WHAT?! pt.2
WHAT?! pt.2

The scene opens up with Jaymz talking on the phone in his cell phone while he’s driving the Tahoe, he’s talking to Erik and we overheard him telling Erik to meet him at the airport. It was a quick conversation as Jaymz closed the face on the phone and tossed it over into the passenger seat, it bounced off and landed on the floor. The snow had stopped over the last few days but the cold air was breathtaking as it lingered behind. The airport came into view on the other side of the highway, the got off the off-ramp and took a right..He went in the main entrance but instead of going to the public parking at the main entrance, he went left and over to a gate with a man standing in front of it..Jaymz pulled up to the gate, talked to the man for a second, then he went back and opened the gate for Jaymz. He pulled inside the private parking lot where the smaller private planes were. He parked the Tahoe and looked around the parking lot, Erik wasn't here yet. Jaymz looked over at one of the planes, the engine was running be he knew that the plane wasn't going anywhere just yet. He cranked the heater up some more in the Tahoe and a few minutes later the gate behind him opened up and in pulled the black BMW, Erik was on time..Hell, Erik was always on time. You could always count on Erik, he was always there when you needed him.. A guy that would never let you down. Jaymz looked over at Erik and saw that he looked a little pissed. They both got out of their vehicles and met between the two

What’s goin on man? ..Look a little pissed.

Erik: Fuckin Zaslaw..Tells me that I could have the day alone with Nicole and that he wouldn’t bother me

..and I'm assuming that he didn't

Erik: Hell no! I just fuckin snapped on him. ..You know, I’ve tried to get along with him for the most part…but damn, sometimes he can just get on your nerves..

Yeah I know what ya mean.

Erik: So? What’s the deal? ..You bring me out here to stand in the cold or what?

Well yeah. Aren’t you having fun?

Erik: eh, kiss my ass. ..At least you have better timing than Zaslaw.

Vadim had called me earlier, he wants us to go with him…That's his plane over there

Jaymz pointed over to his right at the small plane, it was cold so they walked as fast as they could over the plane, climbed up the few steps and got inside…

I'm not even sure why he wanted us here..

Erik: Who knows, I wonder about that old man sometimes…I think he’s got a screw or two loose

I’ll second ya on that one. He just worries way too damn much…Its gonna kill him one of these days.

Erik: Is he gonna be here or what? …They need to close that damn door its cold in here too.

Yeah no shit, I don't even see his car out here. Maybe I should call him and see where in the hell he’s at…

Just then the steps pulled away from the plane and the door slammed shut. Jaymz got up in protest, still waiting on Vadim. The plane began to move down the runway, Erik got up making his way over to the cockpit door when it opened, and there he was. Vadim Vladislav. He was holding a folder

Vadim: now did you guys really think that I was going to just tell you guys to meet me here and not show up?

Erik: well, sometimes I wonder.. so, whats the deal?

They all took seats just before the plane took off, Vadim looked opened the folder and looked at a few of the papers

Vadim: Has Zaslaw said anything to you guys about Clawz lately?...or where huge amounts of his money is going?

No, but their here…couple guys followin me around.. Money? Yeah, we buy a lot of shit

Vadim: No, he’s spending a lot…I’ll tell you guys in a minute. Were flying out to see someone.

Erik: I don't want to be gone all day, where are we going?

Vadim: Miami, Florida.

Erik: Miami!? You know its a lot easier to make a phone call, we can do a video conference..something!

Vadim: Nonono, this is one of my guys that I have inside Clawz. Listen, after Zaslaw killed Dotson they basically cleared out from here…The shipping yard was sold to a legit company, ..its almost like they disappeared from the city all together…There was a few people that started to take notice so they packed up and left. My guy didn't tell me to much but he knows what’s going on.

Did you not hear me knew I told you I had one following me around!?

Erik: Yeah, there’s still a few around town…So basically what your sayin is that Dotson wasn’t even half of this?

Vadim: ..Dotson was nothing more than a pawn, their huge..this isn’t some backyard gang…They sent Dotson here cause they knew he had some personal beef Zaslaw and-

Erik: No shit, a whole truck full of it!

Vadim: ..as I was saying, …and they wanted to see how serious Zaslaw was about this whole thing.

Well…they know he wasn't playing around. ..So whats this about Zaslaw and his money?

Vadim: He’s changing the way he runs things a little bit, I met up with him the other day…He’s spending a lot of money, like I mean…He bought a chain of Casinos from coast to coast.

Erik: What?? What the hell did he do that for?

Vadim: Well, and he’s talking about buying other things to, ..but he didn't say what. He told me its to build funds, spend money to make money. He knows how big Clawz is and he knows that he’s going to have to make things different. Ninety percent of everything Zaslaw and Clawz do is done quietly and through money…Its not like you guys and Clawz are firing off shots at each other every day..He wants to capitalize in other cities, strengthen his ties in those other places…underground as well. He almost has to, the only reason Clawz messes with him is for the protection that he can get from his people the government…that, and his money are the only two things he has going for him…He’s going to need people to supervise and run all these Casinos and other things he wants to buy …anyway, I’ll let you all ask him about that…you guys are going up against Shields and Renegade this week right?

