Changed Men
Changed Men

The scene opens up inside of a beautiful large house. The furniture is all leather, the tabletops all glass. Expensive paintings hang on the walls, a large piano sits off in the far corner of the living room. There is a huge flat screen TV on the other side of the room where two small children sit watching Finding Nemo. The children are dressed well, one is a girl with a red dress on..She has curly blond hair and eyes of an old soul. The child next to her is the younger brother, the has brown hair parted on the right side..He wore nice brown pants and a green shirt and dress shoes. The girls screamed at the TV with Darla cam in to take Nemo, apparently shes seen this a hundred times. I woman comes down the hallway, she was beautiful..stunningly beautiful. She has long blond hair with a slight curl, she liked to work out alot and her figure showed that much. She was wearing a revealing blue dress, not too revealing as it was still classy. She looked in on the kids and went over to the front door and cracked it open..She looked outside for a moment and closed the door. There was a spiral staircase that led down to the main room..Heavy footsteps were heard coming down and then a man came into view...It was Jaymz, or at least it kinda looked like Jaymz. This was the new Jaymz, a changed man. He came down the stairs wearing a dark blue suit, his hair was cut short and slicked back. He wore a smile on his face and hes eyes were as clear as we had ever seen them.

He came downstairs, looked over his wife from head to toe and pulled her close. He told her her loved her and gave her a kiss..It was a kiss filled with passion, these two people loved each other dearly and it showed. He let go of the embrace he had on her and walked over to the children..He rubbed his hand on his sons hair messing it up then kissed his little girl on the top of her head. She smiled brightly at him and the love in his eyes for her gleamed like nothing else. Jaymz went over to the bar on the west corner of the man room and poured him self a drink into a small glass. He went back down and sat on the couch watching Nemo while he waited. He wife came into the room and told him that the Chef was about to serve dinner so whens the company coming? Jaymz smiled up at her with that deep love for her in his eyes and told her they should be here any minute. She sat down next to him on the couch and held his hand as the whole family was watching the movie when moments later the door-bell rang and she got up to to answer the door. She opened the door and there was someone else we knew...Why, it was Crazy J. Like Jaymz, his appearance had changed. His eyes didn't dart all over the place like a Crazy persons, his eyes were clear and focused and he looked to be very happy. He wore a very nice suit for the evening, his hair was fixed up and he held out flowers for Mrs. Yaroslav.

wife: Oh, J..You didn't have to bring anything. Its just so nice to see you again

J: I'm glad to be invited for his occasion, thank you. The flowers are a gift for the family, I had these shipped in from different parts of the world, aren't they splendid?

wife: Yes J, they are beautiful..I'll have Mrs. Martinez put these is a vase for us on the dining room table.

J: No better place for them.

wife: Well, come on inside James is right over there..and I'll take your jacket.

J: Thank you, it is a little warm out tonight.

She takes J's suit jacket and hangs it on the coat rack as she calls for the maid to come tend to the flowers. J walked into the living room as Jaymz got up and walked toward him. They embraced in a hug as good Friends do who haven't seen each other in quite some time. The released the quick embrace

J: I'm glad that you guys could have me over tonight, its been so long since Ive seen your family.

The kids have been asking all about you, every day its: "is J coming over!?", "Is J gonna be here!?" ..but as you can see Nemo has their full attention at the moment. Would you like a drink J, I was just about to make myself another?

J: Yes, thank you. That would be great. I see that you cut off your hair, so how are you going to pull off that "demonic" gimmick this week?

I'm giving that up, everyone knows its all a bunch of special effects...and plus it terrifies the kids. ...You know how I really am, I'm a family person.

J: Yeah...I think I'm also giving up that old gimmick of mine....I mean, its so hard to coordinate a decent promo when your trying to be something that your not. I felt terrible for firing my writers. But I did make suer that Zaslaw paid them well for their time

Yes I did the same things, I'm so glad that I can just be myself. ...Look who's here kids!

The kids turn around and their eyes go wide as they see J. The jump up off the floor screaming his name as they made a mad dash for him. They wrapped them selfs around his legs as James' wife came in and told them that dinner was ready.

J: I'm glad to see you guys too! Its been such a long time!

Now come on kids, give him a little room...Tyler, I know your hungry..you always are! Let get in there and eat.

