Changed Men
Changed Men Pt.III

The scene opens up on a cool damp morning, the sun stretches the shadows long and burns off the dew settled on the grass. We see Jolly James and his wife sitting on the back porch. Their backyard was exceptionally large as it was several acres in length. There was an eight foot fence that surrounded the property, keeping peepers away from his children. The children were out playing on the toys in the back yard. There were huge slides, swings, monkey bars and all those huge toys that you see children running around on in school playgrounds. There was a glass table that sat on the back porch, a TV that was suspended from the top of the porch and in a clear plastic box to protect it from the elements of weather. Jolly James sat on the porch with a pair of reading glasses on. He wore khaki pants and a shirt button-up shirt. He was leaned back in the chair reading the latest Time magazine with a steaming cup of coffee sitting on the table in front of him. he lifted his eyes from the paper to check on the kids, then went back to his reading. The back door opened and his wife came out wearing pink slippers and a long pick shirt. Her hair was a mess and it was apparent that she had just gotten out of bed. She sat down in the chair opposite of James

Well good morning dear

wife: Good morning my wonderful husband, why on earth did you let me sleep that long this morning?

You just looked so comfortable that I didn't want to disturb you...and besides, you look cute when you sleeping

wife: Oh stop it! ...your making me blush.

Hey, I only speak the truth

Just then the phone rang, James reached over and pushed the speak phone button


Vadim: James, hows it goin?

Hey Vadim, I'm doing good how about yourself?

Vadim: We have a problem James...Erik was attacked the other day by Clawz...Where in the fuck were you??

Hey, hey, hey...watch your language, my wife is sitting next to me. ..Im aware of that Vadim and I feel terrible for not being able to help him. I'm a changed man Vadim and I can no longer kill people. I just don't have the drive to anymore.

Vadim: James, come on...Ive known you for years and this just isn't like you. Zaslaw needs you right now, its not a good time to be turning your back on him

I'm not turning my back on him, I just cant kill people anymore, its wrong! Zaslaw is into a lot of things that I don't agree with anymore...i can still help him in other ways but I cant fight this battle for him any longer.

Vadim: What has happened to you?

Ive seen the good of this world Vadim and I cant go back..I just cant do it.

Vadim: You don't know how much this hurts me James, I thought I knew you.

I'm sorry Vadim, tell Zaslaw that I cant fight this battle with Clawz any longer

Vadim: I'll let you tell him

By the tone in Vadims voice, he was very pissed off. James pushed the off button on the phone and took a drink of his coffee. His two big German Shepard's came running by chasing a squirrel. Just then, the back door opened again and this time it was Mrs. Martinez. She held the door open and Wonder Jay walked out. He was dressed in a nice suit and had a big smile on his face

wife: My goodness! Jay I didn't know you were coming over...I'm a mess, Im going back into the house!!

Jay: Oh your fine, thats what everyone looks like when we get out of bed in the morning

wife: Don't be so kind, I look horrible in the morning...I'll see you guys in a bit.

...hhmm, why are they always so worried about their looks?

Jay: Thats just the way they are....So how are you doin this morning my good friend?

Well, I have been better. I just got a call from Vadim...It seems that Erik was attacked by Clawz

Jay: No!? Well is he ok?

As far I know, he is.. Vadim was upset that I wouldn't help him fight Clawz...

Jay: I can understand, but Vadim needs to realize that were not violent people. ...And I thought the anger management class last night went great.

Yes it did, and I called that nice woman Linda today and told her that she could have the job. She was so thrilled, I was just soo happy that I could help a person in need.

Jay: Well I hope it works out for her, I'm sure she will love it here. You know, I was thinking that we could drive up to the children's hospital today and maybe read a story or two...

Thats a sensational idea, it would take their mind off the pain their suffering for a while, its rewarding work. ...I wonder if the morning paper is here yet? ...The boy usually chunks it on my porch by now...

