The scene opens up on a cool night in Steel City. The sky is clouded over and a light drizzle falls from the sky. The streets seem to be more alive tonight than usual. Cars drive up and down the streets, people start to rush back home as the rain begins to pick up. After a few moments, most of the people on foot have dissappeared. Fewer cars drive up and down the street. The weather driving people indoors. A man steps out around the corner. A dark shadow of a man. A slihouette in the darkenss. It walks up the street and comes into view. We see Jaymz looking a little more healthy today. The shirt he wears is tight, revealing the heavy bandaged torsso. The second building on our right is a small local owned pharmacy. A middle aged black man works inside. He goes about his last round in the store before its time to close up for the night. We see that on his name tag his name is Rufus. Rufus is off in his own little world, humming quietly as he sweeps the floor. He works his way to the front, and flips the sign on the door to "closed". Rufus collects the dirt in the dust panand empties it into the trash. He then walks over behind the counter, gets down on his knees and reaches as far under the counter as he can. He pulls his arm back out and places what he pulled out on the counter. A small baggie of weed and some rolling papers. He starts to roll a joint as the chimes on the door signal, his heart jumps as he realizes he forgot to lock the door when he flipped the closed sign. He swipes the contents off the counter and into his pocket. Rufus looks up to see Jaymz standing in the doorway. He tells Jaymz that thier closed and needs to leave. Jaymz only looks at him then walks inside, starting down the first aisle. Now Rufus didnt get to get high, this is his time of the day.

So Jaymz walking in kind of made him angry. Rufus observes Jaymz, hes a mess, he has blood all over his clothes, his face cut up. Dried blood sticks to his arm. Rufus assumes this man is a crackhead and he doesnt like him wandering around in his store. So, Rufus decides to take matters into his own hands. The big man has his back to him, so Rufus sees this as his chance. He takes the broom that he was using just a few moments ago and holds it back like a bat. He tries to keep quiet as he sneaks up on the man. He comes up behind Jaymz, swings with all he has and smacks Jaymz on the head. The broom handle breaks and flies across the room. Jaymz never flinches as he got hit, he turns around and looks at the man. Rufus swings at Jaymz but Jaymz uses his other hand, wraps it around Rufus' neck and throws him across the room. Rufus lands on seceral shelves knocking them over. Rufus, dazed, tries to get up. Jaymz walks over to Rufus, picking up the broken end of the brown handle. Rufus struggles to get up, but Jaymz stomps a foot down on his chest holding him to the floor. He reaches down and clamps Rufus by the neck again. He lifts Rufus up so they can face each other. That was the last thing Rufus knew. Jaymz took the brown handle and impaled it through Rufus' ear. It makes a sickening "plop" noise as it enters. Instantly, from the other side of his head blood and bone fragments spray out as the handle pushes its way through. His mouth goes slack, eyes wide. Jaymz lets the carcass drop to the floor. Jaymz then walks back to the aisle, picks u1p a bottle of peroxide, steps over Rufus' already dead body and walks out the door. He steps back into the drizzling night, looks both ways, the streets are nearly dead now. Jaymz walks back into the alley next to the pharmacy.

Rufus Cadillac sits behind the building. Jaymz takes his shirt off revealing the blood sealed bondages. He wraps up the shirt over his hand, and smashes out the window. He reaches inside and unlocks the door. As Jaymz gets inside he pulls a knife out of his pocket and begins tearing and cutting away the bandages. We see the wound where 8ball shanked Jaymz. K-Capture stitched it up. The whole wound was a little swollen, but in the center of the wound was like a black puss. It was a shiny black color, and as Jaymz wiped at it with the bandages it smeared just like blood underneath the black, red blood did begin to drip out. Jaymz opened the bottle of peroxide and poured it on the wound. The chemicals hissed and bubbled as it touched the open skin. Jaymz held his head back and closed his eyes. The peroxide ran off of JAymz and down to the seat, taking the black puss and blood with it. AS the contents of the bottle emptied, the bubbles started to go away. The wound looked a lot better...The skin around the laceration, is a little white and pale and still a little swollen around the stitches. Jaymz pulls his shirt back on and gets out of the car. The drizzle has picked up to a light rain. Jaymz walks back to the alley, and back on to the street. He walks slowly, his clothes beginning to saok with rain. Thunder breaks out through the night, lightening filling the street. The rains begins to pick up more as Jaymz walks on. He comes to an old closed down movie theatre, then onning over top rotted in places letting the cold rain in. The sound of the rain is loud in here, Jaymz steps under and backs up against the building. He reaches down in his pocket, grabs a crinkled up cigarette and a lighter. The spark of the lighter brightes his face. The cherry takes light and Jaymz exhales the first puff, mostly paper. A motion down the street, Jaymz notices it. Never turning his head he sees the figure standing in the rain. Head down, hands in his pocket he takes a few steps and stops. Jaymz then goes back to ignoring the man, he speaks

