-Zero Tolerance-
Gotta Get Julie pt.II

Alexi looked around for Sin who had disappeared on the other side of the flames, he turned and looked for the man sweeping the charred landscape that was Aspen Street. Sin came and went in the blink of an eye and as silent as a feather floating around in a slight breeze. His body was covered in the black tar rain that burned the landscape but left him nothing more than an oily mess.. He had found it odd that the rain slipped around Sin and seemed not to touch the man... The rage continued to fill the giants mans body even more so and the ground shook beneath his feet. His vision went blurry for a second and something seemed to change - the weight of the air, its thickness was different. The dark clouds swirled in the sky, blue lightening constantly striking the ground as the black rain continued to fall making Aspen street and its surroundings nothing but a field of fire. Sirens wailed off in the distance and for a moment they became louder as the sirens came closer to his direction - but it was then that he had another sensation of something changing. He listened to the sirens but they no longer sounded as if they were coming closer, ..the wails became slower and seemed to be more of an echo before the noise disappeared all together. He turned back to look at his house consumed in flames, ..but it was no longer there. He stood in the middle of the field of fire, pissed off and confused at what he saw..

Where his house once had been, the last house on Aspen Street was gone. There was now a range of mountains in the distance that he had never seen before, not in Michigan. The mountains were black and sharply pointed, looking more like a bottom set of black sharp teeth protruding from the ground... Things were changing and then he clued in to what was happening, ..happening just as Sin said it would. He knew what he had to do, he kept Julie on his mind - he kept the rage built up knowing it was the only way, ..the only way to get Julie back. He turned away from the mountains from where his house once was and looked the opposite direction, ..the skyline of Detroit was still there but seemed more distant as even the color of the sky began to change and the clouds began to move faster.. He reached his hand up to scratch his head and he noticed that his skin was clean, it was no longer covered by the black rain and the rumbling under his feet seemed to pick up velocity. He staggered back, pissed off - but noticed that even the noise of the cars of Detroit had faded away and some of the buildings as well.. The ground shook more violently now in a steady rhythm, something he had felt before - he remembered this and a flashback rose into this mind. His hand went to his chest where the massive handprint had been burned into his flesh..

It seemed to shimmer a little as his hand moved across it. ..The ground stopped shaking and the rain instantly came to an end, ..he felt something around his feet and looked down, ...sand, and it was coming from behind him. He didn’t want to turn around because he knew what was there and he was too pissed off to deal with it.. He looked on at the skyline of Detroit, or what was left of it He didn’t understand at first, ...was he still in Detroit? ..or the Other Place? Aspen Street still existed in front of him as he watched it burn, ..but he turned around and faced what he knew was there. The mountains were there, but there was no more fire. It was sand, it was a barren desert with misshapen cacti, that barbs too long and wide and they seemed to pulsate from the cacti itself with purple veins protruding from the spines. He knew this place, he had been here before - and what sat before him caused his rage to fire up even more. It was that fuckin train, a shiny silver that seemed to dull at times as the clouds of the Underworld soared by with rapid speed. He looked over his shoulder once more, ..still seeing the burning Aspen Street and downtown Detroit beyond that, ..he was confused. He looked back at the train which seemed to have thousands of cars connected to it... He couldn’t see the front as it ran on towards the mountain rage, and he was certain that if he walked to the front, ..he would walk forever and never find it.

He glanced the other way and saw the train stretch on into eternity knowing fully well, that like the front, if he walked to it - there would be no end. The shades of the windows were pulled down and suddenly he balled his fists and began to shake.. He smelled Julie, ..he could smell her urine, her sweat - could almost hear her voice. The doors on one of the trains cars slammed open and Alexi headed that way, he went up the red steps and stood looking inside. There was only one person in this train and he sat at the very back.. He wore a red suit, his feet were kicked up on the seat in front of him and he had a cigar in his mouth. He was a bald man and his head shined in the trains fluorescent lights, he had a thin brown beard with a tinge of grey in it. ..But his eyes, ..his eyes were solid black just as the man who boarded the train who stood there looking at him shaking with rage.
"So I see your found your way, ..almost." The man took a puff of the cigar, but no smoke ever came back out.
"Where is she?" His voice was different, deeper, more evil.
The man motioned with his hands around the train, "Well you don’t see her here do you?"

