-Zero Tolerance-
...And The Future is Zero Tolerance

Waves in the ocean come in different forms, different directions and sizes.. They never stop and most are insignificant in our lives but they remain steady, we hear them and know their there - but theres some that come crashing down and shake the earth and leave its devastating path; and as Jaymz has said throughout this career that this is the wrestling industry. The face of this industry changes every day in waves, people come and never pan out, ..some come and make a difference, some rise to the top and suddenly are never heard from again. Groups are formed and most fall, others shift apart and regroup, ..all of them waves in the ocean. Zero Tolerance shifted, its wave fell apart at Terminal Meltdown and other waves formed and rose while Zero Tolerance was left to regroup. It was a failure of an event as Al Cohol and Grinder saw no better time than to bail on Drache and Zero Tolerance when the results of the matches didn't go their way. Rex Butler didn't rise to the occasion of defending his Extreme Title as Jaymz and Sin performed terribly to obtain the Tag Team Titles, ..and the owners took their shot when the night was sour and pulled a quick one over Drache. So where does that leave Zero Tolerance? What can they do after a winless Terminal Meltdown showing and losing two members? Simple. Do what Zero Tolerance always does. Zero Tolerance wasn't built on failures, it wasn't built on losses and being out-smarted.. No, that's not the way a business is run and that's not what Zero Tolerance is about. Zero Tolerance is built on pride, determination and the desire to be the best. Zero Tolerance doesn’t become victim to the ever-changing landscape that is Wrestling, they move past it and conquer, they build the wave back up only to slam into something else, devastating them as Zero Tolerance has always done in the past. Failure isnt an option and being stabbed in the back isnt Tolerated. Things can look bad in one night; and one night is all it takes to look bad in a “what have you done for me lately” world, but Zero Tolerance will pull through and continue with the dominance the world has seen over the past months.. The wave is building, and with the rage that was ignited at Terminal Meltdown that wave is picking up pace, and when the time is right the GWA will turn around and see the gigantic wave lookin down to crash on them all, all the while screaming its name, …Zero Tolerance. …..Zero…Tolerance.

There was a slight breeze that brought a faint chill to the air on the clear night in Detroit; it was better than it had been lately, which meant that it hadn’t been raining fire in the span of the last week. Vadim’s neighborhood was a nice one as it was mostly wealthy, retired single horny old men who paid like mad for younger girls to spend a night or two. But Vadim? Naw, he was a quiet old man; his time in Zero Tolerance had come to an end in the last several months as he slowly phased his way out of the picture and passed his duties on to Clayton at the ZT building. He was getting old and his health wasn't as it used to be and at times he felt he was no more than a burden to Jaymz anymore; he had spent years telling the giant man his history and help finding out who he was, and where he came from …and where he was headed. He was a friend of Alexi’s grandfather and had seen suit to help Alexi as long as either one of them lived. But he was an old man now, he had practically raised the giant – a job that nobody could have done, but he tried his damndest.

The cigar-mountain smoldered in the small glass ashtray that sat ontop of the table that was being used on Vadims front porch. The smell wasn't bad, but smoldering cigars didn't smell exactly too sweet when the breeze steadily blew it in your face either. Vadim sat on one side of the table with a beer in his left hand looking on at the clear sky.. His eyes were glazed and he was feelin all right – he was kept up in supply of pain meds these days, somethin he swore that he would never take. He set his beer down and reached for his beer, he had to, he was missing his right arm from the elbow up. But this didn't bother him anymore, he was a champ at tieing a shoe one-handed and – even though he had never told anyone; he could drive a fuckin stick better than anyone would have ever thought!! ..But that was a secret! He took a drag of the cigar and choked a little brining water to his eyes. Jaymz sat on the other side of the table wearin a white-wife beater and holdin a cigar that was in need of an ashing ten minutes ago.. his head turned on his neck, slow, like a rusted ball bearing as if you could almost hear grinding inside - and glared at the old man for a second. Vadim seemed not to notice, patted his chest a few times and finally took a swig of his beer.. Jaymz shook his head at the old man and then turned back to watching the bugs make their dizzy circles around the light of the porch. ..And then there was Julie, sweet Julie. ..Julie sat on the top step leading to the front porch of the house..

