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World Championships

The last few days had been difficult for Jaymz, everywhere he went he was catching flack. Protesters had been hanging around his house, news crews and cameras. There was a reason that Jaymz was always a loner and hid to the public, but over the last several years he had stepped back into the public eye more, and the less controversy he caused the less attention that he received. He liked that. He had never stopped doing the things he had always done, he was just more aware that nobody was paying attention. Jaymz always had a different belief than most people about religious events. There was a time when Jaymz was vocal about his thoughts and beliefs, a time when he had a large following who would have died for him because of the things that he told them, and what they came to belive. After the attention that he received became too much he stopped his preachings of the Underworld; and went into hiding for several months. After it seemed that the public had forgotten about him he came back into wrestling and became the face of power. He was still a hated man, a man in which they all despised.. but they didn't bother him as they once did. But now it was back, and it was worse than it ever was. Those people and cameras all over his sidewalk in front of his house. So Jaymz had decided that the best place to be was in his spot, his building, his sanctuary.

The statue of himself stood tall on the building, but the situation didn't change there either. People tried to climb the building and bring the statue down; at that point he had called Zaslaw and ordered him to put ZT security around the building. Thirty minutes later, it was protected. But it almost seemed to some extent that Jaymz was enjoying the attention they were giving him. He came out of the building and stood on the roof next to the statue of hiself. He raised his arms high in the air as the protesters down blew booed him and yelled things at him. They told him to leave their town, that there was only one true Lord and so on. But he seemed to be paying them no attention as the sick smile came across his face.. He couldn't go out to eat with his wife, he couldn't walk the streets in the day time, ..yet, he almost enjoyed it. Jaymz almost enjoyed being a loner, being the hated one. But this, all the cameras and signs were getting out of control. He was sure that things would calm down after they saw that Zero Tolerance wasn't going anywhere, or he had hoped. His mind was in a state of confusion, and he needed a little time to be alone, to be in a place of quiet. That was Jaymz Fix, he had to have a place to go and think, to clear his mind.. and the city wasn't the place for that at the time. In a few days maybe, but not today.

The scene opens up we see a large dark figure standing off in the distance. He stands perched looking over a hill with his back to us facing a clearing below...A sounds is heard from behind the cameraman, he gasps and turns around...He sees nothing but the slightly moving tree tops..He tries hard to see between all the trees but the dark of night blinds him from it....He turns back around to the clearing where the large man is standing. He takes a few steps closer to the man and now we can see over the top of the hill and down into the clearing below. The closer we get to the man we can begin to make out his features...He wears a long black coat that hangs down to the ground, his hair is long and comes down to his shoulders. As if he knows that the cameraman is coming closer to him he starts to walk down the steep embankment to the clearing below. Moments later they both come down to the bottom and the large man goes right, the cameraman in pursuit. There is a vehicle up ahead, it appears to be an SUV of some sort...The man walks closer to the SUV and unlocks the doors...The cameraman goes to the passenger side backseat and gets in...The driver door opens, the man gets inside and sits down...He turns toward the camera for only a moment but it was a clear shot of his face..His face is covered with deep scars, his left eye brow is pierced and his face shows no emotion whatsoever.

This is Jaymz. He starts the Tahoe and turns the headlights and takes off...The path is bumpy but after a few seconds the Tahoe makes its way onto the paved road...He takes a right and drives off never saying a word, never taking his eyes off of the road. It is total silence inside of the Tahoe not even the radio is turned on....Lights appear just up the road over the horizon and the closer we get more lights come into view. As they come over the hill a sign sits on the side of the road saying: "Lewiston". Jaymz glances at the sign then turns his attention back to the road. He slows the Tahoe some he gets closer to the small town...The main street coming into the town is dead, it is late at night but you would expect to see at least a car or two drive by. The Tahoe comes into the town at a crawl as Jaymz surveys the area...The buildings are worn and aged with time, a drugstore is the first on the corner with a small thrift shop setting next to it. Jaymz comes to an intersection, his light is green but he looks both ways in search of something...He decided to take a left on Shelter and headed down the street...He sees what he is looking for and turns into a parking lot on the south side of the street...Its a hotel, and the sign with the flashing pink neon lights on top of the building tell us the name is "Star Dust Hotel".