Jaymz walked down the aisle of the train; charged was a better term as the bald man stood up from the seat and placed out one hand before Alexi came to a stop with one leg in the air still walking, as if frozen. The man slowly walked down the aisle with each footfall echoing a deafening tone that seemed to shake the train car. He came up to Alexi and smelled him, "Ah yes...The smell of rage, hate and anger. ...All towards me I suppose?" The man laughed as Jaymz stood there frozen. "Now we can do this two ways, ...as if the burnt skin on your chest inst a reminder of the last time you tried to advance on me, ...have a seat." The man seemed to whistle, no more than a slight breeze of air and Alexi flew through the train car and slammed against its front wall, bounding off and almost rolling down the steps outside. He stood up, his head swimming and looked at the man in the red suit.

"I don’t know why you persist on making stupid decisions Alexi, ...just exactly who do you think that you are? The Soul Keeper? The God of the Underworld? ...The King, ..as she calls you? Your none of those things, ..look at you.. You bleed, you feel pain - just like every other mortal. ..Yet, ..you try and attack me? Your lucky I let you live, but your a stupid man and you have a lot to learn."

The rage continued to build up in Jaymz and his head felt like it was gonna explode, .."Give her to me." It was almost a whisper when he spoke.
"No.. That’s not the way it works. And I shouldn’t give her back to you at all. You were told to dispose of her flesh, ..yet you didnt and she tried to kill you for her own selfish reasons. Its still my time, ..not yours. I decide when its your time, I decide when your mortal body dies and your soul reigns supreme, ...but she almost fucked it all up... And then do you know where you would have been? With the rest of THEM!! The rest of the Souls that belong to ME!!! ..You would be nothing, your destiny would be nothing - you would beg and cry, and I would laugh and bring you nothing but pain and torture."

Jaymz had gotten back to his feet and the two men stood on opposite sides of the car, black eyes staring into black eyes
"Where am I?..." Again Jaymz whispered.
"Halfway between here and halfway between there but theres no need in asking stupid questions, I know what you want - and you better find it because it wont last much longer. I already have her soul, and that my friend, thats one that you will never have. You gave it to me, I took it myself and left you with the flesh that I told you to dispose of.. Her souls is here, ..with me." The bald man patted his chest, a smile came across his face and when he spoke again it was in Julies voice, the once beautiful voice that he had first heard the day he met Julie at Cathleens Cafe. "..Here with me, ..my soul."

Jaymz' face turned red, his fingernails dug into the palms of his hands drawing blood that was as black as the rain that fell onto Aspen Street. He knew what the Father was saying was true, ..Julie's soul would never be his, even when it was his time to take the Throne the millions of souls would be his, ..all but one - and that was his punishment. Again he whispered, afraid to let his normal voice in fear the rage would take over and he would attack the man, a crucial mistake. "...Shes dieing."
The father looked back and held no emotion in his voice, "Shes dead."
"No she isnt" He spoke louder this time, rage coming form his mouth that hit the Father like a foul stinch
"She is, ...and watch your tone. You'll wander, ..You'll wander across the countryside of the Underworld searching for the corpse of that whore. ..Or the remains of what....they...didnt eat."

Jaymz' teeth were clinched together and his body shook in rage.. He didnt know what to do, he wanted to kill the Father.. He wanted to let his anger unleash, kick and scream - throw a fit. But he stood there, vision blurred from the hate and rage inside his body.
"I have things to do, I dont have time to sit here and explain the mysteries of the world to you - get the fuck off my train and go back to Detroit." The father made a sweeping motion with his hand and Jaymz suddenly flew from the aisle, a shocked look on his face, as he fell from the train and landed face first in the sand. He heard the roar of the train and felt the air rush past him as it disappeared. He looked up, ..still seeing Detroit to his left, The Underworld to his right. He stood up, tendons standing out on his neck - skin stretched tight on his face as he let out a scream, a deep roar of anger and hate that came from the blackest pits of Hell. The clouds stopped moving, the wind stopped and with an odd sucking sound the clear blue sky and skyline of Detroit faded away, and there was nothing, ...nothing but the Underworld. It then came to him, everything Sin had told him - and he was finally here. He had found his way to the Underworld and there was only one thing left to, ...Gotta Get Julie.


