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Business pt. III

The sounds of life filled the day: the cars going through the streets, the footsteps of the people, the chirping of the birds. It was early in the day in Shijiazhuang, China…The sun was bright and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The sidewalks were filled shoulder to shoulder with the daily commuters making their way to work or just off to their daily routines. The surrounding building were tall and unique in their structures, and that's what Jaymz and Underground were looking at the most as they stepped out of the white SUV that had pulled up to the curb. They both got out from the backseat, Underground carrying a briefcase and wearing a black suit. Jaymz was dressed more casual in a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt. He had his hair pulled back, the scars on his face showed, ..the tattoos that covered his arms . . . and the fact that he was taller than anyone he had seen since they had been here. He got a lot of looks, and it was a lot of attention that he didn't want. Chinese people knew who he was, in the States Jaymz could simply put on a cap and glasses and catch a few looks just because of his height. Here, he was way out of place. There werent that many Americans around to blend in with for one, and it didnt help that the Chinese people were a lot shorter than most people in the States. He had never thought about how he would fit in for a few days in China . . and for him, it was hell.

So many people would flock over to him wanting him to sign things, he was surprised at how many people spoke English but lots of children ran up to him and he hadnt a clue as to what they were saying. They stood there on the sidewalk for a few moments looking on at the buildings and the amount of signs that hung off of the smaller buildings in the market place. They had been here for three days and for the most part Jaymz stood looking out the window. He had never been to China, but Jaymz like to absorb things . . . to see them for what they were and take in the experience. He liked to watch other people and see how they acted, to get a feel for the place and see what it was like. Zaslaw had called earlier in the day and told them that they were to meet with Yu today and to come home tonight. Underground began to weave his way through the crowds of people, Jaymz on the other hand walked as if there wasnt anyone around. He ran people over and bumped them out of the way with his shoulder. They yelled at him in a language he didn't know, and didnt care to. He was tired of being here and he wanted to go home. The attention was more than he could handle, and the people..My God, there are so many people..He didn't like that either so he basically said "fuck it" and tore a path of his own through the crowd. They crossed the intersection, headed across the street and up to the front doors of a huge building. The building was circular in shape and windows wrapped all the way around it.

The top was pointed and had more symbols that Jaymz couldnt read, that was the other thing that was pissing him off..He couldnt read shit around here! They walked into the building and into the main lobby. The lobby was huge and surprisingly quiet, black tile covered the floor and marble panels ran up the walls. There were huge structures of dragons and other things that Jaymz couldnt quiet describe. He followed Underground to the far side of the lobby to over to a desk where a short, fatter woman was taking a message from someone on the phone. She smiled at Underground and held up a finger, motioning him to hold on for a second . . . She finished talking her call and looked up at Underground and spoke something in Chinese. . . Jaymz was irritated at every syllable that came out of her mouth, and got even worse when Underground spoke Chinese back to her. Underground did all of the talking and the only thing that Jaymz could get out of that was "Yu." She spoke back to Underground and got on her phone…After a few seconds she hung up and spoke to Underground, motioning him to the two huge double doors that were behind her desk and just to the left. The two men walked past her and through the double doors. On the other side was a long hallway, some sort of offices were in the front...Jaymz speculated security -- as they walked past them they came to the elevators. Underground pushed the Up button and waited, "So here’s what were going to do"

Jaymz looked even more pissed. "I know, I know. . . this isnt like the first time weve gone over this. . . You go in here, fuck up the deal and I have to clean up the mess and get the shit straightened out."

"Fine Jaymz, you can be a smartass all you want, but this is serious. Were all going to lose a lot of money if this doesnt go over very well." Underground shook his head as if he was disappointed.

"Underground, its you who doesnt understand. Yu isnt going to accept this offer, he wants nothing to talk over. Why do you think that I am here, for a 'back up plan?' No. I'm here because I'm going to be the one to settle the deal."

The elevator door beeped as Jaymz stopped talking, the two men got in..Underground pushed the "34" button and the doors closed. "I don't care Jaymz, say what you want. But this is a job that Zaslaw has sent ME on . . . and I will seal the deal."