I see that my original match has changed....I guess that all three of those, men, decided to turn tail and run. Im sure they had their reasons, I wont bother with them....It would be crazy for them to even step into the rign with me...There is no challenge there. Three men? ...For me? ...No Problem...Lets bring it on to the whole OWC. Who wants to stand in the ring with me? ....The whole OWC has their chance to come into the ring and see if they can take me down? One by one I will take them down. I will take down every man in this federation and to them I will show them who the best is...They will see that the best firghter in the world is a man that stands before them, a man they cannot defeat. The FWA may claim a victory. But the only way they could win was to have one of my team members turn on us and go back to the FWA, where he always was anyway. So sure, they can claim a victory but the FWA's four members on that night would not have won if they didnt resort to their old tricks. What else would you expect from them? That it the way they do things...They cheat, then claim that they are the best...Does that make sense? I seem to be having a hard time figuring that out...You know, Ive heard for soo long that this man Warmonger has this little man crush on me....Yeah, I heard that he came back to the OWC just to have a little fight with me...Did it make him upset that I had the World Title? ...Did it make him upset that I am the most Evil force on this planet? ...It must have been something...Something sure hit a nerve with him...SO he came back here to fight me? Good. but where has he been? ...Here I am. I have an open challenge to anyone who feels like getting into the ring with me...But where is that idiot? I hope he enjoyed getting the Silence, it will happen again to him....But he seems to have disappeared since Pure Hell...Where did he go? ....Was Jaymz a little too much for ya? Little ring rust maybe? Ashamed that you got taken out?

I would be...I mean, I gave you the Silence and youve got a few inches on me....That hurt your ego a little bit? So where did you go, you big piece of shit? You came here and talked all that smack, came here with you little man crush for Jaymz and now you run and hide? ...Im a little disappointed in you. You wanted me, well here I am....Get into the ring with me one on one and see what happens. You may think that you are some great evil monster or some shit but you have nothing on me. You dont know the things that I am capable of...You dont know the things that I have seen and the things that I have done....I lived the life of Evil. I am the living sin. I am a man of the Darkness an abomination of Hell that you cant even comprehend in your small mind. I dont care who you are or what your past is here....All that matters is now. Now. ....I want my Title back...So come stand in the way of what I want Warmonger. You can have your chance at me but I know that I will roll you over and leave you lieing on the side, awaiting my next opponent for the night....There has never been a force like me that has worked against the Free World, and they will fall. ...Not one of the Free World has steped into the ring with me and got the pin. Delevega, where all we hear is how great he is, didnt even make it to the end of the match....I was still standing there at the end...I had that match won and the whole world saw it...But the Free World "won" that match....No one here in the OWC has pinned me. No one here has defeated me in a singles match and that wont happen for a long time. Step up to the plate Warmonger and be the next. Come up to me and see what happens, again. If you show up I hope that you at least give me a good fight, before I have to lay out your big ass in the rign again...Come have your second round with Jaymz and see that the end result, for you, will be the same. Now we have Delevega out here taking away all pay from anyone who is against the Free World.

Oh gee...Whatever will I do? Maybe I chould just quit...Crawl off into a sewer and die...What kind of shit is that?? I'll tell you what Delevega, I'll work for FREE. How does that sound?? You take me as a stupid man, and that is a mistake...You dont think that I have any money?? Ive got millions of dollars all over the world. You dont ever have to pay me again, you like that? ...I dont need a pay check from you...So try and take away my funds, it makes no difference to me...Ive got more money than I will ever spend, so keep the money that I get...I dont need any of it. Ever. I'll have money here tomorrow...You'll never know where its going to be dropped or placed...So go and "exercise your powers" but that all means nothing to me...Maybe it will hurt other people but it does not make one shit to me. And you go and place a ten million bounty on my head? Thats weak. Who is going to kill me? There isnt one man in Steel City who could come close to doing something like that....Why dont you just come and do it yourself Delevega? ...I know that you wont, you will just hide from me untill I get to face you in the ring....Then there wont be any getting out of it...You can go in there and weat a suit or whatever but nothing will save you next time...You will be just another one of my victims, except you will be the one that gives me back my title....It takes a lot of nerve to talk shit about me and how your boy 8ball laid down and gave me the World Title. ....Its not like you won it. You got taken out and I saw you for what you really were that night....You showed me that you are not the best...and there is no way in hell you are the "best technical wrestler" the OWC has to offer....I was extremly disappointed in you. You call yourself a World Champ yet you cant hang in the ring with me? You got taken out by the OWC and that is something that you will not admit to. ...Not that I expect you to. You call yourself the Champ, yet 8ball and Grayson won that match for you....I saw it in your eyes Delevega.

