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The scene opens up with Jaymz walking back up his street to his house, where we had last left off. He got up the fronts steps, opened up the door and plopped down on the couch..He closed his eyes and put his hands on his fce..His hands were shaking, not from being out in the cold, but from something else..He let his hands drop from his face and opened his eyes, they were bloodshot red and moved rapidly. He jumped off of the couch with the quickness and hurried upstairs taking four at a time; he got around the corner and into the bedroom. Jaymz had taken a handful of pills before he had wandered off just a little while ago, opening the drawer on the nightstand he reached inside, his hands shaking as he pulled out a different bottle and took several of those pills as well. He tossed the bottle on the bad and casually made his way back downstairs and through the garage door..He got into the Tahoe and pulled out of the driveway, making his way into the city. When he was released from the looney-bin, as he liked to call it, his doctor had told him that everything was going to be fine, as long as he stuck to his medication for a short time….But Jaymz still had lapses and during those times he wasn't real sure as to what he was doing, it was almost like a dream ..and sometimes, he thought they were. Jaymz had never remembered how he had gotten to the treatment center

..it was only this night that he had remembered the details of the crash as they came back into his memory…but the lapse between the crash where he was going down the street on a rampage ..and when he woke up at the treatment center had bothered him the most. It had bothered him to the point that he would sit for hours at a time, looking off into the distance wondering what had happened in that time..His doctor wouldn’t tell him. He had awakin to find himself strapped to a bed, he had IV’s in his arms, a tube that irritated him intensely that was stuck up in his nose. He looked around at the room, it almost looked like a hospital room with the machines attached to him buzzing and beeping.. Panic rose in his mind at that point, he was unclear where he was – His head had stopped hurting from the wreck, but he still had one hell of a headache..He tried to move his arms but the straps were tight. He gave it everything he had and pulled until the straps began to tear off the side of the bed, he pulled again and they finally tore completely away. It was a good thing to, he got dizzy and his head was swimming.. He got up and unfastened the straps on his feet, pulled the tube out of his nose and the needles from his arm. The beeping and buzzings of the machines changed when he did that, he was sure that someone was now aware he was up and moving around. He then got up from the bed and went over to the door, but it wasn't a normal hospital door.

It wasn't made of wood, it was a thick metal door with no handle on the inside. He stood there for a moment, ..Then it was back, the thing that Jaymz couldn't control, the thing that took ahold of him…His rage had built up and he had in unload inside the room. He tossed the machines across the room, shattering them into pieces…He then took the mattress of off the bed and repeatedly smashed the frame against the door until he wore himself down and fell to the floor. A voice came over a speaker that he didn't see in the ceiling..It was a mans voice, he called himself Dr. Tabon. He told Jaymz as soon as he backed away from the door some of his men would come in, give him a shot to calm him down. They were watching Jaymz, he wondered where the camera was, if Dr. Tabon sent his men in, he would destroy them even though he was tired. Dr. Tabon came back on and told Jaymz where he was and why they had brought him here. They said he was completely incoherent at the time of the wreck and he had been asleep for two days. They also informed him that he had three broken ribs, a severe concussion and damage to his frontal lobes of his brain..The thing that made Jaymz mad the most was when Dr. Tabon came back on the speaker and told Jaymz that he, himself, had declared Jaymz mentally ill by reviewing his background and performing certain tests on his brain. Jaymz never backed away from the door, he actually went over to it and sat down facing it.

Dr. Tabon, again, came back on and told him his men wouldn’t come in until he moved. They only wanted to help him and bring him a little food. Tabon was no fool, he knew that Jaymz could destroy any man he sent in there, he knew Jaymz was a wrestler…but there was more to him as well…He wanted to give Jaymz a shot to completely knock him out again, giving him enough time for more tests..There was something about this man, something that made him go, ..something was driving him. He came to the conclusion that he didn't like Jaymz, in fact, something he wouldn’t admit, ..he was afraid of the large man. Tabon had really believed that this man was insane, while Jaymz was unconscious he muttered things of death, demons and Hell. He muttered things of death and destruction, things that worried Tabon. …And Jaymz had sat there in front of the door not moving, he wanted out of the place, he didn't want to be strapped down to the bed and have needles stuck in his arm. He wasn't a damn science experiment and Tabon had to learn that. So Jaymz sat there by the door for the rest of the day until the next shift came in and it was then that Tabon came back on and told Jaymz if he would like some food to go back to the far wall, stay there and someone would bring him a tray. …He never moved, he didn't want to be treated like a nutcase…As the night wore on, Jaymz continued to sit there.

Tabon went home for the night and ordered Jaymz to be supervised at all moments, and for him to have the tranquilizer as soon as he fell asleep. So Tabon came in the next morning to find out that Jaymz never went to sleep..He was still awake siting in the exact same spot, He had been siting there for over fifteen hours the only movement were his blinking eyes. Tabon watched on in disbelief as the end of the day drew near and Jaymz still hadn’t moved. He had slumped over some, his eyes were glossy and red…he looked to be off in his own little world, inside he was a million miles away in his own mind as furious thoughts screamed through his mind. This went on for two and a half days before Jaymz finally fell to his side, immediately Tabon’s men stormed on and shot him up, knocking him out for two more days. They put the IV’s back in him to get him hydrated again, and he stayed that way for two days before he finally awoke…This time he couldn't go anywhere, he had no strength left..He had been in for almost seven days mostly sleeping all together. Tabon knew he wasn't going anywhere and he was right there when Jaymz woke up. He realized that he had no choice but to listen, they would keep him here forever if they had to. Over the next few days Jaymz had realized maybe Tabon could help him, …if only just a little.

