They Come Back
They Come Back

The scene opens up inside of a small diner on the corner of sixty-eighth and Robinson, on the south side of the city. It was an older building that defiantly needed some work, the neon sign on the top said “Ashely’s Kitchen”, but only half of the letters were lit up, as the sign needed as much work as the rest of the building did. The snow had finally stopped but the sky was still overcast and seemed that at any minute could drop another round of the cold white stuff. The cameraman walked into the diner and paned around. The place was busy this morning, the clattering up dishes and silverware could be heard from the back of the kitchen along with the frying sounds from the grill. The place was full, mostly with older people getting their morning round of coffee and talking about the “good ol’ days.” There were a lot of black and white pictures strung all over the walls and as the cameraman worked his way inside the pictures appeared to be from the Forty’s or Fifty’s, right here off of Robinson.

The old cars lined the streets and in one picture a younger, good looking woman stood in front of a building that was on the corner of Robinson, it was the Diner and the woman was Ashley, apparently. A few people glanced up at the cameraman as he weaved his way through the crowded room…There was a person sitting alone at one of the back tables, he was wearing a red hoodie with his head down. As we get closer we see the man was finishing up some eggs and hashbrowns. The cameraman came over to his right, but still unable to see his face with his hood pulled up over..He set his fork down and grabbed the red squeeze tube, the ketchup, and squirted some on his plate..It looked like he was writing something, he finished and put it back onto the center of the table. In the middle of the plate, with the ketchup, he wrote “Shields”…He looked at it for a moment before smearing it all over the plate with his fork. The man then flipped his hood off, it was Crazy J.. The waitress came over:

Waitress: Are you finished with this, sir?

J: Yeah..yeah, you can take it.

She picked up the larger plate noticing the smeared ketchup, then picked up his smaller plate where the piece of toast still lay.

Waitress: Is there anything else that I can get you? ..Some more water?

J: Why don't you go and get me Shields head on a platter.

Waitress: Excuse me? What did you just say?

J: Nevermind…Just get your ugly ass out of my sight.

Her face scrunched up as if she just took a whiff of a pile of shit, she didn't like to be called ugly for the simple face of, she was. She was a horrid looking lady, her hair looked greasy, she had a mole under her left eye that had several long black hair growing out of it they she never got rid of. She slammed the plates ontop of each other and took off back to the kitchen. Crazy J giggled to himself for a second, then the bell over the door chimed as several more people walked in..The door almost came to a close again but quickly opened back up and a huge man walked in. It was Jaymz and he looked like he did on any other day with this long black coat and black clothes. The lady at the front asked him “just one?” but he never even looked her way as he squeezed his way through the crowded room and to the table where J was at. He walked up behind him and gave him a little slap on the head, this pissed Crazy J off. He jumped up from the chair and turned around, but came to a stop.

J: Oh, its you….Had it been just about anyone else you ass is on the floor wiping up this shithole.

What? You think I was Skull Master walking my beat-up ass in here or something?

J: He wont do anything, Hell I'm sure tomorrow he wont even care anymore…but if that bastard tries to get up in my face again then maybe he just didn't learn the first time.

It’s almost a shame that Dotson is dead, he would shit if saw you were still up around and walking

J: I told you that fucker couldn't kill me! ..Don’t any of you listen??

I was listening, I just wasn’t “hearing” you. ..Ya talk a lot of shit sometimes.

J: and lots of that “shit” just happens to be true…So what’s been going on?

Not a whole lot really…

J: Then why in the hell did you want me to meet you here for??

Did you notice anyone following you when you were on your way here…or what about yesterday?

J: What are you talking about? ..You a little paranoid about something?

I don't know..Back the other day when Zaslaw had us meet him at the ZT house I saw a car go by..they almost stopped at the front gate but sped up when I turned around and saw them

J: ..hhmm, Did you tell Zaslaw about it?