You knew that you couldnt beat me and your only hope was for your team mates to win the match. You didnt do anything to win that title so dont sit there and act like you did...Im going to take that back from you Delevega and I hope you are ready for that reality check...Dont go and worry about that bounty...There will be no one who will collect that money...As much as you would like for someone to kill me, that just wont happen....So dont even get excited to write out a check, because the ten million that you have on my head will stay in your pocket. I see that there has only been one person who has the balls to step up in the ring and challenge me...I see that is my good old friend 8ball. Another person that wishes that I was dead...Well, you couldnt get that done could you? Did you think that I actually trusted you? ...I told you that I did, but deep down inside I knew that there was no real alliance there. We both knew that. I cant blame you really...I mean, had I won...I would have done the same thing to you...I would have turned on you so fast that you wouldnt have been readay for it. Your tired about hearing that you droped the Title at my feet? Ah, well, thats just too fuckin bad isnt it? You couldnt handle the preassure of fighting me in the ring and you left...Dont get mad a me. I didnt do it. You did. Dont bitch that your tired of hearing it, hell 8ball...You have to live with it everyday for the rest of your life. So you need to get over that. You droped it at my feet at your decision...You made it, so live with it. It showed me what a worthless person that you are, and now you think that you have the balls to get in the ring this time...I bet you wont...I bet you come out on that ramp, take one look in the ring and run off again...Maybe you wont come back the next time...You fear me 8ball, and we both know that. How in the hell are you going to bring me down? ...You gotta step into the ring first to do that, I'll be amwazed if you can even get that far. That is right 8ball, I am a man on an Island.

I always have been. ..Most of the time. There are only two people that I trust, and trust is a very thin line for me....I now know more of the people here that can and cant be trusted....There is one...I know that. Dont be worried about me 8ball, Im not like you Free World guys...Who hide behind an army of people, people who do their work for the Free World...The bodyguards, the people that surround them.....I dont need all of that 8ball. I dont need the New Order either...The only common thing that the New Order and I share is out hate for the Free World...Nothing more. Plain and Simple. Does it matter to you that none of my team members came to my side? ...See, you know nothing of the situation. I left that building, one of them did offer me help...The only one that I can trust. ....I flung him to the side, ignoring him...He came after me and I told him to leave. ...Dont worry about who is there to help me up when I fall....fate decideds those things. Fate decides when you go and what happens to you. Fate decided that it was K-Captures time to go....Fate chose it to be at my hands. There is nothing but Fate 8ball, so you can talk about this retarded "Grand Scheme" or whatever, but it was fate that decided that the FWA claimed the "victory" in that match. What does Red Dragon have to do with anything? ...Youre going to try and tell me about "trust" when I Silenced that guy? I didnt even know him. I didnt know you or Knux. I have never seen your faces before that moment. The reason I did that to him was because he lost the match for me. You and Knux couldnt handle me....Dont think that you beat "me" 8ball, because that is not what happened.

Red was the weak link in the ring and he paid the price for that. I had decided that night, that I didnt like the guy....Dont give me that shit about how much heart he had...He didnt know me, he didnt know who i was or what I would have done to him after a loss...My goal that night was to win the match. Red Dragon stood in my way of winning and he paid the price. You can brag about that win if you want, it holds no water to me...I dont lose any sleep over it. Yes, you and Knux won the match. Do you think that I care now? Then, I did. But I didnt pin me. No one here in the OWC has pinned me. you'll get your payback this week I guess. Get the guts to step into the ring with me this time 8ball....Lets see how much of a man you really are....You will only wish that Red Dragon was in the match so you could pin him again and get the easy win. This week I will finally get the chance to put an end to you....To send you back to the Free World crying about how big Jaymz just kicked your ass all over the ring....Then I get my World Title shot....Now one on one, I will defeat Delevega. Will it end that way? No. I allready know the outcome....Its just like every other Free World match...When it gets tough, just cheat. I know what when I step into the ring with Delevega, after I beat you 8ball, I will destroy him...but prolly not win the match...I know you will be there, and the rest of the Free World. It will be a No Contest as I throw each and every one of you back out of the ring. ....Then watch all of you crawl back up the ramp, claiming "victory" just because you still have the belt....Your turn is now 8ball, come and get it...

Jaymz sees the man advancing down the street. He comes closer, but we cant see his face. As he is only a few steps from Jaymz, he says something but never turns his head. On his jacket Jaymz sees the symbol that haunts his dreams. The star enclosed in the circle, with the eyes inside of it. The man speaks. *Dont lose your path Jaymz, their looking...He walks away as the scene fades.