dawn, the blood ran down his clothes, staining his Led Zepplin t-shirt. As he walked down the streets of Noble the daily commuters looked on at him, but he seemed not to notice. He had one thing on his mind and that was the dead woman. At first it had scred him, but his fantasy had finally come half true..Ever since he was eight years old James wondered what it would be like to hurt someone, to make them suffer. He had mutilated that woman woman in the woods, chopped her body into pieces before throwing them into the river. James came to the conclusion that he loved the feeling, he loved slicing her toes off one by one. But now as he walked through the relatively busy streets of Noble it was then that fear had gripped him. What if they found her? What is she was someone important? What if they thought that he had killed her? James started to sweat then and when the sweat dripped down the side of his face in pink shades he realized that he was still bleeding! He had forgot all about that! He noticed that some people were looking at him, guilt ran across his face as he picked up his pace and sprinted home. He ran through his neighborhood and turned down Poplar Street. His aunt and uncles house, or his parents as he referred to them as, was the third house on the left. It looked no different from all the others on the street, it was small Ė two bedrooms, one bath and it needed a little work.

There was no car in the driveway which meant nothing because they only had the one car and his uncle drove that to work. He knew his aunt had gone to town to pick up his Halloween costume and he feared that she was already back. The excitement and rush that he had gotten from cutting the girl up to pieces had faded and was now scared to death. He opened the door quietly and peered inside, there were no sounds coming from inside of the house as he closed the door behind him. James quickly and went around the corner from the living room and down the hallway. He let out a shriek as his aunt came out from her bedroom. Her smile faded as she saw that he was covered in blood that was coming from the left side of his face. He began to cry, he was busted and didn't know what to say. She asked him what happened but he said nothing, only stood there and cried. She pulled him by the arm into the bathroom and began to wash the blood off. She became concerned when she saw the cut that ran halfway down his face, it was still bleeding slightly even though she had been washing it off in the attempt to make it cease. She continued to ask him what had happened and he finally responded with a lie between his sobs. James told her that he had been fishing in the river when a stray dog came across the bank and growled at him. He said that he ran as fast as his legs could take him when he fell and slipped on one of the rocks. She seemed convinced of the story and when her husband came home she relayed the story to him.

Gregory told James to never run from a dog Ė but to never make eye contact with the animal and to walk away casually. He tried to cheer James up and also told him that he was fine and he should be looking forward to Halloween tomorrow night. James went off into his room and turned the radio on, it was playing some Rolling Stones songs that he didn't care for. He had calmed his self down and was glad that his aunt and uncle didn't suspect a thing. He went to bed that night and had one of the happiest dreams he ever had. He dreamed of dismembering a body, and stringing the intestines all over the place. He awoke that next morning with a smile on his face and jumped out of bed. His aunt had come in and told him to get ready for school then to come and eat breakfast. When he came down she had told him that he looked happy this morning and that the cut on his face was going to heal well, but was going to leave a scar. She gave him his lunch for school and he headed out the door. As he walked to school he kept looking behind him, making sure nobody who knew him saw what he was about to do. James looked one final time, then he did it. He ran off the main road and ran down a clearing and make his way back to the woods. As he got closer to the brysh he could see that there was someone there crouched down behind one of the bushes The person stood up as they saw James, it was his friend Christian. Christian was a year old than James but didn't look like it because of James being so big for his age.

He had called Christian the night before and had set this up. He told him that there was something he had hid and wanted Christian to see it. Christian ditched school regularly so for him this was nothing new. James led him into the woods and down to the river, they talked of music, school and the next game for the Sooners as they walked..They then came to the spot where the men had killed the woman and James had shredded her body. He had dumped most of her into the river, but not all of her. Christian still had no idea of what was going on as Jaymz bent down next to a rock and tossed a bunch of leaves to the side. ..And there it lay. The torso of the girl. Ants and bugs crawled all over the torso, the arms and legs had been cut off and so was the head and breasts. Christians stomach lurched and he threw up in the river. James only had a smile on his face as he ran his hands over the cold fleshÖChristian too a few steps back and asked James if he had done this. James told his friend the story of what had happened and what he had done himself. Christian was in shock and told James that he needed to leave and that they needed to find someone and tell them what happened.

