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Its only a few days from Code Red where the main event is a Handicapped match between Zero Tolerance and Reeper. The two men, Crazy J and Jaymz had owned the PWF during Erik's time off, but now the third member is back and ready for action. This week Erik takes on Jim Mason in a lumberjack match. Zero Tolerance looks for a big night at Code Red, bringing down the IMA and taking home the US Title. Reeper is a man who is confident in his own right, confident in his abilities and wrestling skill. But has Reeper ever been in a match with the kind of men that he will face at Code Red? Reeper walks around with his head held high claiming that he is the most feared man in the PWF, but is he really? Has Reeper accomplished such feats in the PWF that he has the right to walk around saying hes a feared man? I guess that would depend on who you asked. Reeper claims that Jaymz is awestricken by his career, but simple facts and digging up their career history shows that Jaymz has the upper hand in experience, Titles held, win percentage, and total wins. Reeper makes claims that he has the upper hand in the situation, makes false claims that he has had a better career than anyone in Zero Tolerance. Reeper tries his hardest to make people upset, he tries his hardest to get people unfocused on their match and more focused on the words that he speaks.

His ignorance is bright when it comes to Zero Tolerance in that matter; those men are trained to focus on thier matches and rarely lose the sight of thier goals. Reepers delusional mind refuses to accept the fact that the members of Zero Tolerance have been in the game longer than he has, he refuses to accept the accomplishments of Zero Tolerance in thier wrestling careers; maybe its jealously? Maybe its denial? Maybe its ignorance? Reeper refuses to accept the fact that these man have faced the best in the world, have faced the legends, and have beaten them. Reeper believes he is the wrestling God, that he is something to be held higher than anyone. What Reeper cant see is that these men laugh at him, that these men mock him and make a fool out of him. They use him for the punchlines in thier jokes, they use him as an example of the everyday-average-wrestler. Reeper has come to the conclusion that he can put these men through things that they have never been through, that he can show them things in a match they have never seen. He would refuse to believe otherwise leading in blind faith that he is right, and everyone else is wrong. Reeper walks the streets thinking that he knows Zero Tolerance and the businesses that they are involved it, yet he cant even name one of them. He wanders around with the knowledge that he thinks he has, making false accusations and claims about Alexander Zaslaw, but yet he knows nothing about the man or the contacts that he has.

The Iron Man Alliance has this belief that Zero Tolerance is nothing more than a wrestling faction, they have this belief that Zero Tolerance is a large corporation, and again it just shows how wrong these men are. These are men who refuse to accept the things that are right in front of him; things that have been recorded in past matches, things that Zero Tolerance has accomplished. These men dont want to see what is true and what isnt, the words that come out of their mouth that they hold so dear is nothing but slander and pure garbage. Weak insults, pathetic trashtalk, attempts to stir up trouble between the group of men. The IMA holds men of confidence, a confidence that is led by large egos inside of their small minds. For Reeper to say that he wanted a match with Crazy J and Jaymz at the same time, wouldn’t seem like the most wise move to make with a Title on the line. But Reeper is a man who is led by the “ego.” True great wrestlers don't go around making the kind of mistakes that Reeper does, begging for a handicapped match against the World Tag Team Champions, Zero Tolerance. True great wrestlers, like Zero Tolerance, stay back and let the fight come to them. They have nothing to show off, they don't wrestle for the fame and glory. They do this as a job, this is how they make their money. This is a business and Zero Tolerance treats it that way in the ring.

They pride themselves for being the best, but don't need to fame and lights to prove that so. Reeper, on the other hand, needs these things; He needs the fame to please his ego, to make himself feel better, to look tougher in front of his friends. Reeper needs everyone to see him, he needs the reaction, he needs the attention. For a man like Reeper, his self confidence is low. He thinks poorly of himself and wallows in self pity when hes alone. Reeper is no more than a small child begging for attention, like the kid who would live down the street from you; the one that would want to fight the biggest and older kids only to get knocked out. But the kid was always happy about it, why? Because he had the attention, little did he know that everyone was laughing at him, not with him. Reeper is the equivalent of the child. The child was never of any importance, never a threat although he talked a big game and the result was always the same. Some lessons are learned the hard way, and its different for every person. Some people learn from their mistakes, and some people with big egos whine and complain ..they never learn from their mistakes. Over the years Zero Tolerance has learned from the small amount of mistakes that they have made; and make improvements on themselves to correct those mistakes and make sure that it never happens again. Whether or not Reeper will learn from the mistake that he is about to make remains unknown. Will there be a change in Reepers attitude when he falls to at the hands of Zero Tolerance? Or will he still lead on making false claims?

The scene opens up on a dark night, the sky is clear and there is no breeze. The traffic on the street has dwindled for the night, with only a car coming every few seconds. We see Jaymz standing off in an alley just behind a small light leading to a side door. From the street he was impossible to see. He was wearing a short sleeve t-shirt and a pair of jeans, he was sitting on an old barrel that he had turned upside down. His head was hung low and his hair fell down into his face. He was picking at his fingernails because he was so bored. Crazy J and Jaymz had found out that something was going to happen, so they wanted to be ready for it. A car came through the street and Jaymz lifted his head, he studied the car as it went by and then looked back down as it wasn't the one that he was looking for, actually, he wasn't sure if he was to be looking for a car anyway. Then he head it, something just outside of the alley. He heard it again, this time it was farther away. He got up from the barrel, took the far wall to stay out of the light and slowly went to the front of the alley. He peered his head out the corner and looked to his left, he saw someone headed down the side of the building, then took a left going from his view, to the front of the building. Jaymz knew who it was, it was Reeper. They had found out that Reeper was going to be lurking around, so J and Jaymz had decided to remove anything important from the building and replace a few things that really weren't there.

