Problems Solved Part. II
Problems Solved Part. II

The scene opens up on a clear day, were downtown just outside of the subway entrance tunnel. The sky is clear and sun hangs high casting down some of the last heat of the year. The concrete and streets are still wet from the rain the night before. The sidewalks are filled with people, streets filled with cars that fly through the puddles making some of the people walking jump back from the flying water. The cameraman pans down to the closed subway tunnel, he goes down the steps and comes to the gate...We see that the gate has been closed again but the steel chain that held it together was melted into a hard puddle on the ground. At that same moment we see Jaymz come from around the corner still wearing no shirt, only jeans and boots. He walks past the camera and up the steps..He come into direct contact with the bright sun and closes his eyes as they haven't adjusted from the low light of the subway system. He looks around at this clear day, looks around at the people going about their daily lives. He walks across the park and onto the sidewalk and down the street...Jaymz knows that the people are looking at him, hes a huge man covered in tattoos, but those people know better than to look at him as he passes...They look away, but as soon as he passes everyone looks. Jaymz came to the corner of 56th and Reno and on the opposite side of the street there was a small TV shop. There were several TVs in the windows, flat screens, plasmas, VCR combos. Something on the TVs caught Jaymz' attention, he shoved several people out of his way and started to cross the street. Car horns blared as he walked slowly across the street...The sound car brakes screeched through the streets as they swerved and dodged out of Jaymz' way. A blue Focus T-boned a green Chevy stopping traffic in both directions. Nobody said anything to Jaymz, they acted as if he had nothing to do with it as he crossed...He got to the other side and came face to face with the window.

The front door was open and all the channels were the same on every TV so Jaymz was able to hear what was going on on the TV. It was the local news, there was an attractive blond going through all the local events of the morning on the Channel 9 News. The looked into the camera in front of here and talked about the next story. "...In the strange murders that occurred last night the local authorities have given the names of the victims. Officer Antonio Brown and Daylight Donut Employee Alfred Wright. Authorities are still unclear of the events off the night, people claim that it was a New Era Wrestling employee: Alexi Yaroslav, better knows as Jaymz. We were able to speak to the chief of police earlier in the day and this is what he had to say: "That is completely false, we know the members of Zero Tolerance. Their good people and they wouldn't do anything like that. ...In fact, their all good friends of mine. I am completely outraged that people are accusing them of doing things like that. We do have a suspect from RWW as a matter of fact, Shane Bright. He was arrested earlier in the week, and we will talk to him about his series of events. Hes being watched closely." News Lady: So thats what the chief had to say about the gruesome murders that took place last night. We will stay on top of this story and we'll be the first to inform you on what happens later. Jaymz smiled at the TV, knowing that the higher powers of the city have everything under control. Jaymz started to walk down the street again when a black car sped by and parked up next to a curb. Its a Black BMW 740 with black rims..Jaymz walks into the street and around to the passenger side and opens the door, and there was Erik Black in the driver seat. He wore a dark blue Armani suit that blended with in with his eyes. He gave Jaymz an odd look as he opened the door..He motioned for Jaymz to get inside..Jaymz reached under the seat and slid it back as far as it would go. He got inside, but at over seven feet tall he was still squished in the passenger seat.

Damn, you need a bigger car...

Erik: Naw, your fine..Hey, think about it..you wont go through the windshield if we crash

Yeah no shit, I feel like a sardine

Erik: I see Zaslaw got more of your mess cleaned up last night

Well good for him, thats what he does best.

Erik: So what the hell were you doin in there all night long?

I was doing alot of thinking

Erik: ...Dont hurt yourself.

Shut up. I know this guy who might be able to give us a little more information on the Clawz.

Erik: oh yeah? so who is this guy


Erik: What? That old guy that used to hang around?

Yeah, thats him...

Erik: Damn, that guys all over the place...

You have no idea how many times Ive said that...Get us on the highway, go north out of town...its a ways away..

Erik: ..I see how it is.."Lets take Erik's car on a trip with all these high gas prices, instead of the Tahoe"...

Tell Zaslaw, you think I pay for gas!?

