Crimson Gutters
Crimson Gutters

The volume feed fades in, we hear the sound of rain hitting concrete. The scene comes in on a dark rainy night downtown. The streets are bare, very few lights lit in the tall buildings and the only other light were the streetlights that lined the street. There was one person out on this night. He stood there in the rain, with his head held low..His wet hair hung down into his face...He wore no shirt and we knew who it was. His torso and arms were filled with color; blacks, reds, oranges, blues...The terrible images burned into the skin of this man were visible...His hands were clinched in fists and the only moment he made was the rising and falling of his chest as his breaths were long and far between. The rain came down in one steady thick wave because there was no wind...the roads held over and inch of water and it just kept coming...There was something...something around Jaymz' feet..The water seemed to retreat around his feet, it wanted to come but as it got about four inches from his feet it rolled back over itself pushing back out into the street.. Jaymz slowly lifted his head, took his left hand and pulled the wet hair back from his face. This was the face of evil, this was the face of everything that Unholy, this was the face of a walking Sin. His face is worn with time, the face of a restless wanderer. The scars that covered his face made him look older than he really was. And those eyes, almost always those eyes. Those eyes that you don't want to look at, the eyes that you want to turn from but something compels you to look. Those eyes, the black so dark that they send chills through your body. The eyes so black that they reflect your image back to you, showing you what you really are. The eyes of the Devil, those terrible eyes in the Devil Incarnate. Those horrible eyes focused down the road ahead and slowly he began to walk. When he lifted his feet the water immediately filled the empty spots, and where his feet came down the water rolled away..as if even the water knew to stay away from this man

...He walked by the camera, the demons drawn on his arms that seem to be coming out of his skin almost look as if they are looking at you as they go by. Jaymz walked down the middle of the street, the streetlights brightening up as he walked past them, then fade back to normal as he got by...The cameraman uttered something, we are unable to make out what he said, but by the sound of his voice he is afraid. He followed Jaymz up the street, he came to an intersection and took a right. The night was so dark and the rain was so think that you could see down to the next corner, he continued up the street until a car started to come into view. It was parked on the right hand side of the road, the small building it sat by appeared to be open as all the lights were on...We came a little closer and the car was in total view..I white mist seem to come off the top of the car as the rain hit hard splattering into tiny drops. It was an undercover police car, easy to tell with the spotlight on the side mirror. Jaymz stopped dead in the middle of the street, turned his head slightly and looked at the sign on the building. Daylight Donuts it read, under that a blinking sign said "open 24 hours." He stood there for a few moments, watching the person inside of the building. He pulled his wallet from his pocket as the man working pushed the bag of food across the counter, took his money and gave him his change. He waved goodbye as he ran out the door to his car. The engine started, the headlights came on and he started to pull out into the street. He got about ten yards before the car came to a stop and the spotlight came on right in Jaymz' face. He never flinched, never squinted his eyes...The strange thing was, the light didn't reflect in his eyes...Those deep black eyes held there darkness even with the bright light. The light moved across him as the officer got a look at the man. The interior lights in the car came on as the door slowly opened.

They were a long way away from each other, the officer got out of the car stayed behind the door, pulled his gun out and yelled something at Jaymz. The rain was loud and didn't let his voice travel that far. Jaymz looked dead ahead never moving as the man got back into the car and pulled a little closer to Jaymz. Again he opened the door, stayed behind it with his gun out. This time we heard the officer. He was asking this man if he had any weapons. He asked several times but Jaymz never looked at him, he stared straight on down the street. He came out from behind the door, stepped out into the front of the car and asked how much he had to drink tonight. The officer didn't see any real danger here, he saw that this man was big and could be of trouble if he chose to, but the officer didn't see that in this man...He took a few steps closer and told him to get down on the ground...They were no more than ten feet apart when Jaymz finally turned to face the man...His mouth dropped as he saw the face of this man, he instantly raised his gun but Jaymz took one huge step with surprising quickness and snatched the gun from the man. He whipped it back catching him across the face and sending the officer to the ground. Jaymz stepped on his neck as he attempted to call for backup..Jaymz reached down, grabbed his hand and squeezed it as hard as it could. The sounds of bones popping could be heard in the downpour as he screamed. Jaymz picked him up by the collar and drug him back to the car..He held him up the driver side door and looked into his eyes, their faces seperated by only inches...An evil grin came across Jaymz' face and he shuddered..A moment later Jaymz shuddered again, he tilted his head back..Something came from the corner of his eyes and out of his nose...Black stuff, and as it came out it made sounds of fingernails scratching a chalkboard...Thousands of little black things came out, they looked like little black spots of liquid, but they sparkled in the dark night..A cloud of the sparkling black mass formed, hung in the air for a moment then shot to the officers face..