Jaymz went back around to the alley and unlocked the door and went inside. He hurried his way inside and watch around a corner in the darkness as Reeper punched in the glass window. Jaymz had to place his hand over his mouth to keep from laughing. Suddenly the “alarm” went off, and Jaymz almost laughed again, he knew Crazy J was. Crazy J was in the basement watching all of this, he was the one that pushed the button sounding off the fake alarm. They didn't want the police here, and even had Reeper pulled the box out of the wall, it would have notified the authorities as soon as the alarm had gone off. Jaymz then went the opposite way as Reeper made his way around the building. He quietly took a right and went down the stairwell. They didn't want the elevator giving them away with its noises. Jaymz took the steps three at a time as he made his way down to the basement. He unlocked the door, went inside and closed it. There was Crazy J with a huge smile on his face as he had been laughing so hard. There were at least twenty different monitors placed around the wall. The two had told the security man to take the evening off several hours ago so they could come down here and see what Reeper was up to. They had cameras hidden all over the building that they could move in different directions. Jaymz took a seat down next to Crazy J

J: Did you see that??? He actually thinks that he turned the alarm off!! Hahaha

Jaymz: Oh I know, you should have seen the determination on his face when he ripped the box from the wall, thinking he did something… pphh, hahaha

J: This has to be the best thing ever, he thinks that he's so sneaky, like hes really going to do something...Oohh, I'm scared of Reeper

Jaymz: can you believe this? Look at this guy! Hes scratching his ass! This is good stuff here, little does he know what a fool hes making him himself.

J: Yeah, and if he starts prowling around, I cant wait to see what he thinks of the things we setup!

Jaymz: Oh wait, wait...I think he is saying something

Reepers voice as he airs his promo comes though the mic's in the cameras

Reeper: This is where the dark stricken people like to hang out. This is the place where Jaymz and Crazy J like to put in some hours. Zero Tolerance Inc. This business is all over the news.

J: Hahahaha.. ..Zero Tolerance Inc??? Where did he get that from, since when was the name of this building Zero Tolerance Inc??

Jaymz: Well, this is what we have been talking about for the past few weeks, Reeper never knows what hes talking about.. ..Hes like Jim Mason, ..they just make things up

Reeper: People are talking about how these men here and how they have ruined life on earth as we know it. It seems that many people are in fear of this place and by looking around, I can say, the average person would be scared. Me though, I have nothing to worry about. I am not in fear, and I most definitely am not an average person.

Jaymz: Average, no he sure inst. Hell, his wrestling skill aren't even rated that high. Look at him , look at his eyes roaming around shooting from one dark corner to another

J: hes scared shitless, he thinks were going to come popping out at any minute like were boogeymen or something. And why does he think that people fear this building?

Reeper: Zero Tolerance Inc. will be renamed John Reeper Destruction when I am done tonight.

J: John Reeper Destruction? What, is he going to burn this building down? Oh wait, excuse me, "Zero Tolerance Inc."

Jaymz: Yeah you better get it right, if Reeper says its ZT Inc, .. ..then I guess it is? So is his idea of destruction so far: breaking a window and ripping a box out of a wall? .. ..if hes going to say Destruction, then I want to see some.

J: He isnt going to hurt nothing, his pride is already in shambles from last week. Hes just trying to look cool in front of his friends.

Jaymz: I was doing this when I was ten, and hes a grown man? Does he think that were going to be impressed that he can break out some glass?

J: Well now, he did pull a box from a wall.. ..a box we put up there two hours ago! Hahaha

Jaymz: Maybe he didn't notice that it came off real easy! Haha .. ..Ya know, my doctor told me that I needed to have a little more fun

J: yeah mine did too, I think this is what he was talking about

Jaymz: If we could only get Reeper to act like an idiot a little more often I may not have to take eight hundred pills everyday!

Reeper: Jaymz, you silly nimrod. Guys like you need serious help. You need to make an appointment with a psychiatrist. It is clear to me and everyone else that you have passed the point of insanity. If you can stand around and talk about beating John Reeper this week, you must need a doctor. To stand and talk about pinning me is like lying to the pope in person.

J: Did he just say that you needed help? ...Please tell me that he didn't say that

Jaymz: I think he did, .. ..again, hes showing us that he hasn't paid us any attention or knows anything about us

J: How many shrinks have you been to anyway?

Jaymz: huh? I dunno...nineteen maybe, give or take a few

J: ..you loser, you cant even compare to me. Ive been to twenty-three, ..or was it thirty-two? Oh who the hell cares anyway. So at what point did Reeper see that we have passed the point of insanity?

Jaymz: Maybe the day we got out of the looney bin? Naw, that was a long time ago.. ..but Reeper wouldn't know that.

J: we must have needed a doctor last week to since we beat Reeper, using his own logic. .

Jaymz: I already saw my doctor this week, so Reeper doesn't know when I need to go back. I went last week to, I think that's a record for me

J: two weeks? ..thats a long time

Jaymz: Would you ever lie to the Pope?

J: Uuumm, yeah.. ..I would. Why?

Jaymz: I was wondering since Reeper just said to talk of pinning him is like lieing to the Pope. ...hell yeah I would lie to the pope, I don't need him or any of his people trying to feel me up, ..them and all their little boys.

J: Hhmm, since Reeper is so worried around the Pope, I wonder if he ever saw him as a small boy

Jaymz: Ya know, I bet he did and that's the cause of all this mental instability inside of Reeper.

J: Shut up.

Jaymz: What?

J: your starting to sound like my doctor, you gotta quit with that shit

Jaymz: I can be a doctor, with as many as Ive been to I should get some kind of certificate or something...

J: ...Maybe Reeper needs a certificate saying he was molested by the pope.

The scene cuts out for a moment...