Whos Stupid?

It was a clear day outside in Detroit, there wasn't much wind as the day was nice and people were out. The traffic crowds the streets as horns blare and red brake lights line the pavement like ants. People were going about their daily business as if everything was fine. Signs for the elections were posted up and down the streets, billboards were bought up mostly by Erik Black as his face graced the city block by block. The scene opened up inside of a tall building, one of the tallest in the city. People came and went dressed in their nicest clothes carrying their briefcases and bags. Some talked back and forth as they came and went, mostly about the election that Erik Black was involved in. This was the office of Jessie Sampson, he was the man incharge of all the income for Zero Tolerance. Jessie had grownup friends with Alexander Zaslaw, they were raised on the same street as kids and remained friends to this day. As Zaslaw got older and became involved in business he needed someone to help him out. He knew that Jessie was his man, Jessie was a perfectionist. He was a man that kept everything in his life organized and filed away. It was several years ago that Zaslaw had asked him to keep charge of all the financial transactions that came and went through Zero Tolerance.

Jessie was an older man, same age and height as Zaslaw but that is where the similarities stopped. Jessie was a large man, lets not lie: Jessie was fat. He was of Hispanic decent and loved to cook. The only thing that he loved more than eating was cooking the food. There were times when Jessie cooked all day simply because he enjoyed it. He had a thick mass of black hair and he never seemed to lose a strand of it. He had a thin beard that covered his face and wore glasses that were to thin for his round head. Jessie had the whole forty-seventh floor of the building all to himself. He could have kept all his files in one small office, but Zaslaw liked to do things big so he got the whole floor for Jessie. Without a doubt, it was the cleanest floor in the building. He didn't have the janitor come in because he had enough time to clean it himself. And of course, Jessie had his own small kitchen built in as well. Jessie was almost like a hermit these days. His wife had divorced him several years ago for a younger man who was a lot skinner than Jessie was. He was an arrogant prick and Jessie couldn't stand him, he hated picking his kids up from his ex’s house…Because there was always Julio lifting weights in the garage..

Jessie was convinced that he only did this to intimidate him and show him how he stole Jessie’s wife away. Little did Julio know that Jessie was associated with Zero Tolerance, or for that matter, his ex-wife never knew either. He told her that he was an accountant, so he didn't fight giving her the house and the kids in court. It bothered him about the kids, but the house wasn't a concern to him. He was like family to Zaslaw so Alexander always made sure that he had a place to go at night. There was a knock at the door and Jessie hollered for them to come in. The door opened and there stood Jaymz. He was wearing an ICP t-shirt and a pair of black baggy jeans. He looked irritated, and the cause of that was because he had to put on a show in front of all these people downstairs. The other people that worked in this building greeted him and shook his hand just because he was associated with Erik Black, whom the public loved. Erik was putting on quite the show and these idiots were buying it. Jaymz walked into the office and closed the door behind him. He was relieved to be in the office and away from the others. He pulled up a chair across from Jessies desk..Jessie wiped his face as he was still chewing on the enchiladas that he had made at home the night before. He looked over at Jaymz

Jessie: Hey Jaymz how are you doin today?

I'm good, its only getting better as the day goes on and the night approaches..

Jessie: um, ..ok. So how have things been going? Hows the wife?

Sandy? …Shes fine…Unless you ask John Reeper…He calls her Nancy for some reason.

Jessie: He called her Nancy?

..or something like that, ..Im sure it was Nancy. And what was even better about that is I just aired a promo telling him that most of the things that he says don't make any sense.

Jessie: Well Jaymz, come on, …I mean, you have to look at the level of this mans education. I'm sure that he didn't make it far past elementary school.

That doesn’t have anything to do with it Jessie, the man is a complete moron. Its like everyday is a new day for him. If he woke up tomorrow and I told him my name was Jack, he would go with that.

Jessie: Hes not a bad wrestler, hes alright I guess. …but hes no Jaymz, that's for sure. I know that you can get the job done, theres not a doubt in my mind.

..theres plenty of doubt in his, …he just doesn’t want anyone to know that.

Jessie: Well I'm sure that you are wondering why I had you come in here…

Yeah, I really couldn't think of anything…I haven’t used Zaslaw’s credit cards in quite some time, …I haven’t bought anything either.

Jessie: Yeah, yeah, ..I know that. But when I got here this morning I saw there was a large sum of money in our account, ..and I'm not sure who it came from or what branch were getting this money from…It came from your side of the account

Jessie, that covers a lot of territory…Ever since Zaslaw split up the businesses and incomes between the three of us, ..Ive kinda lost track on who is paying me and who isnt…But you know, that is your job to tell me.

Jessie: I know, I know! Everyone has been paying, theres no problem there. Your making more money on your share of the business than you ever have, ..and especially with the money that was deposited yesterday afternoon. …Do you even know what money I'm talking about?

…im sure that I do…

Jessie: The thirty-five million dollars?

Yeah, what about it?

Jessie: Jaymz that's a lot of money to just stumble upon.. Ive gone back and looked and I cant figure out who gave you all that money.

That money came from John Reeper.

