The scene opens up. The last time we saw Jaymz before his inring debute, he was at a small log cabin deep inside the woods. This where we are again today. Except this time were on the back side of the house. Just like the front of the house, most of the railing on the porch has weathered and fallen down. And just like the front of the house, the back also needs a little work, if not more. The sun hangs high in the sky, but its a dreary day. The sky is black and overcast, hiding the high sun. A slight mist falls from the sky, its one of those days you dont want to get out of bed and do anything. A few birds chirp far off in the trees and several deer wander around to the side of the house, then shoot quickly out of view. The camera pans straight off the back porch giving a magnificient view of the setting below. The house hangs high up on a hill. Unlike the rest of the region,strangely, the mass of trees suddenly stops behind the house. A huge lake lay several hundred yards off, and quite a ways down the hill. Theres two small boats out of the lake, probably just a few fisherman trying their luck in this mess of weather. A line of mountains set even farther behind the lake, its one of those views that if the sky was clear and the sun was setting it would be one of those pictures you see in a calendar. The cameraman quickly turns back to the house as a squeak is heard.

The back door slowly opens, Jaymz. He ducks his head down to get out of the door and steps outside. His left eye appears to be a little swollen, and he's got a large white bandage on the side of his face, actually closer to his ear. His long hair is pulled back, giving us for the first time the full view of Jaymz's face. The scars that covered it, look even deeper and more gruesome as he has shaved obviously sometime today. The most evident one, even the scars from the stitches are still there, is the one that runs from behind his left ear down to his collar bone. Jaymz just stands there for a moment, only wearing black jeans and boots. We can fully see Jaymz's tattoos and not a piece of him remains uncovered from this neck to to his waist, all down his arms to his wrists. The tattoos are very well done, but everyone of them is a terrible sight...They seem to be pictures straight out of Hell. Demons circling around his torso, skulls and wraiths and pictures of death wrap his arms. Blood, people dieing, awful terrible things that seem to pop out of his skin waiting to engulf you into the pits of Hell. People killing animals, pentagrams, severed heads....all these things cover the body of Jaymz.

Jaymz slowly makes his way over to the left side of the house, he peers around the corner and sees the deer. Their doing nothing more and minding their own and searching for something to eat. Jaymz makes a grunting sounds and one of the deer pops its head up. The cameraman takes one step closer to the corner to get a better view of what Jaymz was seeing, when the board he steps on creaks. Jaymz swings his head around and throw up a hand for the cameraman to stop. Only a moment ago, Jaymz had normal brown eyes.....Now those horrible black eyes were back and the cameraman gasps. Jaymz slowly turns his head back to the deer, now no longer grazing they all stand still in fear. The cameraman then takes a few steps back as he is horrified by the sight he sees....The tattoos on Jaymz seemed to be moving. The red eyes of the demons seems to be looking straight into the camera....the hands of the Wraiths seem to reach out for something that isn't quite in their reach...the scenes on tattoos on Jaymz actually seem to be happening right there on his skin....Blood seems to move from the neck of one of the severed heads on the back of Jaymz shoulderblade. Its eyes roll out from the top of its head, staring at the camera as its mouth slowly moves up and down, as if trying to say something. Freaked out, the cameraman moves back the the deer. He sees that their shaking, too scared to move. They know something is happening, or are they in pain? Jaymz takes one step off the porch and the deer turn their heads to face him, all six of them. Jaymz points to the trees, and the deer look that way. Suddenly, they run, run for the forest. Then something terrible happens. As the run, sparks fly off their backs, they continue to run as they fully engulf in flames. The tattoos on Jaymz back appear to move faster and faster. The deer run in wild zig zagging paths through the trees as one by one they begin to fall to the ground, piles of burning masses. Their flames rise high, turning to the dark blue flames, then quickly die out. no smoke comes off of the dead animals and amazingly there seems to be nothing left of them. The tattoos on Jaymz stop the wild movement and lay back still. Jaymz turns back around, his eyes back to normal. He looks at the camera, walks past it and its on the rotting wooden chair facing the lake and the mountains. He sits there silently for a few moments as if deep in thought. He looks over to the camera and he speaks....

...Hunting for beginners....Hhmm..not really, but I ran those damn things off yesterday.....I guess they didnt get the picture. Oh, Im a little sore today. I think I made quite the impression the other night. Its been quite sometime since Ive been in the ring, used muscles I haven't used in a long time. Seems a couple of those damn fools couldn't mind thier own business....Especially Texas Giant. Well, I guess he couldn't handle someone in the OWC being a little bigger than he is....Jealousy is a terrible thing, that guy should just mind his own business. It was a great feeling to be back in the ring, I quite enjoyed it. Knux was everything that I thought he was going to be, hell of a brawler....The damn shame of it all was that I had to lose...I mean, I could have taken them both out myself...They were great fighters but neither of them could stand up to Jaymz....Their lucky, their lucky I got stuck with that damn fool Red Dragon in the match. He couldn't hold his end of the deal, he got his ass whipped from the word go....I was extremely dissappointed with him....That's okay though, He got to feel the Silence. I may not have done that to him, but the fool cost me the match. ...That's why I turned on him Knight. He was weak, and he couldn't stand up to the task at hand....So I took care of him myself. Not that you could have done anything to save him Knight, even if you were on time....Why were you late anyway? You weren't there to save your pathetic little friend in case he needed it. He stood in my way and caused me to fail. This is not some fairy tale Knight, this is the real world. ...In the real world the Good doesn't always win, if you'll notice there's evil everywhere in this world and if the Good always prevailed why is there still evil? Are you going to cry when I defeat you Knight? seem the kind to like to do that. I'd rather you not cry when I defeat you, instead I'd rather see you cry while your down on your knees, looking up at Jaymz begging for you life. I don't play games Knight and that much should be obvious from the other night...I fought anyone who stepped in my way.

