When something goes wrong it must be corrected. Errors are unacceptable, failure isnt an option. Wars are won over time, not in a matter of a week. Both sides can win battles but the best prevail in the end. The strong come out ontop, they rise about the rest. Losing is inevitable, everyone can and will lose. But the wise regroup, new strategies come into effect and losing again becomes virtually impossible. Some people take things seriously, while others fool around and become unprepared. Winning builds confidence and when some win; they still try and find a way to get better.. Others, when they win think that they are ontop of the world, that theres no knocking them off, their ubeatable and they lose the focus they once had. For them, winning clouds their vision – it blinds them from the reality they live in. They refuse to believe there us anything to improve on, but little to they see, it was merely only a battle in the war. These people, the ones that live their lives in confusion are the ones that lose the war. The brag of a certain battle in which they won but they choose not to see the final end result. For the Iron Men Alliance, the battle theat they are facing is like on they have never facd before. They choose to believe Zero Tolerance is just another band of rebellious wrestlers, chose to believe that Zero Tolerance is nothing to be feared. How wrong are these men? More wrong than they have ever been. The Iron Men Alliance consists of three men with the first being John Reeper.

A man that is confident his is abilities and rightfully so.. A talented wrestler, a man of a large stature and an even bigger ego. Reeper tries to intimidate people with his size but what Reeper doesn’t understand is that the men of Zero Tolerance don't fear size, they don't fear weight and they don't fear John Reeper. Reeper wants to be the best and who can blame him? Isnt that every wrestlers dream? To step into the wrestling business to be the best? What Reeper hasn’t understood, and what Jaymz has been telling him, is to have a little patience. To sit back and let things come to him, take things as they come and don't go looking for them. That will only get you in trouble, and sooner or later it will catch back up with him and he will have a message to learn from his mistakes. Reeper is a man who things that Zero Tolerance is a push over because he defeated Crazy J and Jaymz in a handicapped match. Credit goes to him for that, but how long will Reeper want to hunt these stalkers? How long will he pursue these men of the night? The ones who walk the city taking what they desire. Reeper, without a doubt, is the Iron Men Alliances best wrestler. The mistake that Reeper makes, is that he wants everyone to see that. Reeper is a cocky man, a man who thrives off of success. But if success came to one of his friends before it came to him, would the Iron Men Alliance be as strong as they are? Would he pat his friends on his back and make sure they hold the World Title like Zero Tolerance does? One has to believe that it wouldn’t happen that way.

One would think that Reeper would become jealous that he wasn't the main attraction. Unwisely, Reeper makes it clear that he assumes he is the best wrestler of the group. That he is incharge, he may not say it but his actions speak loud. If one man from the Iron Men Alliance got a shot at the World Title, and they had to choose the man – it wouldn’t end so well. They would all want it, as anybody would. But Reeper would make his case for himself, looking selfishly at only himself and now what his teammates could do against a certain opponent. That is what makes a group weak. Zero Tolerance on the other hand, decides who the best person for a Title would be, and they push that person. When a member of Zero Tolerance wins a match, the whole group won the match. There is an unspoken bond between three men who at one point and time, hated each other. Jaymz, who once ruined a chance for Crazy J to win a World Title. they didn't have that bond but that was before they knew each other. These men know what each other is capable of, they have faced each other in the ring, have fought against each other for World Titles. These are men who have seen what the best and worse of each other, and they came together for one common goal: To rule the world of wrestling. That is what they have done, they have a bond like no other. These are men who support each other in their own personal accomplishments, which is also the accomplishments of the whole group.

They take pride in their teammates when they win, they help their teammates up when their down. They have their back when the odds are stacked against them, when their unfairly matched. A group of men who don't play around, who take the wrestling business seriously and take it on like no other group can. The Iron Men Alliance versus Zero Tolerance, who will stand tall in the end. Public voting says that the Iron Man Alliance has the upperhand in the situation, but Zero Tolerance is deaf to the word and they always have been. They’ve been criticized, ridiculed, and taken lightly at the hands of the public and the Iron Men Alliance. Jim Mason, a man who likes to talk, but has nothing of any importance to say or back it up with, is full of self-righteousness. Men like him don't last long in the wrestling business. He was a man who seems to take pride in fighting Erik Black to a draw. He spoke with confidence as if he had won the match. Where he got this ego remains unknown, his skills in the ring seem to be lacking but he speaks as if he is the World Champion, something that he shouldn’t say. Words like that only make his friend Reeper jealous. Then there is Derek Steel, the man who tells Jaymz to “get some new material” when it should be Steel just getting any material out at all. A man who has barely shown his face around the PWF tells the World Champion to get some material? A man who went into a frenzy when Jaymz called him out, who only stood behind Reeper and Mason to let them defend him.

