...Just Another Day
...Just Another Day

The scene opens up inside of Mercy Hospital as Jaymz walked down the hall. His face was expressionless and he stared straight on down the hall…He wore all black from head to toe, casual attire for the big man. The hospital stunk, it had that smell that all hospitals had.. The smell that made you want to never come back inside these walls. Jaymz hated hospitals, every hospital visit that he ever made was a short trip..It was beyond him hoe people could come up here everyday and sit in these rooms, much less even work here. He took a right down the hall way, there was a nurse sitting at a desk to his right and she smiled to him as he walked by..He only looked away from her and continued walking down the hall, the hall split off and he went left to the eleveators. He pushed the “up” button, the door chimed and opened up..two older doctors almost looked startled to see the big man standing there, he moved to the side as the exited… Jaymz got inside and pushed the “7”, the doors closed and a few moments later they opened back up, he stepped out and looked at the numbers on the door, he went right and slowly opened the fourth door on the left, room 717. The sound of the TV came in as he pushed the door open. It was the local news lady, talking about gas prices being so high.. Jaymz walked in and saw Vadim sitting up in the bed with the remote in this left hand, he took notice of Jaymz

Vadim: Hey Jaymz, what’s going on?

..not a whole lot.

Jaymz held out his right hand for Vadim to shake it, his face turned red and he was getting pissed for that. Vadim lost everything below his elbow on that arm from when they were in Miami last week. Zaslaw had gotten ahold of his friend and gotten Vadim the medical attention that he needed and flew them all back. Vadim had been here ever since.. He never even said anything to Jaymz, he looked back on at the TV.

..You don't want me to shake your nub?

Vadim: Kiss my ass. ..I’ve only got one arm now, you know I don't find that very amusing.. I’ll have to learn how to write with my left hand, do you know how hard its going to be for me to tie my shoes??

Slip-on’s, no problem. Oh, I can think of one more thing that you’re going to have to learn to do with that other hand…be sure to wash that one hand you got..

Vadim: I'm glad your having a good time with this Jaymz.

I'm just givin ya a little shit, at one point you did have a sense of humor. ..Hell, I figured you would be so high off the drugs their giving you that you would be in a better mood. ..So when they letting you out of here?

Vadim: Tomorrow. ..They sewed me up yesterday but they want to keep me for another day..

Well have fun driving that stick shift

Vadim: I might need you to come and pick me up, that's another thing that I cant do.

We’ll worry about that later…Zaslaw has some people around here watching out incase they want to come and finish you off.

Vadim: I don't think they will do that, they’ll give it some time. They showed us that they didn't go away, good enough for them at this point. Have you asked Zaslaw about the Casino’s or any of that?

No I haven’t really talked to him since we came back, I need to meet up with him though sometime this week. We need to figure out what to do about this Crazy-J thing…

Vadim: What happened with Crazy-J?

He got fined two-hundred fifty grand.

Vadim: Two-hundred fifty grand??? What in the hell did he do this time!?

They said he hit a TPW employee. ..beat him up bad and sent him home for a while

Vadim: Oh yeah, I forgot he did that.

What? J wouldn’t do a thing like that.. That asshole must have done something to piss him off, then they go and turn the cameras on and make it all one-sided looking.

Vadim: Are you kidding? Why would a guy go up to him for no reason and make him mad?

I don't know! I cant believe they are doing this to him. OH! And they said if he does it again then he gets fined half a mill and Titles are taken away.

Vadim: I guess their serious about this shit. You guys are going to have to watch him, he loses it sometimes.

I told you he was prolly set up, anyway if it happens again this doesn’t look like a situation that Zaslaw can get him out of.

Vadim: Well you know that J isn’t going to pay that money, I just hope that Zaslaw has all his credit cards close by..

Its a lot of money, Zaslaw wont want to pay for that…So J and I talked about it and we came up with an idea..Were going to raise the money..

Vadim: Raise the money? ..who are you going to get the money from?

Whoever wants to donate…We came up with lots of things that we could to help out J..I have to leave here shortly, I’m going on live TV to raise money for him. I'm sure that the people will understand Crazy J’s side and be out in full suppost of him.

Vadim: There is no way that you are going to make that much money.

No, no, not from that. I don't know if you noticed, but when we were in Miami I kept your arm.

Vadim: WHAT?? You kept it!!??

Yup. And I put it up on Ebay…I think those people think that it’s a fake arm..But I told them it was real, its got several bids already.

