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The scene opens up with the local evening news, channel nine, Robert Callens reporting. "And our top story of the day comes from the world of professional wrestling and the renegade group of Zero Tolerance. A member of the group, Jaymz, won the PWF World Heavyweight Title just a few nights ago at Cruel Intentions that was aired on Pay-Per-View. Early this morning a press conference was held on Peebly and 174th by the group and its leader, Alexander Zaslaw. As you can see from the video we are airing, there was a massive turnout for the event as wrestling fans from all over the city came together to catch a glimpse of what the group members had to say. Zaslaw, who is a successful businessman owning portions of companies all over the world came out to address the crowd on the drizzly morning, followed up by the group member and now World Champion, Jaymz. The intended purpose of the conference was the unveiling of the structure onto of the building on the corner of Peebly and 174th that the group had purchased some weeks ago. There was a mixed reaction from the crowd as the canvas was dropped and there was a statue of the huge wrestler holding the World Title up over his head. And what was even more disturbing was some of the things that the man known as Jaymz had to say. Telling the good people of the city that they would bow down to him as if "he was the Lord." We aired this live to you this morning and ever since then our phones have been ringing off the hook with you opinions and thoughts. While my opinion on this, is that its nothing more than a show put on by a businessman to gain national attention. We received some very interesting calls and emails, like this one from Betty who is 43 and and she wrote:
I cannot believe the filth that you people show on the air these days, every day the programming gets worse and everyday there is something else that I refuse to let my son watch. My son loves watching the PWF and I have never had a problem with it before until this freak show that he calls "ZT" showed up. Now, he has a t-shirt with a bald man peeing on the PWF logo. Who markets this stuff?? And today I walk into my living room and what do I see? My son BOWING down in front of the TV all because this freak they call Jaymz thinks hes our Lord. I will no longer let my son watch the garbage they call Wrestling. I called all of my sons friends parents and told them of the filth that was on TV, and not to my surprise they were watching it to and couldnt believe what they were seeing. Im disappointed in your network, Im disappointed in America, and Im disappointed in these men who are suppose to be our children's idols. Betty.

We also have another email from Mark who is 32 and this is what he had to say:

We could go on and on with the calls and emails that we received that are in protest of the group, but I wanted to share with you one more email that we got from a man named Troy who is 21 and attended the conference this morning, and this is what he had to say:
I was at the unveiling this morning and it was a proud moment for lots of us! Jaymz has finally become the World Champion and he deserved it! These men are great men, guys who know how to take what they want. Everything they touch turns to gold and I envy them. I take this seriously and when Jaymz said we will all bow down to him and worship him, that is what I will do. I do this because I know there isnt anyone who can stand in his way, I know of the power he has and what he can do. If there is a God, his name is Jaymz. I have followed these men as they have destroyed one fed after another, I lived in Steel City and was a member of the Church that Jaymz preached at. I know this man is great and when I die I know he will be there to greet me at the gates of Hell. There is no Heaven, I follow these men and I still live by the word that Jaymz spoke. I hope, and pray, that one day I can become half the man that Jaymz, Crazy J, and Erik are. I would die for these men. I would do anything for them, these men have changed my life and made me into what I am today. Troy.
So there is Troys opinion on the conference this morning, I can say that Troy's email was surprising, but I was even more surprised to see that we got several more just like it. Whether he was playing around or not is not for me to question. But I do hope he doesnt believe the things he sent to us. If you have any comments you would like to leave us concerning this story or any other story this evening drop us an email at comments@channel9.com or you can call at--

Zaslaw turned the TV off at that and leaned back in this chair. He took a deep breath and shook his head. This was not the publicity that he wanted, Jaymz had caused an uprising in the city this morning and now it was turning into a mess that he didnt want to deal with. He got up from his chair and went over to the window, he had the top floor in the huge building that was located downtown and a great view of the whole city from his office. He looked down below, and there they were: the protesters. He couldnt read their signs but he could see them pacing around in circles in front of he building like ants. He walked back over to his desk and pushed the intercom button, he told the secretary to "send them in." He sat back down in the chair behind his desk and waited for them to come in. A few seconds later the door opened and Crazy J and Jaymz appeared. They sat down in the two chairs facing Zaslaw and for a while nobody said anything.

J: You know how hard it was to get in here?? We had to go around back just to avoid all those retards out there.

Zaslaw: well you can thank your friend Jaymz here for that mess

Jaymz: give me a break, these insensitive fools have nothing better to do with thier time. Dont any of these people work?

Zaslaw: its seven o'clock Jaymz, most people are off work by now. And the ones that are, are down there. ..thanks to you.

Jaymz: Me??? your the one who went along with it and set the whole damn thing up. Dont blame this all on me...

J: Thats just like you Zaslaw, going along with something and when it doesnt turn out the way you want it to you place the blame on someone else.