No, you know how he is

J: Yeah now that guy IS paranoid. But I guess he has a reason to be, always seems like he’s got people that want him dead…But I guess when your Zaslaw, that happens..

I saw them today as well, I was going be here about thirty minutes ago..I just drove around to make sure they were following me…When I parked and got out they drove right by me…These guys don't hide very well. ..But you didn't see anyone at all?

J: No. I don't typically keep a constant check on the cars that are coming up behind me. Man, you are starting to sound a little bit like Zaslaw, I think a little bit of him is rubbing off on you.

Fuck you. I know what I saw, it was the same damn car J…

J: I'm not saying that I don't believe you, but it does sound a little strange…Who do you think that it would be?


J: Clawz? Zaslaw killed Dotson. I don't think they will be fucking with us for a while

I dunno, I cant think of anyone else who would be following me around…I'm not going to tell Vadim either, you think Zaslaw is paranoid? ..I tell Vadim and I’ll never be able to run that fucker off for a week..

Neither of them said anything after that for a moment, Jaymz looked around the crowded place.. It was a horrible place, why did he tell Crazy J to meet him here? It was filled with a bunch of older people, he looked at the ones around him and listened to small bits of their conversations.. The table to the right was the two older men STILL talking about the old days, the table to the right was a pair of middle age women talking about one of the past seasons of Sex and the City.. These people were boring and it disgusted him to see all the dull things they did, or saw. He noticed the ugly waitress, the one with the hairy mole, going around filling up coffee..He looked over at J, motioned over to the lady with his eyes then held up one finger as if to “wait.” Crazy J watched her out of the corner of his eye, Jaymz glared directly at her but she didn't notice. She continued going about filling up people coffee, the pot was about half full, and as she went to put it back the coffee began to boil just a little…

As she was about to set it down it started boiling like crazy, she looked down at it and the next thing she knew searing pain was covering her face. She screamed and jumped back, several of the customers jumped back from their tables as the glass pot exploded from the heat. Pieces of glass flew into her face, the burning hot coffee ran down into her shirt. She rolled all over the floor screaming as the coffee never lost its heat and was burning her skin away. One of the other waitresses poured a pitcher of water over here attempting to take the pain away. An evil grin came over Jaymz’ face and Crazy J laughed a little. They stood up, J left enough money on the table to cover what he had, they walked past the crowd around the lady and went out into the street.

Lets go drive around, I bet that car is still around…They must be following all of us..

J: Uumm..I already told you, I don't think anybody is following me

Oh yeah..They wont follow you, they think your fuckin dead!

J: ..And how do you know that it is Clawz anyway, could just be some pissed off fan…You know how some of those people are..

They walked over to the Tahoe, got in and drove down the street.

We need to get ahold of Erik, …have you seen him in the last couple of days

J: Naw, not since the other night at the house…I think hes still really pissed off at Darkness, he cant wait to get back at him.

I cant wait until he does, he deserves what he has coming to him. Erik’s going to beat him like a step-child.

J: He wants him as much as I want to get a hold of Shields, I still think we should go over to his house and kill him.

Lets just let him feel like he’s a big man this week, he thinks he really did something by beating us last week…Hell, its been like what?...three weeks since weve had a match?

J: I bet he’s back on his drinking binge this week…I imagine that he felt he was on top of the world the last few days until the saw the card, ..after that, it was straight back to the bar. He knew he was damn lucky to beat us, and that two times in a row defiantly wont happen.

This week we get our Titles put on the line and I don't even think he’s going to be prepared for this fight…I just wish I could have seen his face when he saw he has to try to have a repeat performance.

J: Its hard to beat people two weeks in a row, everybody knows that…and if Shields don't know hes going to find out, if I don't kill hi first. ..He wont get over on us again.

..Yeah, then Renegade goes off and just gets thrown all over the ring by Erik…Were going to put this guy in the hospital, he couldn't take on one ZT member and handle him so what the hell is he going to do when there is three of us in the ring. ..I almost feel sorry for the guy. ……No, wait. I don't.

