17 Dead
17 Dead

It was a shitty day, just like all of the ones that came before and just like it would have been tomorrow. It was odd, all day long Brian looked forward to leaving work, but always on the drive home he realized he hated it just as bad there. Brian Simms was in his late forties, he had long black hair and a thick beard and deep brown eyes, on his right hand was a tattoo, the number 17. His face always held that of no emotion, mostly in his eyes since most of his facial features were covered. He had his hands at ten and two on the steering wheel of his new truck as he seemed off in his own little world. His house was just around the next block, it was one of the nicest on the street..and one of the biggest. Brian made alot of money at the shipping yard, he had been working there his whole life and he got paid wonderfully for his time. His wife, Kathy, had always questioned him about what he did at the shipping yard but he was very discreet with the details. He had gotten to where he couldn't stand her at all, it was nothing that she had done..It was just seeing her face every single-fuckin-day. When she opened her mouth to talk he just wanted to hit her, he had gotten to the point that he couldn't stand to hear her voice any longer. The only thing he had were his two kids, well..One of them. To him, his oldest son Brain Jr. was a success. He was a hard worker, he had common sense and things just didn't bother him. He had wanted his son to come and work at the shipping yard with him as he could be quite a benefit to the company..His younger son was one that he didn't approve of, Jason. Jason was always a failure, he was Kathy's favorite and he got away with everything. He was a high school drop out, he got a girl knocked up when he was fourteen and refused to have any responsibility and fled that situation. He knew that his son smoked crack, but he would never say anything to him because to him he was better off dead. He knew that when he got home today would be the same.

He turned the corner and drove down Parker drive, four houses down and to the left was his house and it was bigger than just about every house on this block..it was huge. He pulled into the driveway and stepped out into the night, the sun had just gone down but fall was creeping in and it was already cool this time of evening....He tried to think of something he could do outside for a few minutes just so he wouldn't have to go in the house and face the rest of the day. There was nothing that came to the top of his mind so he went up the front steps and into the house. Annoyed already, the TV was on and it was waaay to loud, every single light in the house was on..and who was paying the bills!? There was Jason sprawled all over the couch, eyes half opened and glazed over. He wore huge black pants that seemed to be ten sizes to big and he just couldn't understand why he had the infatuation of having his face full of piercings...He could smell the pot, Jason used that everyday too...Neither of them bothered to say "hi", Jason felt the same way about his dad as he felt about him. Kathy came around the corner wearing an apron, she was older than him and the same thought entered his head everyday "gravity sure hasn't been kind to her"...and neither has the food. She was large, but she was tall to. She told him that dinner was almost ready and he just nodded at her...Brian Jr. came, he was twenty three but he looked older than that. He had his fathers eyes, hard to tell what he was thinking on his hard face. He was the tallest one in the house, but he was also the most scrawny. He dressed in nice clothes, he looked like an average person. He walked through the living room, said hi to his father. Brian stopped him and told him to come upstairs to his office in about ten minutes. Brain went up the huge staircase and finally came to the top. He walked down the long hallway and came to the third door on his right. He walked inside and closed the door. The carpet was red, the walls a bright white.

There was a flat screen TV, leather couches and chairs and a desk in the far back of the room with a computer on it..For the first time of the whole day he was happy. his small baggie of cocaine was in the bottom drawer on the left side under several thick folders. He sat down in the chair and pulled the drawer open. He threw the folders across the room and pulled out the little baggie. He took a small knife and laid some out on the desk, line it up and finished it. He leaned his head back, his eyes watered and he took a few deep breaths. He took a little more on the tip of the knife, held it up to his nose and finished that as well. He set the knife down, the was a knock at the door. He jumped at the sound and spilled the rest of the baggie on the desk. He told them to hang on, he spazzed and didn't know what to do, he ran his hand across the desk covering his hand white. He licked it off his fingers and took the small baggie and stuck it in his pocket. He told them to come in, it was Brian Jr. He told him to sit down and there was something that he needed to talk to him about. This was the day, they both knew that Brian Jr. would get to join the company, not just the shipping yard, but Clawz. Brain Jr. knew everything about Clawz, he told his dad he wanted to be part of it. ..And he wanted to bring his son in, it was the only person he could trust. Yesterday there was a man they found out about and he knew Zaslaw and the rest of Zero Tolerance. He fed them information, Brian had been there when they at temped to take out the man and two other people, apparently Zero Tolerance. He took his son with him, he wanted to show him what happened when you fucked with Clawz. That old man had stolen information form them to give back to Zaslaw. He explained to his son that Zaslaw was a threat, he knew too many people and had way to much power. Zaslaw and his clan weren't near as big as what Clawz are. Clawz was all over the world, they owned the shipping yard here and companies all over the world.

