...Whats that smell?
...What's that smell?

A persons mind can snap at any minute. One small thing could destroy someones world in such a way that they never come back to what is reality. They can live in their own little world ignoring the facts of everyday life, choosing not to go by the basic laws of "ordinary" life. Jaymz didn't remember what had happened the the other night only that somehow his wife had come back. Maybe had Jaymz looked at the fuel gage in the Tahoe or if he had taken notice of the time on the clocks he would have put two and two together. Jaymz had gone to the funeral home that night, Brian Calhoun was there that night on Zaslaws order...He had believed that Clawz would come and do something with the body, something to get Jaymz to act out of anger and carelessness..Get him to act stupid and come charging at Dotson...But Dotson had no such plans, he assumed Jaymz was suffering and that Zaslaw was one man short at the moment. Calhoun had felt sorry for the man large man that was beating on the door and had let him in. He knew it was a mistake when the man walked into the building, he was covered in blood and wasn't wearing a shirt; paying no attention as he walked past...Calhoun stood there in shock at the sight of the man, he then went back and sat down at the desk ...Moments later footsteps came up the hall and Jaymz came storming into the room with his deceased wife flung over his shoulder. Calhoun jumped up to protest but took one looked in the eyes of the disturbed man and thought better of it.

The sun was bright this morning and there was already heat in the air which was rare this late in the year. The garage door on Jaymz' house was up revealing the Tahoe inside, as the inside door to the house opened up and Jaymz stepped out. He looked bad, dark circles were under his wide rapidly moving eyes...his hair was a mess and it looked like he had just gotten out of bed..there was a several days growth of beard stubble on his face. He was wearing a dirty looking suite that was all wrinkled up, ..he had been wearing and sleeping in it for the past three days...And, he didn't have any shoes on as he got into the Tahoe and started it up. It looked as if there was someone siting in the passenger seat, but hard to tell in the dark tinted windows as he backed out of the drive way and into the street..Zaslaw had called him earlier and told him to be at a small sports bar downtown called LJ's that one of his good friends own. He told Jaymz that there were several things that they needed to discuss and to be there for lunch at one p.m. He drove throughout the residential district of the city making his way downtown. LJ's was a small brick building that sat on the corner next to a Goodyear Tire Center. There were two cars parked out front, Zaslaw's Lincoln LS and Erik's Black BMW. Jaymz parked on the side of the building and shut off the Tahoe, he looked into the back passenger seat...

Would you like to go inside? The food here is ok, I think that you would enjoy it..I also think that it would be good for you..You haven't spokenin days....Please, tell me whats wrong? If you don't start to get back to your old self we need to get you some help.

What Jaymz could see with his eyes wasn't what he saw in his mind..To him, she got herself dressed this morning and walked her happy as to the Tahoe...But he didn't remember that. Jaymz stepped out on the the pavement and looked down at his feet

Huh...I guess I should have put some shoes on..

He said it in such a way that it wasn't like "oh shit, how in the hell did I possibly forget to put my fuckin shoes on before I left!!??"..He said it as if it were an innocent mistake like forgetting your wallet on the way out of the house. He walked inside, only the bartender, Erik and Zaslaw were in there. The two were playing a game of pool near a small table that had two beers on it...The game was ending as Jaymz came in, Erik had killed him...Leaving five balls on the table. The look on Zaslaws face wasn't a happy one.

Zaslaw: Where in the Hell are you shoes??

Erik: ...What's that smell?

My shoes? ...Well, I kinda forgot those.

Zaslaw: What do you mean, "you forgot your shoes?"

I was going to put them on, but then....

Erik: You know, J said that you have your wifes body?

Huh? ..She hasn't been feeling to great lately, shes in the..

Zaslaw: Jaymz, Jaymz, Jaymz...Shes dead, get over it...

NO! ..I fixed her.

Erik: Oh yeah, well thats interesting to say the least..

She was hurt bad though, Dotson ALMOST killed her!