Erik: Oh yeah? Thats a good idea..

Erik pulled the 740 back out onto the street and made his way to the highway..They got onto Interstate 35 and headed out of town...The farther they went they city faded off to the background giving way to trees and hills..They passed a few exits, but never saw anything more than a few small gas stations. They drove for quite some time before a sign came from up ahead, it read: Murray lake next two exits. Jaymz, half asleep pointed to the sign and Erik got off at the first exit. At the end of the off ramp the only way to turn was west. you couldn't see anything but trees on either side of the road until they came to a curve and the dense trees began to clear. A lake came into view as they around, there were several trucks parked off to the side with trailers attached. There was a boa tramp off the the left side and a few people swimming in the water next to it. The road came to an end just up ahead and was wide enough for trucks to do a turn around with their trailers...There was a trail just off to the other side and Jaymz told Erik that he needed to go that way..Erik was hesitant, he didn't want to scratch his car up...He drove over to the trail and drove off in the trees...

The path was wide barely wide enough as Erik creeped his way along. After about a mile it widened some and gave way to gravel that looked as if it had just been laid there recently. They drove on a little farther where the road came to a split,, for a moment Jaymz couldn't remember which way to go..left, that was it. Erik took a left and drove on. The path became narrow again and something started to appear from up ahead thought the trees...A few of the trees had been cleared out and see that a house sat back there..The pulled up closer to the house hidden in the trees and parked out front. It was a small house, the old wood had been painted green, brown shingle top. It blended in very well with its surroundings. There was a one car garage attached to the right side of the house. The curtains were pulled over the windows and there seemed to be no signs of life here..There were old rusted tools scattered through the yard, a rusted up car shell sitting inside a make-shift shed off to the left. The front door opened and an older man stepped out. He wore jeans and a black shirt...He wore a hat, still attempting to hide his fastly growing grey hair...Jaymz and Erik stepped out of the car.

Whats goin on old man?

Vadim: Jaymz, its been a while....And who is this? ...Is that Erik Black?

Erik: The one and only..

Vadim: Hhmm..The day I thought the two of you would be on the same side would be the day Hell froze over

Oh trust me, that wont ever happen...

Vadim: Well..Thats only something you would know

Erik: I don't want to know...

Vadim: Come on in guys, I think I have some things you all would like to know.

They all start to go into the house when Vadim stops, turns around suddenly and looks off into the woods..Erik and Jaymz were quick to follow, there was movement from back off to the west in the trees. Erik quietly told them to go in the house, act like they don't see him..They went inside, the house was practically empty. There was a table with two chairs in the far corner of the room with an empty coffee pot and newspaper on it. There was an old TV against the west wall, couch against the east wall and that was pretty much it. Vadim went over to the wall and slowly moved the curtain a little and peered out the window...He saw that the man in the woods run behind a tree..He had made up some ground to the house..He wore all camouflage and squatted behind a tree, Vadim saw him pull out binoculars and backed away from the window.."Erik: fuck this..." Erik went over to the window and looked out, he found the man and backed away from the window. He pulled his gun out from his pocket and made his way to the door. He flung the door open, took two steps out and fired four shots. Jaymz and Vadim walked outside as Erik was making his way over to where the man had his last living moment. He kicked the man over, he was young..He looked to be no older than twenty five, Vadim made the comment that he was a member of the Clawz. They stood there and looked at the man for a moment before Vadim turned around and headed back to the house. Erik and Jaymz followed the man, when they got back inside Vadim told them to take a seat as he sat on the couch...They got the two chairs from the other side of the room and sat across from Vadim.

Vadim: Well, as you see they know we are here. Their aware that I have things that Zaslaw needs to know. Zaslaw knows that The Clawz are here, but I don't think him or you guys realize how thick they are here. ...I didn't know that either at the time, and I was surprised to find that out. They have different factions, different groups. Zaslaw knows how large the whole group is and I doubt he has ever told you. Some of these factions that they have are almost all over the world. Theres a large group of them here that I found..