She was having a good time as she always did with these…things; Jaymz’ pets. He liked to call them dogs and Vadim was quick to tell him “those are not dogs, their not natural.” But Julie embraced these animals, they loved her and she loved them.. They were bigger than wolves, their hair was extremely long as was is their tail.. Their snouts seemed to long, ..and their eyes were stitched up but watching them over a period of a few seconds; you would have never guessed had you not seen it first. These were Jaymz’ animals and when the fire took the house, well – his animals needed a place to stay too. Vadim had protested vehemently that these “…things…” be anywhere near his house or HIM for that matter… But as always, Alexi had won and the ‘dogs’ stayed here; but under one condition – they had to stay in the basement in the day time, that they couldn't be seen because the neighbors would question around and ask, ..or Vadim had believed anyway. But the sun was down and the pets where out, ..and Julie was having a blast. Her face was covered in slobber as she giggled and laughed, it dripped from her face as the creatures licked her like a piece of meat, her hair was a nasty mess and ran down her shirt, and what she swallowed in her mouth. They licked her, she licked them – and for her it was a good thing, her blisters had looked better and the swelling on her tongue went down.

She rubbed her face on them and laughed, some of the long grey hair from the animals had clung to her face – and she didn't smell very good. Vadim had found this disgusting, but what was worse is when she pissed on the front porch and they had licked it up – then went to licking back on her face again. ..he had almost puked. A car came around the corner with the brights on, the dogs looked its way with their stitched up eyes and took off toward the side of the house to the open gate to hide in the backyard. The driver, prolly a teen, hammered the old firebird down the street causing a few of the older folks down the steet to glare out their windows, ..and pump their fists. Julie stood up, the front of her shirt soaked in animal slobber, stood up and adjusted the oversized shirt that she was wearing. She didn't wear pants, socks or shoes. She only liked extra long shirts and panites, ..well – occasionally she wore panties.. She had the need to urinate where she pleased and it was easier to just let it go.. She walked over to Jaymz, her King, and sat on his lap.. She curled up into a small ball as the slobber smeared all over the side of his arm and the underside of his chin where her soaked hair was.

“Geez…she stinks.” Vadim’s face was curled as he shook his head
Jaymz glared at the old man again, “She smells fine to me… whats the problem?”

He was being a smartass and he had been in a pissed off mood ever since he had come back from New York, Vadim knew that his mind was going over the events of the night, and prolly had millions of times now..
“you got too much stuff going on, ya know?”

Jaymz nodded, he knew this was true, but not totally, “yeah… but it don't matter.”

Vadim finished off the beer, his fifth of the night, “The hell it don't. Listen to me, ..I know you stay ready and I know you stay on top of your game, ..you let it roll through your mind all week – I know that, ..but its all this other….stuff…. that's makin a difference.”
“Nope.” Jaymz put his arm around Julie, “it sure don't. It never has then, so why should it now?”

It was then that an SUV of some kind pulled up next to the curb, it hit just in the right spots where the streetlights didn't shine, so it was hard to tell what it was.. The engine cut off and the headlights faded. The domelights came on inside and the driverdoor opened and a huge man stepped.. He stepped in front of the car and into the lights, his head shined the reflection back off and as his face lifted it was none of than Rex Butler.. Vadim noticed this wasn't a man that he wanted to meet up with late at night, ..there was something about this man that made him want to take another painkiller, ..He had seen him before, but not at night, ..not when the light stops and the darkness begins. He walked his way up the through the yard and up the steps. The steps creaked under his weight and Vadim wondered if his porch was gonna hold under these two huge men. Jaymz stood up in the chair, Julie let out a little ‘yelp’ as she took a hard spill to the wood porch. She looked up as if nothing had happened and rubbed her slobber covered head.

“Rex! ..Glad to see ya could find the place” Jaymz gave Rex a slap on the shoulder, “this here is Vadim, the old resident asshole.”
Vadim, who had his arms folded together, rolled his eyes and Rex extended his right hand to shake. Vadim unfolded his arms and Rex saw he was missing everything from the elbow down.
He quickly changed to his left hand “Oh, I didnt –“
“Ah, hell don't worry about it “ Jaymz’ loud voice blurted in, “I do that shit to him all the time, ..on porpose though!”

The two men shook hands and Vadim stood up from the chair, wincing in pain as he did, “Ya know..Ive had a few too many cold ones, ..I think I'm callin it a night” He shook Rex’s hand once again, collected his empties, and slowly went into the house. Jaymz sat back down on the porch and Rex had a seat where Vadim had been; Julie still sat on the porch where Jaymz had left her.
“….Nice place your friends got here, a man could solve the worlds problems out here in one night …if its quiet enough.”
Jaymz nodded, “Ive almost thought of a way to destroy every soul in the GWA out here tonight too..”
“yeah I wasn't real pleased with what happened the other night, ..It was a bad showing all the way around.”
“They got it comin though, but we need all of us – and I need ya here Rex, we need ya in Detroit right now. We gotta regroup and get this shit back in order… I haven't seen Sin since Meltdown and Drache’s keeping pretty quiet, ..he didn't like being made a fool of, hes embarrassed and he’ll lay low for a while.”
Rex looked around at Julie, he found this woman to be incredibly bizarre and somehow fascinating, “Its not like were down though, its been us three for several weeks now – those traitors didn't contribute anything to Zero Tolerance, ..its all on us man – and it always was when they were around..”
“I just don't take it too well when people go fuckin around with me and family..”
Rex clinched his teeth and anger showed in his face, “..I don't like it any more than you do Alexi, .. and I wont let Damage Inc think their gonna tear us apart like were fuckin nobodies. ..I knew what I signed on for when Drache came to me – and hes done a lot for me since Ive been here… We’ll get em, ..Im not even worried about it. ..maybe a little fired up, ..but not worried.”