Jessie: Say what? …Reeper? I don't understand

No, you don't. Its been kept real quiet. Do you remember a few days ago when I had those bulldozers sent over to the Shady Nook?

Jessie: That shithole? …please tell me that you tore it down.

No, no..I didn't tear it down. I threatened to…I told those people that Reeper had placed those bulldozers out there and that he didn't really care for them.

Jessie: I see….

But Reeper took the bait. He thought I got those people to vote for Erik in the election…But I guess that idiot didn't see that the Shady Nook is OUTSIDE of Detroit and they cant vote. Reeper, like those people, were too stupid to know the difference

Jessie: ..I can see that you haven’t changed. ..Sometimes I scared at how much you guys think like Zaslaw does. But when did you buy the Shady Nook?

Several weeks ago, and Erik went before the board a few days ago and got it cleared to tear down and develop. The place is nothing but trash and Reeper bought it. …It was easier than I thought it was.

Jessie: Jaymz you really need to tell me these things…I need to know when you make an investment so I can keep up with these things.

I know, I know…But I had to keep this quiet. I knew that Reeper would do something but I didn't think that he would give us thirty-five million. Is that money good to go?

Jessie: yes, the check has cleared and its now in our account. Johanson? I guess that's the guys name?

Yeah, hes the one runnin that place..So I assume Reeper gave the money to him…not like it matters, we now have Reepers money.

Jessie: yes, …but what are we going to do with it? I can throw it in your account or we can invest it.

Naw, ..let split it up. Seven million each for J, Erik, Underground, Zaslaw and myself. ..Since ive kept you out of the loop and it gave you problems, keep five of my seven.

Jessie: Jaymz I cant do that, ..Zaslaw pays me well.

Fine then. You get nothing.

Jessie: Works for me.

Anything else?

Jessie: No, but if anything like this happens again , just let me know before I come in the office one day and see that theres an extra thirty-five million sitting in the bank.

Will do.

Jaymz got up from the chair and walked out of the office, he got outside of the main building where he had to put on a smile and act like he was a “good guy” before he got into his Tahoe and pulled out onto the city streets.

I really do appreciate the money that you gave us Reeper, seven million a piece is a good pay day…Its not that we need it, but hey, ..what can we say? You donated it! Hahaha. ..now, who’s stupid? Reeper, how can you go around saying some of the things that you do? I mean, ..really…Nancy? Hey Reeper, can you tell me who Nancy is? I don't know any Nancy, do you mean SANDY?? How do you get Nancy from Sandy? Man, …where do you come up with these things? And then you go off telling me that I put Erik up to that? ...why would you think that? See Reeper, you keep on making to many assumptions about situations that you know nothing about. Do you think that Erik isnt capable of making decisions on his own? That was his decision to run for Mayor, and of course it’s a good thing. It’s a wise decision for Zero Tolerance and a good move for the, ….city. Yeah, the city…Anyway, it just goes to show you again that you don't have a clue as to what you are talking about. Reeper, you need to settle down man. Youre too worried about these damn people that live in Shady Nook, we’ll give em a dollar or two and send them on their way…ok, well..maybe more than a dollar or two. But the point is, I'm tired of looking at these people…Erik’s runnin for Mayor and were going to ..clean..this city up, ..out with the old and in with the new. Erik knows what hes doin, and if he wins the election then anything could happen. Why do you think Erik and J should part ways with me?

Whats your reasoning for that? I really cant see a good reason, ..I mean their two of the best wrestlers in the business…is it because I represent the World Title in the ring and they don't? So what? If I didn't have this belt, then you would be facing one of my boys in the ring…and then what difference would it make? There wouldn’t be one Reeper, we wouldn’t have any reason to split up.. Theres no reason to. To me, it looks like you’re a little scared. Steel and Mason haven’t seemed to do much around here, so it kinda looks like its you and ..Joey Terrifyin? Oh, that's right…this is the guy that's going get his ass kicked in Undergrounds first match at High Voltage! Yes Reeper I like to watch people suffer, I like to watch people in pain and agony. I like to hear their shaky breath as they die, …I like to watch their body quiver for a second as death sweeps in like a black shroud. I feed off of that Reeper and I always have, its like Ive told you Reeper..You don't know what I'm like when I'm off the pills, you have never seen the things that I like to do when I'm back in the right state of mind…you know who that man was boxing Reeper? He was you. So I took care of that problem. I'm focused Reeper, its all that I have on my mind, when someone comes out here and tells me how good they are and how bad they want our Title, ..I have to speak my mind and set things straight. Now you have said, and done, a lot of stupid things this week. You make things up, I'm a liar when ive never lied, I'm married to Nancy, I made Erik run for Mayor, and now I say the same things all the time?

