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Bad Decisions

It was a cool day, the clouds hung low in the sky as a slight drizzle made its way down to the ground. The stiff breeze made the cool air seem even more chilly than it really was. The scene opens up outside of the building, that only a few days ago, was a church. The building looked significantly different, there were no more windows in the building - they had all been bricked in. The two front doors that were white and had a cross on each one no longer existed. What was there were two huge steel-looking doors with some kind of demon extending off each door where the Crosses had been. The entire building had been roped off and men wearing black suites were spaced out inside of the barrier surrounding the building. They stood there looking on with thier hands folded in front of them. One the front of each mans jacket was a small logo that read ZT in blue stitch. On the top of the building was a huge canvas that was covering something, it stood roughly twelve feet tall of the top of the structure. The people had come to see it. There were hundreds of people out in the front of the building, some holding signs and others just trying to catch a glimpse of what was going on. Just outside of the front door was a podium that stood empty except for two more of the ZT security guys who seemed to be off in their own little world. The people had been here for quite some time, some were soaking wet from the drizzle while others had come more prepared with their umbrellas and hats.

After a few moments the crowd noise came to a murmur as they awaited what they have come to see. Seconds later one of the huge metal doors opened up just a little, and after what seemed like eternity Alexander Zaslaw stepped from the door. There were a few cheers and claps but most of the people stood silent as to see what he had to say. Zaslaw was wearing his finest black suit and he adjusted his sunglasses when he stepped from the door. There was no sun, it was dark and rainy but Zaslaw was a sucker for routine and looks. If it was the dead of night, he still had those sun glasses on. He looked over the crowd for a moment and surveyed the spectators. Some were kids with big grins just waiting to catch a glimpse of the people they see on TV every week. Zaslaw walked over to the man on the left of the podium and said something to him, the man nodded and Zaslaw made his way to the podium. He placed both hands on top of it and waited for the crowd to come silent. He looked left and right, taking in every face, every emotion. He didnt want anything going wrong on this day. There were decisions that were made, some that he didnt agree with but Alexander went along anyway. Finally the crowd became still and Zaslaw spoke to them.

Zaslaw: Today, . . . Today is a powerful day in the times of Zero Tolerance. Today is a day in which we have become a more powerful group. A large step in the goals that I have set for my men; but only a small step for the things we hope to accomplish over the next few years. I pride my men on being the best; accomplishing what so many people have not and what so many people dream of. Today is a step in the right direction for Zero Tolerance in the take over of the PWF. Zero Tolerance has officially risen to the top, staked our claim as the best in the business...But I have more in mind. My men, who follow me faithfully, can only have so much control in the PWF. They may have taken it over, but in the end - their simple employees of a large company. Simple employees who have destroyed the competition and put many men to shame. To me, their more than simple employees. Were like a cancer, we start from the inside and take over from there. I have plans for myself regarding the PWF, I will be meeting with the Big Heads upstairs this week, in what could turn out to be one of the biggest business deals of all time. But we have come for other reasons today. The domination of the PWF has continued and has reached a high point. Last night, one of our own was crowned the World Champion. A man who deserves the title of World Champion. A man who relishes the fact he got an opportunity to fight for the belt. A man who has experience as a World Champion. A man who I call Un-beatable. The most dangerous man that I know. I give to you all,....your new World Heavyweight Champion, ......Jaymz.

As Zaslaw spoke his name there came a mixed reaction from the crowd. A few claps, a few boos but mostly silence as they still looked on at the canvas covering the structure that sat on top of the building. Zaslaw stepped away from the podium and looked back at the huge doors. Neither of them moved as they waited...Finally the crowd went silent as they awaited for Jaymz to walk out, but he never did. Zaslaw, already annoyed at this whole thing stormed inside of the building. The room was huge as everything had been removed from the former church and it was black as night. Only a single blue flame put any light into the room as Zaslaw walked towards it, the closer that he got we saw Jaymz sitting in the oversized chair at the top of where the stage used to be. Zaslaw stood at the bottom of the steps and looked up. Jaymz sat there in a trance, drool ran from the right side of his mouth. His eyes were wide and moving rapidly from one side of the other. Zaslaw seemed a little concerned at the mental state of the man. He called up to the big man who slowly turned his head and looked down at Zaslaw. Alexander had no time for games and with a sharp tone in his voice, he told Jaymz the people were waiting on him. A nasty smile came over Jaymz' face as more drool ran down the side of his mouth, he responded in a hushed tone: "I know." He slowly got up from the chair and reached behind it, pulling out the World Title and tossing it over his shoulder. He walked down the steps and past Zaslaw as every step the big man took echoed throughout the dark empty room. He made his way to the front doors, threw them both open and stepped into the cloudy day.