Exactly who is this Derek Steel? He appears to be a nobody, someone who only wants to associate with other wrestlers to bring him up in the business. A man who accuses people of saying the same things over and over, yet he has hardly spoken at all. Who is Derek Steel? Someone very unimportant. Someone who aired a promo that was no longer than a Pull-Ups commercial. Derek Steel would be the child of the group, the one that cries when they lose, throws tantrums when the Iron Men Alliance doesn’t get what they want. John Reeper and Mason treat Steel as if he was he a child in the Special Olympics, stepping up for him, taking defense in the words that Jaymz has spoken against Steel. They jump out in front of him and do his talking. A group is only as strong as its weakest link and Steel is the paper link in a metal chain. Zero Tolerance has no weak links, their bonded together as the greatest stable to ever grace the wrestling world. The Iron Man Alliance will see this in the days to come. They will be the students in the ring and learn from the greatest. Their vision is clouded with a recent victory over Zero Tolerance, their egos are inflated and their heads are much too big. For people like them, the fall back down is even harder. For them, they will hang their heads in shame and ponder how they lost the match. They will lose because they lost focus. They will lose because they are not as strong. They will lose because they face Zero Tolerance.

The scene opened up inside of the Yaroslav house, it was back in the dark musty smelling basement. The light that hung by a wire was swinging back and forth at a slow rate, sending the shadows bouncing from one wall to the other. As is would swing back by Jaymz could be seen sitting in the corner with his legs pulled up to his chin, his arms wrapped around him..He seemed to disappear into the shadows and then come back into the dim light as the bulb began to slow. Obviously, by the light moving he hadn’t been down here very long, ..that, or he had been sitting in the dark for a long time. When the light finally slowed and came to a stop we could finally see Jaymz for good, he stared straight on looking into one of the walls. He seemed not to notice anything as he had spent the last two days down here. He had refused to come out, he wanted to stay down here and concentrate on his match. He had Reeper on his mind all week and he wouldn’t let it go, he wouldn’t let it go until he got to slaughter the man in the ring in a few days. Sandy had been worried about him, he had shunned her away – leaving her alone in the house to fend for herself. He was sure that she could cook, even though she never did.. she had to eat sometime.

The only movement that he made was his blinking eyes and the movements in his torso from his shallow breathing. It was then that his cellphone rang, he jumped up so high that he damnnear hit his head on the ceiling. He pulled his cellphone out of his backpocket and looked at the name, Zaslaw. He cleared his throat before he answered and when he did he talked in a quiet voice. The conversation was short and when he hung the phone up Jaymz walked up the basement stairs and out into the living room. He ignored Sandy who was sitting on the couch and he walked out the front door. It was the first time in a few days that he had seen the sun and it blinded him as he stood on the front porch. He let his vision catch before he went over to the Tahoe and pulled out of the driveway and headed for downtown Detroit. Zaslaw had called to tell him that he building he had bought only a few weeks ago had burned to the ground. It was the former church, the one he had taken everything out of and had the statue of himself put on the top holding up the World Title. Zaslaw had told him that there was nothing left but a pile of burning rubble and maybe he should come check it out. Jaymz was sure of who it was, it was either Halsey or Reeper. The protesters had quieted down some, thanks to Erik putting on his best show for the public, fooling them into thinking he was putting in a “homeless shelter.” As Jaymz drove into the city he could see a little bit of smoke rising over some of the other buildings.

With Erik changing the peoples opinions on Zero Tolerance, the crowds had gotten smaller for Halsey. Halsey had been having his number one man lead the protests the last few days because of the events that had been happening in his life. He had filed a missing persons report several days ago hoping that someone would have sight of his son, but nothing had appeared yet. Halsey had an idea what had happened, but he also knew that Alexander Zaslaw had many friends in the police department and in the court rooms, if it came to that; he knew it was a battle that he wasn't going to be able to win. Jaymz took a right and looked around the corner, Zaslaw was right, there was almost nothing left. Fury developed inside of the big man as he saw the remains of his structure.. The only thing that wasn't burnt was the statue of himself, it was laying in the middle of the smoldering carnage. As he got there the last Firetruck was pulling away from the scene and the only car in the parking lot across the street was Zaslaws red Porsche. He pulled up next to it and got out of the Tahoe. Zaslaw was wearing his usual black suit and sunglasses. He had his hands in his pockets and stared straight on at the smoldering ruins of the building. Jaymz ignored him and walked across the street and stood next to what use to be his building. He noticed that there were people in the other surrounding buildings watching, and a police car sat on either side of the street. As Zaslaw got older, he made sure that he was protected. He them followed Jaymz over there, stood next to him

Zaslaw: See what happens when you start shit?

