-Zero Tolerance(Rex and Jaymz) vs. Feight and Ramone-
Cold Nights in Detroit

The night wore on as did most of the people on Vadim's street; slowly throughout the night the lights in the neighboring houses flicked off one by one as Jaymz sat in the living room of Vadim's house.. It was quiet now, Vadim had gone up for the night, as had Julie.. Jaymz had checked on her several times as he always did through the night - he never slept with her, not since the night that she had tried to kill him and that was the way things were gonna be for a while, ...until he was sure that she wouldn’t try anything like that again. He sat in the big leather recliner flipping through the channels and finally coming to a stop on "Cheaters" as there as nothing else on.. He shook his head in disgust cause he knew that some people actually watched this shit, that people actually planned part of their day to watch this crap. He looked over at the clock on the cable box, and with its bright green numbers it read 2:17. "Time to get rollin" he thought.. Alexi had business to take care of and it had to do with a dirty little secret that nobody knew about, ..not even Sin. He slipped on his shoes and walked out the door, ..he stopped at the step and inhaled the night air - clear and quiet, ..just the way he liked it. He closed the door behind him and reached for Julie with his mind.....yup, ..she was still sleepin. His feet thumped down the steps and into the wet grass as he crossed over to the driveway and got inside the Tahoe, put it in reverse and headed out the driveway..

He knew there was someone in the room, he felt it in the back of his mind as he slept.. His eyes jerked open and he could feel the presence of the person and knew immediately where they were; in the chair, in the left corner of the room. He didn’t hesitate, didn’t even bother to throw the sheets back - he lunged from the bed and at that point everything seemed to go in slow motion.. He saw the figure sitting in the chair as he flew with his fist cocked back ready to beat some ass, saw the flicker of the lighter and saw a face he knew, "but its too late - cant take it back now" ran through Rex's mind as his fist smashed into the face of Jaymz. Rex landed on him hard and Jaymz toppled out of the chair and hit with a thud.. Rex stood up with his fist clinched together
"What the fuck are you doin!? ...I would have killed ya had I not known it was you!!" Rex went to the other side of the hotel room and turned the lights on

Jaymz got up from the floor, picked up the broken cigar and stuck it back between his teeth as he shook off the hit that Rex laid on him, "..naw - you wouldn’t have killed me." He lit up the cigar as Rex looked around the room for any signs of entrance... The door wasn’t broken, the window wasn’t open - not that it mattered, this building was too steep and there was no way that any human could climb the outside of this building. Jaymz picked the chair back up and took a seat and re-lit the cigar as Rex threw on a shirt.. It was then that Jaymz glanced up and froze, ..the lighter burning the tip of his nose a little bit – but he didn't seem to notice. He just saw the girl in the bed, who’s eyes were as big as dinner plates.. Missy had the sheets pulled up to her nose and Jaymz wasn't sure she had ever made a sound,. ..and he finally noticed the burning on the tip of his nose and pulled the lighter back, “Oh, ..didn’t see ya there Missy.” Missy didn't say anything as Rex sat down on the edge of the bed, “Its alright, ..Its just Jaymz, ..and you saw it – his big ass wouldn’t have stood a chance! ..But how in the hell did you get in here anyway!?”
The big man just shrugged, “..I used the stairs.”
Rex shook his head, “so what’s goin on? ..You better have a good reason since you almost got your ass kicked at three in the mornin!”

Jaymz stood up from the chair and stubbed out his cigar on the table, “were gonna train! …were goin to the gym!”
“The gym? …at three in the morning?” Rex didn't seem to fond of the idea
“Well fuck yeah, ..we got a lot of work to do…”

And right then Rex knew they weren’t going to the gym, ..he didn't know where they were going but he was gonna follow the big mans lead, where ever it was – it was prolly better that Missy didn't know. He put his shoes on and calmed her back down from the event that had just happened when Jaymz showed up. And he checked again as he opened the door to their room, ..there was no sign of entry. There was an older man who got on the elevator with them, he was of average size standing just under six foot – kinda scrawny, and reeked of whiskey. He had gotten in just as the door was closing and only caught a glimpse of the men behind him, ..but he knew them. His grandson watched the GWA and that was none other than his favorites Rex Butler and Jaymz. ..And he suddenly felt entirely too small standing between the two massive men, …and then something else… scared. Very scared. He knew when he got home he was gonna have a talk about who his grandsons idols should be…