The doors banged hard of the bricks and came back towards Jaymz. he stopped the doors with both hands and looked out of the crowd of people. More people cheered at the sight of him than they did before, but not many. Off to the right Jaymz and Zaslaw noticed two of the ZT security guards moving towards the fenced off area. A man in all black lunged over the small fence, the two men grabbed him but he was strong as he tossed one into the side of the building, knocking him out. It was then that Jaymz yelled as loud as he could, "STOP THIS." Everyone stopped. Even the security guard and the man in all black. They both looked on at Jaymz as he told the security guard to release the man. Several of the security guards took Zaslaw by the arms and pulled him back behind them. He didnt like this, but he was being protected. Jaymz handed the World Title to one of the other guards, he then held his arms out facing the man in all black. Rage ensued in Jaymz' eyes. ..Hate and fury and a desire to kill filled the large man. The man in all black charged at Jaymz, he pulled a knife from the waistband as he was only a few steps away, Jaymz never moved. he only stood there with his arms held out as the man flew into him plunging the knife just above the waist on the left side of Jaymz. He pulled the knife out, his face was covered but joy was in his eyes as he believed he had just killed the big man. As the knife came out Jaymz quickly grabbed the man by the neck and hoisted him high into the air, with everything he had he slammed the man into the wall, cracking the bricks in the structure. The mans eyes rolled into his head as blood came from his nose and ears.

Zaslaw came over and pulled the mask off of the man and stood back with wide eyes, he spoke one word quietly; "Clawz." Jaymz heard the word and looked over at Zaslaw with hate and rage still in his face. Zaslaw only shook his head in the, "we'll talk about this later" motion and told Jaymz to get to the podium. A black tar looking substance had come from the hole that the man had put into Jaymz with the knife. Nobody had seemed to notice, it had happened so fast that everyone assumed that the man had missed Jaymz, since he should have been bleeding to death. But was not. He took the belt back from the ZT security man and put it back over his shoulder before he stepped up to the podium. Like Zaslaw, he looked around at the faces in the crowd. They had all gone silent as the drizzle came more to a sprinkle. He stood there at the podium, looking several years older than he actually was. The scars that covered his face added to the look of aging, his hair fell down into his face but he pulled it back. He wore a short sleeve shirt and noticed that several people were looking at the tattoos that covered his arms. His eyes were no longer wide and wandering, now they were closed more, focused. He laid the World Title down on the podium infront of him, ran his hand over the name plate where it now said "Jaymz." He looked over at the dormant crowd and spoke to them.

There comes a time when things must change. There comes a time when the true powers of the world take a hold and rise to the top. For some, ...its a hard task to accept the truth. A hard task to see what is real, and what isnt. For those people live their lives in darkness, blind to the world. Immune to the way things happen. ...And for them, they have no choice but to see the way. They have no choice but to wake up from their stupidity, their ignorance and their sheer passion to not believe. For now it is time. Time for the world to see who the most powerful group of people on the planet are. Time for everyone to realize the power that we possess, the hold that we have on the PWF and the World. I have said many times that I am the greatest singles wrestler to ever grace your pitiful existence. I hold true to that. I have spoke the word, I have spoken that Zero Tolerance would be on top. I, along with the rest of my friends have spoken that Zero Tolerance is the power of this planet. But you all were deaf. You all didnt want to hear that. None of you wanted to believe the power that we have. you all wanted to see us DIE. ....Am I wrong? ..... You people of the public now have to stand before me and see who stands on top of the World. I warned you. Crazy J warned you. Erik Black warned you. None of you listened. None of you wanted to believe. Now you have to. There are many things that Zero Tolerance still needs to accomplish, but gaining the Title and I won was a large step. I brought the belt home to Zero Tolerance, I brought the World Title to where it was suppose to be. With us. We all claim the Title, but I defend it. I defend that Title with everything I have, I wont lose that Title. Thats a fact. There isnt anyone in the PWF that can stop me, there isnt anyone in the PWF who can compare to the Worlds greatest singles Wrestler. And now there comes a new time, a time in which all of you will bow to me. A time where all of you will pay your respects to Zaslaw, for me, for J and for Erik. You all will come down to one knee and kiss my feet, worship me as one of the most dangerous men around.