Jaymz steps out of the Tahoe, takes his jacket off and throws it into the passenger seat..He walks up to the main office and opens the door, light floods from the inside as he steps in. ...The front desk has a few vases with flowers in them, apparently whoever put these here doesn't pay much attention to them as most of them are dead...Small picture frames clutter the desk filled with mostly small children playing...We have a better view of Jaymz, he wears a Zer0 Tolerance t-shirt with the sleeves cut off...He has Tattoos that cover every inch of his arms, the tattoos are horrible ones..demons, wraiths, people being killed, pentagrams and other terrible images. A sounds is heard from the back and a moment later an older woman comes around the corner using a cane for support...She wears thick glasses, her hair as white as paper...She smiled at Jaymz with a toothless grin. Jaymz stepped up to the desk and placed both hands down on it. She asked him the basics: if he wanted a room, how many people and how long he would be staying. He told her that it was only him and that he would only be staying the night, leaving early in the morning. The older woman moving as fast as she could, which wasn't fast at all, got everything ready to go and handed Jaymz the key to his room..

She told him that he was in room Seventeen and it was on the other side of the parking lot. Jaymz simply nodded at the woman, turned around and walked back out into the night. He stopped as soon as the door behind him slung closed. ...He saw movement in the parking lot over by his Tahoe. ...There should have been nobody there, the only other cars in the parking lot were on the other side...There was no reason for someone to be over here...Jaymz crouched low to the ground, there was enough light from the hotel to see there was something on the other side...It moved and Jaymz knew instantly someone was on the other side, they knew he was coming...Jaymz got back up and casually walked over to the Tahoe, his eyes flicking back and forth looking for other people who might be around....He came to the backside of the Tahoe, and he was ready for it. A bat swung around the corner, Jaymz jumped back as it smashed into the back window of the Tahoe. The man swung again, as as before Jaymz simply stepped back. The man was dirty, grease on his face, smears of dirt on his clothes...His hair was a tangled mess and it seems that it hasn't been cut in quite some time...The man kept on swinging and with every swing he let out a yell...The last time he swung the bat Jaymz caught it, took it from the man and slung it across the parking lot...

The man looked at him in shock, took a step back without realizing that he was backing into the Tahoe. The man started to get scared, he began to shake and mutter words that weren't really words. Jaymz reached out and grabbed the man by the neck, the mans eyes bloodshot eyes opened wide as Jaymz looked into them...Jaymz asked the man if he was attempting to break into his Tahoe and he didn't respond...Jaymz took that as a "yes." He squeezed his hand tight around the mans neck and lifted him off of the ground, then something happened...The man tried to scream as he saw it also...Jaymz eyes had turned pitch black...A black so black that it was like looking into a mirror...The man could see his own face inside the horrible black eyes...The tattoos on Jaymz' arms seemed to move and swirl around, like they were coming to life...The images of hell, the demons all seemed to reach for the man..Jaymz slammed the man down on the concrete and the landed with a thud...Jaymz then grabbed him by the shirt, drug him through the parking lot and to the back side of the hotel. He slung him against the wall and the man fell in a crumpled mess...Jaymz reached into his back pocket and pulled something out...A knife. The flicked the blade open and the man on the ground tryed to scramble away...Jaymz blocked his path then stuck out his own hand.

He took the knife and ran it across his palm then closed his hand into a fist...We could see the blood trickle out, but there was something different about it..The cameraman pans in and we see that the blood is black and thick like tar. Jaymz took a step closer to the man and snatched him with his other hand...Jaymz pulled him close to his own face, opened his cut hand and held it to the mans mouth..He tried to scream and kick as Jaymz held his hand there...After a few moments Jaymz let the man fall to the ground..The black blood was all over his face as he spit it out of his mouth...The man looked up at Jaymz and tried to get up..He stumbled as he did and suddenly stopped. He lurched over, grabbing at his own stomach and puked all over the concrete...There was no food in the vomit, it was a thick crimson color..He lurched over, vomited again. This time there were chunks of something, something that looked like intestines. The man saw this and began to scream but quickly cut off as another round of vomit hit him spewing more blood and pieces of intestines onto the concrete...He leaned his head back against the wall, breathing hard tring to avoid puking again....Drops of blood began to drip from the corners of his eyes, out of his ears and from his nose...He never even seemed to be aware of it as he just fell back to the ground and went into convulsions...his body shook, his eyes rolled back into his head as he vomited once more..then laid still....Jaymz eyes went back to normal brown, he looked at the dead man for a moment before taking a few steps back to sit on a trash dumpster....Jaymz speaks...