When they had gotten in the Tahoe Jaymz had told Rex that they weren’t going to the gym; and Rex had responded that he wasn't stupid either. Jaymz found this humorous, but he found that when he had gotten into the room that he had forgotten that Missy was going to be there, ..he took this as a sign of getting old. He had told Rex that where they were going would be explained when they got there, ..that it was better to see than to explain. Alexi took his time driving the streets as he surveyed the area; the streets were a little more active tonight than most he noticed, ..but it wasn't too bad. They came to an intersection glowing its red light and Jaymz went right through it as Rex was pointing out the cop coming the other way
“Oh man… This is gonna happen twice in the same night!?”

Jaymz didn't respond, he only raised his index and middle finger to the cop as a small wave and nodded his head – and the cop did the same, “You got pulled over!? This is Zero Tolerance town Rex, ..these streets are ours right now, ..you shouldn’t catch hassle from shit… If ya do, ..take it easy on ‘em, ..Drache still has to hear it out the other end

Rex shrugged, “Well – he might hear a little bit then!”
An evil smile came over Jaymz’ face, “Good – fuckers always yellin at me anyway, ..let someone yell at him every once and a while.”

They talked of their match and the current state of Zero Tolerance as Rex noticed the more they drove the worse the buildings became… He had seem some bad buildings in Detroit, ..but these were horrible. Graffiti covered the buildings and most the broken windows hadn’t been boarded up as Jaymz pulled left into an alley between two medium sized has-been office buildings.. Like everything else, they were in terrible shape and looked to be exact duplicates of every other building on this street – except this one, ….all the windows were boarded up and Rex found this odd. They got out of the Tahoe and went to the door on the side of the building, Jaymz acted as if the door should have been closed while he looked it over. He stepped inside the building and Rex followed him in, ..there was a dim light coming from the other side of the building – Jaymz squatted down between all the trash and fallen pieces of building and creeped his way a little closer as he motioned for Rex to follow.. But Rex had been checkin out the scattered trash and had found an more quiet path.. They came to the otherside of the room, there was a trashbarrel that had been set on fire and several men sat around it.. They were filthy and nasty – and drunk. The four men sat around the barrel telling lies of their old past, their families they once had.. Jaymz became pissed and his eyes turned pitch black, ..
“I told you to NEVER come back..NEVER!!!”
They took the four screaming men and walked them closer to the burning trash barrel as they held their faces into it. They fought and screamed, pushed with their hands - frying them as well. The two giant men laughed about this as the heavy feel of static filled the room, ..Rex noticed this as well and wondered what else Alexi could do. Rex tossed the two men to the side as Jaymz continued to hold the other two men’s faces on the barrel. Finally, he let them go and the men rolled around on the ground screaming in pain.. Their faces were fried, ...but not like it should have been.. Their faces looked like worn leather and their eyes were gone.. The tripped over trash as they felt their faces, ..screaming with the mouths that were now only the size of a dime which made their screams sound more like whistles. Jaymz opened a door to what use to be an office, more trash was littered on the floor and the two men tossed the four scarred bums inside. Jaymz' eyes turned back to their normal brown as he motioned for Rex to follow him.. They came to the end of the hall where old desks were tossed at the back.. Jaymz told Rex what he wanted to show him was behind all this, ...his secret was here. They tossed the desks and old chairs to the side until they finally came to a door.. Rex could tell that this door had been placed here, ..the hinges were too new as was the door..

The static feel came back into the room and the door unlocked on its own and crept open with a squeak that seemed louder than it should have been as it echoed in the old building. There was a stairway leading down below and the smell of age and time hit their nostrils, Jaymz flicked the Zippo on and led the way.. cobwebs hung down in strands and roaches scattered along the walls and into the cracks as their darkness moved away in the glow of the lighter. They came to the bottom of the stairwell into the basement of the building, ..it was roughly half the size of the dilapidated building and was stacked with old boxes, the bums and crackheads of Detroit had never made it down here as the old boxes filled with documents were dated back to 1978. There was a thick black mat on the floor that Jaymz slid to the side to reveal a huge hold cut into the concrete... There came a flash overhead and a few sparks as light suddenly appeared from a broken light bulb and shined too bright, ..Rex knew this was the doing of Jaymz, ..lights didn’t come on by themselves. Alexi then reached behind one of the boxes, dated 1988, and pulled out a lantern. He fired it up and slid into hole in the concrete, and again, motioned for Rex to come with him. Rex saw the hole had been lined with concrete and wood on the top, ..he followed Jaymz as they ducked down not to hit their heads as the glow of the lantern bounced off the concrete lined walls, ..and it echoed as Rex spoke