Vadim: NO! No, you cant put my arm on Ebay.. thats nasty

Naw, its not nasty. Its in my freezer, it did turn a little blue tho but I don't think that people will have a problem with that.

Vadim: Jaymz go take it off. Your not going to sell my fucking arm

Well what am I suppost to do?? I don't want negative feedback, it’s a little too late now. Its not like you needed it anyway, ..unless you want to bid on it.

Vadim: ..whatever….

It will be all right, I'm sure that we can get you a fake one, some of them almost look real now ya know?

Vadim: I know Jaymz, the Doctors have discussed all the options with me..That shit isn’t cheap either…Thanks to Kelpine.

Well, the next time he shows his face it will be the last time anyone ever sees him.

Vadim: Its already been taken care of.


Vadim: Who else? ..I talked to him about the situation, he had one of his guys go down to Miami and –

The nurse walked into the room just then, she smiled at Jaymz and made her way over to Vadim

Nurse: How are you this afternoon Vadim?

Vadim: I'm fine I guess, I'm glad to see that your back on your shift…That morning lady is a bitch.

Nurse: Haha, shes not that bad is she?

Vadim: Yeah..she is. My arm is starting to hurt again, is there anything that I can have for it?

Nurse: Let me check and see the last time they gave you anything….uumm, …Yeah, I’ll be right back.

Hey…Nurse lady…

Nurse: My name is Jackie.

Ok..Jackie. Do you know who I am?

Nurse: I have seen you on TV, I know that you’re a wrestler guy but I don't really watch that.

That's fine, but do you happen to know who Crazy J is?

Nurse: Like you, Ive only seen him on TV…

Well you see, we have a little bit of a problem. The head guys up at TPW think that they can control us, my good friend Crazy J was setup…Some TPW employees were pestering him before they turned the camera on and all they showed was J kicking the shit out of them

Nurse: oh..um, well…I'm sorry?

Yes you are…that's besides the point. So you see, they fined my good friend two-hundred fifty grand.

Nurse: WOAH! That's a lot of money …Hey!! Wait, those were the two guys who were in here just a few days ago…Their story inst the same as what you are telling me.

I can believe that, those fuckin liars…Where do they live? I'm going to go pop their heads like grapes.

Nurse: what?? Why would you say a thing like that. Those two guys were hurt badly, I took care of them for several days. It’s the Holidays, you all are awful men.

Vadim: …Jaymz, no don't –

Yes Jackie, Ive been told that before and I don't think it will be the last time either. But what I was wanting to ask you, is if you would like to help out Crazy J? ..If you could make a donation that would be great

Nurse: No, not after what I saw him do to those two men who were here…you can forget it!

I'm glad to see that you are in the Christmas spirit, bitch. He’s got kids, fourteen of them. His bitch wife left him and so now what is he going to do?? Like you said, it’s the Holidays remember?? So how could you do something like that??

Nurse: I don't have to stand in here and listen to you.

No you don't. If your not going to help out my friend, I’ll take your ugly ass out of this building and whore you out on the street corner, and I’ll work you till Christmas day

Vadim: I'm sorry Jackie, he’s –

Shut up. I'm just trying to help my friend..OUR friend, did you forget that?? …I’ll be back for you Jackie, well..unless you decide to leave a donation….Go get Vadim his medicine..

She turned around to leave, stormed out of the room..She turned around to close the door and she saw Jaymz smiling at her, something was different about his eyes. She reached back into the room to close the door and as she did the door slammed shut fast. It caught her fingers in the door, cutting off the ring and pinky finger. Her screams could be heard outside the room. Jaymz ran over and picked up the fingers placing them inside a plastic bag he had in his jacket. Doctors came along to help her, she told them the door suddenly closed as they ran down the hall to get her medical attention.

Vadim: Why did you do that??? She was a good lady, she didn't deserve that

The hell she didn't. She refused to help J.

Vadim: She didn't have to. …and put those fingers back you sick bastard.

No. I'm selling those on Ebay too. ..So see, she is helping out Crazy J but she doesn’t even know it yet.

Vadim: …That's just nasty Jaymz. Don't you have anything better to do, like worry about your opponents this week.

Opponents? Dusk and Dawn, Twilight and Moonlight? ..whoever they are. And that Conner Evans and Demon guy….Demon, what a funny name for someone who knows nothing about the darkside.

Vadim: you mean Night and Daye.

