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It Came From the Woods: The Final Entry

From the Journal of Lyle Casper

March 28, 1951
Mt. Evans, Colorado
Its been four years since I have written in this thing. I had forgotten all about it as the time slipped by. I now own the resturant that Tony had been working at, I bought it from the older man who was in bad health. He had told me Tony was a great worker and he hoped that one day Tony would run this place. I took those words of the old man and offered him a great sum to buy this place, he turned me down and told me he would sell it for half of what I had offered. It was a great offer, it was one that I couldnt refuse. Business had picked up alot in the last two years, the communities around here had started to grow, Tony and I placed adds all over the city promoting the resturaunt. We gave it a new coat of paint, new tables and chairs and different things hung on the walls. And people came. And those same people continued to come back. I cant say that I am disappointed in how my life is going, if I did it would be false words. I'm making more money than I ever had before, Tony still lives with me so he saves his portion. One of these days my wonderful son will move out on his own and start his own family, he will have the money and I know he has love for all people. I do hope that he meets the right woman. I try to not think about the year of 1949, two years after my wife killed herself. Well, it was that "thing" inside of Mark that had killed her...but try telling that to the locals around here. They say she was crazier than a run-over dog and she did herself in. Tony and I know that isnt true, but what can we do about it? Anyway, 1949 was hard. It was Tony, Mark and Myself...Tony still spent all of his time at the resturant working for the old man while I sat at home and did Mark's bidding. I could see in Marks eyes that he was still in there, deep down inside my son was there. But that fucking thing inside my son never let him go. I knew It would never let Mark go. It lived in him because of his mental condition, Mark was hard enough to deal with before that Thing took him over. He was hard to understand when he talked, when Mark was nine, his mental state was the equivelant of a two year old. That enabled the thing to live inside of him and nobody notice. It was a cold night in November, the Fifth of 1949...I was alseep in my bed when I heard the door creak open. I knew it was Mark, Tony would never disturb me in sleep unless it was drastic. As he came closer to my bed I could see something in his eyes, ...They were clear, it was my son. He smiled at me and I cried. It was the first time that I had seen the real Mark in over two years, I almost asked if that Thing was gone, but deep down inside I knew that it wasnt. It was still there, but Mark had done something to push him back. Mark looked at me, took me by the hand and led me out of bed. We went down the stairs and outside. I slid my shoes on, but he didnt. He just kept on walking outside. I held his hand, and the whole time I knew something horrible was going to happen, ..I had the urge to run back in the house and lock it up, keep the boy inside. But I didnt. For hours we walked and finally we came across Echo Lake and went over to the west side of it, just back off into the trees. Mark dropped my hand and looked up at me, his eyes were full of tears, and when I saw that..so were mine. Mark turned his back to me and rummaged around in a pile of leaves. I jumped back when I saw what he had, it was my shotgun. I didnt even notice that it was gone, that Thing must have made Mark sneak it out there. But thats not what happened, I didnt know it then but when Mark handed me the gun and got down on his knees I knew what he wanted. Mark never in his whole life spoke a clear word, they were always jumbled and unclear from the day of his birth. That night, he spoke to me. My heart sank and more tears ran from my eyes, he said it so clear that I almost didnt understand it. He told me "I want to see my Mother." I shook my head "no" as he handed the shotgun to me. Tears ran from his eyes as he looked up at me again, and this time I understood, I understood every clear word he said for the first day in his life. He told me: "Please Daddy, ...It hurts so much. Its coming back. It hurts. Please Daddy, dont let it. Please. It likes to hurt me. It hurt Buster. It hurt the chickens. It hurt Mommy. It wants to hurt Tony. Please Daddy. Make it stop." I couldnt deal with it any longer, tears ran down my cheeks; I wanted to kill myself but I couldnt leave Tony. That night I did something I thought I could never do, something that would never cross my mind. My son looked back up at me, I could see the pain he had been suffereing throughout the years this thing had invaded his body, ..I couldnt stand it anymore. I couldnt let it do this to my son any longer. He sat in his knees and lowered his head, as soon as he did I took a deep breath, lowered the barrel of the shotgun and fired one single shot. I didnt open my eyes, I didnt want to see. I heard his body hit the pile of leaves...and I heard something, something like a train..and it smelled bad. That Thing had left my son when I ended his life. I dont know where it went or what happened to it. All I know is that I went back to the house and got my shovel. The sun was coming up by the time I got back. I burried my son that cold morning. I sat there for hours and cried.