They went into this ears, his nose, mouth....He tried to scream but the mass cut it off...It formed around his head, covering it and completely muffling his screams..Blood dripped from his neck and Jaymz let him go. He rolled around in the street, pulling at his head in spasmodic motion as his whole world was turned upside down...he thrashed for a moment before his body became still, the black mass seemed to loose its sparkle..The mass seemed to evaporate and spots of white could be seen underneath...It all eventually disappeared and there was nothing left but a horrifying sight...The black mass took every piece of flesh from the mans skull...There was no blood, not one piece of flesh..The eye sockets were empty as was the entire skull. Blood poured from the mans neck and ran an red river through the streets...Jaymz lifted his head back, held his arms out and let out a scream..The streetlights all down the street shattered covering the street in darkness, except for the donut shop just down the street. Jaymz began to walk that way as he saw the man behind the counter was paying no attention at all...He walked across the street and came to the building...he walked up to the window and just stood there. He watched the man inside the store. He was cleaning up as this was the slowest part of his shift. He was a large man, fat really. He looked to be in this thirties, though he was prolly younger than that. The phone rang, he went back over to the counter and leaned back against it..his back to the door...Jaymz stood there and the tattoos slowly began to move across his skin, he focused on something inside of the store and moments later the display glass broke..He jumped back looking across the counter at all the broke glass...He hung up the phone and came out from behind the counter...He still never noticed the man standing at the window...He went to get a broom and when he came back, he did. He looked curiously at the man, motioned to him that they were closed.

The man outside the window put his hands up to the glass..Instantly the glass cracked where his hands touched it..The man jumped back at the sight, and he also noticed the strange movement on his skin..The glass shattered out of the front window and came inward as if it had be shot out of a gun...The fat man put his hand over his eyes to shield the glass but it did nothing...Huge shards of glass stuck into his torso, his neck and the side of his head...The man instantly fell dead to the ground. Jaymz stood there looking at the man for a few moments as the rain made its way in through the broken glass...He turned away from the man and made his way down the street...Still, with every footstep the water retreated from his feet in a form that was unexplainable. He came to the next intersection and took a left. A car drove by, the first car of the night. There was a woman driving the car, she swerved off into the other lane as she stared at the big man walking down the sidewalk. He paid her no attention, didn't even notice the car go by. The rain began to let up and a slight breeze swept through the streets, it was nothing more than a drizzle now that fogged up the night...Jaymz stopped, looked down the long street at the lights that ran up and down it. The glass covering every bulb shattered at the same time scattering all over the street...Blue flames shot out of the bulbs burning fiercely in the drizzle...The street took on almost a gray color as the blue flames danced in the night..The flames were so hot it seemed to melt the tops of the poles, sending hot chunks of metal to the ground sizzling as they touched the wet pavement. The Devil Incarnate made his way down the street...The downtown district started to give way to small restaurants, small businesses...There was a spot on the west side of the street where the buildings stoped...There was a park and a subway tunnel.

He crossed the street and made his way that direction, he walked across the park and over to the subway tunnel..He walked down the steps and comes to the bottom, the steel gate that ran across the entryway was locked from the inside. He held out his hand with his palm up, he lowered his head closed his eyes and mumbled something that defiantly wasn't english..It was hard to understand but the few words that we could hear made no sense...Blue flames appeared in his palm, not on the skin but levitated several inches above. He took his hand and moved it over to the chain locking the gate..The flame moved with his hand and when it came contact with the chain it seemed to absorb it..The chain turned bright red and began to sag, it began to melt leaving flaming puddles of steel on the concrete...Jaymz stepped back a few feet, then took one huge step forward and kicked the gate in..It came off of its hinges and flew inward. It landed on the concrete with a thud and scraped as it came to a halt. Jaymz walked inside, his footsteps echoing all throughout the tunnel. There was no subway train, no people and it looked like this particular terminal hasn't been used in a long time. Trash was littered on the floor, old beer cans, pop cans, cigarette butts...Proof that life had been here at one point and time. Jaymz walked over to the tracks, jumped off the ledge and down into the tunnel. The air was thick and humid. It smelled stale and bad, and something moved in the darkness just up ahead...Jaymz stood frozen in his tracks as he watched the momement...Just a few seconds later a man emerged from the dark tunnel...Obvisley he was homeless, his clothes were ragged and dirty and he had a trash bag slung over his shoulder...His nose was large and filled with veins, the sign of a heavy drinker. His eyes were red and glazed over, his mouth showed a gaping hole of black, minus teeth. His hair was red, he had a thick beard that was stuck together and filled with grime. He wore no shoes and his feet were as black as the empty hole in his mouth. He looked curiously at the large man and took a few steps closer to him...

