The scene opens up on a cool summer day just outside of Detroit. The sound of the highway could be heard just north of this place as the semi-trucks raged across the country. All up and down this street were small houses that were in bad shape; roofs falling in, boarded up windows, dogs on chains that are tied to trees in the front yards. Dirt circles surrounded the trees from where the dogs had worn away all of the grass. Piles of trash laid in the front yards of the houses, old couches and recliners set on the porches in terrible condition. Old cars were parked in the yards making it seem as if the yards were a graveyard for automobiles. Most were old shells of the rusted cars sitting on concrete blocks, and some houses had signs on their walls advertising the old tires off of those cars for sale for a few dollars. The yards were high and unmowed, the grass lurched over onto the sidewalks as if it were swallowing the concrete. On the northside of the street there was a lady sitting on her porch, it sagged in the middle due to the rotten foundation and immense amount of weight that the woman was carrying on her frame. Her hair was greasy and nasty – she wore only a nightgown that was too tight as it showed off every fold and flab that the fat woman had. Three nasty little kids appeared from the doorway all wearing nothing but diapers. Two of the boys were twins and looked to be no older than three years old. The other child looked to about five but still wearing a diaper and sporting a pacifier in his mouth.

The three kids diapers sagged and sloshed between their legs, swollen and yellow. Apparently the woman wasn't fond of changing the feces out of the diapers. With a thick raspy voice she screamed at them to go into the house. The oldest one said something about being hungry but she screamed at them again and sent them back into the shack anyway. When the screen door was pulled close, which didn't really matter because the screens were shredded from the dogs, she pulled out a glass pipe from a cushion in the couch she was sitting on. She took a lighter under the round part of the pipe and rolled it under the flame in half curls until smoke filled the pipe. She inhaled it, then exhaled. She did this three more times before putting it down. She closed her eyes and her head lolled back onto the couch, her hands shook for a moment before she opened her eyes back up and had a huge grin on her face. She then got back up and went into the house. On the south side of the street two black men sat on top of an old Cadillac and in each of their hands they had a bottle of Listerine. They were older men with huge noses from years of drinking, their eyes were beyond red, they were two men who had been drinking the mouthwash all morning and were now primed and ready to go for the day, and as usual, they would be fighting before the days end. Only to repeat this process tomorrow. We then headed down the street and took a right, heading north on I-75 to Flint past the Cranks Hotel.

There were more of the old run-down houses on this street but up on the left the houses stopped and gave way to trees and shrubs, farther up into the trees a gravel road gave way…each side of the gravel road was covered in trees and was also littered in trash and Faygo bottles. Finally, at the end of gravel road was a sign, it was a piece of metal that had been shot numerous times with a shotgun that said "Shady Nook Estates." The first thing past the sign was a trailerhome that had the word Office painted on the side of it. The letters didn't even look like letters as the paint had run down them, nobody bothering to fix it up. Past that, there was three rows of trailerhomes in the huge lot. The rows were long, about thirty trailers in each. Not all people who live in trailers are trash, or bad people. But the people who lived in the Shady Nook were the most worthless bunch of people that you would ever meet. The trailers were all in bad shape, just like the houses in the small addition out front. Old rusted cars filled the lots between the buildings. Kids with dirty faces and no shoes on ran around the oil-stained concrete playing with rocks and mangy dogs. Most of the people were gathered at the far end of the trailers, there seemed to be a lot of people, a lot of mullets and a lot of body odor. These were Reepers fans. Since the day of the match, Jaymz had wanted to find out what kind of people liked Reeper and who his diehard fans were.

As we drove past the trailers and towards the back we saw there was a baseball field and some open lots. The people had stood in a circle around something and moved to the side as the vehicles pulled in. The people of the Shady Nook and built up a make-shift stage. It was nothing but a bunch of ply-wood held up by concrete blocks. They had put two metal poles on either end and a canvas stretching across with the words "Welcome Jon Reeper" Yes, they spelled his first name wrong. The people were nasty, they had car grease on their hands, worn out clothes with John Reeper and NASCAR and AC/DC on them, French fries hanging out of their beards. You know, all those kind of nasty people that seem like they came out from under a bridge. They held up their signs with IMA written on them and "0 Tolerants sux." They screamed and cheered as the two black SUV’s pulled into the circle surrounding the people. The backdoor on the second SUV opened up and out walked a man wearing all black, steel toed boots and a baseball cap pulled down over his eyes. It could have been anyone, but to these trashy people, it was John Reeper. The man kept his hand on the bill of the cap as he walked up the make-shift stage. The people were still going crazy as he threw the hat off and held both hands high up into the air. The crowd of people than began to boo and throw their signs at him. A sick grin came over his face at the sight of this. He enjoyed this, he had found Reepers fanbase in Detroit and wanted to show the world what the IMA fans truly were. Jaymz knew that a lot of Zero Tolerance fans weren't the greatest people, ..but nothing like this bunch.

