Before there was Zero Tolerance there was misguided wrestlers, men with no direction and no paths in their lives. These men only had one goal, and that was to be on top. Before Zero Tolerance there was a place called Steel City. A place where Zero Tolerance was brought together. There was Crazy J, fighting for a World Title that Jaymz ruined his chances at getting. Two men who hated each other from that point on, ..until one day. Several weeks after Jaymz had blown away Crazy J’s Title shot, Jaymz himself became the World Champion. One week later the two men were forced to fight in the same match along with another man Jaymz couldn't stand, another man who wanted Jaymz’ World Title: Erik Black. Those three were chosen by the men upstairs to fight in the same match against a strong force known as the FWA. It was evident the men upstairs wanted the FWA to win when they put Erik, J, and Jaymz in the same match. After the match took place those three men still left on bad terms but had a newfound respect for each other. They no longer interfered in each others matches, fought backstage or in the streets. Who knew those three men would later form the supergroup known as Zero Tolerance. It was their first match together, it was the first of many. It ended to soon.

Jaymz stood inside the main lobby of the Disturbed Dreams inc. building. Sandy was sitting at her desk with a pen in her hand and a stack of papers in front of her. It was warm outside today, overcast and windy, but it didn't stop Jaymz from wearing all black, and his long black leather coat than hung to the floor. He stood there looking on at the clock and the only sound that came in the room was the soft ticking of the seconds hand inside the old thing. Sandy and Jaymz were the only two people inside of the building. The owner, Crazy J, was dead. Jaymz stood there for a few more moments looking at the clock before he turned and went around the corner. He stepped up the door with the name-plate: Crazy J. He opened the door and stood there looking in. the room was a mess, papers all over the place ..pieces of wax dummies and other random things strung all over the room. He looked on at all his former friends things…He thought of the first time he was face to face with Crazy J. He had wished that day had never happened, ..he looked back at it now and realized that Crazy J would have been the World Champion had he not interfeared. He regretted that decision, it was something he didn't think Crazy J ever forgot. That was his moment to shine, he had 8ball beat and Jaymz fucked it all up. But that was the past, Crazy J had never spoken of it and a word never had to be said. Now, his tag team partner was gone.

Over the years the two had gotten closer, their wrestling styles were the same, they thought the same. They became friends and spent most of their time together messin around or training for an upcoming match. Jaymz still looked on at the abandoned office and thought of the first time they had a tag team match…It was almost as if they knew what each other was going to do…That's something that only great tag teams can accomplish over time…Crazy J and Jaymz did it almost instantly. They shot to the top of the Tag division and dominated for years. Fed after Fed they went and claimed the Tag Titles and complete domination. Two of the most feared men in the business, two of the most insane men in the business…was now down to one. Jaymz wasn't sure what he was going to do with the loss of his good friend. He feared for himself, he feared for Zero Tolerance of what was going to happen to the Tag Titles when he got the call. It was Zaslaw telling him that Erik was now his partner. No problem, again, these two were former Tag Team champs. Not like J and Jaymz, Erik and Jaymz brought something completely different to the table. With Erik and Jaymz in the ring it was like Night and Day, ..where with Crazy J and Jaymz it was like Night and Night. Times changed and these men had to move on in the loss of Crazy J. It wouldn’t be easy, but it had to be done. One could argue that they could lose focus in their match defending the Tag Team Titles, but Erik and Jaymz wouldn’t let that happen. Jaymz slammed the door shut on the office and stood there in the hallway with a blank stare on his face

I hope the IMA is happy. Crazy J, ..gone from this world. Setting the coffin on fire and killing one of my brothers. None of you had better hope that we cross paths backstage or on the streets. I will simply kill you. What goes around, comes around, eh? …or is that why you haven’t been around? Where are you Reeper? Steel? Mason? Reeper came out last week all over TV, then he sudden disappeared…I was wondering if they were going to show up for their matches at High Voltage. Between the three of them, Zero win, Two losses and a Draw. …wow. Reeper didn't look to have trained, he was the same old Reeper..and I was right, he would get one pin on me but I was going to get the Two. You lost Reeper but you had to go off and kill Crazy J…why? To distract me. Did it work? No. I didn't know that Crazy J was dead then, I knew he was hurt..and I also knew that Crazy J would kick my fuckin ass if I was worried about him in the match. I came into that match focused just as I told him that I would…Now where are they? Where is the IMA? Don't worry about us, were here.

Weve had important things to do.. Underground was told not to discuss it in his promos as Zaslaw still had things to work out. ..you don't have to worry about us, we stay ready. So where is the IMA now? Near the bottom. Zero Tolerance still has the World Title, …even though were one brother short, ..we lose nothing. Crazy J and I tore this place apart when Erik had issues to deal with. Now, Erik and I tear down the PWF. Erik will step into the ring in Crazy J’s place, …Erik brings everything different to the table and this isnt the first time Erik and I have held Tag Titles. There is a new change in the face of Zero Tolerance and the hate, this abhorrence, the loathing disgust that I have for John Reeper will be taken out on anyone and everyone in my way. There isnt a person who will still be standing until I get to kill John Reeper and the others for this abomination. You don't kill one of my brothers and think that everything is ok. ..No, you don't. Hide Reeper, …Hide all you want. I beat you in the ring and now I will kill you in the streets. Your time is coming.

We have a match this week. This is a match where we will fight for Crazy J. This win will be for him..We have Ryot and …Nick Shaw? ..Oh yes, I remember this moron. Nick Shaw, the one that challenged me to a match ..but turned tail and ran like a BITCH!! You bailed on me Shaw, you watched me win week after week and decided that fighting me wasn't worth the while. You’re a coward Shaw and I will enjoy mopping you all over the ring. I’ll have a grin on my face as I give you your delayed wish. Are you going to run out of the ring to Shaw? ..I hope that I get in the ring first, cause if Erik gets in there, I’ll never get a damn chance, ..Only time I’ll get in the ring is to pick our belts back up and claim the victory. But where have you been Shaw? You hardly show your face around here, what are you doing in your spare time? Not training, …your record tells me that. And it looks like its really two verses one, verses one. You and Ryot cant stand each other, so how are the two of you going to act as a team in the ring? You’ll be to busy fighting each other when we come and have one of you pinned in the first two minutes of the match. Ryot? Who are you? ..And who told you that youre even on my level?

Sure, maybe Hart is all about ratings…Youre one to something there Ryot…but did you ever think that theres a reason that you HAVENT had a shot at the ZT World Title? Ryot, who would watch the match? Do you think people come to see you? Do you think that youre the real reason that the PWF fills the seats? You’ve got to be kidding. I mean, weren’t you the IC champ for all of five seconds? Youre a nobody and that's all you will ever be. I real champion is held in high regard on how long he has held that belt. You see Ryot, Dragon Soldier is the IC Champ, he has proven himself of that…although, it seems he doesn’t face top talent a lot of times..hhhmmm??... Nobody will ever remember that you held the IC Belt Ryot, and that is a fact that you have to accept. Why don't you try putting together a two match win streak before you ever say “World Title” again, ..and that could be a while. And what is funny about all this Ryot, is you seem to think that winning the Tag Belts is going to be automatic. You get to learn that your not even ready to face Reeper and his crappy title yet. You have a lot of nerve telling Shaw to be in “top shape”, maybe you should try that sometime yourself. Zero Tolerance owns the Tag Team belts. …and that's all there is to it. ..I have things to tend to

Jaymz turns away from the camera and walks back around the corner.