Jaymz leaned back against the inside wall of the elevator, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. He was tired, and this was the last thing he wanted to do…Underground always had to be right, ..there was no point in arguing with him. It was better to let Underground think what he wanted, when in truth, Jaymz knew the real purpose of this trip. Underground was a decoy, plain and simple. What Underground didnt know was that the next man up for the job if, God forbid, something ever happened to Yu was a man that worked for Zaslaw many years ago. When Zhou, Yu’s uncle, died Zaslaw knew that Yu was going to cause some problems and he had to be eliminated. It was either him or Zero Tolerance's financial power. Zaslaw knew that Zhou was in bad health so he helped one of his own climb up Zhou's corporate ladder. Now that Zhou was gone and Yu was running the company, Zaslaws man was next in line. Jaymz knew this, Underground didnt. The elevator came to a stop and the doors opened to an office, the two men stepped out into the large room. The south wall was all windows and the entire city could be seen from the view. There were flat screen TV's on the wall airing some kind of Company promo with all the smiling faces that you expect to see on TV. Tables and chairs, a water machine and more expensive looking sculptures. Xiang Yu's personal secretary was sitting at her oversized desk, she looked up and smiled at the two men and pointed to a door on the left. The went that way and opened the door, like the main room the south wall was all window but the overall size of the office was a lot smaller. In here there was red carpet, the other three walls were painted and done so well that some of the images seemed to come to life. Xiang Yu jumped up from his desk with a big smile on his face. He looked like any other Chinese man for the most part, but he was balding, there was grey in his mustache. He met the two men in the middle of the room, shook Undergrounds hand and then extended it to Jaymz. He looked hesitant but extended his huge hand to Yu. Underground looked over at Yu, "Mr. Yu, this is Jaymz. Hes an employee of Zaslaws and hes . . . "

"Yes I know who he is." Yu spoke with a thick accent that was almost hard to understand. "I dont think you all came here for us to have small ….conversation, as you say. Come over here to my desk, have a seat will you?" The two men took their seats at the desk across from Yu, Underground opened up the briefcase and started to pull out some papers. Yu folded his arms across his desk, looking very uninterested.

"Were very sorry to hear about your uncle but business is business. So Mr. Yu, Im sure that you are aware that your uncle Zhou and Zaslaw had a business arrangement . ." Again Underground was cut off by Yu.

"Ok, Mr. . . . Underground, did you say? You seem like a smug man and quiet frankly I cant stand to look at your face. So lets make this quick. My Uncle and your boss may have had something, I dont know? He was never real clear with me about it and there are no papers binding me to make any contributions to your boss Mr. Underground and. . ."

"Mr Yu!! It was an agreement between friends, are you not worried about your investments in the States??" Undergrounds face was getting red while Jaymz just sat there not even really paying attention.

"Who cares? I could live forever off just ten percent of what I make in this business – Im not worried about those others." Yu looked at his watch, he was getting bored. "So what else do you have to say Mr. Underground"?

"Yes, I dont understand your thinking. Your going to lose out on a lot of money – Are you not aware of how Zaslaw helped start this company?? Are you not aware of the investments Zaslaw protects of yours…Its serious shit, we could get in a lot of trouble!!"

"NO!! I didnt do anything wrong. If anyone did anything wrong is was my Uncle and your Boss. Ive told you Mr. Underground, I'm not paying you. Im dropping out of the business in the States, and you can have Zaslaw tell the men that he has over there that they will need to find new jobs. I have no use for your business, I think you all are overpaid and a pain in the ass….And what is Big and Dumb doing here…You ever going to say anything!?" Yu leaned back in his chair giving Jaymz a shitty look. It was the only time during the conversation that Jaymz was paying attention. Jaymz glared at Yu and a small grin crossed his face…Yu only shook his head and looked back at Underground.
"Its time for you two to leave, I have important things to do."

Jaymz jumped up from the chair, "Well, ok. Thats that, ..It was short and sweet . . . lets go". He grabbed Underground by the arm pulling him out of the chair, he looked pissed – Underground wanted to make the deal but Yu was an asshole and nobody could have done that." Let me go! ..Im comin, I'm comin! . . ."