Listen to that.. Can you hear it? ..The silence, isnt great inst it? Its almost deafening. So the public wants an outcry on Zero Tolerance. That's fine, they can be pissed at me and whoever else they want. They’ll get over it over time; in a week or so they will see that there is nothing they can do about it and they will settle back in their houses and go back to work. They wont be standing around in the front of my house, theyll be shaking their heads at my face on TV. They will be hoping that I lose, cheering against me even if they don't like my opponents either. Week after week I will let these people down and I will stand high as the World Champion. I had to leave Sandy with Underground, I know that he will see to it that she is safe until I return tomorrow. I just need a night away, a night to clean my head, ..to get my thoughts straight and my mind right. All week Ive had this match on my mind and all week I see that some people don't listen. Mainly Reeper, but what Reeper doesn’t understand is that I like to talk. So if my opponent comes out here and starts to run their mouth, I like to come out here and correct them. Show them that they are wrong, educate them on how I'm going to destroy them, and come back on TV next week and tell you that I was right.

Reeper for instance, looks at things in a different way in his own mind. He has this mentality that I'm afraid of him. Now, that just goes to show me that he didn't really pay attention to the things that I told him in my previous promo. Had he really watched it he would have seen me speak about fear. Now, since Reeper has the attention span of a three year old, I’ll go ahead and say it again, only earlier in this promo; so then maybe he will remember this time. Reeper, I asked you what kind of a match this would be if I came in afraid? Yes, I would lose. People who are afraid lose the match, and if you cant tell Reeper I think my record in the PWF speaks for its self. That, and I have more career victories than you have career matches. Fear isnt an option, you mean to tell me that Ive been doing this for fourteen years and suddenly the first person that I have ever feared is . . . . you? There have been men that I didn't like to fight in the past, but I didn't fear them. I faced them in the ring and the outcome differed every time. But were not back in 1998, no this is 2006 and I'm the best singles wrestler there is. To come into a match with fear is coming to lose. I don't come to lose and you show me that you know NOTHING about me. Fear? Please. . . .

Another thing that you don't seem to understand Reeper, is that, no. . . you don't bother me. Dont you see that I like to talk? Do you think that I get mad when you run your mouth? . . . Why would I? I enjoy it Reeper, I like for you to come out here and run your mouth, because it makes the victory even sweeter when I can look back up at you, and come out next week and show you that you were wrong. Reeper I have lots to say to you because you say a lot of ignorant things; almost everything that comes out of your mouth is incorrect or just plain stupid so Ill be here to tell you that, no. . . your wrong. You have this mindset where you think your words are poison or something? I just don't see what makes you think that I'm getting mad, why do you think that you upset me? You see Reeper, you don't matter to me. You mean nothing to me, your just another person for me to slap all over the ring just like I do with everyone else. I don't treat you any different than anyone else who shows their face and wants to talk about me, did you think that you were special or something? No. I treated you the same as if you were Mr. Showtime, a worthless nobody, but I talked to him all week long, ..I enjoyed that. Just like I do now, I love to hear how people are going to beat me

. . . and how their going to take our Titles from us, and how great they are, and what talented wrestlers they are. And you don't say anything different Reeper, your just like them. . .And you will also end up like them when we face off in the ring, you wont be able to back up all this talk. So since I like to talk, theres a few. . . well, actually theres a lot of things Id like to talk about. . . First, Your right Reeper, your title doesn’t say World on it but you think that a Champion is a Champion? You know theres a reason its called the US Title. Now let me explain this to your feeble mind: The US Champion represents the United States. Understand? Its really not that complicated. . .And the World Championship means that Im the best in the World. . . Are you able to understand now. So if you say that a champion is a champion, does that mean if you won the relay races in the Special Olympics against a bunch of kids and you get a trophy . . that makes you a champion? That sounds like something you would do. But the point is, were on different levels. The World Title is held higher than any title, yours is at the bottom. So therefore, Im a higher caliber wrestler, Im the best in the world. So you see, there is a difference in the Titles, you can sit there at your house and pretend that your the World Champ and put that belt on, only wishing it was mine.

Reeper, you wont take this Title from me, for you its nothing more than a pipe dream; something that you could only dream of. The only way that you will ever touch this belt is if I somehow lose it, and you manage to beat that person. . . that's about the only scenario that I could see working out. Because you pinning me sure the hell is out of the question. So you think that just because you held a World Title for five months makes you great? 5 months? I got your time doubled with a belt, you have nothing on me Reeper. You can tell me all about your accomplishments but you can never equal me. Your jealous of me, you wish that you could be me. You wish that you could have half the success that I have had. But Im sorry, that will never happen for you. With all these things that you say it just amazes me you have done no research on me whatsoever. You tell me that you can in and won the US title in less than three weeks, . . . then you tell me Ive never done that. Well, Reeper. Your right. I never did that in three weeks. I was a Hardcore champion in my second match in the WAWF, I was the US Champion in my second match in the OWC, World Champion in my fifth match also, . . all less than three weeks.