"Who did all this?"
Jaymz didn’t stop walking down the slope as he responded, "One of Tristans boys, ..those guys can build anything.. So I had 'em tunnel me out a hole cause I needed one."
Rex didn’t respond but continued to follow Alexi down the slope, ..it wasn’t long or far but they had to walk slowly down the narrow, small hall. They came to the end and the hollowed out room wasn’t much bigger than the hall. Down here the room was lit as light bounced off the walls from the candles that were in the room, ..and there was only one thing in the small room; a casket. Jaymz walked over to the casket and put his arm around it, "..Rex, ..I want you to meet my daughter, Samantha."

Rex looked around the room, "Yeah man...Im sorry about what happened to her.. but wasn’t she buried."
There was an odd look in Jaymz eyes, "Oh no, ..they made a mistake - she wasn’t dead. I saved her."

The old movie Pet Sematary flashed through Rex's mind... but that was a movie, ..this was fuckin real.. People didn’t come back to life and he knew by the horrible smell that Samantha was in that casket, ..and she wasn’t coming back, ..and she never would.
"She’s sleeping Rex, and I cant disturb her."
Rex sat down against the concrete lined wall and took a deep breath, "So why did ya bring me down here Jaymz? "
"Cause I need some help... I cant tell Drache about this, or Vadim...and I dont have a house... Cause nobody is gonna believe me until she wakes up."
"Alexi, ya know... I don’t think she’s gonna wake up."

Rex saw confusion in Jaymz' eyes and it was sincere, "why is that Rex?"
"Well, ...I was at the funeral.. Alexi I saw her, ..she’s dead man."
"No Rex, ..she’s sleeping... You may call her dead, but she’s not... You see, Sin and the Father wouldn’t let me have her soul - they sent it to a place where I could never get it. But I will, ..and when I travel from one Realm to another, ..I'll find my daughters Soul and I'll bring it here, ..and I'll wake her up.

A smile appeared on his face, a grin was too big and Rex could see something in his eye, ..something that he had seen before; Insanity


I see that Stevie is a cocky man, ..and ya know - I’m not sure that he has a reason to be.. He’s a man who’s hangin on Feight’s back tryin to get a run at a Title - but it hasn’t worked out so well has it Ramone? You got a lot of nerve comin out here talkin to us the way you did, ..all this coming from a man who’s failed against us every time in the ring... Well, you get your shot again Ramone, only this time in the Tag division, and I’m sure that you'll let Feight do most the work in this match while you hope and pray that he wears one of us down just enough for you to get a few lucky shots in... I’m glad that you have no fear Ramone cause if you did you'de be up shit creek cause a man with fear isn’t gonna survive against us in the ring... But Ramone, ..this aint no fuckin comic book and you aint no fuckin super hero, ..cause this is real life and in real life - evil prevails, ...every time, ..every single fuckin time! I don’t give a fuck if hes Batman and your Robin, ..very suiting for you two though - but shit isn’t gonna happen like you want it... You aint got no fuckin special super powers or mind bending abilities, hell - you hardly have any wrestling skills and you don’t seem to pay attention very well either... So I’m having Psycho Circus flashbacks am I? Really, ..I didn’t know that - so thanks for clarifying that for me... Cause ya know, last time I checked - when I was talkin about your boy Feight I mentioned the Psycho Circus...

