pwf rp1

All Day: 8 a.m.

The scene opens back up inside of Disturbed Dreams Inc. Jaymz had just finished his conversation with Crazy J and was walking out of his office. He closed the door behind him and turned around, he almost ran into the men moving the furniture into the office. He followed the two men in as they set down the table, they were just finishing up the office as they put the chairs around the table and straightened up the things around the room. The two men looked up at him for his approval, he nodded his head for them to leave and they hurried out the door. They had brought in an oversized chair that was behind the huge desk that sat at the far side of the room, there were two chairs that sat across the desk and closer to the door there was a conference table with several chairs around it. Jaymz picked up a case that was sitting on the floor near the door, he opened it up and there was one half of the Tag Team Titles. Jaymz took it from the case and placed it on the wall over the chair behind the desk, where a slot had been made for it. He then sat down in the chair, he adjusted a few things on the desk and then kicked back..

Now see, this is a lot better. ..Anyway, that right there above my head is one half of the Tag Team titles, ..part of the only belts given out here in the PWF so far. This is just one belt, and after Dead or Alive, that will all change. Zero Tolerance will be the driving force in the PWF after Dead or Alive, when we claim all these belts as part of Zero Tolerance there will be no more denying it, no more looking past us. …I do hope that Butch had a great time getting hammered all over the night a few nights ago. I had that sorry man up in the Silence and then what happens?

This moron Nick Shaw comes down into my match acting like he’s a somebody. What were you trying to accomplish there Nick? Do you know what you showed everyone the other night? You showed all of us that the only way to get the best of Jaymz is from behind, I mean lets face it Nick, you’ve had your chance at me twice in the ring, ..and have you beat me yet? No. Because you can’t. Because you’re simply not on my level. And what does that do? It irritates you, and you cant stand to see me succeed. You’re a waste of my time Nick, and if you ever feel the need to get slapped all over the ring for a third time, get it together with the guys up stairs and come get slaughtered again.

Jaymz got up and walked out of the office, he came into the hall and went into the front room where Sandy was sitting at her desk.

Hey there, how’s it goin? ……. You know Crazy J and I are going to make this place huge! ….Yep, well, …we can get someone to fill in for ya.

Of Course the wax dummy never said anything, but you wouldn’t ever want to tell Jaymz that. This girl is real. And he’s in love.

Oh hey, They got everything in my office all set up, …and uh, well, ..the desk is big so I don't think were gonna have any trouble, ..if ya know what I mean…

Why?? You don't gotta be shy, there’s a lock on the door. Here come on..

Jaymz grabbed the arm of the wax dummy and was about to pick her up when the front door opened. It was Crazy J.

Crazy J: I just paid for all that shit, or well I guess that Zaslaw did. And he tipped them good too. …Wait, what’s been going on in here?

Nothin! I was just in here telling Sandy they got everything all together.

Crazy J: Yeah I bet that's not the only thing that you were talking to her about

..I was going to tell her how the next time I see Nick Shaw, there wont be anything left of him.

Crazy J: I think you have a fan. He’s envious. I thought it was sad really, it was pathetic. I guess he just couldn't stand getting his ass kicked by us again, ..so he thought he had to do something.

He’ll get his in time, he’s not the first person that I'm worried about. Its this match that we got, I'm pissed were in the same match.

Crazy J: Its not bad! We’ll flip a coin or something to see who gets to cover IHOP. Were not gonna fight each other, that's ridiculous.

He doesn’t even stand a chance really. You can kick his ass for a while, and I’ll sit back and watch…And if ya need a break I can come and sub in for ya. Hey, did you ever talk to Zaslaw?

Crazy J: He never stopped calling!! He’s still all worried that were going to kill each other over that Title. I tried to tell him different but you know how he is.

Waffler is the only one that is going to be hurting after the match. The only thing that really matters is that we bring this Title to Zero Tolerance. We can just take the Titles here one by one, and who’s going to do anything about it? Spectre maybe? That's a guy that I'm tired of hearing about.

Crazy J: He thinks he’s somebody…

I know he does, and I just wonder why he turns is back to us and ignores us. I watch his promos everyweek and he’s unconcerned with us. If Spectre wants a real challenge he knows where to look.

Crazy J: well, that's the thing. He doesn’t want a real match.

The next time I hear “how great Spectre is” I'm going to throw up. Until he gets into the ring with one of us, hes a nobody to me. I'm not impressed, he’s nothing amazing.

Crazy J: Its going to be nuts around here after Dead or Alive: Tag Team belts, X Division belt and Erik’s going to win the Intercontinental belt. We’ll be right at the top…I guess we’ll be making Zaslaw look like a smart man for spending all this money.

Its not like it was a risky investment, he knows that we can produce. Weve already got the first belts handed out and more are on the way. I hope Erik is in the mindframe for it…

Crazy J: It don't matter, he’ll be ready for this match. Erik wont let this chance for a title to slip by, you know that..

I need to go in here and call the Hospital, ..need to check and see if Vadim is alright.

Jaymz turned around and went back to his office as the scene faded to black.