..You shouldnt talk about my wife like that

The scene opens up with a clear night in Detroit. There was little wind tonight, but it was cool…Nice night to be outside…Jaymz sat on the back porch of his house. He had a nice deck, it wrapped around the house, had a TV on the backside, a small refrigerator, and several table and chairs.. he sat kicked back in the chair with his feet up on the table..He was looking on up at the sky, he was wearing an old Guns N Roses t-shirt, an old tore up pair of jeans and no shoes. Sandy was sitting up the other side of the table with a copy of the latest People magazine smashed into her wax hands. Jaymz looked over at her, he thought she was beautiful, ..and he was glad she hadn’t gotten fat like most women do when they get married, ..or so he was told. He had thought about having children with her, though he wasn't sure the idea was wise…after all, he did have two kids already that he couldn't see anymore. Something could be heard from the front of the house, and then another noise and that was a car door. A few second later steps could be heard coming up the deck, then Erik Black came around the corner. As usual, Erik was dressed in one of his finest suites. The soon-to-be Mayor of Detroit had to look sharp, right? He stood there for a moment and looked around

Erik: I called in some food from a good German restaurant on the other side of town.. I got a whole bunch of shit, I didn't now what you all liked.

Jaymz: sounds good to me, …whats been goin on?

Erik: not a whole lot, been doin a little campaigning.. tryin to collect those votes ya know?

Jaymz: Yeah, but you got it in the bag.. hell, that other guy doesn’t have a chance. …So I see were back to being a tag team this week.

Erik: Under the wrong conditions though. What were those guys thinking? Do they think were just going to forget about it??

Jaymz: If I see Reeper or any of those guys, ..call the coroner and get the toe tags ready.

Erik: And where have they been? They know they screwed up, ..Terrifyin has been around and who is this guy to call me out? He doesn’t want to come play in my ring.

It was then Erik stood up and went over to the small refrigerator and pulled open a small shelf that was there. He pulled out the bottle of Grey Goose vodka and a glass..he fixed himself a drink as he continued to talk about Terrifyin, who wouldn’t be able to hold his own in the ring. Erik fixed his drink and sat back down. Jaymz picked up his glass off the table, there was no telling what was in it..It looked watered down and appeared to have a few small bugs in it..the old drink looked to have been sitting out here for a few days. He took a few drink of the nasty thing but wasn't phased by it.

Erik: Life with out Crazy J will be different, ..what are we going to do about the Disturbed Dreams, Inc. business?

Jaymz: I have no idea, Sandy has everything under control there for the moment.. so its up and running for a while. Yeah, its gonna be different not havin J around. ..Whos gonna mess with Zaslaw and give him a hard time?

Erik: ..He’ll be less stressed once he gets over this.. As much as he bitched about J, this is a change of attitude for him. J was always runnin around, had shit goin on and keeping busy. He always kept ya on the move.

Jaymz: Well this is our time now. Its going to be different but we can still hold more than our own..Were gonna show the World why were the Tag Team champs back in the day.. Then you get in that Hardcore tourney and bring that Title home to ZT.

Erik: yeah, the only bad part is..is that I’ll have to go against Underground…hes good, but its too soon for the student to beat one of his teachers…we’ll find out thought.. This Hemingway guy is alright, ..it would be a big step for Underground to beat him..

Jaymz: Underground will get him…This Hemingway guy comes out of nowhere and thinks hes on top of the world, ..hes decent, I’ll give him that..But hes not as good as he things he is…Undergrounds gonna kick him out of that tourney.

Erik: I think the foods here…

They heard someone say “hello?” from the front door, Jaymz yelled at him to come around back…a few seconds later a younger guy, tall and skinny comes around the corner carrying several big bags. He said the total came to seventy-four dollars and sixteen cents. Erik picked up the bill and told the man to keep the change.

Man: Heeey, ..Your Erik Black aren’t you? And..and..your Jaymz, right??

Erik: who else would we be?

Man: Oh my God, it really is you guys!! ..I don't watch wrestling much anymore, but I was a big fan of you guys!! ..Im sorry to hear about Crazy J

Jaymz: Yeah.. it sucks..but we’ll take care of that problem.

Erik: Youre old enough to vote aren’t you?

Man: Yup, and of course I'm voting for you! Erik Black in control of Detroit!? Hell yeah!!!!

Erik: good, I’ll be counting on that vote.

Man: …Hey, who is that stupid lookin wax dummy?