Zaslaw just knew the right people, he didn't need an army as Brian explained to his son. Zaslaw could have anything done at any time, he had his hands in many businesses, he knew powerful people. He had everything and he was someone that Clawz needed to take out desperately to gain control of the underground. He showed him pictures, documents..Things that only certain people in Clawz knew. Brian stopped talking, Jr. looked up and at the door. There were noises coming from downstairs, then a scream. He jumped up, his mind was racing on the coke that he had running in his system. He ran across the office and went out the door. He came down the hallway and stopped at the top of the stairs. He saw something that horrified him: There was his son Jason, down on his knees with this head on the ground in front of a very tall man. A man with black eyes and almost made his heart stop. He knew this man, and there was another man standing next to him. A little shorter, he wore a dark black Armani suit and watched at the scene next to him. Brian knew these men, these were the men at the house of the old man that he was suppost to take care of for giving info to Zaslaw yesterday. It was Jaymz and Erik Black. Kathy stood at the entryway of the living room screaming as she watched. The tall man closed his eyes, held his arms out, palms out and said something in Latin. The only word he could make out was Lucifer. The tall man squatted down, put his hand under Jason chin and lifted his head. Brain was confused, he had seen some of Jason's friends speak in Latin and it was some kind of Devil worship. He thought it was all bullshit, but when his son stood up and lowered his head in front of the tall man he became worried. The tall man pulled a long knife out of his long black coat, Kathy screamed and ran over to protect her son, Brain was still frozen at the top of the stairs. She grabbed her son as Jaymz stood there holding the knife out..Kathy was confused, she looked up at her sons eyes to see that they were blood red.

There were no pupils, just solid red. She jumped back from him, Jason looked at the tall man and Jaymz just smiled. He took the knife from from Jaymz and in one quick motion slashed it at his mother. Blood shot all over the room as he got her just below the neck. Blood landed all over Jaymz as he never took a step back, Erik ducked the spray as it splattered all over the wall. Jason grabbed his mother, wrestled her to the floor and began to stab her..over and over the came down as a crimson puddle formed all over the floor. Brain still couldn't move, tears flooded his eyes as he suddenly realized that he was going to miss her. Brain Jr. ran to his side and Erik looked up. He pulled his gun from his jacket pocket and pointed it at them, Jaymz looked over and saw what was goin on, glanced back at Jason, who then looked at Jaymz. Jaymz gave him an odd look and Jason stood up instantly. He took the knife high over his head and plunged it deep into his stomach. he pulled it out, stumbled a little and with half the effort stabbed himself again and fell to the floor. Jaymz went over to get the long knife as Erik started to make his way up the stairs as the two men ran and took off. Erik got to the top in time to see them run into the office just down the hallway. Jaymz came up the steps and the two of them quietly made their way down the hall. Erik slowly turned the handle, it was locked. Erik, tired of sneaking around, took two steps back and shot the handle off of the door. Jaymz kicked it open and a bat came flying at his face. Jaymz moved as it smashed into the doorway. Brain swung again but Erik shot through the doorway kicking Brian right in his knee. You could hear his knee pop as it bent backward in an unnatural angel. He fell to the floor in pain as Erik and Jaymz entered the room. They saw Brian Jr. attempting to hide in the corner. Brain got back up one one good leg and tried to fight Erik. Erik laughed and messed with the man, he dodged the lefts and the rights with ease..He got tired of fooling with this man and gave him a quick series of blows to the face.

