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Bad Things no.2

It was quiet inside of the Tahoe and Jaymz drove with Sandy in the passenger seat, he looked over at her and put his hand on her leg. The wax dummy was wearing a red dress, her brown hair was pulled back in a pony tail, she looked different than normal. Jaymz rubbed her leg then let his hand slide between them before it disappeared between them and under the dress, he told her that "yes, its ok" as his hand moved father up the dress between her legs. This went on for a few moments before Jaymz pulled off of the highway and into a gas station parking lot. There was a sign on the top of the building, butit seemed to be blurred and Jaymz couldnt read it. He pulled his hand out from the dress and turned the Tahoe off, unbuckled his seat belt and got out. The sign on the gas pump said "please pay in advance", he looked irritated and rolled his eyes. He opened the door of the Tahoe back up and told Sandy that he would be right back and asked her if she wanted anything, of course the wax dummy didnt reply. Apparently she told him that she wanted a Pepsi as he repeated it. He closed the door and walked over to the store, there were no other cars in the parking lot as the place looked deserted. He walked inside of the store and looked over at the counter, there was an older lady reading a romance novel.

She held the book in her left hand and in her right there was a Marlboro Ultralite 100 in her right hand that was badly in need of an ashing. He looked past her and headed for the cooler, he found the bottle of Pepsi and got a bottle of water for himself. Jaymz headed back to the counter where the older lady put down the book and stood up, the ash of the cigarette fell to the floor....but it seemed to fall like a feather, taking longer than normal. As the ash hit the floor Jaymz covered his ears, a thunderous roar like an explosion sounded as it hit the ground. The lady seemed not to notice it, but looked at Jaymz funny as he covered his ears. The roar died out as she punched the buttons on the cash register ringing up the total on the drinks, she asked him if that was going to be all and he told her that he needed fifty dollars worth of gas. As she pushed the button on the cash register the drawer popped open, as the drawer hit the metal inside bringing it to a stop to keep it from flying across the room another thunderous roar came, this one dropping Jaymz to his knees...She again looked at him in an odd way, he regained his control and she handed him his change. He took the drinks and went out the door. He wondered why everything was so loud as he got back to the Tahoe, he was off in his own thoughts as he set the drinks ontop of the Tahoe, unscrewed the gas cap and put the pump into the vehicle.

He watched the overpriced gas pump into his car by the dollar when he went to give Sandy her Pepsi. He opened the driver door of the Tahoe and handed the Pepsi to Sandy, but she didnt take it; she wasnt in the Tahoe. He looked back towards the store, thinking that maybe she had to go clean herself up from the fun he had had with her before pulling into the station. Moments later the handle on the pump stopped and Jaymz placed it back on the pump, put the gas cap back on and got into the Tahoe. He waited for Sandy, kept looking back at the store but not seeing her. Then he looked out towards the road and his stomach dropped. There was Sandy, standing in the middle of the highway. Jaymz got out of the Tahoe and as he did it began to snow. It was summer, and there wasnt a cloud in the sky. So where was the snow coming from? His mind was going crazy as he stuck his hand out and let the snow melt in his palm. But as the white flakes melted the took on a red color, he wiped his finger across it and the red smeared. blood. Then Jaymz heard something in the distance, a car coming. He could see it as it came over the horizon, it was a green Cadillac. He had to get Sandy off the highway, he yelled to her but she seemed not to hear. So Jaymz began to run, he ran as fast as he could be he realized that he wasnt getting any closer.

He looked back behind him, the Tahoe and the gas station were getting farther away but the highway wasnt getting any closer. He ran faster and then looked back up; still he wasnt getting any closer to the higway..His mind was boggled, why in the fuck wasnt he getting any closer to the highway???? The green Cadillac was still coming and now it was picking up speed, as the car got closer to Sandy who was still standing in the highway he noticed something about the car....It wasnt like a real car, it looked like something that a child drew, it was something that he had never seen before. He was still running but not making any progress to the highway as his heart began to beat faster and the snow was still falling...The childlike Green Caddy got closer and closer to Sandy when Jaymz saw inside the windows and stopped running. He couldnt believe what he saw. Michael Halsey was driving, and Michael Halsey was in the passenger seat, and two more Mike Halseys were in the backseat..They were all grinning, but the grins were too wide as they extended out to the mens ears, their eyes bulged from their heads and they were laughing.

