Red History

It was like any other fall day in Oklahoma in the year of 1978. It was the thirtieth of October, a Monday. Two day ago the people of Oklahoma were consumed in their College Football, a sport that consumes the state and the team that they all loved, their Oklahoma Sooners. It was just two days ago that the Sooners had put the beating on Kansas State, 59-16. Quarterback J.C Watts led the option attack as Billy Sims ran for two hundred-twenty yards and two touchdowns. It was just another win in the long streak over the Wildcats. It was the day before Halloween and all the kids were getting their costumes ready for the big night, preparing to go house to house collecting the goods that they loved so. The sweets that their parents told them would rot their teeth out, but little did they care…To a kid, this was the next best thing to Christmas. But in the small town of Noble, Oklahoma the parents didn't really agree with the holiday of Halloween. It was the devils day, it was a day of evil and wasn't to be celebrated. Against their will, they would send their kids out door to door hoping they didn't pick up some LSD from some hippy thinking it was candy. Noble was just south of Norman, the home of the Sooners…Noble wasn't a town for the wealthy, it was a town far from that status. It was a town of Blue Collar workers, religious men and women. Happy people who wanted to see the best for their town. There was one family, the Yaroslav’s.

They had come over from the old country roughly around the year 1915 and had scavenged their way across the country finally settling down in the plains. They were an older couple, the man was extremely tall, his facial features showed a man of hard working and heavy drinking. Like the rest of his family, he went by his middle name, Gregory. It was easier for the people of the States to pronounce and saved a lot of hassle. Gregory was born on Oklahoma, it was his parents that had made the trip halfway across the globe in search of a better life. Gregory had an older brother and one younger sister who past away at the age of six from an unknown disease. He thought a lot about his sister sometimes, he had loved her dearly. His older brother, Thomas, was more of a rebel. He was always getting into trouble and couldn't stay out of the county jail; leaving his mark on the old town as the bully, the town bad-boy. He hung with the wrong crowd and never had any good intentions. It was the day of July 7th, 1970 when Thomas had come to the front door of his brother Gregory’s house. Thomas was tall, though not as tall as his brother; he was still taller than most people… Thomas has light brown hair that was long and shaggy, he had a thick beard that was in need of a washing…He wore old ragged clothes that had “peace” sings drawn all over them. He wore no shoes and his feet were as black as night. He always reeked of pot and his eyes had that shiny red look.

Though on this day, it was hard to tell if the red was from the pot – or from the tears. Gregory opened his door that day to find his brother standing there. He knew something was wrong, Thomas usually came in and sat down like he was at home. Gregory had no problem with this, but his wife did. She despised Thomas as everyone in Noble did, she knew him for the thief and bum that he was. Gregory looked on at this brother who had a blanket in his hands, ..and there was something in it, covered. He asked his brother what he had and Thomas pulled the blanket back, and there was a child who looked to be about two years old, he was sleeping. Gregory was shocked, he knew this was Thomas’ kid just by looking at the boys face…Thomas had never told his brother about the child until this day. The mother, Thomas said, was no better than he was. He told his bother that she was doped up during the pregnancy and that he was ashamed to claim that he was a father. Gregory knew what was coming, he knew that his bother was going to pawn this kid off on him. For Gregory, it was almost a blessing in disguise. He and his wife had always wanted children but were unable to have any. Thomas went on to say that he had to leave, he had to get away and go back home to the old country. His reasoning? His girlfriend was dead. He said that she overdosed on heroin the night before and that he needed to leave.

He handed the child to his brother and immediately took several steps back, then turned around and ran…Gregory called out to his brother asking the childs name..He came to a stop, turned back around and told his brother, “Alexi …James.” He then turned back around and left in a careful of other hippies that were listening to the Beetles way too loud. Gregory and his wife raised the kid, they did the best that they could to be good parents. His wife was happy to have the child, it was in a better home and away from those awful people. Gregory took his new son to the Oklahoma Football games, they went fishing and camping and went to church every Sunday. He tried his best to be a good parent..but by the time the boy was five, they both knew something wasn't right with the child. They blamed it on the mother by her being doped up during the pregnancy. James was taller than most of the kids his age, he wasn't very social and didn't have very many friends. He got teased a lot because of his size, but when that happened Gregory had to go to the school and pick him up. James was a little violent and he didn't like the bad attention that he was receiving…Gregory told him to ignore the kids, but to a small boy words hurt deep. Gregory and his wife wanted so hard to believe that James was a normal, good kid…but they both knew better. On this Monday, in October of ‘78…Two days after the Sooner dismantled the Wildcats, they knew something was wrong.

