Dancing with the dead
Dancing with the Dead

The scene opens up inside of the Yaroslav house. The lights are all on and there is soft music playing in the background as Jaymz comes around the corner. ….He looks bad..His eyes are rimmed in red as if he hasn’t slept in days…He now has a beard, something that Jaymz never liked..but, there it is… His hair was a mess and stuck out in every direction. ..He did have on a suit, it was nice and clean. It was shiny black and looked to be brand new. He came into the living room with his eyes staring straight ahead. ..He looked to be in deep thought but every step he took was precise as he came around to the couch. ..There she sat, his wife. She was wearing a wedding dress that he had put on her, or as he thought; she put it on herself. She looked horrible, Jaymz had taken her before she could even be embalmed. Her whole body was bloated and stiff as a board..The skin was a whitish blue color and was decaying in some places..There was some kind of mold or something growing in the corners of her mouth and eyes. ..Jaymz walked over to her as a huge smile crossed his face, he held out his arm for her to take, but she didn’t. He frowned at that, not understanding why they were having so much trouble in their relationship..An old light of fury appeared quickly in his eyes as he grabbed her stiff cold hand and jerked her up off the couch. As he did a ripping sound, kind of like tearing leather could be heard…The smile returned to his face as he held her up and began to dance with her throughout the living room..He spun her around, held her close..He looked like he was having a good time…But how could he not smell that awful smell? ..It filled the house, stained his clothes. Her body was rotting but he didn’t seem phased by that at all. He spins her around again and this time something is dripping from her shoulders down onto the dress..That was where her skin had ripped, and pus was running out..It was a yellowish brown color, and it was thick. …The smell in the room became even worse as Jaymz looked around the room with the eyes of a man who has completely lost it.

..He then turned his wife around and saw the nasty shit running down her…It was at that point he finally realized that his wife was dead. They had all told him that she was but he had refused to believe them. ..He only thought that he had fixed her but she was dead and gone and there was nothing he could do about it. ..His eyes narrowed in anger as he spun her around..He grabbed the corpse by the neck and lifted it up to his face level…It appeared as if he was going to say something to it, but he didn’t; he threw it as hard as he could against the far wall. The corpse hit hard, the sound of bones snapping could be heard from the inside as more of her bloated skin began to tear away. Jaymz walked over to the body and kicked it a few times as the smell in the house was horrendous and the nasty pus was all over the floor. He grabbed the hair of the corpse in his hand and pulled her through the house towards the back door…He opened the back door and left go of the body on the porch then made his way over to the big trashcan. Jaymz took the lid off and threw it across the yard and stormed back to the body, picked it up and tossed it inside..An arm and a leg stuck out but he solved the problem by smashing them in, the sound of breaking bones heard again. He put the lid back on top of the trashcan and looked over the yard…a calmness appeared in his eyes suddenly, he had already forgotten his dead wife…but he still wanted to dance, so he needed a partner. He had an idea..He walked over to the side of the house and went through gate in the fence and into the front yard. There was a house across the street that was slightly larger than his own. All the lights were on inside and shadows of figures moving around could be seen.. He walked across the street and up to their front door. He knocked about nine times, a grin on his face the whole time. A man of about his age opened the door..He was kinda fat, balding and had small glasses on. He stepped back from the door as he saw what was standing in front of him. He was disgusted at the stinking man and his face turned bright red…He knew James to be a happy man, he believed this to be all show..He had told Jaymz in the past to leave him out of his promos, he didn’t want to be on TV. He grabbed Jaymz by the shirt but he didn’t care, he told the man “I want to dance with your wife”

…The man pushed him back and screamed at him to leave. Something came over Jaymz and he grabbed the man, pulled him outside and slammed the front door closed. He put his knee into the mans gut sending him to the ground. Jaymz went down with him, both hands on his neck strangling him..Jaymz looked over to his right and saw a flowerpot.. He released one of his hands and snatched it, held it up over his head and brought it down on the mans face..Blood sprayed from his nose, his glasses shattered on his face..he tried to scream but Jaymz hit him with it again this time knocking a few teeth out…He fell unconscious then as he was covered in his own blood..Jaymz took his own hands and wiped the blood on them, then on his face..covered his beard with it all the way up to his hairline..He liked the look before, so he figured that he would to it again. Jaymz kinda giggled as he looked at the man before he kicked him off the front porch and down into the shrubs. He opened the front door and there she was, just coming to see what her husband was doing. She was an attractive woman, long blonde hair, thin body. She turned around to run but Jaymz caught her pony tail and pulled it back..She screamed as she fell backwards and landed hard on the floor. In his mind, he sees his wife. To him, this is the woman that he loves…This is the woman that he married. He reaches down to kiss her, she attempts to fight him off but fails as her face becomes covered with her husband’s blood. …Then instantly Jaymz stopped and let go. …Jaymz looked around, he was confused. What was the doing across the street in this house? ..The last thing that he remember was throwing his wife’s body in the trashcan..She got up screaming… and why did she have blood on her hands and face? ..He looked over his body not seeing any blood than the handprints she had left on him..so where was the blood coming from. She ran past him and out the door, he followed her out the door and saw she took a right out of the drive way…He wanted to find out what was going on so he took off after her..He half ran taking his time knowing that she would eventually slow down and stop.

