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Business pt.II

Jaymz stood facing the mirror looking at the scars on his face. He often wondered what it would be like had he not chosen the path that he had. The fights, the killing, the beatings he gave, and the beatings he took. He had just come home from his trip to Colorado. The drive home was mostly a blur, he didnt really remember any of it. He was a prisoner of his own mind, the foul smelling stench he picked up in Colorado that invaded his mind did most of the driving back...Jaymz had discovered that he could communicate with it, and he had figured out what it had wanted and what it liked to do. Jaymz realized that there was no use in fighting it, because he couldnt. Nobody could. It controlled him like he was a machine and as the long nights on the road wore on he decided it was time to give in. The Thing knew what Jaymz was and what was involved in his occupation...Beating people, torturing them, demolishing them in the ring. It was almost as if Jaymz and the Thing had come to an agreement. Jaymz would do its bidding, and the Thing would help, if need be. He had been back home for over a week when the first horrible thing happened. He was sitting on his couch in nothing but a pair of shorts eating chicken, it was baked. Chicken, thats all the Thing wanted to eat, Jaymz realized that he wouldnt be wrestling very long if he ate fried chicken everyday; he would turn into a huge blob of shit. But he couldnt get enough Chicken, his house was a wreck...Sandy needed to clean it, but lately she had kept herself locked in the bedroom Jaymz noticed.

It was on that first Tuesday that Jaymz was back at home when there was a knock at the door. He didnt want to be bothered, he was spending time with Sandy for the first time in several days(for those of you who dont know, Sandy is the wax dummy that Jaymz fell in love with and married - to him, shes real) He was fondling her, licking her wax neck - he was about to run her up the stairs and bump uglies when there was a knock at the door. Searing pain rolled through his brain, the thing wanted to take control but inside his mind Jaymz told it, that it would be better for Jaymz to handle this situation. He buttoned his pants back up, straightened Sandy's skirt. He opened up the door and there stood a man that he remembered, and obviously The Thing knew the man too. Again, it tried to take control but in his mind Jaymz reminded it of the "agreement"(if you want to call it that) they had. The Thing and Jaymz were now One. The man at the door; the owner of the restaurant in Colorado. Lyle Casper's son Tony. The Thing knew Tony, it invaded his brothers body as a child and ruined the lives of everyone around him. Jaymz was unaware of that, he just knew it was the owner of the restaurant in Colorado. Jaymz looked confused,,,"Have you been following me?" Jaymz' breathing picked up, he wasn’t wearing a shirt and the tattoos that covered his upper body and arms seemed to brighten up a little in an eerie way. Jaymz' eyes narrowed and the color seemed to change just a little.

"I, uuuhh, ....Your Jaymz? Correct? ..The wrestler?...I need to tell you something" Tony was dirty, unshaven and still wearing the clothes he left Colorado in. There was fear in his eyes.
"I'll ask you one more time. Have you been following me?" His voice was stern, the color in his eyes still changing until they went solid black.

Tony looked up at Jaymz and saw the pitch black eyes, he then realized that he had made a mistake in coming here. He was right though, he knew the Thing was in Jaymz. The same thing that been in his brother as a small child. He knew it by the blackness in the eyes of the beastly man. He took one step back from the porch, but it wasn’t enough as Jaymz' arms were extremely long. He grabbed Tony by the shirt and threw him into the house, slamming the door behind him. Tony rolled across the floor, hitting the couch and knocking Sandy to the floor. the Tendons stood out on Jaymz' neck, his face turned a bright red. Tony realized that he had successfully managed to piss off both The Thing and now Jaymz. He closed his eyes for no more than two seconds and said a silent prayer to himself. This was a mistake, it was a mistake that was about to cost him his life; and he knew it. Where Tony had fallen into the couch he had hit the foot of Sandy, smashing the wax into something that no longer looked like a foot. Jaymz' face became more enraged. He quickly went over to Sandy and examined the foot and put her back on the couch, he ran his hand through her hair, kissed her on the cheek then stood back up. Tony was crawling back towards the door about to stand when Jaymz' left foot caught him in the rib cage. The sound like pencils breaking could be heard when the foot connected, Tony let out an "oomph" as his ribs broke. His arms gave way and he laid there on the carpet. Jaymz looked awful, his eyes were pitch black; his face was full of anger and the tattoos on his body seemed brighter than ever.