..Did you guys happen to watch the first promo that Shields aired earlier this week?

Erik:...Oh my God, please, someone get him a contract with the Oxygen Channel. ..Can we expect Oprah to appear in one of his promos this week? ..

I dunno, how about Dr. Phil? You see, this guy has some issues. First off, he leaves his wife for a stripper. No, wait, let me rephrase that...He leaves his wife for a dirty whore, a girl who has rubbed her ass on everyman in the surrounding area...Im beginning to wonder if this guy believes in Fairy's and Dragons, why you ask? Because Shields actually believes that when this girl had sex with him, it was "her first time" Hahahaha, oh shit...thats funny. I hurt from laughing so hard. Chris, let me explain something to you: do you know where this girl worked before the strip club? ..you guessed it..

Erik: Thats right, she worked right down here at the ZT offices and she fucked every employee we had...No, none of us ever touched that shit, but those poor guys who work in the back did!

I can allready see where he is going to go with this: "your a liar, thats not true, I can prove it." It don’t matter Chris, we have video cameras where she was caught on, we still have her ID badge..yup, same girl. I almost feel sorry for you, its sad that you can be fooled by a female and take everything that she says as true. Oh, and you might want to go and get tested cause..uh, well...There were a few guys here who had some problems after thier little encounters with Julie....So if your dick swelled up like a two liter, you know where it came from. If it was dripping blue skeet and flakin' like onions, yup, you know where that came from. ...If your dick started whisteling and shooting out smoke, again, you know where it came from. One thing that every man should know, is that if you have sex with a stripper than you might want to have her tested first...

Erik: Hell, Zaslaw had to get rid of her because too many people around here were getting sick, so he got her the job at the Pussy Cat Club and look what crawled into that dump and picked up the trash.

You know Chris there are lots of flaws in the things that you say...I mean you told everyone that you take a nap when my promos come on, but then you say that "I do the same things"...well, how would you know that? ..I thought that you slept through my promos? You made an ass of yourself on that one...You keep talking all this big talk and all these "things I do"...do you have a mancrush on me? ..dont let Julie find out. ..anyway, since you know so much about "what I do" then can you please explain to me what I have done in the recent weeks that that is the same? ...I dunno, I always try and make my promos look different, I do different things, talk to different people and go different places. Please Chris, wake up and watch them, and then go back..really, go back and tell me things that I have done that are the same. Go, do it. I'll be waiting..The only common thing that you will see is that several started at my own house...but outside of that, nothing has been the same. ...But, you wouldnt know that because your too busy sleeping through them. You say I have "three basic Ideas" for promos, I dunno Chris, Ive aired more than three and like I told you, all are different. ..Maybe you should actually watch them sometime...And you know whats even better about all this Chris? That all your promos are the same....So what room do you have to talk? Every week its some bullshit chit-chat between you and that hooker, and you and I guess now your ex-wife.

...How many times are we going to see you talk to a girl in a promo? How many times are we going to have to watch you kiss a girl in your promos? So you really have alot of nerve to come out here and say shit to me when your promos consist of: Talk to the Girl, kiss her, add a little trash talk. ...Isnt that how it goes Chris? every time, nothing changes. You remind me of someone I knew..OH! It was Shane Bright, at least you dont talk "in paragraphs" like he did. I feel like Im watching old Bright re-runs every time you air a promo, it gets really old after a while. ...And I need an "idea man?" I found that humerous when you air the same old shit week after week and it all looks like copies of a former wrestler that was here not to long ago. One thing that I cant seem to understand, is that your always soo concerned with what I am doing out of the ring..Now I only talked about Julie because Im concerned that your dick might turn green and fall off, Im only trying to help you there Chris....What you need to be worried about is what I do in the ring..Sure, you beat us last week and if you come into the ring expecting the same result your dead wrong my friend. You got the best of us in one week but I'll tell you that we dont lose two weeks in a row..mush less to the same person.

This is a match that you need to be ready for, its a three on two elimination and the odds dont stack in your favor...We can start out with Renegade, that guy is worthless...Erik kicked his ass all over the ring and it wasnt even competitive...Erik is my boy and its great he got a title but that match was boring to watch. Everyone knew that Renegade never even stood a chance in the ring with him..So now you team up with that idiot and you think that you can win this match? Maybe you need some mental help to go along with the "idea man". Shields this is a match that you cant win, a match that you wont win. The three of us in the ring is like being almost unbeatable and do you really think that you have a chance? I bet you do, but deep in the back of your mind you KNOW that you cant beat us. ...You dont train to beat us, you sleep while you watch the promos and you have no clue what is going on, yet you pretend like you do. Your too worried about what we do outside the ring and not focused on what we can do inside the ropes...and that will be your downfall Chris. This is the week that you lose, this is the week you get your sorry ass up off the mat and realize that, no, you cant beat us..you cant take our Titles...All you will have left is that whore who needs a sign over her cunt that says "may cause dizziness and irritation"

The scene fades out as Erik pulls out his cell phone and calls Nicole to tell her hes going to be a little late…

The scene cuts back in as the plane is landing in Miami at a small private landing strip, it comes to a stop and a man outside opens up the door and the three men stepped out. It was a lot warmer in Miami and none of them were dressed for the change in weather, they stuck out like a sore thumb. There was a black limo waiting for them, the driver got out and opened up the back passenger side door. They got in, he closed the door and went back to the driver seat and pulled out. Erik, Jaymz or Vadim never really said anything as they drove through Miami, it had been a while since any of them had been here so they mostly stared out the windows looking at scenery that was completely opposite of what they saw back at home. People had Christmas decorations on their houses which looked strange since it was warm and humid and there were leaves on the trees..After a while the scenery started to change.