Did you all really think that John Reeper was going to be here?

The crowd booed louder at this and they continued to throw things at Jaymz who dodged them and stood there with a grin on his face.

Why would Reeper care about any of you? Do all of you actually think Reeper cares about his fans or this town? Look at all you dirty nasty people, and tell me. Why would he care? What has he done to help all of you? ..NOTHING. Nothing at all. You live in filth, you work for minimum wage and what can Reeper do for you? I want you all to take a look, take a look up there by the office.

Everybody quieted down a little and looked back up towards the office when they heard the rumbling. They talked amongst themselves for a moment before they saw ten huge bulldozers come down the gravel road and line up in front of the office..The bulldozer closest to the Office ran into it, knocking it on its side. Then everyone noticed something, on the sides of the bulldozers were three letters put on with spray paint, IMA.

You see, Reeper doesn't give a damn about you. You see this? He wants to tear your houses down. But people, ..you can overcome this. He wants to make us off as the badguys and that's fine. But right here, as you can see, he has sent his IMA bulldozers down here to tear this place apart. BUT LISTEN TO ME!! ..I wont let this happen. I will see to it that these bulldozers wont wreck you all out of homes. My good friend, Erik Black, in a few short days will have a special announcement that you all can benefit from. An announcement that can make these bulldozers leave, an announcement that will save your houses and your lifes. ...You people cant trust John Reeper. He lies about Zero Tolerance, he says we are the bad people yet, here, hes trying to have your homes torn to pieces. In a few days, Erik Black. Erik Black. Remember his name, for he will be the one that will save you.

Jaymz jumped from the makeshift stage and ran back to the SUV, he got in just as the crowd of people began to beat on the windows. The driver pulled out of the Shady Nook and and around the bulldozes and back onto I-75. Jaymz sat there looking out the window with a pleased look on his face.

Ah Reeper, its just one thing after another isnt it? Now look, I even have your fanbase out here turned against you. What wonderful people they are...I know, I know..you don't know a damn thing about those bulldozers. But I guess you will in time, your fans seem to think that you put them there. But Reeper you know that it was us, but I cant tell you why yet. These people are going to think that Zero Tolerance is going to help them. Their going to think were the good guys while it all looks bad on you Reeper. I guess you'll just have to wait and find out like the rest of the world what Erik has planned. So Reeper what happened? Are you going to come out here and tell me all these excuses on why you lost? Its simple Reeper, two reasons. First, you lost focus. Sitting around playing video games wasn't such a good idea now was it? And two, your friends aren’t such the great wrestlers that you thought they were, were they? We told you, and we told you over and over that you couldn't possibly beat Zero Tolerance two weeks in a row, and who was right Reeper? I don't think that it was you. So what happened with this Ratings on the video games? I thought you were rated higher than me? And I thought that you said, anything that happened on the game, was going to happen in real life?

Wrong again, weren't you? That seems to be a re-occurring theme doesn't it Reeper? ..Now, we won the match and by your standards that's considered a "streak"...So I guess that we have a "streak" on you now? You came out here all on your highhorse about how you could take all of us down because you beat J and myself the week before. But I told you Reeper, I told you that the result wasn't going to be the same...and what happened? I was right. You see Reeper, we came into the match focused and determined on the goals ahead whereas you didn't. You and the Village People were too concerned about playing a video game and assuming that it was real life. You shouldn’t assume, because you made an ass out of yourself. But I’ll get back to you in a moment, I have to get to the flavor of the week real quick, Crossbone. Here is a guy who thinks hes someone just because he was here before. Crossbone, didn't you learn the first time that you could take one of us down? And now you want to come out here and have Crazy J in your first match? Crazy J? Your fuckin serious right? Its going to be a joy of mine to see Crazy J whip your ass all over the ring. I don't think it's a very wise move to step into your first match back with one of the greatest wrestlers that I know, but I guess you get to find that out the hard way. So we have always been your primary target? GOOD. You still owe me a match, your ran your mouth about how you were going to get your hands on each and every one of us, ..and what?