Sun and Moon, whatever. Their going to lose all the same. I see that this Conner Evans guy is another guy who would rather do whatever his little girlfriend tells him to do, you know..I watched his promos last week and they looked just like Shields promos. Lay in bed, kiss the girl..throw a little smack at the end. Wow, its like so Déjà vu or something. Then you have his friend Demon. This guy thinks he’s straight from Italy, back in the Fiftys with the Mafia. Yeah, I know Vinny Bumpansaro, so does the rest of Zero Tolerance. We knew him from back in the day when he thought he was something. Vinny is no more than sewer trash, he’s a low-life wannabe who has no money, very little man power, no political power. Hell, Zaslaw had him down on his knees begging for his life in less than three minutes. He saw the threat and he never bothered us again, we don't have time for second rate underground groups, were at the top for a reason..// I'm sorry Travis, but the days of “Familys” has come and gone, Families have been dieing out since the Fifty’s. You sit around, act all big and tough like this “family” is something special…You want to be underground? You want to be bad? You want to take it worldwide? …Then it sounds like you need to go and join up with Clawz, that way I can kill you to along with them…But if that isn’t your idea of a great time, maybe Zero Tolerance is a better place for you…

Not that your getting an invitation to join or anything, but we are where the real underground power lies…Between us and Clawz, everything else comes after that. So you guys picked up the win last week, well that's great. Going for two in a row isn’t a possibility this week, and I hope that the two of you understand that. I watched yours and Evans promos last week and what I noticed is that you two don't seem to be around each other, its like you guys don't even know each other. But isn’t that what a “Tag Team” is all about? I kept waiting for you to appear in Evans promos and vise versa…But that didn't happen, you see Crazy J and I know what each of us is capable of doing in the ring, we know what our limits, strengths and weaknesses are. I don't think that the two of you know that about each other…And the two of you expect to come on in here and earn a title shot against us next week? Please..give me a break. There isn’t a tag team like us, there isn’t a team that you have stepped into the ring with that can do the things we do. Crazy J and I can show you what a real Tag Team is about and how a Tag Team shold function inside of the ring. I cant wait though, I love to get in the ring and have someone hit me….

Thats why I do this, I love to feel pain..it makes you feel alive, it lets you know what’s real. I’ll take a little bit of pain, but I’ll give it out too. Both of you will be laying in the middle of the ring wondering why you even bothered to step into the ring with the talent that Zero Tolerance has. The pain that we will deliver to you wont be weak, you’ll feel it down to your bones, it will make your marrow ache. You body will be filled with the stinging, and I’ll look down at the two of you and tell you, Merry Fuckin Christmas, I hope you enjoy your gift of pain and loss. You beat Daye and Night last week, but Iike I already told the two of you: Those two cant measure up to what we can do..And the same things that will happen to you is going to happen to them as well. Every member of Zero Tolerance holds Titles, that shows you the power that we have, the talent that we possess and the will and determination and drive that we have to win. This is going to be a good match, well…only if you’re Zero Tolerance. I'm sure that the majority of the fans will want to see one of you other teams win..but J and I will make sure that doesn’t happen…We came here for a reason and that was to win Titles, ..here we are. We have accomplished that and we will keep those Titles, ..Neither of you four will get the chance to take our Titles from us next week. I'm sorry for disappoint you this early but this is a reality that you must accept now, ..if you don't..well, it will be the biggest mistake that you four have ever made.

Jaymz paced around the room for a moment, then went and sat back down in the chair next to Vadim.

I need to get going, ..Gotta make some money to help out J.

Vadim: He doesn’t need any help. Hes got enough

Enough? That's almost a years pay he got fined. HEY!! I wonder if I go ask any of these Doctors if they will let me piss on their wives for some money?

Vadim: what?? That's sick, why in the hell would anyone let you do that? …You’ve lost it.

Some of those guys don't want to be married any more, they hate their wives so they might find it enjoyable for me to piss on them.

Vadim: Jaymz, that's stupid. You can’t –

Yeah, yeah, yeah…Well, I'm going to go ask them. I’ll be back here tomorrow to pick you up. Call me and let me know what time you can leave..cya

Vadim: Oh, Jaymz. …Something big is going on. Zaslaw didn't want me to say, but at WarGames something is going to happen…Its going to be a great thing for Zero Tolerance, I think this will help you guys stay at the top of the wrestling world…

Well, whatever it is..I hope your right

Jaymz walked out of the room and closed the door behind him.