James disagreed with his friend and told him that he needed to keep it quiet. It was then that Christian turned around and ran, with got up with the quickness and chased after him, he was so much bigger that he caught Christian after only a few steps. James grabbed him by the legs and they both went down rolling off into the river. Adrenaline was pumping through Makes as a thought ran through his mind, then, he acted upon that thought. He wrapped his hands around Christians neck and shoved his head down into the water. Christian thrashed and tried to escape but James was too strong for him. The thrashing finally stopped and came to an end with Christian under the shallow water with his eyes open. James then went and pulled something from a pile of leaves, ..it was the knife. A sick smile came across his face as he walked over to his now dead friend.

The scene opens up outside of Jaymzí house, we see him sitting on his back deck with his feet propped up on the table..The day was clear and unusually hot, beads of sweat were forming on his forehead as he gazed off into his large plot of land, he spoke

Well Crossbone, our match is only a few days away. The time is coming for you to accept that Iím the better wrestler, the sand in the hourglass is trickling out and once that last grain falls through; my music will blare through the PA system and I will step from the back with the ZT World Title around my waist. You will see your World Champion come to the ring and thatís the point when fear will strike you in the heart. You can talk of "Hollywood effects" and "actors" its not the first time Iíve been told that Crossbone, as a matter of fact, Iíve been told that by one of my own. Ask Erik, he can tell you. Erik use to believe the same thing, that was until we fought on the same side and we were around each other more often. It was then Erik knew what I could do, he knew what was real and what was fake. You want to come out here and accuse me of using special effects? Who are you to talk? You want me to believe that you live in a graveyard with some "room" that you stay in? Some little shithole that you "build caskets" in? Give me a break, you wear all this makeup trying make yourself look scary and hard, trying to intimidate people. But if you actually live in this "room" which looks more like a studio set, then that makes you nothing but a hermit so pound away all day on your caskets, little elf. You really expect me to think that you live in a graveyard? ..so the people that own it donít mind that you live there? The families of the deceased donít mind that you live that?

I know what your going to tell me, "its deserted and nobody cares" ..but why would anyone let some below-average wrestler live in a graveyard? I donít believe its zoned for "residential" purposes. Is it because Hart pays you minimum wage and you cant afford a better place to live? ..That should tell you something about your wrestling skill if your paycheck is that low. Crossbone I havenít played any mind games with you, Iíve showed you what I can do and what I think. You may have mistaken that for "mind games" but that only goes to show me that you still know nothing about me and what I can do. Talk about Faith all you want Crossbone because, yes, it is something that you will need in this match; not me though, I donít need to have Faith in order to win this match. I go into this match with the mindset that Iím going to win, that losing isnt an option and that Zero Tolerance will remain the World Champions. Faith wont win you this match Crossbone, all its going to do is blind you from the fact that im more skilled in the ring; blinding you from the truth that Iím going to tear you into pieces. Telling me that you are unpredictable is like telling me that that Derek Steel is a good wrestler...How are you unpredictable? What can you do that is going to shock me? What moves can you execute in the ring that I have never seen before? For you to be unpredictable you would have to come to the ring wearing a dress and makeup - now that would be unpredictable.

There are no mind games that you can play with me, are you going to hypnotize me in the ring, read my palm and tell me my fortunes? You keep going on and on about mind games and this "mental edge" that you have. You may be more sane than me but that wont be the "mental edge" that you speak of so frequently. ..and you go on about these "monsters of the dark" and I started to become concerned that maybe you had some kind of real monsters inside of your ďroomĒ. and then you tell me they are the fans of the PWF? Youíve got to be kidding me? Those little fat kids who sit in front of the TV are your "monsters"? ..Go to Chuck E. Cheese's and you'll find a lot more of those monsters...You seem to be nothing more than a clown, a childís play thing, who people laugh at and donít take seriously. Do you work birthday parties to, popping out of a casket and blowing up balloons in shapes of animals? How fucking stupid are you Crossbone? You tell me that the fans "give you the slight edge" because they will be booing me? How does that make any sense? How does the fans cheering and booing have an effect on the match? Dont you realize that the fans have booed me since my very first match in this business? And judging by my career accomplishments your wrong on that assumption. Or, I could be like you and pull the stupid line "I have the advantage because the fans have always booed me." ...now how fuckin stupid would I be to say that?