Zaslaw: NO! Thats now true, and how can you say that?? That whole deal was suppose to be about Jaymz winning the World Title and us having more control. Then Jaymz goes out there preaching all this Evil shit thinking hes the Devin Incarnate or something....You have got to stop doing that, you see what you have started??

Jaymz: you know what I believe and you know the path that I have chosen.

Zaslaw: but its bad in the publics eye Jaymz, you cant keep going around telling people to worship you. I dont care what you believe or how you feel were not in Steel City anymore where you had followers of your..."religion."

J: What? You saw the news, he has followers of his preaching all over the world

Zaslaw: and I DONT CARE!! This satanic bullshit needs to come to an end.

Jaymz. It will not. Whats the difference between me and all the others? I get exposure, were on TV every week. If it was someone else preaching the same things on TV it would be the public going after them as well.

Zaslaw: do I look like I care about those other people? You work for me and you will do as I say.

J: .."you work for me and you will do as I say, blah blah..."

Zaslaw: dont mock me.

Jaymz: If you dont like the things that I do and the things that I say, then get rid of me. Take me off the payroll and find someone else.

Zaslaw: I wouldnt do that and you both know it, I cant afford to lose any of you. but Jaymz, please, were getting too much heat for this.

Jaymz: Then it comes down to the fact that you want to be seen as a nice guy? Everyone knows that your not, everyone knows the business that were in. They all know that, they all know were involved in things that are illegal. but theres no proof on anything, yet you worry about what I say concerning my beliefs to the public?

Zaslaw: I can see this is a fight that Im not going to win.

J: When have you ever won one against us?

Zaslaw: between Jaymz' preaching and your mask bullshit I just hope that the two of you are ready for this match this week.

J: "The mask bullshit?" ..what is that suppose to mean? Dont you have any idea what that mask means to me??

Jaymz: Did you just call us in here to pick fights today, because im really not in the mood for this shit right now...Sandy is at home waiting on me, she went and bought some sexy --

J: Stop!!! she works for me, I dont want to hear what she wears..it was bad enough you guys were doin it in the Disturbed Dreams Inc. building a few months ago. I still have nightmares about that.

Jaymz: Oh it was anything but a nightmare, trust me.

J: **shudders** eehh...

Zaslaw: guys, just make sure that your prepared this week..this is a huge match, we have everything to lose and little to gain. be in touch.

Jaymz and Crazy J stood up and walked out of the office, they made thier way to the elevator and went down into the main lobby. The protesters out front saw the two men inside from the glass door and began to beat on it, screaming and yelling. The ZT security guards stood by the doors, waiting for them to come storming in. J and Jaymz turned thier backs to the people and took a right around the corner. They came out the back of the building where they parked thier cars, they were about to leave when J spoke

J: Hey! Make sure Sandy comes back to work tomorrow, Ive got stacks of papers for her to take care of....Im not payin her to lay on her back all day.

Jaymz: Shes at her best when shes on her back, I can tell ya...

J: please dont, I might end up killing myself.

Jaymz: the best thing she does, is when she takes her mouth--

J: AH! Stop!! I dont need to know this!! but hey, World Champ, you ready for this match?

Jaymz: World Champ? That belt represents all of us in Zero Tolerance, I just happen to be the one that defends it. Just like our World Champ Tag belts, but you defend those this week.

J: We dont except anything less than World Championships, ..but hell, we'll take those other titles if we can too! Even if it means I choose to take the PWF's lowest title from Reeper, ..now that I let him have fun with it for a week.

Jaymz: ah gee, arent you just the upstanding fuckin citizen...You want to go join those retards out front?

J: ..why dont I just go out there and tell them where you are, "Most hated World Champ."

Jaymz: spare me from those pitiful people, they have nothing better to do.

J: I gotta get back man, I'll hit ya in a day or two

Jaymz: I'll be in touch

The two men got into their vehicles and went their separate ways, Jaymz got on the highway and turned the volume on the radio down.

This match coming up could lead the PWF in many different directions. All but one Title is on the line between eight men. We have two of them. Actions could change, power would shift. But no, it wont happen, ..because we wont allow it. These are the type of matches that can get you in trouble, with so many people in a small place theres too much to take in and see what all is going on. Ive been here before, Ive seen hundreds of these matches and the winners are usually all the same. The guys with the most awareness, the ones who stay in control of themselves in the ring at all times. This is the type of match that requires the most focus, and Crazy J and myself, ..we know all about that. Were the World Tag Team champs for a reason, and yes I know that's different, but we don't always do things by the rules in a tag match, theres always bodies in the ring. You have the PWFs two most dominate wrestlers who are also the Tag Champs? People underestimate the Tag Team belts, Crazy J and I take pride in them because of what they are and what they mean. . Crazy J and I have never lost a tag match, in the last two feds we were in before Zaslaw talked to us and we got back together to come to the PWF, we dominated the tag division. We went to these places, got our shot at the Belts and took them...