So, I had a whole bunch of fake papers and signatures made..Got inside and picked up a few things...Actually Ive got two big folders here full of names, faces, addresses, social security numbers, where some of these other groups are specifically located....They want him really bad and they feel that this is their best shot to take him out. Their trying to decide right now whats the best way to get to him...I don't think he realizes what they are trying to do...They wont make a move yet because you two found the pictures that Riely had. Take this stuff back to Zaslaw, he'll know what to do with it. ...And you might want to leave now, because I'm sure there are more coming, they never travel alone.

Erik: We'll get it to him, were headed back that way.

You gonna come with us?

Vadim: Naw, I'm gonna stay here for a while...

We'll see ya around then...

Erik and Jaymz walk out of the house and back to the 740, get inside and start to drive off

Erik: Hes gonna be alright here? Look out in the trees, theres more of them

Yeah, I see em to. Don't worry about him, he'll be fine..trust me.

Erik drove them back down the path while Jaymz opened up one of the folders and looked inside. Zaslaw was right, there was a picture and bio of about fifty people just in this folder...He flipped through them, there were people ranging in the ages of twenty one to sixty three, black, white, Chinese, Mexican. He set the folders down as Erik drove them back off the path to the lake..They passed the trucks, went back down the road and went south on the highway back to the city. Some time went by and neither of them really spoke a word...They got about halfway back and Erik pulled off on the next exit. There was a gas station just off this exit and he pulled up to the gas pump. It was an old white painted building that said "Sammy's" in red on the top. There were two old trucks parked on one side of the building with three men all leaning off the bed of one of the trucks lieing about the fish they caught in the lake today. There were two black Expeditions lined up on the opposite the gas pumps..Evidently they were inside paying as nobody was out there. Erik got out and took the cap off as Jaymz headed inside. Jaymz walked in the door, to the right was the counter where an older overweight redheaded woman was working. She smiled as Jaymz walked in the door, he quickly surveyed the rest of the store..Back off past the counter was a grill were the woman went back to, fixing up hamburgers to the two men sitting at one of the three booths in the back. They sat across from each other, Jaymz could see the face of one and the back of the other. he thought it was odd that the man facing him didn't look up when the chimes rang on the door, since neither of them were talking. He went to the left, away from the counter and grill and down the first aisle..

--outside-- The handle clicked on the gas pump as it had taken its limit, he didn't like these Expeditions parked opposite to him..This pump was really fuckin slow and someone should have been out here by now...He had a bad feeling and looked around, there was nobody except the three men still talkin. He locked the cap back on the car and walked over to the three men..One of the men nodded when he came over and the other two looked..Erik casually walked over to them and told them that they were going to have to leave..The man closest to him was really skinny, he had a long beard and he was really dirty..He told Erik that they didn't have do leave if they didn't want to...Erik never said a word, he quickly reached out and slammed the mans head against the side of the truck..He fell to the ground after hitting the truck and Erik reached into his jacket for his gun. The other two men jumped back, Erik had no intention of shooting them, he only wanted them gone. Again, he told them to leave and this time they lisnted..The other man got back into the passenger side of one of the trucks, they sped out and pulled off.

--inside-- The total on the gas came to thrity-six dollars even. Jaymz set a twelve pack on the counter and pulled out a credit card, Zaslaws credit card. She swiped it through, printed out the receipt and Jaymz signed it...He looked out of the corner of his eye, the man facing him was looking but as Jaymz looked his way he shifted his eyes back down to the table. Jaymz then looked outside, and instantly looked back at the lady who had a confused look on her face..The machine next to her was saying gas was being used outside, but nobody else had pulled up.