Jaymz fired up another cigar, “Rex – I wanted you to come here cause I wanted to show ya something… Were gonna be in the ring this week, were gonna be fightin for our shot at the Tag Titles, ...you know the tag division as well as I do, we've been champs so we know what it takes… But we've never been in the same corner and theres some things we gotta learn, …but for guys like us – it’ll be simple. Its like a trust thing Rex, ..I trust ya and your like fuckin family but you know as well as I do, ..being in the same corner with someone new for the first time, ..its a little different…”
Rex nodded, “its is, ..I know. Nothin we cant work out though, we’ll learn a little bit from each other..”

“Yes, that we will… Rex, hold out your hand – like this.” Jaymz held his hand out over the table, palms up. Rex did the same and held it there, Jaymz leaned closer to the man and pulled his Zippo lighter from his pocket.. He flicked the top open and a flame of an unnatural glow of blue hung in the air as Jaymz took his other hand and cupped the flame inside.. he dropped it over Rex’s hand and it grew.. The flame was bright and hot, it seemed to swirl on the inside.. Rex looked surprised, but not shocked as Julie stumbled from the floor, her eyes growing black and tearing again at the corners – but Rex seemed not to notice, his eyes were transfixed on the flame glowing above his hand..
“Ive seen somethin about you Rex, ..somethin that makes me wonder….but I'm gonna show you things Rex, ..wonderful, terrible thing. ..Lets go” Jaymz closed his eyes and the flame disappeared, he looked over at Julie and screamed at her with his mind.. she nodded her head “yes” and ran inside the house, slamming the door closed behind her.. Jaymz stood up and motioned for Rex to follow him as they got inside Jaymz’ Tahoe as the taillights faded down the street.

There aint no sugar-coatin what happened this week, so lets get right down the to the point of it; we got our asses kicked… yeah, ya fuckin heard me – and ya better listen good cause I don’t make the same mistakes twice. Obviously Sin and I weren’t as prepared as I thought we were and we got some work to do, ..but not this week. I don't take losing easy and you wouldn’t either if you worked for Drache, ..but even that man made mistakes. He was blinded by his partying with Al and Grinder – he thought they were his good friends but Drache don't wanna hear the truths sometimes.. Hes a stubborn man whos set in his ways, although ninety-nine percent of the time his judgment is good ..but he happened to be wrong on this one.. I told him, I told him that when we kicked Fang that we should part ways with them to, ..but what did Drache say? “Oh no Jaymz, we cant do that – their the owners of the GWA.” Sure, that brought in ZT some money – which matters most to the man – but he didn't see what I was telling him. He didn't want to hear the other side because “it all looked to good.” Hell, I came to the arena one day thinkin that ZT was full and the next thing I know, by the end of the night the world saw Al and Grinder join up… But why did they do that? Because the grass was greener on our side of the yard, because we held the stroke after the Lynch Mob died and faded away…Ive seen what kind of men the GWA owners are and the mistake will never be made again..

These guys only what the hottest thing in the business, they want to ride the coattails of whoever stands in front of them – which happened to be Sin, Rex and myself… What all did they do? Have a few meaningless fights with Darcy and Kohut? Big fuckin deal – am I supposed to be impressed with that shit? Ya know theres a reason that I never hung around those guys, reasons that I kept my distances from them and let Drache do all the dealings, ..well, ..maybe Drache needs a little assistance with this business dealings from now on… But anyway – I steered clear from those guys cause I didn't give two shits about them, I didn't give a fuck that they were ZT, as far as I was concerned they were the GWA owners and friends of Drache’s… But Drache didn't want to listen, he didn't want to listen to me, …but I was right. They hid behind us as long as they could, and when their guard fell and we had a bad week – they split. Sure, they had been planning it just like I knew they would when that maggot Havok came back into the picture.. Havok was the reason Fang had to leave, and Havok was the reason I told Drache that he should split all ties with Al and Grinder… But he didn't and it cost us shame in front of the whole world, shame that everyone saw – shame that could have been prevented. But what are Grinder and Al gonna do when Havok falls? ..When Storm falls? …and when I beat Goth’s ass again, ..what are they gonna do?

