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...And Then There Was Nothing pt.2

The scene opens up inside of a large dark room, the room looks familiar but there was something different about it. The room was huge, dark and empty. It was the church, that was no longer a church. Another investment of Zaslaw, and three days later Jaymz had what he wanted. There were no longer any pews in the room, instead there was nothing but the black floor. Every footstep echoed in the room, louder than it should have been. The domed top was now dark blue glass, the windows were no longer stained glass but now large black glass plates. And there was Jaymz, sitting at the top of the steps in an over sized chair. Next to him, in a chair much smaller was Sandy. She sat there motionless, but yet the wax dummy even took on a depressing look as she was all dressed in black. This was his place. This was his place where he could get away, and let things go. There were times when it just wasnt wise for Jaymz to be in public. He knew of the things that could happen, and it was just better to be here. Jaymz sat there still looking on at nothing as he had done for the last two days..he turned toward Sandy as if she had said something to him, "I know." He told her. "You have to go back Monday." Jaymz looked away from her and back at the blue domed top. He was talking about her going back to work..She was the secretary up at Disturbed Dreams Inc. and she had been missing a lot of time. It was the last thing on his mind at the moment. It was two days ago when it happened…He closed his eyes…


Jaymz woke up early that morning, it was a better morning than usual. Him and Sandy had got it on that morning, she instigated. He went out and sat down on the front porch with Sandy and as he did a car drove by looking oddly at the man sitting to the wax dummy. Then it hit him. He had to go see Vadim today. He had not been to the hospital in months, he had made a few calls just to check in. He needed to go. Vadim and Jaymz had been in a car crash, Vadim went into a coma ...and that's when Zaslaw had Jaymz committed to the mental institution...Only Jaymz had gotten out, Zaslaw asked all of them to come back, to the PWF. Vadim was a wise man, he knew more about Jaymz and his family than Jaymz knew about himself. Vadim worked for his grandfather for a short while before he died, came over to the States and worked for Jaymz' father. It was never really understood what exactly he did for them, none of them were ever really involved in business, they were average people. Jaymz wasn't even sure what Vadim did for his family either...He never saw him until his mind began to crumble in Steel City. Vadim had helped him then, worked his mind back to shape..and had made references that his father was the same way. Vadim had gotten involved with Zero Tolerance and helped Zaslaw in a lot of way, he had gotten his right arm shot off at the elbow..He would do anything that was needed.

Jaymz sat there for a moment before going back into the house and putting his shoes on. He kissed Sandy on the cheek and walked off down to the Tahoe. He got in, pulled out the driveway and headed for town.. He drove to Memorial Hospital and parked in the parking garage, second floor. Once he was out of the parking garage he went across the street and into the hospital. Vadim was on the fourth floor, room 434. He got in the elevator and two elderly women followed him in, they pushed the "6" button. He realized then, that old people stink. They smell stale. He didn't like that. The elevator stopped and he got out as quickly as he could. He took a right down the hall and pushed the door open quietly. There was Vadim, still in that same position that he had been in for over a year now. He looked like shit, he had aged terribly and he was frail. There was really nothing left of him. Jaymz sat in there for a few moments looking at his friend, knowing that thigns were going downhill for the old man fast. Just then two nurses came half running into the room. They stopped when they saw Jaymz, he stood up; it was then that he noticed that Vadims machines were unhooked from him and turned off. The noted the look on his face as he saw the equipment. The nurse looked over to Jaymz, "I'm sorry sir, but I'm going to have to ask you to leave."
"What?...Why is he unhooked from his machines??"

The nurse stood there looking at him, "I'm sorry sir but he just passed away. There was nothing that we could for him. Their coming in here now to check him over and take him out. I'm sorry"

Jaymz stood there looking at her with a blank look on his face. Deep inside, The Thing he picked up in Colorado was jumping with joy. It relished death and the bad feelings of others. Jaymz hated that more than anything, it was another reason to stay away from the hospital, Jaymz didn't want The Thing to see the hurt it caused him. But it was too late. The nurse asked him if he was ok, he told her that he was. He sat back down in the chair, and again the nurse told them that he was going to have to leave. He stood up and walked down the hall, his eyes unclear .. as if he was in a trance. He left the hospital and went back to his Tahoe. For a long time he sat there in the parking lot. Thinking of the time Vadim first came to him. Of the times he had shunned Vadim away and told him to stray from the business of Zero Tolerance. The first thing he did once he came out of his trance was to call Zaslaw and tell him to get the place ready. The place he had been wanting, he needed it now.