James was ten at this time, he had more friends than he had ever had…But they weren’t the kids of Gregorys friends, ..he hung out with the kids that didn't go to church, he hung out with the kids who’s older siblings were bad influences. James loved his uncle, he considered him as his father. He knew about his real father and mother, they told him because they didn't want him to end up like they had. He wasn't very smart and struggled in school, he had a short attention span what was starting to get him in trouble. He didn't care to go to church, but he did so just to please his parents. People mistook him for a kid that was around the age of fifteen because of his height, but at heart he was a ten year old filled with dreams and fantasies and children had. He was excited for Halloween, he wanted to go as Alice Cooper but his parents had shot that down the minute that he brought it up. So he went with the next best thing, Frankenstein. He fit the bill, he was thick and tall..so it would work well. As James came home from school that day he found that his father was still at work and his mother was at the market trying to find all the necessary accessories that went with the Frankenstein costume. He wandered around the house for a while before deciding that he would go fishing in the Canadian River. It had rained a lot in recent months so the river was up more than normal which meant the fish were on the move and biting. He grabbed his pole and tackle-box and headed for the river.

He had to walk south across town, through the small downtown district and through the thick trees. So many people had taken the route that the grass had been stomped down into a path. It was a good little hike through the woods as he ducked and weaved his way downhill. He slipped once causing him to lose his pole and sent him down head over heels a few good times. He stood up a little dazed, ..damnit, he knew that was going to happen one of these days, the incline was steep. He picked his pole back up and collected what things he could find from his tackle box as he heard the sounds of the river. He turned around and headed down to the rivers bank. He looked around and took a deep breath…He loved the smell of the river, he loved being here. James was a loner and this was his place to come and think…think about school, the pretty girls who were there, ..Halloween, the next Sooners Football game. Anything that came across his mind. But today, James wanted to do something a little different, he wanted to go down to a place on the river that he had never seen before..so he headed up north. It was humid on this day and he was already sweating but he seemed not to notice. He walked for a long while up the bank, at this point he had forgot about fishing as he was lost in his own thoughts. ..That was when there came a sound. Something ahead, around the bend in the river. He jumped back into the brush and started to walk around the bend, making sure he was low to the ground. He thought it was a deer ahead, maybe

….Instead, what he saw changed his life forever. He saw two men, both with their heads shaved. He could see something on the ground, maybe the deer? Fear gripped him as something from behind snatched him up, he glanced around and started to scream. Another man had come up from behind him and placed his hand over the boys mouth. He pulled him by the shirt out of the brush and over to the other men…There, on the ground, what James had seen: a body. A body of a young lady. There was blood all over the rocks, it dripped off into the river and washed away in a shade of pink. They threw him down on the ground by the dead lady asking him if he had seen anything, ..not giving him any time to respond telling him that NO he didn't see anything. They asked him again as tears ran down his face, he shook his head “no”, that he didn't see anything. The three men seemed pleased at his answer when one of them pulled him up, and the other pulled the knife out of the ladys neck. The man placed the neck on the side of James’ face by his ear. He ran the blade down James’ face from the ear to under the jaw line. It was the first of many scars that he would receive in his lifetime. They told him that if he ever told anyone, they would find him..and they would kill him. The third man kicked him in the gut, sending him to the ground with his stomach in a knot. He laid there for a while and cried as the blood ran down his face

…he knew it wasn't deep and that he would be fine, ..he was more scared than anything. He got up and looked around, ..the lady that they had killed was very pretty, he thought. He pushed her head to the side and the wound in her neck opened up wide. His pulse was racing, heart was pounding. He stuck his finger inside the wound and pulled it out…he rubbed the blood around in his fingers with a far-out look in his eye. James then picked up the knife that the three men had left, and with hesitation he plunged the knife in the corpse. He let out a small scream at what he had done, then looked back at the knife sticking out of the ladys torso…he stepped back to it and grabbed the handle…He pulled the knife down slitting her open…A smile came across his face.

The scene opened up inside of Jaymz house, he was sitting inside of his basement in the dim glow of the light. He had blood on his hands, he had slit his palms open and wrote Crossbone all over the basement walls with it…he sat there in the corner looking on with a distant look as he recalled his past. He spoke

I told everyone what was going to happen, and did they listen to me? ..No, they didn't. Erik and I both came out here last week telling the world that nothing would be different, that nothing would change regarding the Zero Tolerance Tag Team Titles. We won that match with ease. It appeared to me that Shaw didn't even prepare for this match, Ryot tho, ..I have to give him a little credit. Ryot was prepared for that match but the only thing he couldn't work on that week was his partner. Shaw was his downfall, but hey, what can Ryot do about that? ..he was teamed up with one of the worst wrestlers of our day. People believed that Ryot and Shaw could bring down Zero Tolerance and strip us of our Titles, who could be so foolish to believe a thing like that? And then we have John Reeper, the man who lost to Calypso. You know John, I told you weeks ago that after our match at High Voltage that you wouldn’t come back, that you would hide and not show your face. Hey, some streak you’ve got goin on there Reeper.. You’ve managed to lose three matches in a row. All we heard about is this “Great John Reeper” and the things he could do in the thing, ..how he was going to take the ZT World Title from me. Reeper, you cant even beat Calypso and lucky for you, you get to hold on to that US Title one week longer. So what have you been doing with your free time Reeper? I think its clear to all of us that you still have Jaymz on your mind, that youre still dwelling over the loss that I gave you at High Voltage.