You left. You were the first. You ran from us, you ran in fear of stepping into the ring with me, ..Mason was wise and followed your footsteps, and so was Spectre. Except Spectre came back and thinks that I have forgotten about him, but how wrong is he…and then Mark Cage..well, who knows where that loser went. I turned him into a pile of shit into the ring and hes never been seen since. Crazy J will do that to you too Crossbone. You'll run out just like those others did. Did you think that we were going to go away and when you returned you could rule this place? Your not even worthy of a shot at our World Title. You might want to step up to Reepers sorry US Title. And what makes you think that you deserve my Title? What have you done to deserve a shot at it? Reeper earned a shot, I can give him that much. But you? Please...give me a break. You leave this place, and then come back telling me that you deserve a shot?? What is wrong with you? Crazy J is going to show you why you cant even sniff this title. Crazy J would be a damn fine World Champion, not a man I want to face in the ring and it's a man that you shouldn't either. Even though I will enjoy watching you get killed. Don't come back in here thinking that your someone Crossbone, its going to be the death of you, and that will be your short-lived return.

My World Title. Zero Tolerance's World Title. This is something that we hold close to us, this is something that everyone wants. ..and we have it. Erik Black has this Title. Crazy J has this Title. Underground has this Title. But I'm the one that has to defend it. When I step into the ring I represent ALL of Zero Tolerance. I represent all these men as the best in the World. Right now, im the one that gets to wear it around my waist and on the PWF website it says that I'm the World Champion. But I call it the Zero Tolerance World Title. There will be a day when one of my counterparts gets their chance to hold the Zero Tolerance World Title, there will be a day when they wear this belt around their waist and defend it. I will be there to support them and make that our Title reign is long. This belt Reeper is something that you can never have. I will give you credit as being a good wrestler, I will give you credit on having heart and I will give you credit on never giving up. But I will NEVER give you the Title. This I is something that you wont wear around your waist, and if someday that you do…It wont be because that you beat me, it will be because you beat the person that beat me. And chances will be that they cheated if they manage to take our Title from me. But you don't even have to worry about that Reeper. This is your chance, this is the chance that you earned by defeating J and myself. This will be the first time that we will step into the ring together one on one. Weve been in every other kind of match so far Reeper, but this will be the first Singles

. ..and as a matter of fact, this will be my first one on one singles match to defend the World Title. And do you really think that I'm going to give this title to you that easily? Do you think that I'm going to blow it in my first real Title defense? That would be a joke Reeper, you see…I don't lose singles matches and I have the record to back that up. And I see that Dozer is going to be in this match as a special guest referee. What in the fuck is that all about? This guy cant even wrestle, so why in the hell is he going to be a ref? that's like asking a little kid from a Teeball game to be the umpire..It just don't make sense does it? And to me, it doesn’t look like the odds are going to be in my favor. I mean, by that time we will know whether or not Dozer will be a part of IMA. ..and well, I think we all know how that match is going to go…I sure don't think highly of Dozer but , ..Steel? this has to be some kind of way to get Steel out of the IMA, the guy is totally worthless and hasn’t proven ONE SINGLE THING here in the PWF. Dozer is going to smoke through him and then come in and help Reeper try and steal my title from me. So it looks like I'm actually fighting a handicapped match. Great. Well, if I have to beat Reeper down and then knock out Dozer, lay his sorry ass on the mat and move his arm in a three count then that's what I will do. I will come out of this match a winner and I will do anything that I have to. ..But what happens, and only if hell freezes over, that Steel beats Dozer? Does that mean Dozer is going to be pissed at Reeper and call the match against him? I don't care, Dozer you just better stay they fuck out of my way.

This is going to a big night for Zero Tolerance, Underground gets his debut in the ring against Joey Terrifyin. Joey has his hands full against Underground and even though he hasn’t been in the ring Ive watched this man train, Ive watched this man our everything he has into this. Ive seen this man do brutal things to people in the streets, people fear him and with good reason. To people in the wrestling world, hes a “newbie.” And yes I guess he is, but he wont come out here like that, he wont punk out and give away. Underground is to be taken seriously, he knows this business inside and out. Hes always been behind the scenes, but hes made the choice to train for this, to prepare for his first match, and here it is. He gets his chance in the ring and I know that Underground is not only going to impress, hes going to win.

Jaymz looks back out the window as the scene fades to black