Zaslaw: Jaymz I'm not going to argue with you...But Dotson, now he is something that we do need to talk about..

Zaslaw motioned for the bartender to come over as they made their way over to the table and sat down. Zaslaw ordered a round of beers for the three men

Zaslaw: Well it seems that Dotson's been a problem here as of late..Clawz have been watching him close and nobody can get fifty yards near him without getting interrogated. Ive had people watching and so has Vadim. We made our mark though..Taking out Simms and Parker was huge...They see that were a force, they've gotten to the both of you, thinking that you guys will blame and hate me for what they are trying to do to you two.

Erik: we knew what we were getting into, we don't blame you for any of it...

Zaslaw: I hoped that you wouldn't and I'm glad that the both of you understand.

Dotson will pay, I'm going to kill that bastard..My wife is in alto of pain because of that piece of shit.

Zaslaw: Yeah, Jaymz...shes in alto of pain, uh-huh...The only problem at this point is just getting to Dotson.

Erik: I knew Vadim was working on that, I talked to him earlier..he had some ideas.

Zaslaw: He needs to stay back a little, Dotson wants him just as bad for sneaking in there and taking the information that you guys got from him.

Erik: He told me that Dotson hasn't left the shipping yards in a week, he sent off his wife and kids as well...

Zaslaw: Hes also called in for more people, hes a little scared at this point, hes seen the damage that we can do.

Well, lets go right now...Come on we can take em all out!

Zaslaw: Jaymz have you been listening to anything that we've been talking about? That place is surrounded, we cant get in there right now.

I don't care, I can get in there....

Erik: Oh really? And how are you going to do that? I mean, you don't even have any shoes on!?

All we have to do is go buy me some first, it wont take long...Then we'll go over there and take that place over.

Zaslaw: You look like you just rolled out of bed, I'm not going to be seen in another place out in public with you lookin like that..

Sshh...Did you hear that?...Is Little L here?

Zaslaw: Oh christ... The last time I talked to Crazy-J he said he was going to take him out for a burger...You know, L was at my house the other day hitt...

Zaslaw: JAYMZ!!! ..You don't have time for that, Clawz is more important at the moment...We really only have one option at this point...

Erik: ..And I assume that we will be taking our chances...

Zaslaw: Well yeah, but at this point its the only thing we can do...They get alto of their incoming shipments in late at night, like alto of places do...Plus, they'll have less people there at night, ..at least untill Dotson gets more people here...The shipping yard is on the north side of the harbor and most of their ships come from the southeast, so they get close to the south point of the harbor before entering and going up north side....

Erik: I've seen those ships come in at night...you watch alto of people..hhmm, you don't ever come by my house at night do ya?

Zaslaw: ...anyway....Weve been watching the ships over the past few nights and its the "Cartage" company that does most of the night deliveries between one and three. The difference between these ships and all the others is that theres really nobody standing around watching...So whatever they carry isn't too valuable...Were getting more information on them, but i don't think they have anything to do with Clawz. ...We have to get on that boat

...And when are we going to do this? The sooner the better, these assholes are going to get it this time. I'm tired of messing around with them, Dotson doesn't know whats comin this time...

Zaslaw: We have to be controlled when we do this, we cant act stupid or were going to be in deep shit. Whether its day or night their still going to be watching, ...we cant take this easily.

Lets get me some shoes are were good to go!

Erik: ...We can do it in a few days theres a big match this week, theres going to be people all over that damn ring. And I'm sure that there will be extras as well, thats the kind of thing that Shane and Blackheart do...They can bring in whoever they want but I'll just beat them to...You don't mess around with a Zero Tolerance match...

...This match has been a long time coming, were going to get all these pretenders and wanna-bes all at the same time...Hell, Shane and Blackheart haven't even had to defend these Titles yet!

Zaslaw stands up from the table and tells the two that time is tight and hes a busy man. The three men walk out of the bar, Erik and Jaymz continued to talk as Zaslaw got to his car. He realized that he had forgot something and told them to hang on...He opened the back passenger door of his car and pulled out several books.