Rage erupted inside of Jaymz and his eyes turned black. The man seemed not to notice this, but Erik did and mumbled "oh no" under his breath, ..and he knew that he just lost a vote. Jaymz stood up and smiled at the man, ..The young man still stood there like a kid in a candy store, ..he was around big time athletes and businessman so he felt ontop of the world. Jaymz went over to the far side of the porch and rolled over the power washer..The guy kinda looked confused and Erik had the “oh shit” look on his face. He pulled the cord and the powerwasher roared to life. It rattled the deck as he picked up the handle and walked over by the man..He acted like he was going to walk right by him, but he didn't. Jaymz backhanded the man and sent him flying into the corner of the porch.. He held out the wand of the powerwasher and pulled the handle in. The man screamed as the water him him, shades of pink water flew from his face as he flailed in the corner of the porch. After a few seconds Jaymz released the handle and the water stopped. The man got to his knees in a horrifying sight…The water had peeled his skin from his face and chunks of flesh. Blood began to stream down his face before Jaymz went over his him, kicked him back over and placed a foot on his chest. He held the wand up to the mans neck, only an inch away and pulled the handle in again, ..he screamed and his eyes went wide as red water flew from his neck…Jaymz waved the water back and forth across his neck…water began to come from the mans mouth and nostrils as his body went limp…Jaymz kicked him off the porch and washed the rest of the blood to the ground. He turned the powerwasher off and sat back down in the chair. Erik stood there with a strange look on his face..

Jaymz: He shouldn’t have talked about my wife like that.

Erik: ..damnit Jaymz...He was gonna vote for me.

Jaymz: its fine..it looks like the whole city is going to vote for you anyway

Erik: ...yeah well, I think John Kerry said the same thing...and what happened to him?

Jaymz: thats different...You'll win without this guys vote...you'll have to.

Erik: we gotta win this match first anyway

Jaymz: and thats going to be a problem? please...Nick Shaw hasn’t even bothered to show his face, but should we be surprised about that? No…hes the most unprepared guy Ive ever seen..He runs around backstage thinking his a somebody…But who knows his? ..Hell, hes never on TV and he loses most of his matches…So who even really cares about this guy? And honestly, this is probably his best shot to win a match..why? Cause he has help from someone else, ..its just too bad that person is Ryot. The Five Second IC Champ. Where are you Shaw? I can say that you have been a complete disappointment in the PWF, you have done nothing..you help his company in no way. All you do is take up money that I could be earning, ..true, my paycheck is prolly larger than yours but a few extra dollars doesn’t hurt. Shaw, why don't you do the best thing for yourself, the wrestlers and the company itself: just leave. You challenge people to matches and then you run off and hide…Ive been waiting for this day, the day that you finally have to step into the ring. Of course, you could just not show up…I wouldn’t put that past you, ..hell, I wouldn’t want to step into the ring with me either.

So I cant really say that I blame ya. Do you dream of Gold Shaw? Do you have replicas of the belts at home? I hope so, because that's as close as you will ever get to one. I cant even understand why your even in this match, ..its for the “World” tag team Titles…hell, your not even close to being the best wrestler on the street I grew up on, ..and it’s a bunch of old people who live there now. I don't even know why I'm wasting my time on you Shaw, …I could still pin you while having sex with Sandy. Ryot, ..Ryot. Do you understand me at all? Or are you like Reeper, and you have never listened to a thing that I have said? ..I can understand where you are coming from? Are you comparing yourself to me? Stop. Don't do that. The only thing that we have in common is that were both breathing. But after our Tag Match, ..we may not even have that in common anymore. You have no idea what your getting yourself into Ryot. You have the most worthless wrestler, outside Showtime, on your team. And then you come out here telling me that you fight for Seattle? Seattle? Oooh, that's right…The city that claims the team that lost to my Steelers.

Did you watch that game Ryot? It was actually kinda boring, just like our match is going to be…And there wont be any crying about the ref’s in this match either. This is simply a mismatch, two of the best wrestlers in the business versus two people who have made no impact on the PWF.. yes Ryot, weve been over the fact that you held the IC belt for a five seconds, ..nobody will remember that. If you wanted to make an impact then you should have won in your very first title defense..but you didn't, so therefore, you are of no threat for the IC title. Period. And since your no threat for the IC title, you sure as hell cant compete for our World Title…You’re a sad man Ryot, you practically begged Hart for a Title shot…that tells me a lot about your character and how you think. That wont be the only time that you beg Ryot…you will in a few days as either Erik or myself stand over you, about to collect the win

The scene fades out as Erik and Jaymz pull out the food and begin to eat