The scene opens up over a hillside as night is approaching. The sun fades down over the horizion giving off glows of red and orange across the landscape. The moon, barely visible can be seen as a few stars have allready made thier presence know in the sky. The camera pans left, focusing in on a gas station. Only one car is parked outside, belonging to the person who works in the store. Its a run down little building with a Coca-Cola neon sign flickering on and off in the window. Dust appears and grows on the horizion as a vehicle comes into view. The black vehicle, to far away to be identified comes closer up the road. A few moments later, the vehicle, we now see is a Tahoe quickly pulls into the gravel drive of the station and pulls up to the gas pump. The driver shuts the engine off and steps out of the car. Jaymz. He seems to tower of the Tahoe as he walks around the side, takes the gas cap off and inserts the gas nozel. He quickly turns his head to the opposite direction that he came in and give the road a long look. The camera pans that way but nothing can be seen. ....A few moments later the handle on the gas nozel pops, Jaymz puts it back up, puts the cap back on and goes into the gas station. He nods his head to the lady at the counter. She slowly nods back and stares wide-eyed at Jaymz. She is an older lady siting on a stool, now no longer reading the Dean Koontz novel she had her nose in. In her left hand she hold a Marlboro 100, that needed to be ashed about half a cigarette ago. She carefully watched Jaymz work his way down the isles, tracking his every move as if she is worried that the big man is going to harm her. Jaymz, looking back in the cooler pulls out a 12 pack of Tecate...He stops and looks out the corner of his eye, but never turning his head, back to the place in the road that he was watching as he was getting gas. He slowly worked his way back up to the cash register when a blue Honda Civic speeds into the parking lot and parks on the far side of the old ladys car. A younger guy gets out of the car, maybe 23....Short blonde hair, wearing a pair of jean shorts and a red shirt. Jaymz again watches out of the corner of his eye as the guy fiddles with something in his back pocket. He makes his way to the station door as he quickly turns his head left and right, as if looking for something before he goes inside. Jaymz picks up a package of skittles, "accidently' drops them on the floor. Jaymz bends down to pick them up as the man enters the store. Jaymz, staying down for a moment watches the guy approach the counter, and pull the gun out of his back pocket. The older woman jumps out of her chair but he pulls her up next to the counter and speaks quietly...

Is there anybody else here, anybody in the back?

The old woman frantically looks around the store, knowing that the giant man is still somewhere inside...

Well, I-I...uuhh, th-there was another m-m-man in here somewhere but...

The man turns around quickly, looking back and forth across the store, not seeing Jaymz still crouched behind the candy isle.

Where did he go!?

I-I I dont know....H-He was he just a second ago....

The camera pans back to Jaymz, he lifts his head up and those awful pitch black eyes can be seen. Suddenly the man screams, drops the gun and throws up his hand over his ears


The old woman backs away from the counter, and with suprisingly quickness, bolts from the store and runs to her car. She locks the doors, gets on the cell phone and drives off sending clouds of dust up in the sky. Back inside the store the man rolls around on the ground still screaming. Jaymz and those terrible black eyes rise from the isle. the man didnt even see Jaymz as he lay face first on the floor pulling out mounds of his blonde hair.


Jaymz walks up to the man, the rolls over and screams in terror as he sees the giant approaching him...


The man trys to crawl away but Jaymz grabs him by the back of his shorts and hoists him up into the air.....The man, still screaming in pain holding his head comes face to face with Jaymz...Jaymz uttered a single word...


The man drops his arms from his head, his mouth goes slack and hangs open, his eyes wide. Jaymz drops him to the floor and kicks the limp man over onto his back. In a terrible sight, blood is coming from the mans nose, ears, eyes and mouth.....Jaymz looks down at the man, then walks over to the counter, opens the register and pulls out his waller...With tax his total would have come to $34.56, he stuck two twenties into the register, grabed his beer and walked out the door...never looking back at the man inside. He looks to his left, his eyes now back to normal brown, and hears sirens of police cars that the old woman had called. He throws the beer into the passenger seat of the Tahoe, gets inside and takes off in the opposite direction.

Its almost fully dark now as Jaymz drives down the winding dirt roads, its going to be a clear night as more stars come through the dark. His seat, his custom seat, since he is soo tall leans all the way back the the bench seat row behind, pushing it in a little. A sign flys by that says 55MPH. The camera man pans down to see that Jaymz is taking the tight curves just a little too fast at 78MPH. The clear hills begin to give away to a few towering trees....the farther Jaymz drives the headlights kick on as the trees become thicker, covering both sides of the road.....Jaymz begins to slow down and take one more tight turn to the left. Houselights can be seen flashing between the trees as the Tahoe approaches. Jaymz pulls up in the driveway, slams the Tahoe in park, grabs his beer and steps out. The house is an old log cabin, in desperate need of a little work. Tall grass and weeds surround the place. The railing on the porch, which goes all the way around the house, is broken in most places. The camera pans around the house noticing that the second floor window has been broken out, and a make-shift trashbag covers the hole. Three sets of weathered windchimes hang from the front porch clanging softly in the low breeze. Jaymz flings the door open and steps into the house....Suprisingly, the house inside isnt as bad as it is on the outside....It could have a little more character to it as there is no pictures on the walls, no tables except for the small kitchen table in the dining room. The living room, bare as the rest of the house, only has two large leather recliners and an old Sony TV. The camera pans up to the stairs to the second floor...at the top its dark and hard to see, but nothing but a closed door. Jaymz steps into the living room, kicks off his shoes and throws the case of beer down on the floor next to the recliner. He kicks back in the chair, finds the remote and kicks the TV on. He flips through the channels and finds the local news....Thier talking about some tragic event that took place at a gas station just west of town.