He grabbed Tony by the hair and pulled him across the room, Tony screamed and yelled; but it was pointless as nobody lived close enough to Jaymz to hear the mans voice. He drug him around a corner, there was a door that was mostly closed but not latched all the way. He tossed Tony to the door, it flew open and Tony skidded across the tile floor that was inside. Jaymz followed him in and slowly closed the door behind him. Tony scrambled up against the bathtub attempting to stand up and regain himself; when he was almost up he lifted his head only to see Jaymz standing there. He saw the huge mans hands grab him by each side of his head, the muscles in his neck screamed in pain as Jaymz jerked his head back and slammed it into the tile wall of the bathroom. Tonys eyes rolled back into his head, he was nearly unconscious by the blow but that did stop Jaymz. He did it again, and again, and again...Blood appeared on the white wall from the back of Tonys head, but still Jaymz didn’t stop. He kept on going and going untill the back of Tonys skull was crushed and with every hit on the wall turned into a sickening "plop" sound as the back of his head became nothing but mush. Jaymz finally released the man letting him fall into the bathtub. He then ran his own hand along the wall covering it in Tony's blood. He held it up to his nose, sniffed it, ..then licked a little with his tongue. A sick smile appeared on his face as he wiped the blood on his hand all over his own face. That was almost a week ago, nobody had seen Tony since and there was no way in telling what Jaymz had done with his body. He still stood there looking into the mirror, seeing the face that was his. Seeing the face that many others have seen...and feared. It was then the phone rang, Jaymz walked over to it and pushed the "speakerphone" button and spoke. "Yes?"
"Jaymz!? Whats going on?" That voice couldnt be mistaken, it was Underground.
"Waiting for you to call. your late."
"Well who the fuck are you all the sudden, Zaslaw??" Underground said this with slight humor, but Jaymz didnt pick up on it.
"Im Jaymz. And if you want to be an ass, its going to be a solo trip to China for me." His breathing picked up, he wasnt happy.
"Settle down man, I was only messin with ya. Im gonna be there in about fifteen minutes, you going to be ready?"
"I'm ready. Just hurry up and get here." He still sounded pissed off as he pushed the "speakerphone" button one more time disconnecting the call.

Jaymz was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt, he had two bags packed next to him that he was taking on the trip to China. Jaymz knew all the details, this was going to be an easy trip. Zaslaw had already told him that negotiating with Xiang Yu wasnt going to work, that Underground would try his hardest but in the end it would end in Yu getting pissed and kicking them out the door. Zaslaw didnt go into any further details with Jaymz, he simply told him, "you know what to do." And that, Jaymz did. It was his specialty, it was what he did best. Zaslaw knew that Jaymz was a cold man, a man with no remorse. A man who would kill children if he had to, and wouldnt even feel bad about it. Zaslaw didnt want Yu to be hurt, and he surely couldnt do it himself...But it was in the best interest of business if the negotiations failed that Yu would have to pay the price. If it came down to it, Zaslaw knew that Jaymz would never speak a word of what he would do to the man. A knock at the door came and a moment later the Underground poked his head into the door, "Jaymz?"
"Yeah, you ready?" he said as he came out from the living room with the two bags he had packed.
Underground took one of the bags from Jaymz, "Im ready, lets get the fuck out of here...We need to be back in time for Code Red, so we have to make his a short trip. No time for play."

Jaymz locked up the house behind him and followed Underground to the Hummer that he was driving and threw his bags into the back. They got inside the Hummer, Underground driving, and started their hike to the airport. Underground pulled some papers out from under his seat, "Ok, were going to see Xiang Yu..Hes in Shijiazhuang and-"
Jaymz rolled his eyes, "Yeah yeah yeah, ...I know what the plan is ..but where did you say we were going?"
"Shijiazhuang" Underground looked irritated.
"Well ....whatever, however you say that. It dont matter. What time are we going to meet him?"
Underground pulled out more papers that Zaslaw had given him, "Uuumm...oh wait, its right here. four o' clock. Tomorrow, our time." ..."and Zaslaw wanted me to give you these incase the deal goes sour and we cant reach an agreement"
He handed the papers to Jaymz who looked them over. It was detailed, very detailed. It was a list of all the intermediate family that Xiang Yu had and their addresses, his mistress' address, his secretary's address. There was a list of cars that Yu drove, where his parking space was, what back door he left out of. His favorite places to dine, his favorite clubs. It was nothing different than any other report that he had gotten from Zaslaw for a potential job that might have to be done. Jaymz never needed any of this, but Zaslaw felt that it was - and like the others, Jaymz crumpled it up when Underground got to a stop sign. He opened the door, lit the paper on fire with a lighter and dropped it to the road and watched it burn. The airport was five more miles away.