--outside-- Erik knew this was a bad situation so he took control. He walked back over to the gas pumps opposite his car..He lifted the handle and pushed the "pay inside" button..He sqqueezed the handle and gas shot out all over one the Expeditions, then worked his way to the other..Jaymz walked out of the store, and made his way back to the car..He heard the door close, Erik looked back at that same moment as gunshots came from the inside of the door..He noticed that one of the windows from the inside turned red as the shot went off. They shot the lady on the way out, as soon as the door closed from when Jaymz walked out they opened it and came storming out. Jaymz turned around and stood there, Erik put the lock on the handle and threw it down as gas still shot out all over the ground working its way down the slope and off to the side of the building. The two men pulled had their guns out, Erik started to walk over to them, they screamed for him to stop but never taking their guns off Jaymz since he was only a few feet away. Erik knew they wouldn't take the guns off the closest man..He stood next to Jaymz, the men told them they wanted whatever it was that he old man gave to them earlier...

Jaymz bent over to set the twelve pack down, at the same time Erik reached for the mans gun closest to him, Jaymz took one huge step and took the other man to the ground...Shots rang out as they both fired randomly...Only after a few seconds did Erik and Jaymz take control of the guns and leave the two men lieing on the ground..Erik: "That was the last time you ever point a gun at me." Erik fired four shots, two into each hand. The man screamed and rolled all over the concrete, Jaymz did the same to the other man...Erik pitched the guns into the window of the Expedition as Jaymz took both men by their necks and slammed their heads together...One of the men was unconscious and the other had no clue as to what was going on at this point. He opened up the door of one of the gas covered Expeditions and threw the men inside. He slammed the door shut and went back to Erik's car..Neither of them spoke a word as the started the car ans started to pull out of the gas station..He pulled a Zippo out of the console of his car and flicked the top open..He didn't light it, he held it over to Jaymz..The eyes turned pitch black, he ran two fingers over just less than an inch over the lighter and blue flames shot out...The flames danced in a motion that was almost like liquid...Erik looked at it for a moment and tossed it out the window as they pulled out of the gas station..The explosion was loud and the red and orange flames light up the evening as they drove back to the highway....

Damn, Vadim was right, there guys are everywhere. I noticed that one of those guys were in this folder..Thomas Woods, it was the guy that you shot.

Erik: I'm gonna keep an eye out behind us, they might be following us...

Wouldn't surprise me.

Erik: This is a problem that we need to get fixed

Yeah, these guys want Zaslaw bad

Erik: Hes a hard guy to get to....Oh well, we got that match coming up tomorrow night..

You know...Over my time on this Earth I have seen many people, smart people, retarded people, and people that are just plain stupid. ...So the words for today are "stupidity" and "ignorance." Those two words right there pretty much sum up one of my opponents and that happens to be Shane Bright. Are we getting to you Shane? ...Are we really bothering you that much? Its not hard to tell in your tone of voice and in your choice of words that we are getting on your nerves. You need to settle down a little bit Shane and think before you speak...One thing that you said really blew me away. You said, "you talked a whole paragraph on me" ...What in the hell do you mean by that. Cause you know, when I talk to someone I don't go up to them and say "hey, can I speak a paragraph or two with you?" Does that make any sense Shane? Does your mind not function properly? ...Please tell me that you got past the second grade cause to me it doesn't appear that you did. What kind of moron goes around talking in "paragraphs?" ...Could you clarify that for me a little bit Shane, could you explain to me what you were trying to say but you came out sounding like uneducated white trash. Another thing that you said made no sense what-so-ever and that was when you told me that I say the same things in every promo that I do...Excuse me, I mean .."I say the same paragraphs in every promo"...You understand me better that way? Anyway...I went back and I watched several of my most recent promos and I cant help but to ask what I say over and over...Sure there are bits and pieces, maybe three percent of my promos get repeated and thats because you don't seem to comprehend the things that I tell you.