He fell to the floor on his back, Erik walked over to the man and stomped down on his face one time. His nose shattered and his face instantly became red with blood. Jaymz walked over to the corner and looked at this frightened guy, he was young and stupid. He didn't know what he was getting in to. Jaymz grabbed him by the head and threw him into the center of the room. He rolled over to his father and held onto him. Erik laughed at the site as the two men make their way over to Brains desk. Everything he had just told his son was right there for Jaymz and Erik to see. It was nothing that they were concerned with, they already knew this stuff. Erik looked over at Jaymz and quietly said "I forgot to tell you, he wanted us to bring him proof that hes dead." Jaymz nodded and they both looked at the two pathetic men on the floor. Erik kicked Brian Jr. off of his father and shot him twice in the head. Brain screamed as now his whole family had been killed. Erik held the gun up to Brian's head as the cried, he suddenly screamed in pain and pulled his right arm to him. There was blood everywhere and his hand was gone. He looked over at Jaymz who had that huge knife in one hand and his own hand in the other...Jaymz put the hand with the "17" tattoo on it on top of the desk. He went over to Brian and picked him up by his neck, took him over to the wall and lifted him up there. He let go of his neck and supported him up against the wall by pushing on his torso. He took the knife and plunged it deep into the mans neck. He slammed it in farther and let go of the man, he was supported there as the knife went through the wall..Jaymz picked up the bloodied hand and stuck it into his pocket.

Erik: you put that in your pocket? Now that is some nasty shit

what? you want to go get me a sand which baggie or somethin? Here, let me put this in your pocket.

Erik: Hell no, thats not going in my pocket. This place is a mess lets get out of here

yeah, Clawz will get this cleaned up quick, they wont want this to spread...Some of them will get worried and leave

A few will find out, I mean, look..thier all dead. This guy isn't going back to work tomorrow, they will figure it out. ...lets go, we still need to get this info back to Zaslaw that Vadim gave us. ...And he'll be glad to see that we took care of this little situation.

They leave the house and go back around to corner from where they parked, get in and drive back to the house...Erik gets on his cell phone and made a few calls, Jaymz talked...

Some people know that they are in a bad situation, and they live their life in that way thinking that they will always come out on top...But some of those people fight something that they will never be able to win, it may take twenty years but they will fall. These people fall one by one and soon they will see who has the upper hand and who has the control. Anyway, ...we faced those three idiots last week and once again Zero Tolerance came out with the win...What did you expect? Shane Bright to beat us? Blackheart, Mysterio? Come on, those people are below us and I don't know how many time their going to have to lose to realize that. I bet Shane sighed in relief when he saw that he didn't have to go up against any Zero Tolerance members this week. Everyone saw what happened the other night, they saw that Mysterio is nothing, Bright isn't what he claims that he is and this "twenty two time champion" got his ass stomped. Blackheart was a guy that Bright continued to hype up, to tell us how great this guy was because he won soo many Titles...We told him that it didn't mean shit, that he has never faced men with as much skill as we posses. Beating jobbers your whole career and running around telling people that you are the greatest doesn't gain you any ground when you face Zero Tolerance. There were alot of other things that happened that night besides the ass kicking we gave...We made a deal with McDan, now I don't know who you think you are but we don't take orders from you. We work for Zaslaw, and he wont "order" us around like you think that you are going to do...Oh, and McDan, I don't go to meetings. The last meeting that I was at, I was the only one who walked out of that room alive...and you don't want that.

You don't own us, your not above, and you sure as hell cant tell us what to do. You bought help, thats what you bought. You didn't buy new friendships and I don't care if I ever come face to face with you again. You paid us our money and all you have is a branch off, and on the end is Zero Tolerance. That wont change, the four of us wont leave or break apart. You can pay us as much money as you would like but we don't become one with you and you don't become one of Zero Tolerance. You have business partners now, and you need to see it that way. I don't understand why you want this idiot Cortez to go up against Crazy J. What in the hell is wrong with you? You pay us all this money and then you go off and say that Cortez is going to win the title? So now why are you underestimating Crazy J? Don't you know that he will kill if he has to for that title...Dont you know that hes going to give it everything that he has to make sure that Zero Tolerance still holds that Title? You don't make much sense to me McDan, I'm about ready to throw your money back at you and come hunt you down.. Your best option is to tell that loser Cortez not even to show up, spare him his health..let him see another day. You see McDan, I don't care how much money that you have because thats all you have..money. Good job, you bought Microsoft, but where did that get you? ...no where. You have more money and you paid for our services but we can quit at any time we feel like it. Then you will fall, and who is going to back you up then? Who's going to save you when we have judges, police chiefs and most of the city's government in our hands. Your money wont be able to buy you out of that predicament.