Wow, I KNOW, I KNOW! YOU LIKE TO DANCE!! ..Gets old after a while, eh? Your always “busting your balls”.. I could go on and on but that's like the pot calling the kettle black, isnt it Reeper? I like to talk, I'm cocky and arrogant…Don't get lost in it Reeper, we can sit back here and talk a bunch of shit all over TV but I'm the one that's waiting, ..Im the one that's not taking life easy, flying around and going to soccer games…im the one that's itching to get into the ring and show you what what real pain and agony is…Do you like the feel of pain Reeper? …Not just a little pain, but a lot of pain…I love it Reeper, I feed off of it…It lets you know that your alive, tells you that your still here and that you have something to accomplish…I hope that you hurt me Reeper, I hope that you come and bring your best…that and I don't want you to have any excuses…I don't want you crying all over TV next week when you get to feel the Silence at High Voltage, whining that you tripped coming down the ramp or something..Or that you were too busy the week before and wore yourself out. I don't want any excuses Reeper. I hope that you take this Title shot seriously because this is going to be your last…But not only will it be your last, it will be the last World Title shot for any member of the Iron Man Alliance. Those other three aren’t up to par, and you’ll be so devastated after I destroy you Reeper, that you wont know what to do with yourself. No Reeper, I didn't need to look at your accomplishments from the past because it just really doesn’t interest me.

I knew that you were a “good” wrestler, ..and I gave you a little credit for that, ..but no, I didn't care what you had done in other places because it all means nothing to me. I don't care who you have faced in the past, because chances are it cant compare to the people I have faced in my past when wrestling was in its prime…not today, the competition isnt even close. So why should I care what you have done in your past? I knew that you have held a World Title before, ..but wow. ..again, it comes down to –I don't care. I know that I can step into the ring and get the job done…I don't care who they are or what they have done…But I see your face Reeper, and if it wasn't you.. Then it would be the next loser attempting to take the ZT World Title. You can compare this match to other that you have had in the past, its another thing that I don't care about those past opponents. But it intrigues me to hear you say that you have almost loss consciousness in a long match, ..to hear that you have been that tired. That shows me that you don't know how to take hold of the control. See that's something that comes with time in the ring, ...learning how to save what you have and know when to use it. Even great younger wrestlers cant use that to their full advantage a lot of time..thier to anxious.. Ive been here Reeper, Ive been here lots of times..There isnt anything that I don't have expierence with..and I take pride in these matches, …I take pride in letting you know that you cant stand in the ring with me that long..

I don't think that you understand how seriously I take this industry, …I don't think you see the passion that I have for this and to defend the ZT World Title. I may come out here and bullshit you and make a fool out of you, …you may not see the obsession that I have for this business between the things that I do that catch your eye…your distracted from the match Reeper, Its not on your mind. You have Erik for Mayor on your mind, you have the people of the Shady Nook on your mind, you have that poor man on your mind…boo hoo, oh those poor pitiful people. Your easy to mess with Reeper, you let things bother you to much..You let it get in your head..and no, you cant be prepared for this match. You cant be ready to pin me twice in a night, its not possible and it just wont happen. This is my match, this is my time to represent the World Title and if you think that you can come take this from me? …Then you have no idea who I am. ..If you think that I have anything on my mind other than winning this match at High Voltage, then you come to lose. If you think that you can skip down to the ring with a smile in your face, I'm gonna flatten your sorry ass in the middle of the ring..There wont be any two pins for the victory, ..I’ll put your sorry, overconfident ass out right there in the ring..you wont get up, and then we’ll have a long break between matches before they roll you out of the ring on a stretcher.

…But I know that you will come to fight, I know that you intend to take my Title from me. Weve talked this match up, the medias talked this match up…And I don't know if it will be a good fight or not, it makes no difference to me…But when those people leave the arena that night they’ll all be saying “damn, …I cant believe that damn Jaymz beat Reeper.” You can believe in yourself and when you think you can win, you win…Well, ya know Reeper, ..that don't happen all the time. You can talk about your ego blowing up like a balloon, but for you Reeper…I guess that it will have to be a long fall back to reality wont it? My ego doesn’t crumble, ..everyone loses Reeper, its inevitable. Its how you come back from that and what you can accomplish from that point on and Ive been dominate in this business…I'm arrogant because of that, ..I can be that way and when you can win half as many matches as I have… and when you do, then you can say that to. But I think that you have a long way to go Reeper and you have a lot of things to learn at High Voltage. So you like to fight for your life? You wont like fighting and then losing that battle. You can keep your hopes high and your confidence up, but when you come in to fight with me its going to be a different story. ..You think this match is going to be the same as all the others but you couldn't be more wrong. You want this Title more than anything in the world? Do you really desire it that much? It means everything to you?

…Good. I'm glad that it does. Its only going to make everything that much better when you realize that you have just failed and lost. You will hang your head in disappointment and walk back up the ramp with shame. I will hoist the Zero Tolerance World Title above my head and everyone will see that we rule this place, that the IMA cant stand with Zero Tolerance. High Voltage will be a great day for Zero Tolerance, we will retain the World Title, Jim Mason will fall, ..Crossbone will go back into hiding, …and Underground winning his first match. High Voltage will the the day that everyone takes a bakseat, sets back and acknowledges us as the greatest force in Wrestling. After High Voltage there will be no denying it, nothing to make excuses about. In only a few short days Reeper you get to follow the same path as all the others before you, ..you will fall a victim of the Silence and never be heard from again..

Jaymz keeps driving as the scene fades out