J: I don't know why you would, this is the guy that's trying to take the Titles away, and “trying” is all he will ever be able to do

I thought that since maybe Shields got the win last week he would have made him self known by now…I haven’t even seen him air a promo yet…maybe he’s hurting a little too much this week.

J: yeah, hes the kid of idiot that comes out and runs his mouth like hes somebody when he wins…The best example of that is 8ball.

They are alike, aren’t they? Maybe that's why I hate this Shields guy so much. How would they even think that they have a chance in this match??

J: Because their cocky assholes. They don't care that its three on two, they have these huge egos that take over and when that happens it doesn’t matter who or how many people you’re going up against.

Well its an elimination match, its not like they can just pin one of the three of us and get the win. ..They have to go through us one at a time…this is going to be great, we’ll let em get tired and then the numbers game takes over…

J: Yup, its not like it’s the first time weve been in this kind of match. This is the shit that we can handle..

HEY! Look, behind us…See that white car!? I told you!

J: Hm..I see. Take a left….go Right, right there! ..Yup, I guess they are following you

I told you, asshole.

J: Take a right down here past this first block, theres a lot of construction down that way, not many people..Lets find out who they are..

Jaymz drove down the street and went down two blocks and turned. J was right, the road was under construction and so were several of the buildings. There was nobody around here, they went halfway down the street and Jaymz pulled the Tahoe over on the side of the road. The white car came around the corner and drove up behind them. When it came up behind the Tahoe Jaymz put the Tahoe in gear and as they came around the driver side, Jaymz stepped on the gas, turned the wheel sharp and slammed into the car. The car shot across the street, Jaymz kept into it and got it caught up between the building and his Tahoe. Crazy J jumped out, Jaymz was trapped on his side and also went out the driverside door. There were two men inside wearing black suits, they were trapped inside. They saw J and Jaymz at the front of the as they looked to be in shock...Jaymz quickly jumped into the hood, slammed one big foot through the glass..J joined him on the hood, they both got down and scrambled to get both the men out of the car..They pulled on them, the two mens hands and faces being pulled through the glass still intact…They threw them to the ground on the side of the building…The two men were terrified, they were young and it was evident they were doing the “shitwork” for someone.

Why are you following me??

Man: I-I, I mean WE weren’t following you…I don't know what you are talking about!

J: Why are you going to sit here and lie to our faces…you see, we can do this two different ways. The first way is that you can tell us what we want to know, or..

I’ll fucking kill you right here. I wont hesitate, never have and I wont start now

Man: Seriously, we don't know what you are talking about man!

J: Did you know Alonzo Dotson?

Their faces went pale, neither of them said a single word and that was all Jaymz and Crazy J needed to know

So you did know Dotson…

J: How long have you two been working for Clawz?

Man: We don't work for Clawz..What is Clawz anyway?

Jaymz kicked the man in the face, his head flew back and smacked against the building..His mouth filled with blood and he spit out a handful of teeth

Man: f-f-fuck you m-man..

J: So then tell us, I want to hear you say it…

Man: Yeah man..allright. I'm suppost to be watching that big guy right here…I don't even know who you are..

J: ME?? You don't know who the fuck I am??? I'm CRAZY J!!!

Man: …no….your suppost to be dead! NO!! You cant be alive, Dotson fucking killed you!!

J: Well here I am.

We’ll tell you what…We’ll let you two live this time…Go back and tell whoever is in charge now that we know, and that J is alive. …Tell them, they fuck with us this time and we will kill each and everyone of you…

Jaymz and Crazy J slammed both of them into the wall of a building, sending them back to the concrete raking their bodys in pain..They both got back into the passenger side of the Tahoe, Jaymz slid over to the driverside and pulled the beatup Tahoe away from the car and down the street…