He didn't mind that it was on a daily basis that he hurt people, but look where it had gotten him…so maybe a little help would be ok? The next few months rolled along and everything was fine, he had attacked a few of the people who worked there for no reason at all, but they lived..so Jaymz saw this as a good thing, for them.. and so did Tabon. He had to take so many pills everyday that he couldn't even remember the names of half of them…The day finally came four more months later that Tabon told him that he could be released, he had exhibited good enough behavior and Tabon believed that everything was under control. The next day he was released and that night he had made his appearance on the PWF with Zero Tolerance…But between the time he was released and the show aired, Jaymz had already changed…He left the treatment center, walked to the south side of the brick wall behind the center and began to beat his head on the wall..He hit it twice, three, four times and blood began to spill from his forhead, and into his mouth..the taste, he loved the taste…Pain soared through his body, but to him it was joy…

…Jaymz got closer to the city as the sun was coming up over the horizon, it had been three days since he had slept and the thoughts going through his mind were out of control. …

…I like to drive, you get to think…take your mind off of things. ..Maybe, well..i doubt it..But I’ll try to get some sleep. The suns coming up, ..another night gone. ..Hhmm, tomorrow night possibly? ANYWAY!! ..Never mind that, ..It was an interesting night tonight…As I watched during the week I saw that the people of the PWF didn't give us any respect, they chose to throw us to the side and ignore what we can do…Those people are making a mistake, they can make us the underdogs and that only makes us more hungry.. I'm not surprised, whenever a new name pops up in the world of wrestling that person is considered a “newbie” and inexperienced. Tonight we proved that to not be the case, you see..We told people all week long that we were no Newbie’s, that we knew how to fight in the ring. ..And everybody got their first glimpse of Zero Tolerance back in action… I loved it tonight to, stepping back in the ring for the first time..Feeling the rush, getting hit and feeling the pain go shivering through your body, aahh…I love it. There was no ring-rust or anything, I felt like I had just fought yesterday when really its been over a year…I know what my body can take and what its limits are….But when it comes to those limits, I don't listen…I HAVE to win, its what I do, its what I train for…I was always told, “Show me a good loser, and I’ll show you a loser.” Some people come into the ring with thoughs of, its ok to lose it you try your best..

That's complete bullshit, this is a competitive business and what good are you doing to yourself or your reputation by losing. I do think that is the best way to describe the two amateurs that Crazy J and I faced earlier this evening. I do hope that everyone saw the match, I do hope they saw the beating we put on them.. Now imagine what we could have done if this match was three weeks from now…I now consider them a waste of my time, I have stepped into the ring with him and found out first hand that they are everything I told them.. Undetermined people with no desire, hell..J and I wore them down and they had a match last week while we were sitting around!! They looked a little out of shape, well, Shaw did anyway..and it showed in the ring. So now that the both of you have lost two weeks in a row, how does it feel? How does it feel to have high expectations but put in little work to accomplish that? …How did it feel walking back up to the ramp, knowing that you were full of yourselfs, your grins big but your talent little. I did happen to see that last second promo that Shaw aired before the show and did he even know that I was in that match? He talked about Erik like he had something to do with it? I didn't know that was Erik standing there next to Crazy J with this hands raised in the air with the victory…

Nonono, Erik took care of his own business in the ring, sure Crossbones lumberjack didn't help him any…Wouldn’t have mattered, I was there ring side…I saw it all..Erik was enjoying that match and he could have fought all night, there was noway he was going to lose. The PWF has received their warning, NoID thinks he may have gotten the best of us, but I laugh at him. If he really thinks were going to let him get away with this shit he’s pulling then he is just another one of the people who still don't consider us a threat. We don't have to come out and jump you at the first show, …you never know when we are going to get you, you never know where one of us is going to pop up at. …It may be in a bar, maybe in a dirty stripclub you frequent. ..Anywhere we feel like it. We’ll sit back and watch you, we’ll see when your at your most vulnerable.... Then you will pay NoID, you came running down here on us telling us that we would be sorry if we showed out faces at Joe Lewis…DOES IT LOOK LIKE I'M SORRY!!?? You cant keep us away from ANYWHERE, we go where we please, we get what we want..and if we don't at first, ..we’ll get it anyway. You’re such a big man, step into the ring with me…You think you’re the hot shit flavor of the week??? Naw, you more like the terds in my toilet, floating around not hurting nothing.

If you think, again, that I’ll regret showing up this coming week as well, then get your ass down into the ring and I will show you what real power is all about, I’ll show you how to put the fear of death into someone,..YOU will be the one seeing it first hand and I will have no mercy on you…There is no voice inside telling me to quit, nothing sane in my mind telling me to stop the beatings, the fight is over. I would leave you laying in a pool of blood as I will Dragon Soldier this week. I just hope that this DragonSoldier puts up more of a fight than these two other guys did. I would love to see someone bring some real skills to the ring for me to be tested. I want a real fight, I want someone who can actually hurt me…I feed off that pain, so bring me lots of it Dragon Soldier…bring me everything that you have…Do you have what it takes to stay in the ring with me? …Most people don't, most people come out here and talk about how a big man goes down too easy. …I think I prove that theory wrong, over..and over…and over…So I hope that isn’t the mind frame that you come with Dragon Soldier. Be ready, be ready to step inside the ropes with a veteran of the ring, I live my life for the ring, I live my life just to fight and I love every minute of it…I fear nothing in the ring, nobody, and you will not be an exception.

…What will you do shaw?....

…what will you do when I wrap my left hand around your neck, lift you up above the ring and hold you there watching your face turn red…what will you do?...

…what will you do when I drop you to the mat with everything I have….You will do nothing

…Because once it hits Zero its too late

The scene faded out as Jaymz drove through the city