Its simply like you ignore the things I say because you come up with the same old retort promo after promo. Go back and watch my promos and you will see that damn near everything that I tell you isn't repeated. I don't expect you to go back and watch them because apparently you cant even watch all of my promo I aired earlier this week. It takes a lot of nerve to talk about things being repeated which that is exactly what YOU did. You told me last week that I cant kill people and do the things that I am capable of doing. ...And again, even after I told you, you kept on giving me the same old bullshit lines about how I would be in jail...What part of, "We took this city from underneath and now its in our grasp" didn't you understand? I explained why we can do these things but I guess you didn't watch all of the promo, so out you come talking in "paragraphs" making an ass out of yourself. You looked like a fool in your last promo by talking about things that I have already explained...Did you not understand me? Do you not understand some of the words that I say? Is my vocabulary to large for you? ...is your attention span to short? Or maybe its just that my promos don't interest you because I don't worry about have a girl love me, wanting to kiss the girl and all that bullshit that keeps nobody entertained other than old women, teenage girls and faggots. Your as metrosexual as they come, your on borderline homo. I wouldn't be surprised to see that Madison is really a transsexual, and shes got a prize in the front of her pants for ya. Your a hypocrite Shane, what kind of idiot comes out here and accuses me of doing the same things in every promo when thats what you are doing...I like to kill people, so what?

The ratings for my promos are high, it keeps people entertained and interested...but you, every promo has some "sweet little scene" with you and Madison kissing and hugging and its all the same. Its the same shit every single time, the only difference was in you last promo when something harassed entertaining happened. The SWAT team came in...SWAT team? I don't understand why they would send in a swat team to take a guy to jail, much less the Police Station. You know I was right Shane, you wouldn't make it in prison. This is where your ignorance shines through, we all saw them take you to the Police Station but then at the end of the promo you tried to tell us all that you were in "prison"...Hahahahaha, prison? A holding cell in a local Police Station has turned into prison? Give me a break, I know someone in prison and they watched your promo..The inmates laughed at you Shane, as the whole world did...Do you realize how ignorant that you really are? You don't even know the difference between a holding cell and Prison....Then you slap around one of the guys in there and act like its a big deal. Do you know who that guy was? His name was Alex Rodriguez and hes nothing more than than a local drunk. He checks himself in there when hes had too much to drink so he doesn't end up killing someone with this truck. Who were you trying to impress there? Because I laughed, the inmates at the real prison laughed, and all of Zero Tolerance laughed....We all laughed in "paragraphs." ...Lets go back to your talking in "paragraphs" for a moment. I would like to know how you effectively "ripped me a new one" when EVERYTHING you said, minus one sentence, was the exact same things you said before.

So how did you rip me a new one with the same old shit you said the first time? Oh, and also..you only talked about me for twenty six seconds...I went back and watched the time as you spoke, so I wouldn't even call that a "paragraph", you idiot....More like a run-on sentence. I would like to know how we are always together, I'm with Erik right now...But this is the first time in a week Ive seen any of these guys. I need to go pay a little visit to Crazy J, haven't seen him in a while...You don't need to be worried about where we are and where we live...You can tell me were gay and all that, but I cant help but laugh because we know the truth where as you don't. Your smack talk is pathetic and weak, maybe thats why your promos don't get high ratings...Maybe thats why nobody cares and doesn't take you seriously....You can tell me that I ramble on, its just that I have alot of things on my mind to say to you...Im sorry that I have things on my mind to say, unlike you..Mr. Paragraph. I watched your second promo and I see that you don't have any money. Yup, no money. You know, if I was to be put in jail, they could set the bail at one hundred million and it wouldn't phase me a bit. It would be no problem at all, hell Zaslaw could write a check for it, Erik could write a check for it, Crazy J could as well. I thought you had money? I thought that you were a "teen idol"...Dont they have money, or do they have "paragraphs?" I still don't understand why you criticize my promos everytime you put one out. I still cant believe that you keep on telling me I repeat myself...Point out some examples Shane, you cant because its all different. And I'm amazed at this because when you aired your promo it was the SAME OLD SHIT.