Its been a while since we've come to the GWA and Ive seen just about everything – not just here, but in any damn promotion that I’ve been in during my long career. But some people continue to amaze me such as Bulldog Bill, I mean, this is a man who actually think that he has a shot in this match, hes a man who thinks that being tagged up with Chaos is going to somehow bring a win to Revolution. …But when I hear this man talk I really have a hard time believing him, ..and why is that you ask? Well, this man makes no sense what-so-ever… He babbles on about shit that's completely irrelevant yet he tries to twist it around and make some sense out of it… But he leaves me wondering “what in the fuck is he trying to say?” So this is the man that I'm suppose to believe is going to take out Sin and Myself? This one half the Tag Team that were gonna fall to? Yeah, …right. I'm sittin around here still waiting for this “outstanding interview” that Bulldog was gonna do.. he talked a lot of shit and none of it really made sense and that's not what I call an Outstanding Interview; he may see it otherwise cause apparently he sees a lot of things differently than I do. See, Bill has a little bit of an ego problem – hes like a small child in many ways; he didn't like it that I talked about Songaa in my promo – maybe I should have gotten written permission from the Poodle himself on who I should speak of in my promos,

..and Bill – I talked more about you than you claimed I did, not that it really matters anyway, cause I could give two shits less about you Bill.. I don't give a damn if you die of a heart attack in the middle of the ring, ..In fact, I’d prolly help it along and then kick that lifeless corpse of yours a time or two cause that's the kind of bastard that I am… So sit around and cry like little bitch baby that I didn't “talk about you enough.” So how’s this goin for ya? …See, now you don't like what I have to say… and you consider Nate Franklin tough competition?? Who in the fuck is Nate Franklin!? I’ll tell ya who he is, …Hes someone that I’ll never stand in the ring with, hes a person that will never be lucky enough to feel the Silence, ..and why is that Bill? …Because its not on my, nor Sins level – and yet you consider this man great competition!?? Oh Bill, you got a hard reality comin up if you think that pathetic reject is some stiff competition. …That's just what I don't understand Bill, ..you say things like that – then you go off and say that “if you were cut Jaymz and Sin’s records in half that would be the real assessment of their abilities.” Something to that extent …What the fuck are you talkin about Bill? If you cut our wins in half? ..Why would you do that and what is that gonna tell ya? You think that we've only won half our matches on our own skill?? Really!? I don't know what matches you’ve been watching but, uh, I can really only thing of two matches that I needed a little assistance on…

But lets make this fair Bill, since your so insistent on looking at things that way, …lets keep on doing that. Now, lets go back – and using your own failed logic – “take away half my losses to get a better assessment on my abilities” Well Bill, that's about how many times I’ve been fucked over in the ring, ..about half my losses and I damn sure don't have many; so use that same logic and your side of thinkin don't look so good anymore…I’ve pinned the Global Champs of the GWA and didn't need any help, ..I’ve pinned that partner of yours and didn't need any help… Its like I said Bill, ..your like a child – your going around making up weird little equations to try and justify if were worthy competition for you!? …I’ve competed for a Global Title, been the US Champion – Sins been the Airborne Champion, ..and you want to question us if were worthy!? …I think it’s the other way around Bill., your tryin to jump in on Chaos’ tag talent and I don't know what he sees in an over-the-hill-nobody like yourself. Maybe I should go look at your win-loss record Bill, and I’ll take all the wins you’ve collected over worthless opponents and look at the good--- ….oh wait, you don't have any good wins …and you want us to “get the facts straight?” ..well, maybe you should take your own advise there Bill. Now you see how dumb that logic is? ..I hope so. Oh, and you still wont have one quality win after Anarchy after you team up with Chaos, ..who you just rave about.

Well tell me Bill, where is that Great Partner of your? Has he shown his face around here recently? Hes been kinda quiet and hell I cant blame him, I mean, after I kicked his ass – then kicked his ass in the Psycho Circus a week later, and he fucked over Sin – I cant really blame him for not stickin around.. naw, I'm sure that no good little bastard will show his shiny bald head on TV before our match happens this week. It wont make a difference though, cause Sin and myself are headed for the Tag Belts and when one of you feels the Final Atonement your gonna know that were for real, that we weren’t just fuckin around like you both want to believe. Bill can have all these questions about are we “mentally” tough enough – but who in the fuck does he think hes talkin to? Johnny Newbie?? Hell no, we didn't make a career of losing over the years – we made the living by creating losses, sending people backstage with their hope shattered and Bill walks around here with his chin up like hes done a goddamn thing in the GWA… Well Bill, this is your time to learn, just as Chaos had to do. Chaos is a smart man, hell he may not even show up to this match, ..but I know you’ll be there. You’ll come down to the ring with your blind determination, you’ll ignore the facts that Zero Tolerance is the better team, ..and Bill – that's a mistake that you’ll have to learn from