James gets up and walks to the side of the house as Jay follows. They go through the gate and walk out into the yard. It was a quiet morning, there wasn't a car moving on the street anywhere. Wonderful Jay's Cavalier was parked in the drive way. Just down the street the local paper boy was throwing the bundles of new papers carelessly in the yards...Some went in the bushes while others hit cars. He came up to James house and nearly released the paper but stopped and slammed his brakes on..His bike skid a little and he almost fell in the street. He got off and let his bike clatter to the ground behind him, almost as is he didn't even hear it. He was staring at the two men
Boy: Wooaaaahhh.....oh my God.....y-your Crazy J and Jaymz!! Holy shit!!

Jay: You really shouldn't say things like that

Boy: Huh?...

Your language...watch what you say. and were not Cr....

Boy: Uumm, sure...whatever. Hey, how come you two are all dressed up? ...You guys look really weird.

Jay: Well, if you wouldn't have been so rude and inconsiderate James would have told you...You see, I'm no longer Crazy-J...Im Wonderful Jay now.

Boy: ...what?....

Jay: And this here is Jolly James. We have changed our ways and a kid of your age shouldn't be saying those kinds of things

Boy: So, you guys are telling me that your all nice and shit now?

You know, I'm going to have a talk with your parents about your language.

Boy: Yeah, whatever. You know, I thought you guys were cool....but your not, you guys suck!

Jay: Not cool? Ha! ...Kids just don't know what cool is these days.

He got back to his bike and slung out a newspaper right at them. Jaymz caught it in his hand and shook his head at the boy as he rode off finishing his job. They walked back through the gate and into the backyard. They took their same chairs, the kid still playing outside without a care in the world.

You know, I'm really excited to get into the ring with Blackheart this week...Im prepared this time, and I have to be. He is a man of great skill and coordination and I have to be at the top of my game...You know last time we fought it was for the Tag Titles, and I have to admit..He was the better man that night. Ive thought about it alot, I don't hold anything against him or anything, he was just doing his job.

Jay: Yeah, I know at the time you were pretty upset about losing that match

I was...Things have changed now and that Class will help also. Erik and I knew we had that match, we could just feel it. ...Mysterio came in and I got distracted. I almost feel like I lost that match for us...Had I have been in the ring and not worried about Mysterio I wonder if it would have turned out any different...I guess we will never know. I am still worried about him thought, did you see him in his last promo? He looked even worse than he did in the first one.

Jay: Yeah, I do hope that he is ok. Ive been getting worked up about this match all week!

He should really listen to his dad. He shows that he cares about him but Blackheart didn't really seem to be worried about what his father wanted. I guess that Blackheart cant see that this man loves him and only wants the best for him. Blackheart must have forgotten who we are, did you see his latest promo?

Jay: Yeah, he sure talked alot about Erik and I didn't understand the part about is trying to be scary...I guess he didn't see our promos.

I guess not. Maybe he wont show up, its obvious that he didn't even bother to watch them. Thats a shame too, he could have see the great people that we have become. Well, maybe he did see the promo and just thinks that we will be no problem in the ring...Well, thats not true. Used to, I would sit around alot...but I still won. Now, Ive been working out more, eating right...Im going to be more prepared than ever! I do hope that he isn't overlooking us, it would be a shame to see him get hurt badly....Well, that is if he even shows up.

Jay: You know what else Ive noticed? ...I don't think he has ever watched a whole promo from anyone in Zero Tolerance...

Thats true, we've told him in the past that Zaslaw has political control. If we were still at our old violent ways we could have done whatever we wanted because Zaslaw was there to make sure it never came out. Zaslaw controls most of the local authorities and judges. I'm glad that I don't have to be concerned with that issue any longer but I was just wanting to correct him from his last promo...I really do hope that he is paying attention this time because I am getting tired of telling him that every week...Zaslaw is a powerful man, more powerful than most people know.

Jay: Yes, thats true. Hes a good man, I may not always agree with this ways...but, its none of my business.

Blackheart seems to think that we have forgotten that he is a great wreslter...He likes to make promises...Well, I'll just go ahead and make one to then!! I promise that we will beat him this week. Its three on one and even though he is good, I just don't know after laying around the past week if hes good enough at the moment to take us out. He knows that everyone is picking him to lose this match, but he must not listen to those people. It will only will his own head with doubt and that is the worst thing that you can do in a match..is have doubt in yourself. One thing that I don't understand how he can say that he has beat guys with more talents than the three of us combined...