I left that ring a mess, I left it terrorized...I left my mark on the OWC. Things work fast around here, and somebody upstairs sees the pain that I can inflict on people because I see that were battling for your title. I mean...the title that your just holding for me...Why don't you go ahead and get it all polished up and shining good for me, I'll be waiting to collect what belongs to me. Oh, the hell with the New Order...I've already got my hands on Dragon, simpily because he let me down. The New Order means nothing to me, your just a band of weak fighters, and as Dragon showed, you have nothing to bring to the table. Your talents are thin and I don't care how good you think you are, there's nothing in this world that can go toe to toe with Jaymz and succeed. You do need to check your facts though Knight, because I never claimed myself to be a prophet. I never claimed to be the highest of Evil on this planet. I am a liar? What did I lie about Knight? I never said I was Reds friend, if thats what your talking about....I simpily said that if we had good chemistry we would be okay, and obviously we didn't. As I said, he was weak and in my eyes, cost us the match. Wait, you say that the Lord has spoken to you? Did you two have a nice chat? Did you wine and dine together? I'm guilty of the Sins against Humanity? Wow, you had to speak to the Lord about that? Any blind fool can see that I'm guilty of that....Now maybe your just not very bright and can't see things clearly, but you "see the Lord?" ....Maybe its just the voices in your head, and you think that its the Lord? I dunno for sure, but you seem to be pretty confident that you can defeat a Creature of Darkness.

Just try to see his Will be done, because if you speak to the Lord, that makes you no more than a prophet. Do you know that a prophet can be killed Knight? .....And I can be the one that does that for you.....You continue to talk about this Lord....would you like to go visit him Knight? Would you like to spend time with him? Maybe live a life with him? ....I can make that happen for you Knight, and trust me...I will try. You cannot destroy me Knight, I hope your Lord told you that. ...But i doubt that. He's sending you down an alley that he knows the outcome of. ..I don't believe he told you how it ends right? It's not going to end like the typical Fairy Tale, that your used to living. Evil prevails. Go stand in a dark room Knight, look around. Look where the light ends and the dark can't see past it. Now, look at the light above your head....What happens when that light burns out? The darkness engulfs it, takes it over and claims it as its own. ....That's what is going to happen when we step into the ring Knight. I love the fact that no one can interfere. No one will be able to save you when I crush your soul. You'll cry and you'll scream, you will lay on that mat holding you hand out, looking up that ramp waiting for someone to save you, to come protect you....I'm glad that will not happen. Knight, DO NOT step up here and tell me what I have and haven't faced. I've faced the brightest of the Good and, outside myself, the darkest of the dark. You need to not worry what I have faced in my past Knight. That is none of your concern.

Go ahead, try and ruin this twisted human being. Many have tried, but few have prevailed. Knight, I don't really care how dominate you have been with that Title...You've never stepped into the ring with Jaymz while you have had that title....but now you get your chance. .....I am a sinful being, I was born that way...raised that way and I will die that want to cast me to the pits of Hell Knight, I CAME from the pits of Hell...I came from the Darkness, I came from the black fire..I was brought up in a living hell...there is nothing that you can do to me, or a place that you can send me that is worse than where I came from. You and your "army" can do nothing to stop me...You are right about one thing Knight, the World is's changing back. While I was in hiding, it was more peaceful...the world was a better place...but now, I'm back and the Dark clouds of Evil rise into the sky and I will take what is rightfully mine, I will take MY title. I know you will take care of if, I believe that...So it will look good when I take it from you, hold it in your face....You'll look back into its reflection and see the bloody pulp that I left of you. You won't reconize youself when I'm through with you, and you'll wonder why your Lord let you down, wonder why he let you step into the ring with such Evil. Another thing you are right about Knight, there will be pain inflicted...and I can't wait...I love the pain, but what about yourself? .....Will you love the pain that I inflict on you? ...can you handle the pain you will receive? Yes Knight, ...time is short. Your time in the ring definately will be so.

Jaymz stands up, and to the horror to our eyes the head of Gabriel Knight, with pitch black eyes, wrapped in demons appears on Jaymz chest.

...The face of my victims, the faces of my destruction. It shall soon be you Knight. Be ready...

Jaymz looks deep into the camera with his once again pitch black eyes, he turns walks into the house and the door slams shut by itself.