The newer, taller buildings started to fade away to older parts of the city..Rundown and abandoned buildings and homeless people milling about the streets..The limo took a right onto a side street in between two dilapidated buildings, drove along into a small parking lot between the two next to an alley. There was another black limo already there..Erik and Jaymz looked over the place, Vadim hadn’t said anything about any problems, they just didn't like this choice of location. Their limo parked and the driver got out and opened up the door. The three men filed out, the driver of the other limo opened his back door and the man stepped out. He looked to be about Vadim’s age, he was dressed casually with a Miami Hurricanes ballcap and sunglasses on. He had long sideburns that stretched down to his jawline, his nose was red and you could see the veins, ..the sign of a heavy drinker. He came around to the front side of his limo and met the three.

Vadim: Erik, Jaymz, this is Patrick Kelpine. Good friend of mine, he’s been working inside of Clawz for a little while now.

Patrick: How you guys doing?

Erik: Fine.


Vadim: So what’s all this that you didn't want to tell me over the phone? …Cost me a lot of money to fly down here, so this better be good.

Patrick: It all just depends on how you look at it..Clawz is pulling back. The realized that Zaslaw has too much political power for them to even make a move. They flirted with the notions of taking some of those political powers out, but that was too obvious they decided.

Erik: ..Thier world would be up shit creek then…Clawz would be finished.

I almost hope they do take some politicians out…

Vadim: why???

Like he said, word would get out and Clawz would be finished..

Vadim: what do you think their next move is going to be?

Patrick: As of now there isn’t one. Right now their just sitting back and planning..waiting and watching basically. You guys did a good job of running them out.. They know Zaslaw is serious, he wont back down. You lucky that your all still alive.

Heh..too bad Dotson didn't kill DK..that worthless bastard…isn’t that right Erik?

It was then that Erik had that feeling. That feeling that something was wrong. The sun peeked out from the clouds shining down on Kelpine’s face..His glasses were dark but with the sun on them Erik noticed he kept glancing up to one of the windows in the building to the left.

Erik: Huh?

Jaymz could hear it in his voice, Erik was worried about something..but why? Jaymz became cautious, he could tell that Erik knew there was something wrong

Vadim: So basically you had us come out here to tell us their just sitting back not doing anything??

Patrick” Well, I thought it was just going to be you…but, I'm glad that I had the privilege of meeting you two..

Vadim: Let me know when something is going to happen…Keep a step ahead and be careful.

Patrick: Will do! …Oh, and Vadim. …They know that your spilling information over to Zaslaw.

Erik knew right then. Vadim didn't tell Kelpine they were coming with him. Vadim was going to die today. He looked over to the building that Kelpine was glancing at, someone was there. Kelpine jumped over the hood of the limo as he saw Erik look up. He ran to the backside and got in..Erik dove at Vadim, grabbing him about the midsection throwing him to the ground as a single shot rang out. It caught Vadim in the backside of the elbow, exploding out the outside side. Kelpines limo pulled out of the parking lot and so did the limo that the three came in. Jaymz ran over to Erik and Vadim, Vadim was on the ground and Erik was getting up when Jaymz grabbed them both by the arms and threw them both behind a green dumpster as four more shots rang out. The echo off the metal was loud and they all flinched.

Vadim: I-I'm sorry…I was setup….Kelpine betrayed me.

Shut the fuck up! ..If you didn't bring us along you would be dead right now….Whoever is in that building just fucked up…

Erik took his belt off and wrapped it tight around the upper arm of Vadim, his lower right arm was dangling, hanging on by threads. ..The tattoos around Jaymz neck looked to move, a grin came over his face…Full of hate and pure evil the grin showed the face of a living sin…His eyes turned black and he looked over at the building…Smoke started to come out of the boarded up doors, then smoke coming out of the second story windows..then the third. The buidings started burning from the bottom up, that problem was solved. But Vadim was in bad shape, Jaymz looked at the arm, saw that it was hanging on by virtually nothing..He came up behind Vadim and pulled it hard, tearing off what was left…what was the point of keeping it around? Couldn't save it. Vadim screamed as searing pain shot up his arm…Erik pulled his cellphone out of hes jacket pocket and started to dial Zaslaw’s number

Erik: Zaslaw has a friend that's a doctor somewhere around here, he can help him…….Hello? Zaslaw, um, well…Were going to need a little help…

The scene faded away as Erik talked to Zaslaw.