Now that would have to be a pretty big guy to make up for the talent that three people have. I do think that he was exaggerating just a little bit in that statement...Ive yet to see a person THAT good....and in my day I have seen alot of wrestlers come and go but nothing like Blackheart is describing. I would sure like to meet this man one day. Maybe we can get together with Blackheart and exchange numbers so we could get in contact with a person that is as powerful as Blackheart says. I have been thinking about this match alot and Ive been trying to work out every scenario and I just simply don't see how he can come away with a victory this week. I do hope that he will get back to his winning ways after this match. The wrestling world needs him!

Mrs. Yaroslav came back outside looking like her more normal self and took a seat next to her husband.. Mrs. Martinez followed her outside and looked around for the children.

wife: Their out playing in the yard Mrs. Martinez. They should be ready to go to their swimming lessons, and you better hurry..you don't want to be late, they will be punished for it.

She called for the kids and they came running through the yard. They kissed their parents, said goodbye to Jay and left with Mrs. Martinez.

Jay: You have such great children

Thank you, their just like their mother.

wife: so what are you two going to do today...

Jay suggested that we go to the Children's Hospital and read to them later...It will be fun

wife: Yes and I'm sure that the kids will enjoy it.

The German Shepard's started barking madly out of nowhere. They were on the side of the gate...There were two silent pops and the dogs went quiet. James, his wife and Jay glanced nervously at each other. James got up and went over to the side of the porch. He saw three men dressed in black suits. Two men he didn't know were white. The other he knew. It was Alonzo Dotson, Clawz. His dogs were dead as they had shot them down. They saw that James noticed them and ran over to the porch. James went back around the corner to tell his wife and Jay...As soon as he wasn't about to tell, the men came around the corner and onto the porch with their guns pointed at the three of them..

Dotson: Well, well, well...What do we have here?

What do you want?...

Dotson: You know what I want. I want Zaslaw. You see, I know that it was you who came to Simms funeral and took Parkers limo and killed him...

unfortunately so, but I have changed my ways. You want nothing with us here..

Dotson: and I am assuming you are Crazy-J?....No, excuse me...Jay Wonderful.

Jay: Thats me!

Dotson: You see, Zaslaw knew that we were coming for him that day...So I assume that Parker spilled the beans before you killed him didn't he?

Yes he did.

Dotson: ...Ive known that man since I was a small child. ...You took him away and I should make YOU pay for what happened. ...Zaslaw didn't even know that you guys were going to the funeral...So I guess that I cant really blame this one on him can I?

As I told you, I'm sorry. It should have been handled in a different way. ...Why don't you guys just call Zaslaw and make a truce?

Dotson: ..what? Are you with us today James? ...Zaslaw has control that we need...Clawz is going to take over the world, its inevitable...Its going to happen.

Jay: James told you that he was sorry, what more do you want?

Dotson: I want him to pay. I want his fucking head mounted to my wall.

wife:..oh my God...

Dotson: But what good is it going to do if I kill him? He wont suffer, he wont have to feel the pain that I feel. He'll be dead and nothing after that will matter....I want you do suffer James. ...I will make sure that you will

Please leave, I told you I'm sorry. Theres nothing more that I can do. Now go, please...

Dotson: Fine, we will go. But your going to pay for this James, you will pay dearly.

Dotson lifted his gun and pulled the trigger twice. Both shots hit their target. The for head of Mrs. Yaroslav. She fell back wards over in her chair as blood splattered from the back of her head were the bullets left to large exit holes. Dotson and his men ran around the corner, James screamed and jumped over the table to go after them...And for a second there was a hint of fury in his eyes, a hint of the old Jaymz. But it was gone instantly. He stood there in a mindless trance as Jay ran over to him and shielded his view from the terrible sight. He took his arm and led him to the couch. James began to cry as Jay got on his cell phone to call Zaslaw. James sat up on the couch with tears streaming down his face. He got up and ran back outside. He got on his knees and held his dead wife in his hands that were now covered in crimson blood

N-n-oo....N-noooo...Oh god..I loved you so much...

The scene faded to black