The highway was far away but he could hear the awful sounds of the four Michael Halsey's laughing. The car got closer and closer to Sandy before Jaymz finally started to run as fast as he could, still not getting any closer..He let out a scream for Sandy to move just as the Cadillac slammed into the wax dummy. Pieces of wax flew all over the road, Jaymz fell to his knees, his face with a horrific expression; as the car slammed its brakes on and fishtailed slightly. The car came to a stop but then the tires started to squeal as the car came into reverse and slammed into what was left of the wax dummy. Jaymz watched in horror as his second wife was now as dead as his first.

Jaymz shot up from bed and looked around, there was Sandy, right there next to him...still asleep. He got up from the bed and threw a shirt on, he had to quit having these dreams. This was two days in a row and that wasnt a good thing. He didnt want to go back and see Dr. Tabon, he was the doctor that Zaslaw had appointed to him when he was in the crazy house.. ..Tabon had him on so many pills anyway, the last thing that he needed was to take anymore of those damn pills. Jaymz walked out of the bedroom and went downstairs, he opened the refrigerator and pulled out a can of Monster, the whole bottom shelf was full of Monster. It opened it up and took a few drinks out of it as he stood in the kitchen with his eyes half closed, still in that half asleep, half awake stage. Every morning Jaymz read the paper, and he knew he was getting old because of this action. He went out the kitchen and through the entryway, opened up the front door and picked up the paper that was on the porch. He was about to close the door when something caught his eye, it was his Tahoe and it had been destroyed. The protesters had given up around his house several days ago and he was glad for that, but now this. He walked out onto the porch and clinched the paper tight in his hands. . .

His eyes began to turn black, the tendons stood out on his neck and his whole body began to shake. He threw the paper down on the porch, the edges of the paper took on flames but quickly burned out, the cameraman jumped back at the sight of this. The Tahoe was beaten bad, all four tires had been slashed and every window was broken in.. ..He had no neighbors around him, he was on sixty-five acres. . but how did he now hear this? Or Sandy? He walked around the Tahoe and looked at it, whoever it was had spraypainted all over it carved "fuck you and ZT" all in the paint. He got to the driverside and opened the door, and there for Jaymz, was a pile of shit in the seat. Human shit. He threw the can of Monster at the house and and walked quickly inside. Jaymz knew who did this, it was Halsey. . Maybe not him who did the deed, but Halsey was responsible. Jaymz slammed the door behind him leaving the cameraman outside. A few minutes later Jaymz came back out the door wearing black jeans and a black Ringmaster t-shirt..His eyes were still pitch black and he walked with a speed that was suprising. He went to the side of the house and over to the building with three overhead doors, it was an oversized garage.

He walked in the regular door and turned the alarm off inside, a few seconds later one of the overhead doors opened up and out came a brand new Tahoe. Jaymz only drove Tahoes, when he found something that he liked he stuck with it.. ..he didn't like change, change wasn't a good thing concerning cars with him. Behind the one he pulled out, before the door dropped down, we could see that Jaymz still had two more that appeared to have never been driven. Jaymz motioned for the cameraman to get in back and he did. He focused in one the odometer and saw the Tahoe only had 3.4 miles on it. ..Jaymz was a nut. His breathing had picked up and his eyes were still pitch black. The tattoos that covered his arms took on a whole new color, it was as if the tattoos almost looked brighter. Jaymz went down his long driveway and pulled into the street, he headed towards the city when he pulled out his cellphone and dialed a number, "Underground?? Give it to me. .. .. … .. NOW!!! . .. ..Give me the fuckin address Underground." Jaymz hung up the cellphone and slammed the brakes on. He turned the wheel hard to the left swinging the Tahoe around, he almost flipped it but managed to keep it up.. ..

He now headed back away from the city, back past his own house. The scene faded out and when it came back Jaymz was still driving but now the sides of the roads were thick with trees, the road was bumpy as it handnt been worked on in some time. He took a right at a stoplight and kept the Tahoe at a slow pace. He could see the addresses of the houses, but the houses couldn't be seen as they were back off the road in the trees. He slammed the brakes and turned left onto a gravel road. He drove slow as a house came into view, it was a huge house with windows making up the north wall. A huge deck surrounded the house and the landscaping around the structure was unbelieveable. There was a white Escalade in the driveway sitting on twenty-three's. A little oversized, Jaymz thought. At this point he was beginning to shake and grind his teeth, ..The colors in the tattoos seemed brighter than ever. He shut the Tahoe off as he pulled into the driveway, next to the Escalade. This was the house of Michael Halsey. Jaymz had decided to make a surprise visit to him rather than call the police. He also knew that Underground had the address of the house, he didn't really want to give it to Jaymz. Underground knew that something terrible would happen but he didn't want Jaymz after him either.