They followed James' wife into the dining room. The table was huge, James sat at one end, J on the other. The two kids sat on one side and James wife sat on the other side, close to James. The five people at the table bowed their heads and James said Grace. There were plates and bowls of food across the table, much more food than the five of them could eat. They started to pass the food around

J: Would you pass me the Turkey please, Tyler?

Tyler: Sure!

wife: So J, what have you been doing with your time lately?

J: Oh not a whole lot...Ive been doing alot of reading and writing. Ive also been studying the effects of pollutants in the O-Zone. Ive really taken interest in life on this planet, its something that really intrigues me.

Thats a very touchy subject with some people, but I'm glad that your taking a stand J. ...I think I'm going to spend more time at the Children's Hospital and helping the Red Cross..There are soo many people that need help in this day and age and theres only so little that I can do.

J: You know, that really sounds like fun. When you go up to the Hospital swing by and pick me up...Anything to put a smile on those kids faces.

wife: I'm so glad that you to finally found a way to help out in your community. You know J, I've been telling James for several years he needed to give back to his community but he always refused because it would "hurt his image"...I guess that both of you saw the light.

And as a matter-of-fact I think I'll be attending Church service this coming Sunday.

J: Thats great! ...You know the Chef that you have has made the most wonderful that I have ever tasted. Its exceptional. ..I'm full, yet I just keep on eating!

the meal was going great, J, James, the wife and the kids all sat happy eating the meal, a phone rang it was filled with a happy ring tone. J reaches down and looks at it then stands up.

J:excuse me, I must say I am sorry but this call is very important. excuse me again.

Crazy answers the phone

J: Hello Steve (skull Masters real name), I have been looking to talk you all day, I had my secretary fax you over a new design for my wrestling gear, Its Khaki pants and a button down dress shirt that reads Jay "wonderful" on the back of it. and a sport coat with ZT Club... I want it to look like a country club coat. Steven you are doing great man, tell your wife I said hello. But i must run I am being very rude to the people that invited me for this wonderful dinner. I shall call you later this after noon.

Jay hangs up his phone

J: Again I am sorry, just needed to make sure my new gear is here in time.

I couldn't help but over hear that, your new name is Jay "wonderful", I wonder if i can get a new name? ...Hhhmm...maybe Jolly James? Yes, thats it! Jolly James!

Tyler: Dad thats great! ...I mean, its so much better than that scary thing you were doing. ..and my friends at school told me that their dads wanted to kill you for doing those things on tv...People didn't like you either J....They were scared of that wax dummy thing..

I'm sorry Tyler, I didn't see how my old gimmick was effecting your personal life.

J: And I'm sure that mine didn't help either. Its all going to be ok now Tyler, you don't have to worry about that anymore now that were Jay Wonderful and Jolly James.

Mrs. Martinez came in and refilled their drinks quietly. She got paid for her time and work, not to talk. That was something that James' wife was strict about. They were all about done with the main course when the other helpers came in and cleaned the table. They talked quietly and laughed, had a good time as the table was finally cleared. A moment later Mrs. Martinez came back with a very big Chocolate cake. The kids "ooohhh" and "aaawww"ed over the chocolate as Mrs. Martinez cut the pieces and sat them down infront of them. Their mother instructed them on not to eat untill everyone had one. They were about to dig in...

hold on a second guys.....Look at this Cake, it represents things that we like..we like it because its sweet, because it taste good and we all like it. Lets let this cake be the beginning of a new era. Its now official, Jay Wonderful and Jolly James. No more Evil acts, no more tricks of the mind

J: ....and no more wax dummies! I'm so thrilled to get back into the ring this week, it should be alot of fun. ..And if we do beat Blackheart, I'll even help him up from the mat

...and I'll give him a hug for good sportsmanship.

wife: I'm glad that you two have decided to change your ways, I think we will all see an improvement in the ring this coming week. ...But I still want both of you to be careful

J..are you kiddin me? I just made Careful my middle name!

They all got up from the table and the kids ran straight back to the TV. Jay and James walked through the house and stood on the front porch. James lit a cigarette.

J: It sure is thick out here tonight....Your still smoking?

Well this is my last one. I rarely smoke anyway and I figured there was no better time to change this as well, than now.

J: I think that Zaslaw is going to be thrilled to see that we changed our ways. I feel sorry for always giving him a hard time, I think I might go over there and apologize to him later.