Jaymz was still sitting there in the oversized chair with Sandy next to him.

There is no sense in dwelling on the past. What good can come from that? Why do people sit around and cry when someone they love has passed on from this world? Have you ever noticed that when someone dies, its almost as if their the greatest person ever. You could have hated the person, but when they die you say, "oh, I remember when Jon did this..." And the "..Bob was always so good at that type of stuff.." Its like when someone dies you instantly forget the bad things, or the things that you didn't like about them never happened. I'm not sorrowful for the loss of my friend, for we all die. There will be a day in which we all lie in our deathbed. A day for which people to line up and say the final goodbyes. I wont have a lot of people saying my last goodbyes. If I live long enough, I may not have anyone standing at my deathbed. I may not have anyone saying the good things about me when I die. There are no good things to say about me when I pass. There will be nothing for those people to smile about, or to relish. Whats more important is that those people will remember me for what I did and what I accomplished. They will see that I was part of the Crows Nest. They will see that I ruled feds as a small part of Zero Tolerance. They will see that I was an accomplished wrestler.

They will see that I won numerous US and Hardcore Titles. They will see I was once a part of the greatest Tag Teams the wrestling world has ever seen. They will see that I was a multi-time World Champion. They will see that I defended my World Titles as best I could, and to the top of my abilities. I can call myself one of the greatest Singles Wrestler ever. Ive traveled the World over my years, Ive ruled one fed after the other – held their World Titles, ruled with them and made damn sure that nobody could bring me down. That is what people will remember about me. They wont want to remember the person that I am, they wont want to re-live the horror that I put people through, they will want to refuse to believe the things that I can do. When I die, and people speak my name; it will be out of Greatness. And when I die, I will see all of you again. For I know where I am going when I die. My soul will burn in the pits of Hell in a blazing glory, I will not scream in anguish. I will not scream in pain. I will scream of joy. I will scream of excitement. I will scream of happiness for being home. The day that my soul leaves this planet will be the best day of my life. To leave all of you inferior people will be my greatest day. I cant wait for it, cant wait for all of you to come down and join me across from the River of Styx.

But I know that I have years left, I know there are still things that I have to accomplish. And those things begin at Cruel Intentions. The day that I rise as the World Champion is a prelude of the things to come. If you think that I will be a World Champion who wont show his face, like Mason...Or a World Champion who is a coward and afraid to fight, like Spectre. Or a World Champion who is no more than a wannabe in the wrong place at the right time, like Cage. I am THE greatest that any of you have ever stepped into the ring with – and I will show you why I explode with confidence, I will show you why I own that Title and I will show you why none of you are World Champion material. People fear standing in the ring with me, fear of the pain that I can bring. People fear they will be leaving the arena in an ambulance and no Title in hand. You people in the PWF are below more. You people in the PWF don't have a chance to take my Greatness away from me. I wont let that happen. Zero Tolerance came here with a plan, it was a simple plan. To simply take over. Take all of the Titles that we can and hold on to him as long as possible. To take a hold of the PWF and place it in our hands.

That's what we are doing, it may have taken a while but it was inevitable that it was going to happen. And here we are, we have the Tag Team Titles and now we go after the US and World Title. But when Crazy J and I win these Titles, that US Title isnt his...and that World Title wont be mine. They will be property of Zero Tolerance. WE will be the US Champion, WE will be the World Champion. I look around here and I see what the two of us have accomplished – I look around here and see that a simple Tag Team has taken control of this place…What are you all going to do when Erik comes back? What are you going to do if Zaslaw decides that we need another wrestler? The domination that we have will increase, we then will be able to challenge for the IC Title as well, ..and that, will come in only a short time. But for now, we take the US and World Titles.