Jaymz: Start shit?? I didn't do anything we haven’t been doing for years. These people hated us and they always have. Don't even try and blame this on me.

Zaslaw: Hey, you’re the one that came out here with that stupid speech and that even more stupid statue of yourself.. What did you expect? The people to rejoice for you?

Jaymz: I'm the World Champion, that's what the speech was about.

Zaslaw: yeah, and look what happened. You got this Halsey guy all worked up, ..and then you had to go off and snatch his son.

Jaymz: bitch deserved it. He knew better than you try and start a public outcry against us.

Zaslaw: Maybe he didn't know better Jaymz, maybe he thought we would simply keep our business in the ring.

Jaymz: Well, that's what he gets for thinking.

Zaslaw: Yeah, and this is what you get for acting out. You lost your building. BUT.. ..I think were about to settle this whole damn thing. If it was Halsey then we will know here shortly.

Jaymz: How is that?

Zaslaw: Youll see.

It was then that a black Hummer pulled around the corner and jumped the curb into the parking lot. The passenger door flew open and Erik Black jumped out

Erik: Damn, that's the last time I ride with you. God, we about died three times.

Then Crazy J got out from the driverside door.

Crazy J: Don't exaggerate. I almost killed us twice, not three times. And what are you worried about, we weren’t going to die in this thing.

The two of them walked across the street and joined Jaymz and Zaslaw

Crazy J: Holy shit, this place came right down

Erik: It was a cheap building anyway, poorly constructed.

Jaymz: Thanks Bob Vila.

Erik: I told you that when you wanted that statue on the top!! Hell, im surprised it didn't fall in on your head last week.

Crazy J: I know who did this..

Jaymz: Who!!??

Crazy J: Him. Right there.

Zaslaw: ME??? Oh, give me a break from this shit, J. I don't really have time for his right now. Ive got other things to worry about.

Crazy J: Yeah you do, like paying my employees at Disturbed Dreams Inc.

Zaslaw: Is that what the withdrawals have been out of my account that I stopped authorizing?? You’ve been paying that wax dummy?? FOR WHAT??

Jaymz: HEY!!! Don't you call my wife names..So she may not talk much, she may not move around a whole lot, but she aint no Dummy.

Zaslaw: oh, geez…

Erik: Anyway, I can get you a better building Jaymz. We can zone anywhere, Hell if you want to tear down the Old Folks home, we can get that done..Its a big lot.

Zaslaw: Lets just hold off on that for the time being. This is a big mess right now. . And it was like I was just telling Jaymz, were going to find out who did this.

Jaymz: how soon?

Zaslaw: Well, speak of the devil.. Here they come.

A black limo turned the corner and came down the street, it rolled slowly and came to a stop in front of the smoking wreckage. A man could be heard screaming from inside. Zaslaw had set him up. He was Lewis McDaniel, Lewis was Michael Halsey’s number one man. He was the man that wrote the speeches, organized the protests and such. He was the big man behind the scenes for the movement to get rid of Zero Tolerance, and Zaslaw has set him up. And McDaniel had just now realized it as he saw all the members of Zero Tolerance standing outside. None of the door would open from the inside except the driver door, the glass separating the front of the limo from the back was bulletproof and also couldn't be opened. He man inside beat on the glass, kicked the windows but was unable to get out. The driver of the limo stepped out, he looked familiar, and then he took his hat off and we saw that it was Underground. He went to the passengerside of the Limo and opened the door, McDaniel flew out of the car, but Underground caught him as they both hit the ground. Underground gained control and pulled the man up, twisting his arm behind his back giving Underground the leverage. McDaniel was an older man like Halsey, he was fat and had a head full of hair that was turning grey. You could tell that he was a drinker, his nose was huge, red and full of veins. His eyes were glossy and it looked as if he had had a little too much to drink earlier in the day. He was a true drunk.

Zaslaw: Lewis McDaniel. Its nice to meet you, I suppose.

Crazy J: So you’re the one behind this? ..Do you see what you’ve had done to my boys building?? I should kill you right here for that shit.

