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It Came From the Woods

It was like being in a dream, the realm inside of another world. He didnt really know what to think about it, other than he didnt really like it. The last few days had been extremly difficult, strangly odd and very confusing. After Dead or Alive Jaymz was glad a have some time off, it was well desereved since Zero Tolerance made their arrival at the PWF. The traveling had been intense and tiring on his mind with the changes in time zones and the numerous flights to the events and back home over the weeks. Rest was what he needed, and during the time off he planned to get lots of it. Jaymz took a few days to himself, away from Sandy and away from the rest of the friends. He needed to clear his thoughts, to get his mental state back where it needed to be. ..which still wouldnt be normal for most people, but Jaymz is different...hes not "most people." For Jaymz, it was to stay away from the city, stay away from people in general. When he returned home from Dead or Alive he told Sandy he needed to be away for a few days, she was upset at the idea but he convinced her it was the best for him, and everyone associated with him.

He packed his things and walked his dead tired body out the door and headed to his private plane. The flight wasnt too long and it was only after lunch time when the landed in Denver, Colorado. As usual, at the small landing strip outside of Denver, sat a new black Tahoe; the only thing Jaymz will drive. He threw his things in the back and drove off. Mt. Evans was his destination. It was a place he had been to before; he knew the landscape, the trails, and the dangerous spots. There was typically alot of tourism here but during this time of year it slacked off a little. His favorite spot around Mt. Evans was Echo Lake. It sat off in between the hills surrounded by forests, hidden from everything but an aerial view. Jaymz hiked his way to the lake and set ground, he threw up his tent and staked his claim. For the first three days he was calm, relaxed and undisturbed in his own private get-a-away. Very few people came by and the ones that did paid him no attention. It was on the fourth day that everything changed.

Jaymz woke up that morning already knowing what he was going to do that day, take a walk around Echo lake and maybe go up to the old ruins of the restaurant where the parking lot was. He changed his clothes, took the two drags of his morning cigarette, snuffing the rest. He hiked his way up to Echo lake, it was a quite a hike going up hill in the thick forest. There was a cool breeze that day making it seem colder than it actually was in the shade of the trees. He came into the clearing on the east side of the lake, there was something off on the farside that caught his attention. The hairs stood up on his arms, something told him just to ignore it; but he couldnt stand it...he had to see what it was...What Jaymz saw was just off in the trees on the west side of the lake, it seemed to shimmer and move. It was like looking at the road on a hot summer day where the illusion of almost like water seemed to come off the road. but this was taller and off in the trees, he soaked in his surrounding as he took his time in going around the lake. When he finally got there the illusion seemed was gone...He was sure he had seen it, he knew he had. He watched it as he walked...but now, as he was less than a hundred feet away it seemed to have disappeared. He continued on until he stood where he saw the shimmering thing in the trees, but nothing was there. It was then that he smelled it. The smell was like decaying flesh, it was an awful hideous smell..He looked around for what he thought was a dead animal but found none...

He then looked down at the ground where he had seen the shimmering illusion and he saw it..There was a small crack in the ground, he placed his hand down over it and felt rushing air coming out. He knew it was odd, ..air didn’t come from the ground unless it was a volcano, and there were none around here. That rushing air, ..that was the dead smell. ...but now there was a sound, the sound of like an old train...but it was faint, at the time he wasn’t even sure that he had heard it. He bent down, tried to look into the crack (but not breathing, the smell was terrible) and he stopped. His eyes seemed to roll back into his head. The tendons on his neck stood out, his lips were out stretched with his teeth clinched tightly shut. Searing pain rolled through his brain, pain like he had never felt. So intense that he could have sworn his brain was being ripped to shred’s inside his skull. Jaymz laid there, he suddenly had the urge for chicken..but he didn’t even like chicken. He got up and became more frightened than he had ever been in his life. He began to make his way back to his camp, but he realized he wasn’t doing the walking...that thing, ...that stinking thing in the ground ....it was inside his mind. And it was doing the walking. He watched out of his eyes as, ..whatever it was...took over control.

Tony Casper owned Evan's Sky Grill just outside of the mountains, Tony was an older man who's grandparents came to Colorado back in the thirties with their two children, Tony's father and his uncle (Tony Sr. and Mark). Things were hard for them back in that time and now the grill was something that he had taken over from his parents. Tony liked it up here in Colorado and never had any intention of moving what-so-ever. His grandparents had died here, so had his parents and so had his uncle Steven. He never met Steven though. Tony never had any ambitions for family, he had never married (some of the locals speculated that he was a queer) and never had the desire to. Things were going great on this day, as they usually were when the chimes on the door rang and an unusually tall man lumbered in. His eyes seemed far off as in deep thought, Tony watched him walk but the large mans steps seemed uneven and unsteady, as if he had never walked with those legs before. The waitress went over and took his order, she slapped it on the counter and Tony looked at it: "baked Chicken" it said, and nothing else. Tony looked on at the man one more time, ...he knew this man...That’s it!!! He figured it out, it was Jaymz the wrestler! He almost went over and said something to him but thought better of it. He had heard that the man had some serious mental issues and he was difficult to deal with, so Tony let it be and went to cook the mans Chicken.