He thought he could beg a few dollars off of his man...He set his trash bag down and it clattered of aluminum cans as it hit the tracks...He came closer to Jaymz until he was standing face to face with him...He kinda turned his head and looked at him funny...The homeless man asked Jaymz if he alright, if he had a screw loose. He then asked what was wrong with his eyes...He told Jaymz he knew what was wrong with his own eyes, he had been drinking for the last 5 days straight. He laughed in Jaymz' face as he finished talking and his breath was rancid. It was so bad that it even made Jaymz flinch and step back. The man then proceeded to what he was originally going to ask him...He asked him if he had any spare change, Jaymz just shrugged his shoulders then reached into his pocket with his left hand. Jaymz pulled out his hand and the man jumped back as Jaymz opened his palm. There was a small blue ball in Jaymz hand, no bigger than a marble. It seemed like it was filled with liquid as it looked like the insides moved, and it sort of glowed. He asked Jaymz if that was some sort of diamond...An evil grin came over his face and he extended his arm out to the man..The mans eyes got big and snatched the ball out of Jaymz' hand. He looked at it for a moment and stuck it in his pocket...He thanked Jaymz and turned around to walk off. He started to slap at his pocket then, then started to scream...He pants ignited in orange flames, then his shirt. Flames shot from his fingernails, he spun around, faced Jaymz and we saw that the fire was coming out of his eyes, his mouth, his nose..He fell to the ground, he flopped for a second then laid still. His body was still on fire and the smell of burning flesh in a humid stale tunnel wasn't the greatest thing in the world. Jaymz stepped over to the man, found the blue ball on the ground and picked it up. He casually walked over the burning man and entered the dark tunnel...A few steps away from the light and everything went pitch black. Jaymz was no longer to be seen until blue light came from the middle of the tunnel...Jaymz had pulled out the blue marble thing and it glowed bright in the darkness...Its light bounced off the walls as he continued to walk, then he spoke....

The things I do, I don't them for you...I do it because I like it. What are you going to do about it? You think the things that I can do are tricks of the mind? Do you think the things that I do are all special effects? ...Hollywood tricks? Do either of you know anything about me or what I can do and who I am? Why are you so worried about the things that I do? ...And what are you going to do about it? ...Call the cops? Good, you do that. You see, it will be ignored and there is just nothing you can do about it. Do you really think that the cops are going to take me away? Shane, Blackheart...Do either of you really believe that. You have seen what I can do, and you think they are going to do something about it...The cops are going to take a member of Zero Tolerance? Yeah, thats gonna happen. You have no idea of the power that Zaslaw has do you? The things we can do are unlimited because people are willing to look the other way for us...They will ignore what is happening because they know there will be a price to pay if they don't. Wherever we go, we take over. When we came here we made this place our home. This city around us, Zero Tolerance came in and swept under it taking it from below. ..The people we know and the things we can do enable us to control what happens in everyday life. There are no prices for us to pay, no time to serve. ...So what were you going to do about it? Your gonna bitch some more, I can count on that. So you can watch this over and over as many times as you like but you will see no stunt-doubles, fake blood and rubber limbs. This is real life and this is what I can do. There are four crowned Princes of the Underworld ...and when my flesh rots away from this world, I will be the Fifth. I will be the center, I will be the most powerfull...I will be the one who sits in the chair of all that is Evil, I will be responsible for the lost souls that will enter into my unknown.