Zaslaw: Here Jaymz, maybe you should read there...It might help you some..

He carried the books over to the passenger side of the Tahoe and opened the door, he screamed and jumped back dropped the books on the ground. Zaslaw saw the dead woman hunched over in the seat, the safety pins still keeping her I eyes open

Zaslaw: WHAT!? Oh my God!!! This is fuckin sick!!

Erik: ...Well, now that explains the smell.

Zaslaw: What are you thinking?? You cant be runnin around with a dead body in your car!! ..Jaymz you've got to bury her!!

...How many times do I have to tell you, I fixed her. Shes getting better, but look at her..shes sick. ..I think that she might need some more Tylenol. Get a grip Zaslaw, I think your losing your mind.

Zaslaw...Youve lost it. I'm leavin, call me in a few days...

Erik: ..You sure you don't want to ride with Jaymz?

He rolled his eyes as he walked past the two and made his way to the car, pulled out into the street and left.

Erik: ...You know, It might be wise to take your wife home...uh, shes not lookin so good...

Yeah I'm goin to, I'll talk to ya tomorrow

Erik: Yeah, I'll see ya.

They each got into their cars and went their separate ways...Jaymz and his dead wife headed back to the house, the whole way back he would glance into the rear view mirror and look at his love..He would smile, he thought she was beautiful...The farther he drove the less he looked back..His eyes became focused and an almost angry looked appeared on his face... ..I saw Blackhearts promo earlier and I saw the lies that he spit out, I saw between the lines. This is a guy that comes out here and tells us that he doesn't want to be Tag Team champs...He "says" its because he wants bigger and better things. ..You know, I don't think that is the reason. I think there is a little more to the story than hes wanting to say. ..I think it had something to do with his match last week. ..When he saw the card for Collision Course he knew that it was a battle that he cant win. Again, he will be going up against Zero Tolerance..and for the second week in a row hes going to lose...Hes pretty much said their not going to win, well thats fine...Get your ass in the ring and get pinned. I would let you lay there and let someone pin you...I'll make it better, I'll beat you while your on the ground..I'll make you want to get up to fight...You basically came out here and told us that you are weak, that you cant handle the pressure if facing us again...Its not because you don't want the tag team titles, its the reason that I just stated....Theres also another reason, just by watching your promo its obvious that you and Shane don't get along. A tag team knows each other, they always know what that person is going to do and where their going to be. ...That just goes to show everyone that you two didn't win that title, You may have "won" the match and even if you tried this week, it would be a failure of an effort.

I guess that I was wrong about you last week, I though that you were a man that could come back and make a difference in the wrestling world, but lets cut the crap. Your worthless and I don't need you to feel sorry for me Blackheart..My wife isn't dead, what in the hell are you talking about? Cant you see that I have fixed her? ...Shes ok, she could be doing a little better but I don't think thats any concern of your yours. I never said that I wanted sympathy from anyone. ...And the same thing goes for you Bright, I don't care if you feel bad for me...I just don't get what is wrong with all of you people? ...I FIXED HER. Shes ok now....So lets just face that fact. ...What will all of you think when Erik and myself are the Tag Team champions? ...How will that effect all of you? It doesn't really matter how many teams you put up against us, the winners will be Zero Tolerance.. This time the match will end like it is sup post to...There will be nobody there to help Shane and Blackheart, there wont be another win for Gates Andee Kelly...and there sure as hell wont be a victory for these other two losers who have this weak attempt at comedy. We told all of you that when we got here, we weren't going to lay down to people...we didn't come here to lose or be scared of people...We came here to take over and dominate...I know that deep down, you're all afraid of us...You know that we can destroy you but most of you refuse to accept that in your minds. ...SO all of you can sit around and tell me how sorry you are for me, like that makes any sense? ...But you need to be more worried about what Erik and I can do in the ring. You all have seen, but this time we walk out as champs