A few people in the crowd began to laugh at the last few remarks that Jaymz made. He had noticed them and that look of hate and rage appeared back into his face....His eyes seemed to change color, almost to a black. Some people took notice of this and backed away from the fence blocking off the building. One man still pointed and laughed at Jaymz from the back, he took notice of the man laughing at him...Looked over at him with the now black eyes and that evil grin came over his face. The man in the back of the crowds smile faltered off his face. A look of sadness came over the man before he turned and walked off. Jaymz watched him walk around the corner and then stand on the sidewalk with a blank look on his face. Jaymz nodded his head one time and as he did the man stepped out into the street and got plowed by an oncoming bus. The crowd was still focused on Jaymz as the bus locked its brakes up in the street with a loud skidding sound. Several of the people in the crowd ran over to see what was happening, but most stayed to see what Jaymz had to say.

Did I say something amusing? Do you think that I am joking? I want to hear nothing but silence as I continue. ....... ….... ...... Now, you all have come here for a reason. You now know that reason. Zero Tolerance runs this town and you will do as we say. You will worship your World Champion as if I was your Lord. Is that clear? For now, I will show you what you have come to see.

Jaymz looked over at one of the security guards by the front door. The man went to the side of the building and pulled a rope, it was attached to the canvas covering the structure at the top of the building. As the canvas came sliding off the murmurs in the crowd pick back up. It was a statue of Jaymz with the World Title Belt held high over his head. The statue was grey marble and the rain that landed on it seemed to make it shine. Every detail was precise, from the tattoos that covered his arms, to the eyebrow piercing and the scars that covered his face. But the most disturbing feature was the two black marble eyes that stood out like a sore thumb. Jaymz tilted his head back to the sky and held his arms out, as he did the clouds over the statue began to swirl. Several people took off and ran, everyone else who stayed watched in fear as the clouds moved as he spoke again

I am the one that will defend the World Title for Zero Tolerance, I am the one to beat – and I am the one who cannot be beaten. Again, I had to destroy the same men that I have been for the last several weeks. And was it a challenge? No. It wasn't. Why? Because there isnt anyone in the PWF that can bring me down. All I heard was that Mason was a great World Champ, that Spectre was unbeatable and one of the best in the game. I heard that Cage, well, …..I never really heard anything about Cage. He was nothing but the whipping boy in the match. Cage didn't even deserve to be in the ring with such talent as myself. I heard something last night, I heard that Mason had to quit. Well, I cant blame him; the man has been on the losing end on just about all his matches the last few weeks and thats only because Im the one who has been on the winning end. Good riddance. He was a horrible World Champion anyway. But ya know, that's not the only thing that I have heard about people leaving. I guess Spectre is on that boat as well, I guess that he decided that he needed a vacation or something? He needed to take a few weeks off? FOR WHAT? Because I SHAMED him. Here was a man who bragged about his win-loss record and I believe that he was 6-1 at one point? 7-1 maybe? Well, isnt that record about 6-4 now? I have single handedly destroyed the man known as Spectre. And just like Mason, he was a worthless World Champion. ..So what does that mean? It means that these men couldn't handle the fact that they were not the best, that there is someone better than them out there.