I was once told by a preacher that "If your right eye causes you to sin, tear it out and throw it away; it is better for you to lose one of your members than for your whole body to be thrown into hell. And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away; it is better for you to lose one of your members than for your whole body to go into hell." .....I looked at that Fool and told him that every fiber in my body has Sined, that I will Sin until the day that I die....He was appalled by that....But you see, he didn't learn. He told me that my way was wrong, that was being led down the wrong path. There is no evil in this world, its only in the mind....Its a shame for him that he died the next day....He was wrong, there is evil all around this world and now I bring it into the light...I will let everyone see that the face of Lucifer is real, and that there is no shame in hiding from it. Life is the great indulgence-death, the great abstinence. Therefore, we must make the most of life I bring these teachings to the world, I bring the followers to the top....Everyone will see what lives in this world when I bring them into the light to do the work that I summon...Shane, Blackheart...If I wanted to, I could have you torn apart. You see, there are people know believe in the things that I do..they KNOW who I am. They worship what is inside of me, they know where their souls will be when they die and they know who will be there in charge. ...They would rip you limb from limb, leaving you nothing to be but food for the wild animals.....I could bring these people foreword, blood would flow through the gutters of this place, tears would fill the sidewalks from the mournours.....I could have it happen to other people that way you would stand there in shock at the sights before you, wondering why you ever decided to fuck with a beast such as myself...

Of my own free will, I now present myself to You. The living Sin. The true dark force of this living World, a creature that no one has ever seen on this planet of life. There will be a time to come when you have to stand up, look up at me and say... Hail the Fifth, Lord of Darkness, King of Hell, Ruler of the Earth, Jaymz - The Fifth, mighty Liberator, Bearer of true Light. You underestimate me and take me for something less than I really am. When you die there will be no bright light, there will be nothing at the other end of the tunnel but pain and anguish. The pain will never end, the searing pain that will burn from the inside will never end. Don't question me, you only make yourself look like a fool. Though, it wouldn't be the first time that you have looked that way. All I heard was how great that you two are, how you were going to come out there and show us a thing or two...How you were going to come out there and beat us. Now see, I don't call that loser Mysterio coming out there making it a three on two match the way it was suppost to go down. So if you two were that good then why didn't you put us away buy your selfs? What excuses can you make for that? I would love to hear them. Because no matter what you say, we all know the reason. ...Its because you two, and Mysterio know that you were going to get beatin. ...So got ahead and tell me thats not true, but what other good reason did he have for coming out there? To help you? ...You cant beat us two on two? ...So you needed some help? ...I really cant think of any other good excuses for him coming down. The whole world knows, they all saw it. They all knew that you weren't going to win either...

So who's decision was it to help out in the case of a potential loss? Was it you two or that idiot Mysterio? I had taken you two for better people than that, but now I see that I was wrong. I thought that you could keep your friends backstage but no, when you got pushed around you saw that you still couldn't beat Zero Tolerance and you had to take a different course of action to get the job done. Blackheart, Bright..You two just go on and hold those Tag Team Titles for us...Keep em clean because they wont stay with you very long if you have to win your matches the way that you did.. Bright, I keep waiting for you to air another boring promo with that whore Madison, could you at least get someone to coordinate what you do in your promos? Maybe they can have you do something, or say something, besides sitting there and talk about pointless shit with that girl. I felt like I was watching a bad chick flick when you parents got there. I have to get Tivo or something so I can fast forward through all the pointless boring stuff that you do. ...Do you do anything interesting? Is your life really that boring? ..Im wondering if you have any friends, cause if you do maybe you should go do something with them. I know what it is, your pussy-whipped. Its that simple. That girl has you wrapped around her finger...and I bet you will prolly go to party's in matching shirts wont you? I bet when the cameras go off you carry a man-purse. You say its "uncool" to go to jail, and thats because you are only afraid that you will be someones bitch. Its not a place for you, your the one who would be crying after the first night. You couldn't handle it in there, your just not that type of person. Its easy to tell from this "perfect little family life" that you have.

Maybe you should go ask your daddy about what you should do, or ask him how you can win a match without having to have one of your buddies come out and help you get the job done. Maybe you can go cry on your mothers shoulders after Zero Tolerance throws you all over the ring and shows that you still cant get the job done within the rules of the match. You can tell us that we are a flash in the pan and all that other stuff but in the long run we will show you that you are wrong. It wont come easily, and it wont come pain free...You will be one of the people that gets to see first hand that we are not going anywhere. We will climb to the top and we will take this place over. I don't know what Blackheart sees in you, but I sure as hell don't see all the talent and potential. I look at you and I see a below average wrestler, at best. I know that you will disagree with that statement but when I want your opinion, I will give it to you. Keep running those thoughts through your mind that you are someday going to be great...That some day you will be the best wrestler on his planet. Those are nothing more than fantasies that you believe in. Its like a fairy tale to a small child, and in a lot of ways you resemble one...They hold on to those fairy tales thinking that its true and those things can rally happen, but they wont. I'm sorry if I busted your bubble but someone had to say it. The truth needed to be spoken, everyone else already sees that your only a waste of TV time so why should I sit back and not let you know? You know as I watched your last promo from our last match I was really disappointed that the best retort you had for anything I said was "He spells his name weird." wow. I was real impressed with that...