**From the journal of Lyle Casper, page seven, (Tony Casper’s Grandfather) that Tony found in the old family house he sold after his parents died ***

May 17, 1947
Mt. Evans, Colorado

We finally made it to Colorado, it was a hell of a trip. We got here just before sunup and we can’t believe the beauty of this place. For a few moments it took away from the strain and worry about Mark. I guess its unfair for me to say his condition has gotten worse, sometimes he just has bad times. I only do wish this was just a “bad time.” The doctors said that he wont ever get better, that it was just the way he was born. I hate it for Mark, I don't think he understands what happens half the time or that we got turned away from several food stops and motels because of his condition…They think its contagious but Mary and I always tell them the same, “he was born this way and its not his fault.” But they could care less. They see the spittle coming from his chin, hear his incoherent speech and the way he flails his arms around. What they see are the good days, Mary and I love him to death no matter his condition. But something about Mark has changed, I suppose it makes me feel better to write about it since there is nobody else here that I can talk to yet. The change happened went we crossed into Kansas, we were about halfway through when we stopped to get a few soda’s. We went inside but we left Mark outside, I hate seeing how people look at him. ..anyway, we went back outside and I saw Mark run off…I dropped the glass bottles and took off after him. He crossed an old train track and went down and embankment and into a creek. I slipped and fell, I gashed my leg open something awful and had to stop for a moment..There was a bridge that crossed over the creek… Mark began to climb the embankment under the bridge and found a hole small enough that he tried to squeeze into, I was so scared that I ran up to him and pulled him out. He had his head stuck in there and that was as far as he could go. I pulled him out and hugged him, and then I smelled something terrible coming from in that hole, a dead animal maybe. I got Mark back to the family and into the car, he was oddly quiet after that… Usually he rambles on in the language that only Mary and I can understand…He kept saying “chicken” which was odd because as far as Mary and I knew he didn't know beef from rabbit. We stopped for the night at a motel in Kansas and everything seemed fine, we put the kids down in one bed and after they fell asleep Mary I made love. I awoke later that night and turned over, I noticed that Tony was sleeping, but Mark was not. I got up and looked around, I didn't see him anywhere. I slipped on my shoes and went outside, and there he was. He was sitting in the middle of the parking lot, but the face of the boy I saw wasn't Mark. It was someone else, like there was someone inside my boy. His eyes were black and his face held no emotion, I asked him what he was doing but he didn't say anything in that language of his. I grabbed him by the arm and it seemed that he came back, that boy of mine. At the time I thought he was sleepwalking, but no…There’s something different. I'm not sure what it is, but I'm scared. Sometimes when I think about him and the strange way he’s acting, he looks over at me…Almost like he knows what I'm thinking. There’s more. Things only got worse from that point, but I’ll write more later. I pray to God that he is ok.


Tony finished cooking the chicken and pushed the bell. The waitress come over and took the plate over to Jaymz. His arms flailed out and grabbed the chicken. To Tony, it looked like Jaymz wasn't even aware of his own strength. He picked up the pieces of chicken holding them tight, smashing them into his hands. He shoved globs of the chicken into his mouth, dropping more on the table and floor than what was going into his mouth. Tony sat fascinated watching the man shovel the food into his mouth like he was a small child. It didn't take him long to finish and when he did, he got up and walked clumsily out the door. The waitress started to yell at him because he didn't pay, Tony yelled at her through the kitchen to leave him be, it was ok..he had it covered. Even though Tony didn't know Jaymz personally, he was different from TV…He acted in a behavior that he had seen before

Jaymz walked out of the restaurant and back outside. He was screaming and yelling but nothing came from his mouth, he knew he had to pay for that meal but his legs refused to stop. He tried with everything he could but when he did the searing pain came right back into his brain…Yet his body kept on moving. It was a battle that he knew he couldn't win, whatever had come from that horrible smelling crack in the ground invaded him. It was controlling him and there was nothing that he knew of that could make it stop. His head felt like it weight a hundred pounds…He was a prisoner in his own mind, he was aware of that now. For two days That Thing carried him around the woods, at times he would protest and when he did that pain like a hammer beat down on his brain…or sometimes That Thing would make him bash his head on a tree…He couldn't control it, but he could damn sure feel it. Two more days went by and Jaymz learned from That Thing. He knew what it wanted and why it had chosen him. When people came near he felt the things leaving, but not far…Jaymz almost spoke of That Thing to a few tourist who were on the path, but it came back and stopped him. …He hadn’t shaven in a week, hadn’t even changed his clothes when That Thing took him back to the Tahoe, backed off for a little while and let Jaymz drive back home,,,