So there are some things that I have to take care of, ..I know that as Mason and Spectre are watching this their getting all excited, jumping up and down thinking that maybe I wont make it to Code Red at the end of this week. No worries, my two pathetic opponents because I will be there. I will be there in the ring to secure the victory that is inevitably mine. It seems to me that these two have been quiet over the last few weeks. I'm beginning to wonder if they will even show up? I know it must be hard to accept the fact they will lose to me, but they should take it with pride. I mean, its not like they will be the first ones to fall at my feet, nor will this be the first time that Mason will get to fall at my feet. You know, with all the hype that Spectre gets I thought that he would show his face by now….that he would be eager to get into the ring with me and attempt to show everyone how great that he really is. . . So where are you Spectre? We have a match come this Sunday, are you even aware of that? Do you know what you are stepping into the ring with? Are you mindful of the strength that I posess and the damage that I can do to you in the ring? Ive ended careers in the ring, careers of great men and that of weak men. Men who were strong mentally, men who had more wrestling skills than I do. That's one thing that I have been criticized of over my career: my lack of wrestling skill.

When I came into this business I was told that I couldn't make it, that my knees would give out and I would fall to smaller men who are great technicians of submission moves. . . that high flyers would run circles around me and wear me down. That even big men like myself would wear me down mentally and cause me to lose. How wrong could they be? Sure, Ive lost matches but Ive won more than my fair share. And I took pride in crushing the great wrestlers; took pride in snatching the high flyers out of the sky and slamming them into the mat with such force that they had to receive medical attention just to get them out of the ring. I took pride in belittling the big men and watching them turn to women and fall to their knees begging for mercy, for me to take it easy on them. Theres nothing better than demoralizing my opponents in the ring, watching them suffer and beg for me not to send them to the hospital. Are you hiding Spectre? Are you hiding in your home, in the sheets of your bed? Refusing to come out and accept the reality that I have laid down before you? Come on Rookie, where are you at? I keep on waiting to see one of those promos on TV that sounds like a never ending haiku that you bring to us. Every minute that goes by I would sit there in front of the TV and wait but see, I cant do that anymore Spectre, I have business to tend to.

Don't worry though, ..I have Sandy back at the house ready to record any of that trash you inflict us with. This is a new beginning for Zero Tolerance, we all took some time off as the PWF went low for a while. We had some time to reflect on what we are here to accomplish and what we want. I look around here at the PWF and I see someone who calls themselves the World Champion..and again, here is another person who has neglected to come out here and tell us what he has been doing for the past several weeks. And you call yourself a World Champion? Why arent you involved in this federation? Why didn't we ever see you backstage at the live events? Were around, we make things happen and were going to keep the PWF rolling. Theres more to being a World Champion than just getting into the ring and getting you ass handed to you, by none other than myself- and walking back out. Don't you see there are certain responsibilities that come with being the World Champion? Dont you see that when you’re the World Champion that you’re the best, that people want to see you do more than just get into the ring and fight. Why don't you ever make things happen at Code Red? Why dont we ever see you outside of that? Do you run off and hide after you match? A World Champ hiding? What kind of shit is that?

That's what makes us different Mason, people respect us …nobody respects you. I sure don't. I run around at these arenas making sure that EVERYONE knows that Zero Tolerance is alive, that everyone knows who the force is here. Its about time that you gave up that Title Mason, its about time that you hand that Title over to a true Champion. I hold my head high, I know that I have beaten you and I know that I WILL do it again. This time it wont be for my . . uh, your title. . . World Champ. The World Champion should be on TV, the World Champion should be promoting the PWF, showing everyone who he is and what he is all about. You are a coward. You are a pathetic champion. This time there will be no mistake Mason, and again, it will all be fresh on the viewing eyes of the World that I am still a better Wrestler than you are and that there is no possible way that you can beat me, ..unless you cheat and your boy comes and gets me from behind when I'm not ready. But outside of that, I cant think of a way that you can beat me. Sorry. That's just the way that it is.

Where are my silent opponents?
Whats holding them back?

I can hear the silence as it roars in my ears.