They walked out of the office as Yu had a huge grin on his face. They walked past the secretary not even giving her a look and went back to the elevators. Neither of them said a word to each other on the way back down, it was almost an eerie silence that thankfully was broken up by the "ding" as the door opened. They stepped out, went out of the building and stood back on the sidewalk. Underground walked over to the white SUV and looked back at Jaymz, who was wandering off over to the side of the building…He gave a nod of his head telling Underground to go on. Underground got in the SUV and headed back to the hotel. He walked up the sidewalk, took a right and went down another block. There was a small park on the west side of the street, he looked around and saw a newspaper sitting on a bench. He sat down, opened up the paper and acted like he was reading it…Like he could even read it. . . But he hated the attention he was getting here. . . And that Thing, it had been so quiet lately, was hungry. Chicken. Jaymz was tired of eating chicken, but that's what it wanted…And if he didnt get around to it, well..it would do it itself. And he hated that, hated being a prison in his own body. . . he had some time, . . . Shortly he would get chicken, then do they job. . .

Before we left the hotel earlier, I was flipping through the channels and I happed to catch Chris Masons promo. Im shocked. One of my opponents has actually shown his worthless face. Well Chris, Im glad to see that youve been kicked back takin life easy over the last few weeks. Go out and by your cars and hang with your girl,. . . thats great. Bottom line is, you arent prepared. Now you can argue with me on that all you want, I doubt you will tho, . . . It didnt appear to me that you bothered to watch my two other promos so I doubt you will watch this one as well. ANYWAY, you show up a few days before a match talkin about how great you are, and how this fed wouldnt be anything without you. . . And you seem to think that this is something that you can actually win? Getting in the ring with me is like going hunting with the D.C. Sniper, ya know, . . .Its just not something that you really want to do. Understand me Mason? Who is this Ricardo Taco guy, what purpose does he serve for you? What is a manager going to do for you? Wipe your ass? What kind of big business deals do you have to handle? Buying a car? Is that Tortillas job now, to do all your little things? Does it make you feel like your really someone?

It has to, and do you know why Mason? Your mind is fried, you come out here and tell me that your" invincible?" Did you really say that? Can you not even remember your last match in the PWF? Do you not remember that Crazy J and I wiped you and Dozer all over the ring!? . . and that I pinned you? Invincible, huh? I have to disagree there, your win/loss record tells me a different story. Mason how do you think the PWF wouldn't be a fed if you werent in it? Where do you come up with this stuff? Your just someone else to add to my win column, that's all that you are here. You mean nothing to me, your not ready for this match and you act as if you are. . . You’re a foolish man, your cocky and arrogant . . . Yeah, I am to but you see. . . The difference between us, is that I can back it up. What I have said here in the PWF has held true, I tell everyone that when Im in that ring one on one, Im going to win. Period. No one has yet to bring me down and I wont let that happen. For that, I can be arrogant. I laugh at you Mason, I laugh when you call yourself the "World Champion." Your not worthy of that Title, your not even championship material… how many times am I gonna beat you for you to realize this?

This match wont be any different than the last one, other than Crazy J and Dozer arent in it. I will beat you again Mason. I know that you dont like to hear that, but I dont want you to get the wrong thoughts in your head…The ones about you beating me, . . the things that are not true. Then Mr. Taco goes off and says that you're a mile ahead of everyone else…Where do you guys come up with this stuff? Youre a mile ahead of what? . . .Was he referring to a race in the Special Olympics that you participated in? you shouldnt do that, even though Im sure it makes you feel better. Since you’re the "greatest wrestler in the world." I threw up in my mouth when I heard you say that. You are BY FAR NOT the best wrestler in the World. I've faced men who have beaten me more than Ive beaten them…and that rarely happens, ..and Ive been around. I got over fourteen years in this business, and Ive faced the best..Ive seen the face of feds change over the last twelve years, Ive been from place to place and there isn't anything that I haven’t seen, but I know who the "Greatest Wrestlers" are and you damn sure are not one of them. You cant even compare to the greats, you have a long way to got before you get there . . . a very long way to go.