There has never been a Tag Team that has even smelled a win against us. ..But people want to underestimate the tag belts? Good. I hope their in this match. They can call themselves a tag team, but they don't consider it a priority like we do. Their too worried about their Singles Titles being more important, and that's good to ..So what are these six people going to do? they will lose, there will be no titles exchanging hands except for maybe the US Title if we feel like taking that too. Reeper, do you know why you look down at the US Title on your desk? Its not for joy. Its not for the good feeling you get when you win a big match. For you, and you know it, got lucky. Yes. You got lucky. You cant sit and argue with me, because you wont change my mind.. and when I want your opinion ..I’ll give it to you. You look down at that Title with the feeling of amazement and relief, deep down even you know that you were lucky. Dont lie to yourself though, don't come out. Crazy J admitted he made a mistake, and that is why you were lucky. I like to see how you brag, "oohh, Ive never been lifted before." Your just fat. I'm a veteran of the ring, I'm getting up there in age so I'm not as cut as I used to be and I see that you outweigh me by ten pounds…well, since were both seven foot two I believe that makes you a little fat. Maybe that's the reason you haven’t been lifted up?

Or maybe your just lieing? Do you think Im going to come out here and tell someone that Ive never been lifted? Just because I'm seven foot two don't mean someone cant lift you. And just for your comments there, I’ll make sure and lift you, and I’ll slam your sorry as back to the mat so hard you really can say "ooh, Ive never been slammed THAT HARD before." You are nothing to me Reeper, you think you can come in here and run this place on strength and size. Typical big man. But you know, I thought that way to back in the day and I had to learn the hard way. I had to learn from the big men who had skill, discipline, ring knowledge. . . . you don't have those, you havent been wrestling long enough and you havent proven yourself to be yet. This is only your second title? And you want to come out here and act like your somebody? . . . How long was your first Title reign? Was it long? You better hope, champions are defined on the length of time they held it. So what if youre a twelve time world champ, you lost that belt twelve times as well. When you look at me Reeper, you see a man who will hold onto the World Title, you see it in my hands and its something that wont leave me. Reeper the next time the fans chant your name is when youve recovered from the damage I will put you through, and you come down that ramp in a wheelchair with one arm raised high.

They will chant your name then, and I will smile. I will smile at your sorrow and feed off of that. Son, I think your brain is fried. Do you really think that your headline this match? When I saw you say that several days ago in your promo I couldnt stop laughing. It made my day actually, to hear something that funny and to think that you actually believe it was even better. You see, Zero Tolerance headlines the PWF. We have the most dominate wrestlers, were talked about on the news, people stand in the street to see us in the rain, we have the three belts that say World on them, . . what does yours say again? You are a complete fool to think that you headline this match. I know that your young in the business, because you WANT the spotlight. You dont know how to be patient, we do. And wheres the spotlight? ..Above us. I don't concern myself with who "Headlines a match," its the most meaningless thing in the world. Your young and ignorant, but what can be expected? Your ego is going to be the death of you dont you know that Reeper? The ego is the death of almost all wrestlers, Ive seen the greats go down because they thought they were so much better than everyone. The difference between me and them is, is that I KNOW that Im that much better than everyone.

Do you actually believe that I cringe when you speak to me? Do you really even think that I give a shit that you acknowledged my existience? Am I suppose to be scared of you? What good would that do me in the ring to come in afraid? ..you dont know anything about me at all do you Reeper? You can come out here and talk about being a World Champion, but you know nothing of it. I don't know where you were before you can here and I dont really care, but the point is; you didnt face anyone over there with half the talent we posess. You can beat Sweet Candy Nutz in some other fly-by-night federation for a World Title but that shit dont cut it in my backyard. You gotta step into the ring with me and get the three count, which nobody here has been able to do yet.. So you say that Reeper and World Title are meant to be in the same sentence? Sure, if you insert the words "is not worthy of" between them. You and Steel wont come out of this match a winner, I hope that you know that. You may not be as wise as the other opponents. . . I think their scared of me, again it looks like my competition is going to go into hiding. . .Then we have Calypso. you know, I didnt understand half of the things that he said in his promo, er..commercial I guess it was. Why did he say "l.o.l" Doesnt that mean "laugh out loud?" So does Calypso run around laying"l.o.l" instead of laughing? I dunno, I just found that kind of strange and in that jumped mess he was speaking, ...I really couldnt understand half of the things he said. For a minute I was about to raise my hand, I thought we had an auction going on the way he was talking. Why are you even wasting your time and training to get into the ring with the great Zero Tolerance? Are you just going to be our warm up to Reeper and Steel? ..you have some guy on your team who I have never heard of, yet you go around and Tell Dozer and Billz its embarrasing thier in the match? Your embarrassing. Im not wasting my time on you, go back into hiding like all my other opponents.