I almost cant even feel it anymore right now, It’s backed off a lot. I learned a lot from it. It needs me. Who would believe me if I told them? I would be locked away for saying such things. Doctors say I have mental issues so I don't dare tell them about That Thing. …and It knows it too. It took me and I'm not sure for what reason. But now I must go home. I have to get home to Sandy. I have to tell Crazy J about this, if That Thing will let me. He would be the only person that would believe me. I found out something about That Thing. It hates people, it hates the touch of people….When tourists would come around It backed off, …when I was at the restaurant a few days ago it backed off when the waitress came around. I wanted to run away then, but as she backed off It was back in my mind. I was a fool for thinking that I could run away from it. When she brought me back It’s chicken, It was back in full force. It loves chicken, there was a time two days when It caught a bird and devoured it. I don't think its aware that our bodies cant handle that kind of food. I thought I was going to die out there being sick from that bird, It did something to me and I started to feel better…That was the last time It made that mistake.

I have to get back into the city, I can control It some there by being around people, the things It hates. That Thing will still be there with me and I know that if I try and tell someone it will make me pay and come back into control even though It wont want to. I almost cant even feel It right now, …It’s resting. And that isn’t good. I’ve noticed that means it wants something, but I don't know what. I guess I’ll just have to learn how to live with this, I don't really see any other option that I have. Head back to the city, that's what I need to do. …And I have a match this week. Its not like this match is going to be to challenging or anything, last time I checked these two “Rough Riders” didn't fare so well in our first meeting. I mean, what makes Dozer and Mason think they can come into the ring and take down the best Tag Team that they have even seen? Did they not learn their lesson the first time? Can one of you please tell me what you expect to do in this match? How you expect to win this match? Really, I would like to hear it…Maybe for my own personal humor I suppose. Dozer, was one Silence not enough for you? Would you really like to have another one? …Because I could sure give it to you….But I think I know how you will act in this match, you think that since your partner is the World Champ that you can find behind him and he’ll save your ass from Zero Tolerance.

I would sure like to see if you can back up all the big talk were spittin last time with a second round…Well here’s your chance Dozer. You see, I'm unimpressed with you…you don't do anything that makes me say “wow, I wish I could do that” or “gee, he’s such a great wrestler.” Of course, if I ever said that second comment it would be nothing but a lie and everyone would laugh at me because they would know it as well. Your wrestling skills are lower than Wafflers win-loss record. I hope that you guys have become better as a whole than the last time that we stepped into the ring, cause quite frankly; you guys didn't know how to be a Tag Team. You can take two horrible wrestlers and stick them in the ring on the same side and they could win, why? Because they know each other and how to function as a team…Something that J and I are experts on. But were two for two, because not only do we know each other and how a tag team should perform in the ring, were some of the best individual talent in the business.

So it looks like it’s a lose-lose situation for the both of you. I mean, Mason is the only one that I see who even has the slightest bit of talent. He runs around the PWF thinking he’s someone because he has the World Title, he thinks he’s the greatest thing in the wrestling business. But like I told Dozer, you have to get back into the ring with Zero Tolerance this week. Mason, you do get lucky this week. …You don't have to bring that title down to the ring with you for your up and coming loss in a few days. And if you really think that you can beat us to get a Tag Team Title shot at us, ….again, then you have another thing coming. What you need to do is go and relish your time that you have with the World Title because it wont be in your hands much longer….Mason I see people around here who want that, I see people around here who have the desire to take that from you…and these are just the people that I see around the PWF. …That's not counting the members of Zero Tolerance. I'm not going to speak for my friends, they can do that for themselves. …but as for me, I want that Title Mason. I want that Title to bring home to Zero Tolerance

One of my friends may get it and that's fine, just as long as we control it. But yes, I want it. It wont be this week that I get my chance at that gold, but this week I get the privilege of stepping into the with Crazy J by my side and destroying the World Champ and the loser that he runs with. You see Mason, you know that your not the best and you know that J and I can both beat you, …weve already done it, and we will do it again. But this time, its to stop you from getting a shot at OUR Titles. We want as much gold as we can get, …J and I have belts right now, we earned those and the day I let you take them out of the ring is the day I’ll kill my fuckin self. Both of you need to think things over and realize that this isn’t a match that you cant win, …and if you refuse to see that we’ll make it a reality….for the second time.