Jaymz stepped out of the Tahoe and looked around, he slammed the door shut hard and went up to the door, knocked. He stood there for a moment, his hands shaking with fury but he tried to control it. A moment later the door opened up and there was someone younger, he looked to be around twenty two or so. He was wearing pants that were way to big and hung halfway off his ass, he had a Black and Mild on the left side of his mouth. He took it out, gave Jaymz a shitty look, "Fuck you want?" Jaymz looked down at kid and it was then that he noticed Jaymz’ black eyes. A look of concern came over the boys face as Jaymz said, "Your father. Where is he?" Halsey’s son looked back up at Jaymz and told him that he didn't know where his dad was. . Jaymz knew that the boy was being sincere, he could see the fear in his eyes once he realized who was standing at his door. He tried to close the door but Jaymz stopped it with his foot and simply out-powered the kid. The kid flew back to the floor as Jaymz slammed the door shut. He put his foot on the throat of Halsey’s son and picked up the Black and Mild that he had dropped on the wood floor when he fell down. Jaymz leaned down next to the kid then quickly dropped down ontop of him pinning his shoulders to the ground with his knees.

Jaymz held his right hand on the boys throat tight so that he couldn't move. Jaymz stuck the Black and Mild in his own mouth, took a drag and blew it in the boys face. He coughed one time and his eyes watered up…Jaymz looked at the smoke and made a remark to it being nasty. Slowly he brought the black and mild down closer to the boys face, he tried to scream and get away but he was to lanky and skinny. He was twenty two and worked out, but he couldn't save himself from Jaymz. He brought the Black and Mild down over the kids eye, he closed his eye and screamed for Jaymz not to do it. Jaymz never said a word as the kid had his eyes closed.. A few seconds later after Jaymz never made a move the kid opened his eye and as fast as he did Jaymz slammed the cherry of the Black and Mild into it. He screamed loud, fought hard to get away but failed. Jaymz watched in joy as the guy suffered, he then looked over to his right and noticed the clock that was sitting on the coffee table. It was one of those older clocks, metal and heavy. He took it and slammed it into the kids head knocking him out cold. Jaymz stood up and slung the kid over his shoulder

He walked out of the house and closed the door behind him. He opened the back of the Tahoe and put the man back there, he tied his hands together with a piece of rope. There was blood coming from the kids eye he noticed as Jaymz slammed the back of the Tahoe closed. Then got inside and pulled out of the Halsey’s driveway, headed back to his own house

You can pace around my house, boo at me and throw things at Collision, but you don't, and you don't EVER mess with my personal possessions. Halsey will have to pay his due, I don't let things go easily and I like to take a little revenge, . . I guess that he has to find out the hard way. I have noticed in the past week that there has been a sudden flow of talent coming into the PWF, I see these people who are coming and I just want to stand back and watch. ..Watch some of these new faces step up and see who takes charge, unlike these losers like Crossbone, Spectre, Mark Cage, Chris Mason, Dragon Soldier. . . Notice only one of these people I just named have even showed up in the last few weeks. Dragons Soldier is lucky, he didn't have to face me week after week like some of those others did; those others that couldn't stand the test week after week when they were thrown in my way in that short time. I look to see some of these new faces to step up, ..some of them appear to have real talent but Zero Tolerance remains the rock in the foundation, the unmovable force.. ..We control the ring, but these new faces we will be watching, .. ..Zaslaw expects a few good things from several of them, .. ..Again, its like the eight man match last week, it’s a game..and we played our cards right.

New faces can hurt you, when you get a flood of people coming in ..things can get a little crazy. It wont be the first time weve seen this or dealt with it. . . This should be interesting to watch over the next few weeks, and I can tell you what WONT be interesting to watch; and thats Reeper losing for the second straight week to Zero Tolerance. Now Reeper you can deny it all you want that you "lost to Zero Tolerance." No, we didnt have to pin you for you to lose. We won, and thats all that matters. Haven’t you figured that out yet? Now I noticed that your friend Mason finally showed up and I can say that hes just as ignorant as Reeper is. He comes out here and says that "we messed with the wrong men." Huh? We messed with the wrong men, . . you mean they didnt come in and beat down Crazy J? Mason, how dumb is that? Come out here and say that we messed with you, I guess that you have a selective memory or just a one-sided view of things. Then Mason says that I think I'm the next big thing just because ZT has the World Title, you fool, weve been the "big thing" for years. Place after place we went around ruling the wrestling world, pinning and submitting everyone who stood in our way, and nothing has changed Mason.