He does go through a lot, especially with Clawz and all.

J I would like to thank you for dinner James, it was exceptional. ...let me go tell you wife and kids goodbye.

They went back into the house, the kids were back into their original spots, in front of the TV. Mrs. Yaroslav sat on the couch

J: Hey kids, I'm going home but I'll prolly see you guys in a few days. Mrs. Yaroslav, thank you for having me over this evening.

wife: Your know that your welcome over here at any time, it was nice seeing you again. Oh, and thanks for the flowers!

J: Your welcome, see you guys later!

The kids waved goodbye to Jay as he took his coat of the rack and went out the door. Moments later headlights flashed in the window as Jay pulled out into the street and drove away. James looked around the house and stepped outside. It was a quiet night and he sat on the bench swing on the front porch, he spoke...

Ah, so I shall have to face Blackheart again. I am looking forward to the match, I'm so overly thrilled to get back into the ring after the loss that Erik and I suffered last week. But hey, what can I say? I mean Nick Kelly is the greatest thing that ever walked the Earth. I was thinking this week that I might just go and talk like a five year old in my promos, just like he does! I'm not sure if Kelly would mind if I got in contact with his writers so they could assist me in providing such quality air time. Oops, I probably shouldn't speak of air because I don't think thats for sale any more. Well thats ok, Ive been as high as the clouds this week because I'm so happy!! You know...I have come up with the most wonderful idea! I think that I shall buy the clouds! Since it seems that the big thing right now is buying air, ...so I'm told, ..I wanna be just like that guy and buy the clouds! Ha-ha, isn't that funny!? All clouds are now property of James Yaroslav and if you want to fly over them then you should politely call my residence and let me know, Tyler will prolly answer the phone...and hes a good kid. I'm glad that all of you can see that Jay and I have decided that we just cant keep up with the show that we were putting on. We both are terrible sorry for letting that trash infiltrate your living room throughout the last few weeks.

As you can see, our new promos are child friendly and can be a great family moment, quality air time. Now Blackheart I do believe we have met in the past, and Zero Tolerance picked up the victory with almost no effort..It was almost easy...Oh I'm sorry, I shouldn't take shots at you...Since your such a great wrestler. If I hurt you in our last match than I am deeply sorry for that. But you know, thats what we do...Its our job. ...Did I also mention that I'm going to take my paycheck this week and donate it to a local charity!? Are you ok, Blakheart? I'm concerned that you have been laying around for the past few weeks, you know that does nothing but deteriorate your muscles and I would hate to see a twenty-two time Champ just go down the gutter. ...May I recommend a strength and conditioning program? Could I hire someone to come and get you back on track? I do hope that you are ready mentally as well. No, I'm not the same Jaymz that you faced in the past but, unfortunately, it might still hurt if I get ahold of you. I noticed that you have gone completly pale over the past few weeks, you need to get out in the sun...Maybe take a few vitamins? I really am concerned for your health Blackheart...You know I would just hate it to see someone die. Its so tragic when someone has to leave this world. Hold on to the days Blackheart because they mean soo much, don't waste them away like your doing!

Please don't, I wouldn't want to see a great wrestler such as yourself perish from this world. ....Please Blackheart, don't give up on wrestling...Find the passion, I know its there! I would love to see you back into the ring and I would love to go up against one of the best...Please, give me that chance again. Blackheart don't let your great career end on a loss...True, you will lose this week but in the future you will come back to you winning ways! ...Why such the harsh words Blackheart? I'm a changed man, in not the man that you faced several times in the ring already. This will be a great fight Blackheart if you just show up. I know that it may be hard to get up for a three on one handicapped match but a man of such great skills should have no problem lasting at least a little while in the ring with us. This is the beginning of something new, something different. Something that is real and who see who we really are. This is the new James, Jolly James. I'm excited for this match and its only just a few short days away. I must train hard this week to help my team gain the victory over such a great wrestler. Zero Tolerance will show the world that we are still strong and that we wont give in and fade away. ...Please Blackheart, please come back. Don't let the world bring you down, step up and fight it! I really do hope that you appear down the ramp in a few days. I'm looking forward to it.

Oh, ..and remember. Don't drink and drive!

James smiles and looks up at the stars as the scene fades to black.