McDaniel: No!! No!!! I don't even know what your talking about!! We didn't do this, I never had this authorized

Erik: And you want us to believe that? You expect me to believe that you didn't do this when you hate us? How stupid do you think that we are? Havent you seen that Ive been turning the public against your friend Halsey and Reeper?

Crazy J: Look around, your crowds have been dwindling and the people no longer want to hear what Halsey has to say. They’ve seen Erik on TV, They’ve seen what they ...think..were doing for the community.

McDaniel: What is wrong with you people?? You’re a band of freaks and I'm glad that your building is burned down.

It was then that McDaniel screamed and Underground released his grip. McDaniel fell to the ground clawing at his face, Jaymz had taken a piece of wood and stirred up some live embers, when McDaniel had called them freaks and was glad to see that the building was burned down, Jaymz slung the embers up in his face. They caught in his eyes and in his hair. Underground jumped back as he caught some on his shoulder and it started to burn holes in the Limo Driver suit.

Zaslaw: Hey!!! Jaymz what in the fuck are you doing!!!???

Jaymz: hes glad that my building got burned down!?? And call us freaks?? No, hell with that! I'm not going to stand here and let him say those things. I should kill him where he stands.

McDaniel: Aaaahhhhh, ooohhhh….WHY DID YOU DO THAT???? I CANT SEE!!!!!

Crazy J: Do you think that we care?

McDaniel: I told YOU!!! WE DIDN'T DO IT!!! Please, let me go.. My eyes, oh God my eyes..

Erik: Your getting old anway, I'm sure your vision was going bad, so its no big loss

Zaslaw: So you tell me that you didn't have anything to do with is?

McDaniel: I swear, ..please, I swear. If Michael had anything to do with this, then I didn't know about it. I promise. Please. Let me go.

At that, Zaslaw motioned for Underground to take McDaniel back into the limo. He pulled the big man up and tossed him back inside, Underground said bye to the men as he got back into the limo and pulled away.

Crazy J: Well, I don't know if they did it.

Zaslaw: its hard to tell, but at this point it doesn’t even really matter.

Erik: And how do you figure that?? ..Ive been trying to build a reputation for us here…

Zaslaw: It doesn't matter because were going to have Reeper take the fall for it.

Crazy J: how?

Zaslaw: J, do you still have that DVD/VCR in your Hummer?

Crazy J: Yeah, ..but I don't have anymore porn, you never gave me the ones back that your borrowed.

Zaslaw: uumm, don't listen to him. Hes lieing.

Erik: Suuure, I bet he is. Now we all know what you do when youre locked in your office.

Zaslaw: Erik, ..please, give me a break.

Jaymz: Don't lie Zaslaw, I was there when you borrowed them.

Zaslaw: Fine!! Fine!! Whatever, lets just go over to the hummer and watch this tape I got.

The four men went across the street and into the parking lot, Zaslaw got a tape out of the Porsche and handed it to Crazy J. They piled into the Hummer as J started the tape up. J and Erik had a look of shock on their faces as they saw what was on the tape. It was Reeper, and he was inside of the "Zero Tolerance Inc" building where he aired his promo last week. But when he went into Zaslaw’s office it didn't look the same as it did before. Reeper walked into the office and there was Adrian Halsey laying on the floor face down. Reeper took a knife out of his waistband and began to stab Halsey in the back over and over. The tape was brutal, he then proceeded to kick the man, threw things at him and stomped on the back of his head. Blood appeared around the boys head as Reeper, still with his back to the camera, picked up the boy and tossed him over his shoulder. He carried him through the building before going out the back door and dumping him in a dumpster. Reeper came back into the building this time facing the cameras and walked out the door, the tape then cut off.

Crazy J: What the hell?

Erik: Wha—but, I was…

Zaslaw: It looks good though doesnt it?

Jaymz: Well, since Reeper and myself look virtually the same from behind..A little editing, and a little acting and this is what you get

Crazy J: that's fuckin great. So who are all we going to show it to?

Zaslaw: Oh its already out, I have copies sent all over the world. So if Reeper wants to do anything stupid again, or try and take this tape, he’ll know we have one. I sent one to him. Its perfect, I had the guys downtown send it off to the best guys they know to try and find flaws in it, and they couldn't.

Erik: So we could just pin the whole thing on Reeper, if it came down to it.. ..what? Did you put the body in the freezer or something?

Zaslaw kind of glanced over at Jaymz, but they saw it. God only knows how mangled Jaymz made his body.

Erik: oh.

The scene faded out as the four men stood there talking