Don't you have anything better to say to me than all you do is "demonic stuff." I mean, its really getting old Shane don't you have anything different to say to me? I don't understand what you meant by this "I spelled your name JAMES" ...Where did you spell it? I know you said they word "James", but did you spell it? No you sure didn't. Again, I laughed with a heard that because I was wanting to know when you spelled it. Heres how you spell James, "J-A-M-E-S" thats how you spell it. You don't make any sense Shane, people watch your promos and wonder what kind of shit you are talking about..you talk in paragraphs and you spell without spelling anything. ...Does that make any sense what-so-ever? Hell no it doesn't you moron. You don't need to worry about when I air my promos, you can always count on me being there and showing up...Now I was wondering where you were earlier in the week, hell it took you over five days to air a promo after Bloodzone...So where do you get the nerve to come out here and tell me when I should air promos...I had one aired for days before you got off your lazy ass and decided to give us another one of your soap opera's. What more do I have to say to you Shane? We all know that your a Child molester, a sick fuck who should be eliminated from this planet. No wonder your a "teen idol", your age limit seems to be between twelve and sixteen. This world would be a better place if you were left for dead. Lets go back to the promos for a second and how I haven't aired a second one yet...What about your boy Blackheart? Where is he at? Again, for the second week in a row it seems that hes going to wait till he last minute to give us one of his commercials, excuse me..I mean promos.

This is a guy that both of you claim is the best because hes won twenty two titles...wow, and I suppost to be impressed...You see, my friend Erik here brought up the best point..Hes lost it 22 times....Which makes him an AVERAGE wrestler at best...So if I say that Ive only held a World Title three times in my career that makes me less of a wrestler than it does Blackheart doesn't it? See theres a difference, he cant hold on to a title long enough to call it his, and wining titles on the Playstation doesn't count, so I'm sure that number needs to be dropped down just a little bit. Anyway, my Title reigns are different...I held the world Title for thirty one weeks one time..Thats more impressive than twenty two title victories, I only lost one match in thirty two fights...you see, that established me as one of the best...Not someone who wins a title, loses it the next week...Picks one up a few weeks later, then drops it again after a week...Thats what a loser is. Just an average wrestler who fights below average talent and thinks that hes the best. Ive fought the best, Ive teamed with the best and Ive lost to the best, in the past. I used to be in a fed that took its two top fighters and put them up against two of other feds best fighters...It didn't last long, nobody stood up to the challenge of facing us after we cleaned out six feds of their "best." I don't know why Blackheart thinks hes something great, his track record is shit, hes lazy and waits till the last minute to air a promo. And this is they guy that you guys keep hyping up? Come on give me a break, Ive seen more talent in jobbers at house shows. You guys can come out here and tell us that you didn't want Mysterio to come out and help you in your, then, losing effort.

You guys say "well, we didn't ask for him to do that" Well, who gives a shit? I didn't see you trying to stop him from interfering in the match...And why would you, both of you know that you were going to lose. I like to see how Shane and Blackheart skirt around the issue of winning the Tag Team TItles...They want to come out and talk about being the best, and being unbeatable but they don't want to discuss the facts of how they became the Tag Team champs. So if Blackheart ever airs a promo I'm sure he will be telling us how great of a victory it was. I just want to know if Shane and Blackheart are a great Tag Team, why don't we ever see them together? What kind of team do they have? Its because their not, their not a team..They think they can waltz right in that ring and take out a real tag team, plus Crazy J. Mysterio came right out here earlier in in the week and aired a mini-series of promos and I still cant get over the fact that hes so eatin up with being like Crazy J thats its almost stupid. Go watch those guys promos again and you can just see the jealously in his eyes, you can hear it in his tone of voice and his actions..He doest have a mind of his own, he sees something that he likes and takes other peoples personalties and tries to make them his own, and thats the sign of someone who is weak. Thats the sign of a person with no idea and no train of thought. I hope that the three of you are ready this week. I hope that the three of you have some kind of team unity to take us out...I suer haven't seen it yet and nobody else has either...This is what it comes down to..We have one guy who is jealous like I just talked about...We got one guy who is extremely lazy and airs these short little commercial promos and then we have this other guy who is a hypocrite. A guy who accuses people of saying the same things in their promos, which is false, but thats what he does. He has no new material and nothing new to say but the same old things, but he accuses other people of doing that? I still don't understand that, and I don't understand how you three plan on winning this match when you are completely over matched...The time is running short, and your time on this planet is coming to an end...There will be no wins for you all, only for Zero Tolerance...

Because once it hits Zero,,,,

Erik: Its too late....

These scene fades to black as the two men drive on down the highway...