So you better watch what you say to us, because it may be the last thing you say....Im glad we could get some of these things in the clear McDan, now maybe you will know what we are all about. Now I see that this week Erik and myself get to face some people that will have a short time in the ring. What is it that you people don't get? Nick Kelly and Big Time? Who the hell are these people? Big Time...? I haven't seen this guy around here in several weeks so what kind of challenge does that pose to us? At least Kelly is around, he may not be very good but at least he seems like he actually wants to step into the ring...His promos don't really make sense to me and I cant help to see that his guy is an idiot. He sits around biting his nails over a match? You know Kelly if you were so scared of your last opponent then what do you think about us? Were not Rashaud, Raoulli or whoever the fuck it was that you faced last week. This is the match that will define your career, this is the week that you get lucky and join the line behind us of people we have to push to the side...You mean nothing to us Kelly, you just stand in our way of the Tag Team Titles and I guess that you will choose the difficult path by getting in the ring. I hope that you come prepared, please make this some kind of a fight unlike our last three opponents did. If you could even just hit me two or three times I'll be happy, I just need to feel a little pain...I thrive off of the pain, I need it, I crave it...Pain lets you know that you are alive, it lets you know that you are still here...Some people cant handle the pain, and it appears to me Kelly that you are one of those people. Erik and I can make every single little fiber in your body cringe with pain...

It would do us a great pleasure to make your face totally unrecognizable to the public, ...to watch you squirm on the mat, scream out in pain.. I would almost hate to hurt a mentally challenged person, thats what you appear to be to me...You seem to be afraid of the dark, worried about your matches and how your ever going to win, biting your fingernails. You talk like a small child and thats how you act...Is this how you rally are, or is this all show? Please tell me its all show, is your mom going to come down to the ring after Erik and I show you what a real Tag Team is? So, if you had a "Master in Japan" then why are you calling this worthless wrestler asking him for advise? Didn't you pay attention? ...I guess not..I cant believe that you would even ask someone how you could beat a person...So this week, you can go around and ask all the people that you want but their going to tell you the same thing, "I don't know." Nobody here knows how to beat Zero Tolerance. Bright may tell you that he beat us, but he only got that to happen when his little friend Mysterio came in and interfeared...So no, not even Bright knows how to beat us. Like I told you earlier, this will be the match that defines your career. We will make you an example to the world, we will show you that you cant stand in the ring with people of our power for over five minutes...You better come ready Kelly, reserve a hospital room ...in a few days you will need it.

Then there is is Big Time. Big time what? He has a big time at not showing his face around here? I dunno, I just wonder what hes "big time" at. What has he done in this business to say that hes big time? In our short time here I don't think hes really done a damn thing. and now he thinks he can stroll off the street, team up with a retard and go for the Tag Team Titles....No, no, no..That wont happen. You see, Erik and myself got screwed out of those titles and its something that we are going to bring home to where shy should be, in Zero Tolerance...Last time I saw you, you left town because you didn't think it was safe? Were you scared too? Don't tell me that we have a match people of scare easily. Now what kind of fight is this going to be? I thought maybe you two would put up a fight but from everything Ive seen in your past promos I'm going to have to change my mind on that. Do you and Shane bright write and edit your promos together? Ive never seen so much fucking kissing in all my life. You people just don't have time to focus on your match. You're distracted and that will be your down fall..Again, Shane Bright as an example. Are we all just suppost to think that you are an upstanding model citizen by tieng that girl up only to let her go a short time later? Am I suppost to think that you're a great person for doing something like that? You should have let her fry in that hell hole, she was a dirty whore who deserved to be dead. The two of you need to be focused this week, but i don't see that happening...So take the path that the both of you choose..Make it hard on your selfs, because in the end its all going to be the same....Zero Tolerance, winners again.

They pull up into the driveway and looked around as they got out. Clawz was following them earlier in the day but they didn't see them here at the moment. Erik grabbed the things for Zaslaw as the scene fades to black