And now look where they are. Gone. Good for them. I see that J and I once again have a match together only this time it isnt a real Tag Team match. Crazy J represents the Tag Team titles and that is fine with me, I have half of that but Im confident and I know that he will retain those Titles for us, ...but Reeper better watch out because I know that J will be coming after him and the US Title. Reeper got away with a win once, but nobody has never, NEVER defeated a member of Zero Tolerance two weeks in a row. It has never happened and I know damn well that it wont happen again this coming week at Collision. Eight men in the ring at the same time, now this should be interesting. It will be a joy of mine to bring down six people in that ring and I wont leave any of them standing. Only Crazy J and myself will be the two left standing in that ring, J getting the pin on Reeper and bringing home the US Title to Zero Tolerance for him to defend. I see that he first two is a team that consist of Calypso and Vexon. Who in the fuck is Vexon? I have never heard of this man in my life, so what significance does this man hold in the match? Now Calypso if you actually think that you can come into this match and even pick up a win against one of the other teams, muchless ZT, then I don't even know what to tell you. You don't even belong in the same breath as World Title, Tag Team Titles, US Title. You and your little friend have no business in this match.

I’ll flick you across the ring one time like you’re a pathetic bug in my way and that will be the end of you and this other guy you’ve brought along. Then we got The Iron Man alliance? …You guys know how to make a mistake. You want to come around and fuck with our matches!? Do you have any idea whats going to happen to you?? No. you don't. Nobody comes around here and messes with Zero Tolerance and thinks they can get away with it. Reeper, Mason, and Steel; now that's three men and let me see.. hhm..Crazy J anddddd...who? Oh that's right! Nobody at that time! So what kind of a fight was that? Three on one? So I see that's the way you all want to play the game; and I also see that when we came to the ring, you guys didn't stay to long. That shows me what kind of people that you are. I'm not saying I'm a better person, if I did Id be lying. But the three of you showed me when the odds were even, or not on your side that your quick to bail from the scene. Your no more than street rats that I have delt with all my life. Your no better than the people I hunt down for Zaslaw. None of you have ever stepped into the ring with me, ...and when we do you get to see what true Hell is all about. Have you ever really hurt? Do any of you know what real Hurt is all about? No, I don't think that any of you do…I can show you that. You’ll look up at me in the ring as you lie there tired, hurting, ..and helpless. And you’ll hurt so bad that you’ll feel it down into the marrow of your bones…

Hurt so painful that your skin will feel like its on fire from underneath, ..and you just cant get to it. Have any of you really hurt? Your about to. You three stuck your egos in the wrong place and the three of you wont get away with what you did. Don't ever think that we forget, the three of you have to pay your dues for the things that you have done. It looks like you three will be the first group of people here in the PWF that we will get to destroy. Good. I'm glad that some of you have got together and think you can come out on top of us. Oh no, it just don't work that way. Do you think you’re the first group to try and gang up on us? Do any of you know our track record against people who screw around with us? I will finish your careers. Look at Mason. He left because he knew he wasn't half the Champion I was, ..and Spectre. ..But Ive been over this already. You three will end up like them, quitting or taking a vacation. And wasn't it Steel that was slappin people around with barbed wire at Cruel Intentions? What does he think this is? The old Hardcore days or somethin? What? …you wanna throw it around in some Hardcore? I would kill you kid. I'm a Three time Hardcore Champ and back in the day I took that Title with more pride than a World Title. Look at my face. You see the scars, you can see these marks all over my face… How else do you think they got there. You know how many pitchers of water ive taken in the face? How many times Ive had my face slit open on barbed wire.

Look at this face. This is the face of Hardcore. And as far as I'm concerned, the days of Hardcore are over. The true greats of Hardcore retired years ago. But no, not me. I still keep on going, the Hardcore days are done but over the years I realized there were better things ahead. Pull some shit like that on me and I’ll show you how its done. Steel, Reeper; unfortunately for you two .. .. you have to face me this week, and Crazy J at the same time. I know tag rules don't apply, but I can tell you this…Crazy J and I have NEVER lost a match when were in the ring at the same time. NEVER. Your hourglass in ticking

Jaymz snatches the World Title off of the podium and storms off back into the building slamming the doors closed as the scene fades to black.