The fans mean nothing Crossbone, all they do is make sure that I get my pay check. and its not like they even come to see you, they come to see us lose, they come to see someone defeat Zero Tolerance. We are the ones that sell the tickets - were the ones who make sure asses sit in those seats, were the ones who make the ratings so high on TV. not you, and not anyone else in the PWF. Now wait a minute Crossbone, you laugh at me because you say I use stunts and actors, ..but then you come out here and tell us that you are immortal? ..that you cant die? Do you really expect anyone to believe that? You tell us that your not alive, but your not dead. well, if your immortal and "nobody can kill you" that would make you a living creature. You see Crossbone, you dont even know what you are. Why donít you stick to one story, or get one that makes sense...Your making yourself look like a fool Crossbone, "the living, non-living, immortal being" Huh? That is the dumbest thing that I have ever heard, but I cant say that Iím surprised.. this is all coming from a man who lives in a "room" inside the "graveyard." You know Crossbone, its not that I underestimate your abilities by telling you that your a below-average wrestler, in fact, I think Iím overestimating you a little. I know that your head is filled with fantasy thoughts of winning this match. and Iím sure it pisses your off to hear the things I say about your wrestling skills - but Crossbone, I only tell you what is true.

I wouldnít tell you anything that was false, or didnít make sense...like you come out in your promos and do. For example, you say that the "Welsh Destroyer" doesnít destroy people, but you do. Really? You destroy people? Who? Maybe you should win a few matches before you start running around saying that you "destroy people", thatís almost as bad you telling us that your immortal. Crossbone your filled with high hopes and dreams, fantasies about things that will never happen. You seem to think that you can beat Zero Tolerance as if we were a group on nobodies, like were a group of Mr. Showtime, Steel and Jim Mason. I really cant believe all this talk coming from a man who can hardly buy a win in this business. I guess you donít see that Zero Tolerance is here to stay, and you wont see us walking out the door or leaving on stretchers. You can dream about that all you want, but I guess its fun to play pretend sometimes huh? ...kinda like pretending that you beat Crazy J. Its almost sad that you keeping trying to find a way to prove to us that you actually won that match. Now your newest reasoning is, "is that if it closes on impact the person would win" ...Um, well. again, it didnít close on impact. But thatís fine, I find it humorous that you try and find excuses for not closing the casket. You didnít close the lid and it didnít close on impact, thatís the bottom line. So keep on fuming and getting mad, I enjoy seeing you that way.

The whole world knows who should have won that match, and the whole world knows that it was Crazy J. I laugh when you say that you won that match. ...This week, come Sunday, ..I will laugh even more. I will point at you as you lay in the ring on your back, unable to get up, unable to win the Zero Tolerance World Title. You say that you wouldnít bore yourself by watching one of my matches, then how do you expect to know your opponent? Iíve watched your matches and Iíve seen your strengths and weaknesses...well, actually, ..Iíve seen all of your weaknesses and none of your strengths - because there isnt any. Iíve studied up on your Crossbone, ..I know what you are going to do in that ring. But you, you wont have a clue as to what Iím going to do in that ring. Thatís shows me that you donít prepare for your matches, that you think you can come into the ring and pick up a win without working for it. This is why you will lose Crossbone, and this why you can hardly win a match. You donít prepare, you dont work. You must have been born on third base thinking that you hit a triple when in reality your about to strike out come this Sunday. What kind of a fuckin retard are you? You say thereís no physical differences between us, yet you only go by what I say and not what I can do in the ring? How would you know thereís no physical differences between us? Youíve never watched one of my matches or studied up on me yet you come out here and say those things?

How can you do that when you know nothing about me? Ignorance, plain ignorance. You say your stronger than most men your size, ..quit repeating me, come up with something of your own. Your basically saying that were equals when were not. If Im stronger than most men my size, and you claim your stronger than most men your size. that still makes me stronger, are you understanding this yet? Your line of thought is all fucked up Crossbone...you try to compare yourself to me physically but how can you do that? ..remember, youíve never seen me fight a single match. You reek of stupidity and it must have gotten you high with saying all the things that you have. Then you come out and say that your stronger than me mentally? ..Again, how you know that I have no idea? ..This coming from a man who knows nothing about me physically or mentally. You see Crossbone, all this shows me that you are prepared to lose this match. ..that you are prepared to fail, but in your mind, you think that you can win. You actually think that you have a shot at taking the Zero Tolerance World Title from me. Sunday, at Code Red, I will show you why you need to go and stay in that ďroomĒ that you seem to enjoy so much. You see Crossbone there is a reason that I'm the most dominate singles wrestler this business has ever seen. All you are Crossbone is just another step in my way, someone for me to crush and dominate, to prove to the World that Zero Tolerance is the greatest thing in the Wrestling World. Go ahead and call the ambulance and get your insurance card ready Crossbone, ..your going to need it.

Jaymz gets up from the chair and walks in the house closing the door behind him as the scene fades to black.