I came out here and told you all sorts of things, called you all sorts of things, and said all kinds of things that I thought maybe you would react to...but the best that you could come up with is that I spell my name with a "y" and a "z". Again, you make an ass of yourself. You see, thats strictly for TV and such. It looks better on the screen when I'm in the ring, its different. So, if your real interested to know by real name is Alexi Yaroslavl. Does that help you any? My family is from Russia, I was born here in the States. People couldn't pronounce that name so for most of my childhood I took an easy name, James. J-a-m-e-s, that is how i would spell it if I was writing a casual letter to a friend or some shit. Does that clear anything up for you? So now that you really cant say anything about my name this time in your upcoming promos, I would assume that you don't really have anything to say to me. Maybe you could tell me what you "think" you can do to me in the ring and stuff like that. Maybe you can focus on the match a little more this time around instead of wondering if you should "kiss the girl" in your next promo. Wow, Blachheart I'm so impressed that you can go into a studio and attempt to be like other people. You used the Hollywood effects, you used all the tricks of the eye...Here I am. I'm in the city that you live in and you see where I am at. Is this fake? Come over here and I'll show you how "fake" that it is. I don't feel that I need to address this issue with you Blackheart because were already been through this...Then you say that you laughed with you watched my promo because I could of had some editing done to it...Kind of hard to edit something that was shot live isn't it?

Maybe had I not been busy I would have seen it...I wasn't even told that you aired one until after I had finished. So what was I suppost to do? I mean, the match was drawing near but you never showed your face, like Shane you took this match to lightly and had to rely on someone else to help you to the "win." I was beginning to wonder if you would even show. I don't care how many Titles you have held or who you have beat, because none of those people were members of Zero Tolerance. And Blackheart don't think that you beat us..it was written to be two vs. two and thats not the way it ended. So I don't call that beating us in my book. You walk around claiming that you are a HUGE star. Well, then how come I have never seen you? If your such a huge star, where have you been...I can tell you that its not on TV too often thats for sure. So i have a hard time figuring out what you are a huge star at. Do you think that I really care that you are a twenty-two time World Champ? Do you realize that that means nothing to me? You time comes in a few days when you realize that you all nothing but a failure. You're not a huge star and I don't know who is filling your head with this kind of stuff. In this match, the end result wont be the same as it was last time Blackheart...If anyone wants to come in this time and screw over our match I will put them out so fast they wont know what happened to them. You couldn't take Erik and myself out ourself and you showed the whole world how weak that you really are. "Gangsters" huh? Who said that we were "gangsters?" I don't think were driving around in lowered Caddy's sittin on twenty-twos, "poppin caps" with our "homies." So I don't know what gave you that impression but in your mind you took it a whole different direction than it should have gone.

Then we have this Orphan Mysterio. The one that decided that Shane and Blackheart couldn't get the job done. Mysterio, don't blame us after the match...Dont tell us its out fault. You chose to put yourself in this position and its ones that you don't want to be in. Don't go running off crying after Zero Tolerance puts you into your place and shows you for what you really are. You can go around thinking that you funny by making up names for the all of us...If that makes us easier to remember for you, then go ahead..whatever gets you through the day. So you can call me Jay Z and whatever but in the end you will be calling us the "ones that beat you." The ones that showed everyone that you weren't all that you thought you were. So who is this Hooded guy in your promo? Was that all part of your imagination, or do you just think that you are crazy...Well, it cant be the latter because that would all be show, I know crazy people. I know people that are locked up, and I know crazy people who are good friends...I think that you know one of them. You know a truly crazy person when you see one, and you Mysterio are not it. So you can mimic Crazy J and wish that you really are crazy like he is, but its just not happening for you. He took the title and now you think that maybe if you be like him then you can some how get it back? That it will some how make you a better wrestler? I don't know, you tell me. ...I do know this though, the three of you will lose....and there is nothing that you can do about...Because once it hits Zer0 its too late.

The scene fades to black as Jaymz stops talking.