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All Day: Post-Wedding

The scene opens up inside of the basement where the wedding has just taken place. They just finished the kiss as Jaymz picked her up in his arms and carried back off with a huge grin on his face. He carried her back up the stairs and into the front room, hugged her and gave her another kiss. He told her to hang on for a second and went back down into the basement. Crazy J had Underground off in the corner talking to him, they got quiet when Jaymz came into the room…Something was going on, he knew there was but he chose to ignore it. Underground wasn't very good at hiding things, so Jaymz thought he might be able to get it out of him later. He went over to Sandy’s overweight parents and shook her fathers hand. He said something to him close to his ear, unable for us to hear. He then went over and hugged her mom and said something to her as well. Jaymz looked around for a moment, then started off towards Underground and Crazy J. J was still talking and had his back to Jaymz, Underground saw him coming and motioned to J. J turned around and their conversation seized.

Whats goin on guys?

Underground: Jaymz! Congrats man! The wedding was great, so you and Sandy going somewhere later?

Yeah, weve got a little hide out were going to later. So uh, …Anything interesting going on Underground..you seem a little quiet today..

UG: Nothing Jaymz, nothing!

J: Its just that Underground is so happy for the both of you he’s just a little antsy.

What was that rent-a-cops problem?

J: He was just being an asshole. Who cares what he thinks anyway.

Oh well, ..you know I was surprised that Zaslaw even made it that long during the wedding. ..His problem is, is that he cant get any so he’s a little jealous that I hooked up with a person that's so good lookin.

Undergrounds cell phone started to ring and he walked off to the other side of the room as he answered it. Crazy J and Jaymz went back up stairs, J told him he needed to talk to him for a second as they went into J’s office.

J: You heard Zaslaw didn't you? He said if one of us doesn’t win that title he’s going to stop paying for all of this. Does he really think he’s going to take my business back and put all these people out of work?

…You know how he is, he said he would…but he says hes going to do lots of things. I wouldn’t even worry about it if I was you…I mean, we got this match in the bag. You know that Waffler and Billz don't stand a chance against us in the ring. Even if it was both of them versus one of us, ..they wouldn’t have a chance.

J: That's true. Its just the idea that he even thinks about taking my business away. Did you see how stressed he was? …He wants that Title as bad as we do. If you get it, that's great. Good luck to ya

..and same to you. As long as one of us wins, everything is good. Were happy, Zaslaw’s happy… And things can only get better from there. We’ll have more chances down the road to bring in more Titles…Weve got the Tag, X Division is next in line.

J: I wonder if Waffler and Billz have anything else planned to try and take us out today. We tried to keep your wedding quiet so they couldn't send more people over here and mess it up..

..Everything went good, it was great. You put people in their place and got the show on the road.

J: Oh well, lets get back out there and join the party.

The two men walked out of the office and into the front room. The wax dummies that were in the basement were now there, some sitting in random chairs, some faced talking to each other…Some that looked like they were dancing and several more standing around Sandy. Underground had put some music on and went to get the cake and punch. He had it all set up, then he pulled out a bottle from his jacket and poured it in the punch..”I'm gonna need this” he mumbled, putting the bottle back into his jacket pocket. Crazy J went over and made conversation some of Sandy’s relatives…Jaymz went over to Sandy who was standing there talking to her parents and a few other family members. He stood next to Sandy and joined in on the conversation..

…No, we haven’t known each other that long. ..It was just one of those things, ya know

Sandy’s father: ….

You don't? Well, you see..I fell in love with Sandy from the first time I saw her. I just knew she was the girl for me.

Sandy’s father: …..

Well, I'm sorry that you don't approve. Were married now, she’s a grown woman and she can make her own choices.

Sandy’s mother: ….

Sandy’s father: …..

Sandy’s cousin: …

WOAH, woah, woah!!! Everybody stop yelling. This is a good day. And you know what, I don't care if you don't like it. I can support her and take good care of her…..And your wrong about me anyway. How could you call me a dirty street fighter? I'm a wrestler and, yes, I do have a big match this week. Crazy J or myself is going to bring another title to Zero Tolerance.

Crazy J looked over towards all the commotion that was going on. He could tell that the tension was getting a little tight, he went over to see what was going on.

J: …Hey you guys, what’s the deal? ..people are starting to look

Oh its just that Sandy’s father here seems we got married a little to early and apparently he hates our jobs and thinks were dirty street fighters…. …YES YOU DID!!! We all heard you!!! ….and you better watch it old man, I’ll give you the Silence right here in front of your daughter..

J: Settle down a little, this day isn’t suppost to go like this! Mr. uh, Sandy’s dad.. you need to calm a little man. Jaymz is a good guy and he can take care of this girl…Just watch our match this week and see how we dominate. Jaymz is my boy, we watch out for each other and now that my good friend married your daughter, I watch out for her as well. That’s how we do, were like family. …And yes, trust me..if Jaymz gives you the Silence it will be bad news.

I told him, …but he didn't listen.

Sandy’s father: ….

Yes yes, just watch the match tomorrow night. Yeah, you already know J is in this match. We can show you why people chose not to mess with us. Were facing two guys who don't even deserve to be in this match, one of us has this match in the bag. ..you don't have to worry about Sandy, we have everything under control.

And if you all will excuse us, the bride and I are going to spend some time alone…

J: So where you guys running off to tonight?

Jaymz’ eye move up to the ceiling and crazy J starts to shake his head “no.” Jaymz picks up Sandy in his arms and goes up the stairs. He gets to the second floor of stairs and goes up another set of stairs. It comes to a smaller door and Jaymz opens it up. It’s the attic, and Jaymz must have been up here earlier; there were lit candles all over the place and music playing quietly in the background…

…Lets dance…

Jaymz took her into the middle of the room and looked into her eyes…he gave her a smile as he moved across the attic floor. After a few minutes he sat her down on a dusty old couch and opened a bottle of wine. He filled to glasses, drank his first then picked up the other glass and held it to Sandy’s lips. It poured all down her but Jaymz seemed not to notice. He stood up and took off his jacket…He then sat back down on the couch and put his arm around Sandy..He leaned her down on and couch and kissed her as the scene of this crazy day faded to its final black.