Now you can talk about Chris Mason and brag about how you beat him before, wow..gee, its really tough. In tag and singles matches I think we beat Mason about five times, so do you really think that I care if you beat him? He wasnt World Championship material and I told him that, and he KNEW it. Mason, what do you mean you were doing this while I was making a name for myself? Uuuhh, since Ive got a few more years in the ring than you do, wouldn't that be the other way around? I cant believe you said that, that was truly the most ignorant thing that you said in your whole promo. I had four years in the ring before you got started but yet, somehow, you were doing this first? It doesn't even make any sense Mason, .. so whats the point that your trying to make? Maybe you should stop ASSUMING and do a little research to see how long Ive been in the ring. You see Mason, I'm a little less lazy than you are. I'm sure you know that the PWF has a website and if you go there, it has a biography of all the contracted stars, obviously you have never seen that. . . so I went to check you out and nope, Ive been in the ring longer than you have. Don't come out here and run your mouth on things that you don't know about Mason, .

. . it makes you look dumb and I don't think the MIA need another Reeper running around. Hahaha, Indy feds. Another genius thing said by Mason. Ive fought men that Mason would run from, Ive fought men that would kill Mason in the ring. Ive fought the best, won and lost but I stood face to face with them, and those people are gone, their all retired. You cant stand up to any of them Mason, and neither could any of the competition that you have ever faced. I'll be there at ringside during your match, you know that . . . and I just hope that Erik gets you out of the ring so I can show you what I'm all about and the pain that I can inflict on people, . . just like your friend John Reeper. Mason, what are you doing at other feds arenas talking to their wrestlers? Telling them about your problems? Why are you at those places? Do you envy the lower WWE, I don't see any reason for you to be over there...And this Carlito guy? Who in the hell is he? And why would he spit an apple in Zaslaw's face? Outside of you saying you’ve been in the ring longer than I have, is pretty dumb. Spit an apple in Zaslaws face? How old is this guy? Seven? What kind of people do you hang out with Mason? Now we have Reeper. A man who is in desperate need of a beating, and he has one coming to him.

Reeper is about to feel pain like he has never felt, a handicapped match with Zero Tolerance isnt the position that I would want to be in if I was Reeper. But I guess he is stupid enough to think he can stand tall to the challenge, .. ..if he shows, more power to him, at least he has guts. . or, until I rip them out of him. You see Reeper there will be no World Title shot for you, simply because you don't deserve it. ..and if you think that you do, then you need to tell you friends to quit giving you all these strange ideas. Your no more than Chris Mason, like him, your just not championship material. I'm sorry to tell you this, I know this isnt what you wanted to hear – but I don't give a shit about what you want to hear. I tell you the truth, I only tell you things that I can back up or show you that I'm right, ..who is going to prove me wrong? You sure wont, youll be hanging your head in shame back up the ramp as you will then have lost two straight matches with Zero Tolerance. Its ok though, don't feel left out. . it happens to a lot of people, but to use Reeper youre no more than another name crossed off the list. Zero Tolerance will be taking all of the Titles Reeper, even your lowest of the low Title, just so we can say that we have it, and just to take it away from you since you claim that it means so much

Since you say you hold that Title so close to you, I would love to see Crazy J be defending it just to piss you off. This match is everything for you Reeper, . . Its your Title on the line, and your shot at the ZT World Title. . You lose this and you and the rest of the IMA have nothing. Nothing but your inflated egos, your own pity parties and crying over the fact that ZT out muscled you and kicked you back down a notch on the pole. You can have these big dreams of becoming a double champion but Reeper I think your eyes are going to tell you a little different story than you mind when we step into that ring. . you will feel the Silence, I know that your just as tall as me but you wont be the first big man to feel the Silence, so don't think that your too special. When I hold you high up in the air around your neck, hold you up there with your air being restricted from your throat, as you claw and pull at my hand, ..your eyes bulging from your head, your mind in a panic, I'll send you falling back down to the mat with pain like you have never felt. So who is going to be there to save you this time Reeper? I'm sure that your little buddies will come out and help once they see that you are in for a little more than you anticipated. And that Reeper, will be a mistake for them as well.

I only hope that you enjoy your chance in the ring that you get with us, it will be the last time you want to. After this match you will be a wiser man, you will be a man who sees things in a whole different way. You will be a man who respects Zero Tolerance, you will be a man that will bow down to us, a man that will see us as the best in the business. And there will be nothing that you can do to change that. I say what is true Reeper, and you know this.