Was getting pinned by me twice too much for you to handle? Could you not take the criticism that people brought onto you for losing? I knew that you were a man that needed the attention, someone who needed the spotlight. You didn't do that Reeper, you’ve been on this losing streak since our match. This time, Calypso takes your title. All we heard was how great the IMA was and now it seems like you all have disappeared…Steel got replaced, Mason seems to have run off and now Reeper to? The IMA consists of Joey Toilet and Dozer. Wow, ..gee…I’m Impressed. I knew that group of rejects wouldn’t last long, ..sort of like my opponent for his week: Crossbone. Crossbone is a man who thought he wanted vengeance on Zero Tolerance for some past issues he had before he suddenly left. Do you remember, Crossbone, that you came out here saying you would take us all down? Do you remember that? Well, like Shaw, you get that wish. And also, like Shaw it will be a match that you wont win. Now Crossbone, you can run around here telling people that you defeated Crazy J, ..but wasn't part of the deal that you had to close the casket? So no, you didn't win that match. When I went back and watched it I saw something different, ..I saw you throw J into the casket and then those IMA losers came down to the ring and beat you down. ..but then comes the real mystery. The lid was closed. You didn't close it. Hell, even in the transcript of High Voltage it says nothing about you closing the casket.

So how can you come out here and tell us that you closed the casket? Who saw you close it? Nobody in the arena, nobody backstage. Don't go around lieing, show me the video of it. Show me where in the transcript it says that you closed it..you didn't. So im guessing that it closed by itself? I don't know and I don't think that anyone else knows either. All I know, is that you didn't close the lid..so therefore, you didn't win. Hey Crossbone, who said that just because I was taller that I was going to win the match? Ive never heard anyone say that this week so how are you going to show your critics wrong on that? But yes, maybe you have been criticized by people saying that you don't deserve this Title shot and that you wont win. But why do you think that you have a chance to beat me in the first place? What skills do you possess that will enable you to win this match? I'm stronger than you, I'm more powerful than you are, I have more ring experience. So what is it Crossbone, what do you think you can do to win this match? I say nothing, I don't think theres a damn thing that you can do. You are the underdog in this match whether you like it or not. I'm the one representing the ZT World Title, I'm the one who puts people down week after week showing them why they cant have this title, ..your just the next person in line Crossbone. You don't seem like a changed man to me Crossbone, you look and wrestle just like the Crossbone that I knew before you left the PWF.

The only difference is, is that you have gotten older. And its not like you got more experienced by sitting on your ass all those months, you didn't get any faster or stronger. Crossbone, what is the point in bringing up old PPV’s? Who now cares about Dead or Alive, and yes I do remember that. And you want to say that you were running with “the big dogs?” ..Wait Crossbone, did you win that match? Ooohh, that's right! You didn't! so brag about losing Crossbone, if that's a career accomplishment for you then you’re a sorry man. And you want to talk about those “big dogs” that you were in the match with? You mean all of those guys that I defeated? ..The same ones that you lost to. Yeah, I was in the X division Title match against Crazy J and it was called a draw as we both held onto the belt on the way down. But does that matter Crossbone? Even if it does, at the PPV I had a Draw and you had a Loss, so what are you bragging about again? And you can talk about Mason being the first PWF World Champ but that's nothing, ..Ive represented this belt longer than anyone in the PWF and you wont be the one to take that from me. Reeper came close but when it came down to it he couldn't get the job done either. I don't understand why you keep going on and on about losing in your promo. Whats the point? You come out and try to make yourself look better by whining about how Dozer screwed you out of that Title.

But what you don't understand is that Mason was going to beat you anyway, …and if you cant beat Mason then what possesses you to contemplate defeating me? I destroyed Mason on several occasions and he posed as no threat to me. Crossbone, there is a first for everything and in your two short years in this profession you have yet to win a World Title. But that first one, it wont be the ZT World Title. For you, the wait will be even longer, and it may even be longer than you think. I can see it Crossbone, I can see you as one of those guys who wrestlers past the time when their careers should be over. When they should be sitting at home relishing over the great history of their wrestling careers. Not you. You’ll be the one that keeps on trying, the one that just cant quiet get that one World Title. And you will leave the ring as a failure, with your head hung low and your hopes dissipated and gone. You’ll walk back into the dressing room for that final time knowing that it was your last chance at greatness and glory; and that you failed. This is the Zero Tolerance World Title Crossbone, this Title no longer belongs to the PWF. We own this Title now and its something that we take pride in. You cant compare to us Crossbone, you may have though that you beat Crazy J and you may think that you can beat me. But Crossbone, when I get my big left hand wrapped around your neck and I see the look of fear in your eyes; I will grin with enjoyment as I lift you high into the air.. So high you’ll be able to look down at the crowd as you scratch and claw at my hand trying to remove it from your neck. That's when you get the rush Crossbone, that's when I send you on your fall back to the mat with such force that you have never felt. The Silence, and you will be just another victim it.

. Come and play in my ring, step into my home as the un-welcomed visitor and see what happens….

The scene fades out as Jaymz sits in the corner looking on