She ran up the street going to the main street in front of the neighborhood. It was a busy street in the day time, but at this time of night there wasn’t usually many cars. She slowed and looked behind her, screamed as she saw this man with blood covering his face still coming after her. She took off towards the street as fast as she could run, came to the curb and stepped out into the street, she looked to her left into the oncoming traffic and didn’t see anyone coming to her disappointment…she got to the center line in the road, and looked to her right. ------Jaymz stopped after the woman as he saw her body be tossed up over the hood and back into the street. ..She was so worried about coming off the curb into an oncoming car that she forgot to look into the other lane in her disturbed mind state. ..He shook it off as if it was nothing, put his hands into his pockets and walked back to his house. He never talked the whole way and never took his eyes off of the ground, but they shifted madly, never staying still. When he got back to his house he opened the garage and pulled the Tahoe out into the drive way and went back into the house…The house was rancid and even Jaymz seemed to notice this time..He went out the back door, through the yard to the shed.. He reached inside and pulled out two red gas cans and headed back towards the house…Once back, he threw the gas all over the kitchen, the dining room and then in the living room..He picked his keys back up off the entryway table and pulled a lighter out of his pocket, lit up a page from a book and let it fall to the floor..It shot up in flames instantly, he stood there and watched it for a moment before he walked out of the house and got into the Tahoe..He pulled out of the driveway, looked back one last time at the house that was being consumed in flames…He headed towards the highway as he spoke

..Well, it was only a matter of time before Erik and myself became the Tag team champs. Blackheart can come out here and claim that they didn’t want them anymore…but come on, do they really think that people are going to believe that? …They knew that they couldn’t stand up to us in the ring, deep in their minds they knew that Erik and I were taking the Titles back to Zero Tolerance. .Now we can stop hearing them talk of how they “beat “ us. …I assume that nobody volunteered to help them out if things were going bad, so they made the best decision that they could make given that one is a child molester, and the other is some washed up trash they call a wrestler. I cant say that I was surprised how these two conducted this match..All they did was wait until we were all worn down a little and jump in the ring , and attack us like the fools they are…If they were soo great then they would have gotten in the ring..Then there was Gates and Kelly, two that actually did beat us because we overlooked them…And you know, we told them it was a fluke…we told them that you don’t beat Zero Tolerance twice in a row, but did they listen? No, they were up in the clouds because they beat us..They THOUGHT they could do it again but Erik and I came into the ring knowing what we had to do. Now I see that I have this Bain guy, …Like he’s going to come into the ring and take me out? ….This will be great, this is only my second singles match here and I will come out with the second win. Everyone has seen me in tag, you all know that Erik and I are the best tag team around.

..But this week all of you will get to see the destruction that I bring to the ring one on one Well,, I'm stuck with this little twit...Kid, you just need to step back...You have no idea what you are getting yourself into....I’m just going to have to teach you a thing or two in the ring. For one thing, I'll show ya what happens when you lay up in bed all day like you prolly think that you can do....You need to be worried about me Bain, I’m not some punk ass little kid like you are.... I’ve been around a long time and beatin people just like you.....There’s a whole bunch of people just like you and you’re all the same, think your the shit and better than everybody else....Your just sittin back taken life easy thinkin about nothing, except how much sleep your missing...I'll make you sleep Bain, a sleep that you wont ever forget...and I'll show you horrible things, things you that will haunt your soul until the day that you die....You'll never get a good nights sleep again, no matter how many pills you take or how much beer you drink....The things I will show you will destroy what’s inside of you, ...every day you will wish for death, you will lay awake in bed at night crying for death....I know you’re too weak to kill yourself...I have already decided that I don't like you and want you to suffer...You’ve shown me that you’re lazy...and I hate lazy people...I cant wait to get you in the ring. The first time I get my hands on you, it will be all over....

You are really a waste of my time Bain, it would be great to get in the ring, hit you with the Silence, and do it again...simply put my foot on top of you and get the pinfall. If you should decide to fight....Im going to show you what its like to get beat down by a real brawler....I'll beat you like we were out in the street...Come in the ring and act like you’re big shit and I'll tear you to pieces, ever stayed in the hospital for over a month before? I think you will enjoy it....It will give you a break from here for a while...Some time for you to think things over, maybe you'll clue in that you made the biggest mistake of your life be entering this match....You have never felt something like the Silence, ever....Its going to be the most painful thing that has ever happened to you...and hopefully after that, I'll show you those terrible things that will keep you awake at night....You’re walking into a nightmare that you'll never forget.....and you will be sorry Bain, you'll be sorry that you ever made this mistake....