I’ll tell ya what their gonna do – their gonna see my big ass comin and the pain I put ‘em through’ll make ‘em wish they never fucked with us. You don't go around feedin the monster only to take its food away do ya? Fuck no you don't, you keep the sumbitch happy so it don't tear your fuckin arms off… And that's exactly what I'm gonna do, ..cause I'm comin for ‘em – and when I get somethin on my mind, well, ..its sticks around for a while. When someone pisses me off I make sure I get the better end of the deal, ..and these guys know that, ..but they stopped feeding the monster anyway. They’ll run from me – when Zero Tolerance clears the path and those two are standin there, ..ya aint getting out of my sight. And they’ll run, Grind and Al will run lookin for someone to protect them.. Why? ..Cause they know what I would do to ‘em and they damn sure don't wanna stand against me, …but I don't think they got much of a choice, ..cause I'm comin and there aint no fuckin way that anything’s gonna derail me, no fuckin way I'm getting stopped this time around… And they’ll run, ..they’ll run as far as they can, …cause we all know – neither one of them will face me in the ring, ..neither one of them has the fuckin nuts to stand against me in MY ring.. Naw, they’ll wait till I have a match, they’ll wait until I'm a little worn down – because that's how they do things.. Neither of them will stand toe to toe with me, they wont stand across from the GWA’s biggest mother fucker and test their might against me, naw, they wont do it…

So I’ll go get ‘em, I’ll run through Damage Inc and see to it that they pay for the backstabbing, that they pay for the sins they committed - cause I hold grudges, ..and I don't let em go. But things will work themselves out in time, ..and in the end – we always get what we want ..and when I’m willin to die for somethin, then I feel sorry for the sumbitches who stand in my path. I keep my feet planted in the Tag division once again this week and that's fine with me cause I like the tag matches – last two weeks matches were nothing more than warm-ups, just to get me ready for what’s comin up – and I get to step back into the ring with Feight again, ..oh yeah – that's always fun. ..Only difference, ..Rex stands in my corner this week – and I feel privileged to assist this man in the ring… Rex knows what hes doin, there’s no doubt about that as he earned his right to the called a tag Team Champion, ..he worked his ass off and collected his half of the Title, ..and for a new guy in the GWA he tore down some people and showed ‘em how to wrestle… I always felt sorry for the man though, Fang was holding him down and if it wasn't for that sorry asshole then Rex would still have the Tag Belts… Sin was inexperienced when it came to Tag Matches, ..He knew what he was doin but we went prepared as a team, he still didn't know all the in and outs of the matches – but this week? Oh yeah, you better fuckin know that Rex is on top of his game.

Were both former GWA Tag Champs and we both know we can get the job taken care of. Should be interesting though, ..Rex and I don't have a long history and we've never been in a tag match before, so we got a lot of work to do.. We have to know each other better, we have to know when one of us needs the tag before the match stretches in their favor… But these are little things cause Rex knows his way around the ring, Rex knows how a tag match works – cause he won the fuckin Belts for a reason. We don't have to go over moves and such, we gotta go over the basics of what I like and what he likes… I don't have to worry about his skills in the ring because hes experienced in this situations. …I want those Tag Belts and I know Rex wants them too, we both have a little to prove after what happened last week – and this is when we take back what’s ours, we’ll earn our right to fight for the Tag belts. Rex and I have never been a team and we’ll be lookin to our first win, we’ll be lookin to start things off right… For Feight and Ramone, well – their lookin for that first win and I know that their as hungry as we are; they want that first win so that they can claim their right to fight for the Belts, …But Rex and I got other plans for ‘em and I still gotta little somthin for Feight, ..I hope that he doesn’t thing that Ive forgotten the last time we were in the ring…

No, not the Psycho Circus – but the Global Title match that I fell in… Oh yeah Feight, I don't fuckin forget things and I don't let grudges go.. We got a little score to settle Feight but I think that its gonna have to wait for another time cause I got better things to worry about.. This isnt Jaymz versus Feight… Its Zero Tolerance fighting two men for the number one contender spot for the Tag Team Titles, ..and it somethin that I want, ..and its somethin that Rex wants to… Ya’ll are stepping into the ring with some monsters this week, there aint gonna be no fuckin around, there aint gonna be no showin off – no, this is all business this week and were out to prove to the world whats gonna happen when you fuck over the most powerful group of wrestlers in the business.