but that wasn’t the match that I was talking about, you should have been payin a little more attention Ramone, ..I was talkin about our match before that.. So I don’t know why I would be having Psycho Circus flashbacks, especially when your boy Feight is the one who seems to wanna talk about the that match. ...So why don’t you go talk to your boy about Psycho Circus flashbacks? ..He cant seem to get it from his mind and he acts as if he did something to me during that match.. Yeah, he threw me off the cage and he acts as if he somehow got the win over me with that... Uh Feight, ..well.. Goth pinned me in that match and all you did was make sure that I didn’t interfere after that point, ..not that it mattered cause you failed to get the job done just as the rest of us. And you claim that you got the upper hand on me? You got the upper hand on someone who was out of the match? And your telling me that it makes a turning point in your career? ...I thought the turning point was when you beat me one on one to retain your Global Title... So now you have a new turning point huh? Make up your mind Feight cause you said the "haunting dreams of Jaymz" disappeared after our Global Title bout, ..and now again after the Psycho Circus.. Do you even know what today is Feight?... Now you can go on and gloat about beating Metamania and all those other guys, ..but what’s the point Feight?

...None of them could handle me in the ring either, ..but again - what’s the point? You talk about these guys like its gonna make a difference, as if your past singles competition is gonna pull you and Ramone to the win in this match. Keep on being worried about the Global Title, ..I know you are because you cant keep from talking about it... You may claim that you want these Tag belts but when I listen to you talk it seems that your mind is set on something else, ...that Global Championship. Don’t worry about that yet Feight, that shot will come to you in the future... but don’t stray far cause the next time I get back into singles competition, ..that belt is gonna be around my waist...but that’s all besides the point...Yeah, you guys may have a little more experience as a team - but I don’t look at you two as having a fuckin chance in this match.. You guys cant even buy a fuckin win so how in the hell are you two gonna manage to take down two former Tag Champs? Im ready for this match, I’m ready to get into the ring with Rex and see the chemistry that forms and watch as we take the Tag Division and claim it as ours. Now there might be a point in the match were Feight slams me down a time or two and he'll say its another turning point in his career, but the real turning point is gonna be when he sees that they'll still be winless in the tag standings..

Now Feight you know that your the only person in the entire GWA, outside of my Zero Tolerance family, that I have given one small, very small piece of credit to... And any time that I get to stand in the ring with A.P Feight and kick his ass is a good night; cause I still own ya one Feight and I don’t give a damn if its in Tags of singles, ..and I don’t give a shit if Rex gets the pin on you because watching you lose to Zero Tolerance puts a fuckin smile on my face... But your wise to us Feight, ...you know what we like to do and you know how we work... But your also a smart man Feight, and in the GWA that seems to be a rare breed... But you know what’s gonna happen when you and Ramone come to the ring, ..you already know that Rex and I aren’t real happy with how things went at Terminal Meltdown, ..and now - well its time to show the world why were Zero Tolerance, why we’ve destroyed damn near every single person who has ever stepped up to us... But Feight, ..your partner? ..Well, that guy don’t quite seem to understand things like you do - I mean, Ramone wants to claim that you guys, as a team, are one of the best in the sport!? Really? To be the best, typically you cant be beaten - or if you have been beaten then you have an amazing amount of wins to offset those losses.... But uh, to be the best - shouldn’t you have to win a match or two first?

..And ya know, if your gonna be the best then you have to beat Rex and myself... Yeah, I thought that Sin and myself could get the job done, that we could make one of the best Tag teams the GWA has ever seen, ..we needed to be a little more polished as Sin wasn’t quite experienced enough in the Tag division, ..but Rex? Well - he is the man that carried Fang on his back while he basically defended the two tag belts by himself. Two of the biggest men in the GWA, and we'll be taking two Global belts with us in a short time after we destroy the two of you... Its time we get back to what made Zero Tolerance the most dominating stable in the GWA... We killed the Lynch Mob, Vindication, stomped out Revolution for a while and took out all the other fuckin bands of losers who decided to team up and try to take an upper hand on the GWA... Don’t think we’ve gone anywhere and don’t think that Zero Tolerance has changed any, in fact - we’ve only gotten stronger since we’ve been here... and spare me all the "well all of you just lost, you guys don’t even have any titles" ..So fuckin what! We didn’t have any titles when we came here and took out those stables... They couldn’t hang with us and they ever could, and now? Well Rex, Sin and Myself have gotten the job done - we just had the unfortunate luck of losing all in the same night... So underestimate us, act as if were someone different...pretend like we suddenly cant wrestle - but ya better run, ..run like Al and Grinder cause shits about to hit the fan again, ..and I'll be damned if Im gonna sit back and let Zero Tolerance take a back seat