Crazy J and I won the tag belts in our very first match in the RWW and within two weeks of being in the PWF. So uh, what were you saying? Again, you cant compare to me Reeper. . . keep taking the list of things that you have done and telling me about them, as you can see I'm not impressed. And tell me Reeper, how exactly do you deserve a shot at our Tag Titles, what have the two of you done to earn that? You earned a shot at the US Title through the tourney, but, . . .explain to me again, how do you deserve a shot at these? Just because you have a big ego and think your somebody? You gotta have a better excuse than that. You keep on telling us that you and Steel are capable of winning these Titles, . . . well, where exactly is your friend Steel? Is he going to be another one of these opponents who doesnt show up? Does he have enough sense to not step into the ring with us. Your world is going to come crashing down around you Reeper, you and Steel will be on the losing end of this match. I see that you dont want to except the truth, . . . its ok though, youll both just have to learn the hard way.

Now we have Dozer and Billz. Dozer is running around here crying that he gets no respect, well Dozer why should anyone respect you? What have you accomplished in the ring that is going to make me believe that you are a great wrestler? Just because you teamed up with that loser Mason you now have this attitude that you are a somebody. Well, tell me Dozer. Where is Mason? I know where he is, hes at home watching this on TV nursing his injuries that I have given him. I ran him out of this company Dozer; Mason knew that he couldn't stop me in the fifteen million chances that he had. . .You and him both for that matter. So what makes you think that you can win my gold? If you couldn't beat J and myself then, so how are you going to do it without the help of your friend? You can come for me Dozer, come take your chance at me one on one and see how the end result is. When they have to get the stretcher out just to remove you from the ring, the unidentifiable human flesh they call Dozer, will wish that he never made the mistake of stepping into the ring with me. You want to take me to Hell Dozer?? You want to take me across the river of Styx and show me the black flames? I cant wait, I call that place home and I look foreward to the day my soul leaves this pitiful place.

But Dozer, you wont be the one to take me down there. But the time you get there, you will be bowing down at my feet when you step into my gates. Do you like to point out that people are white? How many times are you going to refer to Reeper and myself as White Asses? Does my white ass bother you? Or do you just not have anything different to say? You are right about one thing Dozer, you are an afterthought to me. How many times have we been in the ring Dozer? How many times did J and I have to kick your ass? . . .So give me one reason that I should make you more than an afterthought. Weve beat you, we know your weaknesses and we know how to expose you. Weve done it. And I assume that we will just have to do it again. Im glad that your not afraid of me Dozer, Im glad that your willing to step up to me in the ring and stand face to face. Let your rage and hate for me take over. You will be blinded by that, it will take over your focus and will cause you to lose the match in record time, to my. . White Ass. I don't understand some of the things that you say Dozer. You go off and tell J and hes second fiddle? You have been here this long and you STILL dont know anything about us? J is second fiddle, so is Erik, and so am I. I dont lead Zero Tolerance and wherever did you come up with that? .

. You know that Zaslaw guy, the one that you mentioned. . . well, hes the leader of Zero Tolerance. So before you come out here and say those things, which make you look like a complete idiot, why dont you get your facts straight. Me, the leader of ZT. . . Thats almost as funny as Reeper saying the World Title is calling his name. you can be a Warrior, an ice princess, a GI Joe. . I don't care what you call yourself Dozer, because in the end, . . everybody already knows what you are: a loser. Just like Calypso and Vexon. This Vexon guy appears to be nothing more than Calypsos bitch, all he does is follow Calypso around and speak a word or two while Calypso is the one running his mouth. Vexon on says this is going to be my greatest battle? Your far off from that, you two dont even have a chance in this match, and if J and I are the ones that have to prove you both wrong, then that's the way its gonna be. I can sit here and be cocky and arrogant because I can back it up. Week after week my words hold true and Calypso and Vexon are going to change that? Dozer and Bills? Steel and Reeper? With so many people in the ring this will be is going to be an interesting match, ...and I cant wait to get my hands on as many of you as I can. The six of you are walking in on something that none of you are going to be prepared for. Thats our ring. Hell in a cell with Zero Tolerance...After we all step into the ring and they lock that thing up, its hit Zero..And once it hits Zero, its too late.

Jaymz sits there looking on as the scene fades to black